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  1. It wasn't me flying, the dip at the last minute was because the pilot saw an electricity cable spanning the entrance
  2. This was taken a couple of weeks ago on a Mavic
  3. Bottom right is a Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech Green made from forged carbon so very strong and light. The winder is by Barrington
  4. The discs are being sent to Hethel for them to investigate the cause of the problem
  5. Indeed they do but seeing as I was already at Silverstone having the problem diagnosed I decided not to shop around and just have them replaced for convenience. Is it worth speaking to Lotus warranty department?
  6. Only done one track day and haven't been sliding the car around. The discs weren't replaced under warranty as I assumed they were consumables? They set me back about £180 each plus labour
  7. It wasn't a hot track day and tc was hardly doing anything. Bear in mind the td was back in late August so it's done quite a few road miles since with no issue until the last few weeks
  8. I noticed some juddering and noises under braking from the rear so took the car to Lotus Silverstone today. Somehow I've managed to warp the rear discs! My car is a 2015 (65 plate) with circa 8,500 miles and one track day under its belt back in August and still about 9mm of rear pad material left. I always drive the car in sport, including on the track day and it doesn't really have a hard life so seems strange they've warped. Does this sound normal?
  9. Just stumbled across this thread and been into watches as long as I can remember. Received my Omega Seamaster for my 18th back in 1999 and started collecting since then. TZUK is a good forum but dangerous on the bank balance Here's some of my current collection Untitled by Alex L, on Flickr Currently wearing my BLNR on Everest rubber Untitled by Alex L, on Flickr
  10. Gary, who is doing your install - Hofmann? It's bonus time soon so considering making mine a little quicker too.
  11. It sure does, I "won" a plate in the last auction - my bid was £2,200 and the final price was £3,086
  12. Thanks, that's the kind of info I'm after and also why the SSC option seems more sensible
  13. Thanks both. Hangar 111 Dave - I'm weighing up options at the moment and suspect the Komo-Tec 430 would be the level I'm looking for. I'll give you a call if I have any questions.
  14. I'm considering some level of performance upgrade to mine and like the idea of the SSC route with the larger supercharger. Has anyone in the UK been down this route and if so who undertakes the fitting/mapping?
  15. What a difference the new wiper has made. I've owned the car for almost a year and only used the old wiper once, it skipped all over the place and didn't move any water. I'm happy I went for the 24 incher as I suspect the additional 2 inches of the larger blade probably won't make contact with the screen.
  16. That's my red Exige in the 2nd photo, despite being a little damp the variety of cars was as good as ever
  17. The AR24U has been discontinued too but I picked one up for £10.83 from Amazon on Prime Bosch AR24U Wiper Blade - discontinued by manufacturer
  18. Seems that the AR26U has been discontinued (according to Amazon) and the replacement is this, has anyone tried it?
  19. Nothing would remove the tonnes of rubber down the sides of mine following my recent track day at Silverstone GP. In the end put some petrol on a cloth and it simply wiped off.
  20. I did Silverstone GP back in August which killed the tyres off and I've just had them replaced. I live 10 mins from Silverstone so monitor the weather and may book last minute for another event before the end of the year. 38 mins is impressive, I was doing a tank of fuel every 30 mins at Silverstone and my tyres were overheating so that was my max.
  21. We only spent an hour on track as the car was way too heavy and cooked the brakes. Thankfully it was a nice GT car to cross Europe and back in a day. Was your car from Silverstone as Aimee said another of her clients was there?
  22. I was there on the Tuesday in an AMG GTS, we drove down from Oxfordshire and back in a day - not sure I'll do that again. I'm fairly sure we were on the same ferry after the shuttle was cancelled?
  23. I was looking at a car without Race Pack and Lotus Silverstone spoke to the factory about retro-fitting, it can be done but it's not cheap. Much more expensive than speccing it from new.
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