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  1. because they sit around 10mm lower than the no carbon version. hence why you get about the same gap to the door card
  2. I'm afraid there is nothing that can be done other than trying to work around it. The Elise doesn't have the same problem, It has other compromises though and I decided that the throttle response on the Exige range was more important than the compromises of the Elise. For a time I thought a Porsche was the answer and that presented an all together different set of compromised, like stupidly long gearing. It might be worth persevering with it a bit. I had a brilliant time at spa with the V6 Exige. Loved it but gave up heal and toeing with it there.
  3. Its like a disease isn't it. I don't think its curable.
  4. My understanding is that the scale of demand for FE Elise and Exige surprised Lotus and used up all the production space to the end of the year. I was speaking to someone at Lotus yesterday, busiest time since 1995, we should all feel good about that.
  5. Hofmanns provide a third party warranty with their sales. However, I hear that a Lotus extended warranty and service plan for existing cars is on the verge of being launched.
  6. I didn't have a good experience with my LE Evora. Some bits were just missing. Lotus were very helpful in providing them but it had a real feel of a prototype to it. I think LE's command premiums due to spec rather than anything else. Sport racer Evora for MK1 is where I would go, the quality is just on another level compared to LE.
  7. I expect I'll buy one. But not until 2023 at the earliest so that they've had 18 months of production to iron out the issues (given they still can't get an Elise right :D) go well along side the FE.
  8. I went for [strike]Isotope[/strike]Vivid Green inc body coloured Wing Mirrors [strike]Red[/strike] Silver Interior, Alcantara sills Floor Mats Carpet Red Calipers Cruise Control Stereo Air conditioning Sound Insulation Black Wheels Carbon Aero Kit
  9. The bolts aren't the issue, its the scrivet into the sill on the top mount. the hole in the sill, is very close to the edge and it can crack the sill.
  10. I'd be very cautious is removing those triangles. I've heard of a few sills cracking where they bolt on.
  11. I ordered a new Lotus, having cancelled the Porsche. That makes me happy
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