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  1. The bolts aren't the issue, its the scrivet into the sill on the top mount. the hole in the sill, is very close to the edge and it can crack the sill.
  2. I'd be very cautious is removing those triangles. I've heard of a few sills cracking where they bolt on.
  3. I ordered a new Lotus, having cancelled the Porsche. That makes me happy
  4. ...for now. There is bound to be an electric 911 one day.
  5. I agree with all of that. With the average co2 directive of 95 then manufacturers need to have mass Low CO2 (I’d be content with an electric daily) in exchange for petrol sports cars. Porsche need to sell 1.5 Taycans to sell a GTS/GT4 Cayman. That’s the model Geely need to adopt too, which they probably are with Volvo, Lotus and so on.
  6. You have to whisper it round here but ...VX220
  7. thanks Nothing will beat the residual on my V6S. Paid £52k new in 2016, nearly four years on its for sale at Hoffman’s for £46k. I still have my GM lotus, which for me, is still the best ‘lotus’ I’ve ever had. And that is appreciating - glacially. No real Lotus in the household for now though
  8. I ordered one yesterday 718 is better in every respect vs 981, In particular the steering. GT4 might get more available, but still not open to me. GTS4.0 also £15k lighter once you spec the bare minimum on each. Kept the GTS below £70k. Astonishing when you think an Exige Sport 410 is £20k more. £10k more if you buy a prereg/stock item. (I know a GTS won’t be as good on track and that maybe I’m comparing two different USPs. If you’ve got £70ish and want a manual mid engined non turbo car you are pretty short of options) also python green only available on GTS Orde
  9. JG220


    As someone more eloquent than me said: ‘This is a profound moment, the deep system level functioning of liberal democracy in response to an out of control executive’ We should be proud. This will change our constitution. I’m not sure yet whether for better or for worse.
  10. JG220


    That’s broadly what this sets out, through a new referendum prior to GE which I personally quite like (but I would, right?) “Real power comes to those prepared to share it”. Interesting position from Osborne’s paper.
  11. JG220


    I think Farage on LBC was probably right yesterday (I know, however unlikely that may seem) Boris does want a deal. And the deal looks a bit like May’s with some minor tweeks. It will become the best option for Remainers. Keep extending the transition period while trying to get back to full membership. It’s also the best option for most Brexiteers (other than the minority ERG) as it completes the mandate. Its probably the least disruptive way forward too. Conversely it also needs the EU to believe that No Deal is real to get any changes, or for parliament to believe
  12. I think pot holes are probably ok. lots of curb riding might be more of an issue. I'm buying a new 718, rather than a 981, so there may (or more likely may not) be some improvements. The engines are being mass produced for 718 rather than just for 981 GT4 as they were previously. That should solve supply issues and mean that they don't pick up £50k as they leave the dealership (which is a good thing in my view).
  13. The problem is getting one. I've been trying for months (actually years, i first went on a waiting list at the end of 2016). 35 letters later, I think I might finally be there, but it comes with lots of strings, with detracts significantly from the ownership/buying experience. Still really badly want one though, and there a plenty of things which detract from the Lotus experience too which I put up with. Whichever way you look at it, at £86k in my specification it is a hell of a lot of car for the money, but I totally get why people don't like the Porsche brand, neither do i
  14. Looks fantastic - Congrats. I'd go for PPF on as much of it as you can, and watch out for some fo the claims for ceramic (i still do it, but not as an alternative to PPF)
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