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  1. i think the the Alfa-exige looks great.
  2. The demise of the car Awful throttle pedal Ecu management.
  3. Yep, its a horrible feature of the V6. Some are better than others. Ultimately it led to the demise of mine.
  4. Steve has done 7 of my cars. Always first class.
  5. Trading it in for a Cup250 😁
  6. I spent many hours aligning the from bumper on my evora. The fundamental issues were two fold. the bumber was missing bits (from the factory - It was a launch edition and others were missing it too) and the bonnet sat too high. the factory sent me the require parts to add to the bumper and i managed to space the bumper in the middle, and reduce the hight of the bonnet so that they were both flush. Some after and during pics: After During The part that was missing Before
  7. Ooo, me me me. this is my favourite Evora subject. Hang on...
  8. Either the rear wheel has a bit of lens distortion and the horizon is a bit on the piss, or i've had a bit too much to drink. Both of equal possibility Great colour though.👍
  9. 😍 Selling your pro?
  10. 410/430 front end makes it onto 350 Not convinced its an improvement.
  11. The only pewter I’ve seen but the one that got away was this one. metallic white SR NA was less than £50k new and I hesitated and it went less than 24hrs later
  12. two at snows circa late 2015. The orange one was lovely.
  13. Bibs, Is there a Cup S/220/250 cover available?
  14. Good on you for caring about something and putting the effort into fighting it and creating a high quality video 👍
  15. I think history (and residuals) will (eventually) hold a special place for SRs. For me, still the most cohesive design for the Evora. Post initial prototype (I include the first few 10s of cars in that) but before the extensive remodelling and so on. Paul, that is hethel (alright, essex) blue isn't it?
  16. Not very much in my very recent experience.
  17. I absolutely loved my trofoes on track with my v6, infact the car just felt right on them, track or road. the Corsas by comparison were a bit uncertain on the road and utterly tragic on track. I'd go for trofeos in your position.
  18. Some good roads. My only caution is that they seem happy with a some pretty steep gradients and i managed to clip the front bumper of my Golf a few times, which never happened on the mainland at the time. (this was 4 years ago)
  19. borne out by the fact that the new Aston Martin Vantage, McLaren 540c, R8 V10 and 911 GTS test was won by the GTS. Actually it was very hard on the Aston. Great write up on the Exige 410 though and you so really get a sense that they get the brand and that despite lots of old components, the cars are still getting better. I don't think Lotus could hope for a better result. Interestingly the M4 CS tested a page early, which gets a pretty good write up (no where near as glowing as the exige) is torn apart for its £85k price tag. It was with some trepidation therefore, that i started reading the exige article knowing it was over £100k and yet actually it seems the exige managed to convince them that its talents made it acceptable in the price band. The only mention of it being in the summarised negative.
  20. Great update. My only lingering thought would be, is there much point in the complexity and expense of the dual system when the noise in the car is so similar in both modes? The 2bular valveless track system also sounds very good (albeit again not as good a road valved) and still passes all the noise tests
  21. the current marketing colour of the Exige 410, Olive Green is also a Porsche colour.
  22. Some lovely detailed shots in this video. Really like the Leven branding and marketing.
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