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  1. Might have to go and try it...
  2. Congrats Tom, well done. No holes in the diffuser this time for a non-OEM exhaust please :p
  3. Given news this morning about flights into and out of Sharm el-Sheikh it probably wasn't an accident
  4. Where have all the evoras gone I check AT, PH and others everyday, speak to Brandon, Silverstone B&C fairly regularly. Even got in touch with the person that bought the one I couldn't make up my mind about 8 months ago (when i decided to wait a bit and keep my vx220, and add an evora to later in the year). Unsurprisingly he's very happy with it. I want an NA with a short box and sport pack, that's it, that's how much I've had to reduce my list of would likes. then there regular distractions of late NAs or early S or the absolutely stunning Pewter sport races at B&C. But then the financial controller steps in (and says something about two toys or something, and £30k being rather different to £50k and so on)
  5. Indeed, never really liked the black sills, nor the black roof, but I really don't like the black goaty splitter
  6. Black, with black with black wheels Has to be black due to the chin spoiler.
  7. JG220


    Was for sale 6 months ago in ascot in Berks. Does anyone know where it is and whether or not its new owner would like to move it on? especially as they should have got bored with the leaks and stiff gear change by now If not, I'm looking for an NA, short box, tech and sport, white, yellow or grey no black bits (a la sport racer).
  8. I've always been convinced Paul But i think think there is room for the VX with an Evora. So it has to be both. Suppose to be looking at an S on Friday. Not sure how seriously yet
  9. Looks great thumbsusp quite looking forward to snet, i reckon it will be a good match for a SC VX. my A048s being the only advantage.
  10. It will all be sorted this week. Its dependant upon location of stock and Hethel are pretty busy with Evora 400 at the moment so no stock as gone out yet.
  11. I don't mind waiting, but it would be nice to know that the order has been acknowledged. Evora and Exige wheels for me (I own neither car yet )
  12. PM Cocopops, he has a set for sale.
  13. Can a four point lift be used on the evora? Read jacking points look further back than an elise/Vx220 (which would be a good thing, as elise/vx fall off if the front wheels are removed)
  14. Rimstock will ship to the states, its not cheap though.
  15. Thanks Kalli, That puts my mind at ease a bit. Still a bit worried, i would prefer the normal box over the CR. I find the final drive on the VX annoyingly low especially since its been supercharged, and thats about 25mph per 1000rpm
  16. Very interesting Kalli thanks, I'm currently considering whether i could have the evora as an only car for a bit (well, still got a VX220, but that doesn't count and the wife's CLK cab and that doesn't count either) Do you have the long or the CR box. Ive gone for a car with the CR box and wonder if that might be a bit of a mistake for a daily.
  17. getting grimmer and grimmer
  18. For me, the car suits brighter colours, so i discounted this one on that basis.
  19. I've bought the Alexander clark car
  20. erm, think i might have agreed a deal today. It doesn't feel like i've had much of a decision in it, rather it just happened.
  21. Is a sort of crazing on the rear light holders par for the course?
  22. Here are few more thoughts on the Evora. I suppose I have to start with some caveats. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, crisp and cold without a cloud in the sky. The sun was still low at 9am which has that great effect of lighting up wheels and details on cars. Certainly the best time to view a car and a salesman's dream. I spotted the Evora from a distance and straight away any fears for that front end that really doesn't work for me in pictures evaporated. The Evora is one of the least photogenic cars i can think of, the front looks too simple and dumb, the rear over complicated and the line in the door almost as unpleasant as the front wing to door crease on the vx. And yet in person it just works. It looks small too, never mind how many mm wider or shorter than a 911 it might be it feels much much smaller. The wing treatment around the wing is particularly pleasant. it looks as though someone has stretched a sheet over the suspension components and kept it as taught as possible. I love the wheels on the model i drove (LD hastes them, but he's wrong) and they just seem the right size for the car much in the way that a 16in front and 17in rear just look right on a vx Getting in it is not familiar. All the reports I'd read suggested it was similar to a veise, if a bit easier. I sort of recognise that, but the Evora is much more ordinary than that. Whereas in the vx the two seats are very close to each other in the middle of the car, the Evora's seats are set much further out. the sill is much lower so its easy to just drop into the seat. infact the whole thing it's much more akin to getting in a 911. View out the front is great, the tops of the front wings just show above the sightline, the screen wraps around the cockpit even more than on the vx, perhaps with even more curvature. i'm instantly comfortable, no adjustment to seat although i do drop the wheel slightly which does mask the outer LCD displays. They have lots of random information on them in about 10 different font sizes making them pretty useless. the two centre dials are the same as what we're used and they are all this required. I take an instant dislike to the stereo nav unit and decide i'll be better off never looking at it again. The view out of the back is more challenging. Think exige and thats pretty close to the mark, the huge mirrors will do though. The rear seats are tiny!, they are exactly how i thought they would be x0.6. I would have tried a rear seat selfie, but i'm not convinced i'd have ever got out again. I'm not even convinced 10 year olds would fit. The dealer slings me the keys and i have it for about an hour. The first thing that happens is that I nearly go through the windscreen the first time i brake. All velises i've driven have a fraction of travel on the brake pedal before they bite, in the evora there is none. I'll get used to it very quickly because as i leave in the Golf later I nearly rear end a bus. First overwhelming sensation is how it rides. In this respect It's probably the best car i've ever driven. The first part of my drive is over a broken road which had upset the golf going the other way half an hour earlier. in the Evora, there are no rattles, no squeaks, no thumps, nothing. Its completely silent. i call Lee at this point on speakerphone and he wonders if i'm even driving. I turns out i'm in a car with the short box (though it actually feels quite long to me) and the dealer has sent me a route he'll think i'll like, lots of undulations, off camber corners, and i turn onto it from a red light. And much like the first sip of caffeine in the morning as i turn in, its like being transported back to the vx. The steering is light, sharp and completely deliciously lotus. How does it achieve that when it rides so well? \ Performance isn't quite on par with a supercharged vx, it doesn't have that any gear instant torque of the vx. But in the higher echelons of the rev range its plenty fast enough. It sounds great too. What is clear is that the whole package is so cohesive. Everything is perfectly judged. A compromised Elise for comfort and size it is anything but. It very easy to feel comfortable driving it very quickly. I have a couple of moments when look do look at the speed and nail the brakes for fear of getting into a lot of trouble. I settle back down to driving it normally, in the quiet and comfort it has no right to be able to provide given the speed, feel and sensations on the backroads. what a perfect everyday car. It reminded me of driving a vx for the first time and the realisation that such a car existed. A perfect car for that moment in time. It so happens that i first drove a vx at around the same time of year 11 years ago, it was another 14 months before i bought one. i'm hoping that this might be a shorter lead time but i'm going to have to find one. Whether the vx survives will be a difficult decision. The Evora is sufficiently different to be able to justify both but the financials may not quite align even if i did say i thought i could run two cars for the cost of a company car. Better than Exige V6? could well be just because of how how well it rides.
  23. Nope, I've had this one for 10 years this year. No intention at the moment of selling it, i'm planning on compromising the everyday car (by giving the company car back) and finding an Evora to go along side something much cheaper. I'm going to see this one tomorrow (which is pretty much the spec i would go for) Really need to try both long and short gearboxes, it sounds like there is quite a difference. I did have my eye on a C63 but maybe chassis is more important than engine... That would be great! Yes, I'm afraid that reputation does follow me around a bit. This year I have actually kept the VX on the road for the winter so maybe i can reclaim a few man points...
  24. /waves (also from VX220 land looking for more seats)
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