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  1. Its nice. For me though its not Elise Cup nice.
  2. I'd love to let you know how i'm getting on with my A052. All 190 miles of them which were done in the 3 days following collection in early November.
  3. @mdorklovely. Well done yes, his is on A52s
  4. JG220


    Completely agree with this sentiment. Brexit is a polarising issue and often one which stirs strong views, but that should never transcend respect and understanding. Also wish you a happy new year and look forward to a continued open, honest (and a little heated at times no doubt) debate on here. (y)
  5. Nail. Head. Couldn't agree with you more.
  6. It works for me (actually this is a sort of half and half)
  7. I’m tempted to gloss black the rear...
  8. Hey, who’s side are you on? yours is all proper black 👍
  9. The v105 is an excellent tyre so all good if that’s the change
  10. True, but anything is better than the nasty matte black 😁
  11. having said all that, I've managed 290 miles (in total) on my cup
  12. This is stunning ( i place it third @Neal H )
  13. I agree with you. But the problem with appreciating S2s is that you are disinclined to drive them. Whereas my cup is depreciating so fast i might as well drive it as it makes no difference. its a mindset thing
  14. JG220


    Tide does seem to be turning back to reason
  15. It’s probably being flown from more than 5km away
  16. btw the cost to replace the carbon splitter (all sections) on a cup250 is £5,800
  17. i'd recommend getting it Paint Protection Filmed. You can't really see the film (see below) and you get a bit of protection from it. I'd clean up the marks on yours, maybe even with a little high density emery paper. the film on top will make most of the marks disappear. You can just see the edge of the film between the two sections of the splitter
  18. I can't say i noticed any difference between my Exige V6, VX220 and Cup250. My M140i however attracts all sorts of unwanted attention. And I bought it as i thought it was really subtle.
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