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  1. On 17/08/2021 at 12:58, huage-f1 said:

    @Delhard   @JG220

    Liquid Yellow and Vivid Green cars look amazing!!

    Any chance you can post some pics of the interior, when you get the cars. Mine is (hopefully!) still spec amendable and still agonising over black vs grey interior...



    Here you go. No pics of the interior yet. 

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  2. Well I think its all pointing in the right direction. 

    I find myself a bit less depressed about electrification when an organisation (perhaps without choice) like Lotus is really getting behind it. 

    The EMIRA looks like the right strategy to me. Perhaps it would have been better to offer DCT to both engines, but its probably right that the cheaper 4 pot has the option of DCT, as that will likely be the most popular. Lotus still has the brand power, I think to make a one model lineup work where the lowest model still commands sufficient cachet for people to make the commitment. 

    personally, I'm interested a the 4-pot DCT. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    Matt Windle gave the game away in his interview when he specifically taked about the "market is there for 2 seater sports cars".  Yeah, no +2!!!

    The other thing i read with interest was the power output of the 4 pot and the fact that it is a very small package and therefore sits much lower in the car. I think this version will be the track star, the V6 more aimed at a 2 seater GT.  I'm actually quite excited and feel that this time lotus are taking their time to get it right.

    Yeah, I was thinking that. 4pot DCT, £60k, sounds quite good to me. 

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  4. I'm afraid there is nothing that can be done other than trying to work around it. 

    The Elise doesn't have the same problem, It has other compromises though and I decided that the throttle response on the Exige range was more important than the compromises of the Elise. For a time I thought a Porsche was the answer and that presented an all together different set of compromised, like stupidly long gearing. 

    It might be worth persevering with it a bit. I had a brilliant time at spa with the V6 Exige. Loved it but gave up heal and toeing with it there. 

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  5. I didn't have a good experience with my LE Evora. Some bits were just missing. Lotus were very helpful in providing them but it had a real feel of a prototype to it. I think LE's command premiums due to spec rather than anything else. 

    Sport racer Evora for MK1 is where I would go, the quality is just on another level compared to LE. 

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  6. I expect I'll buy one. But not until 2023 at the earliest so that they've had 18 months of production to iron out the issues (given they still can't get an Elise right :D) go well along side the FE. 

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  7. 17 hours ago, PaulCP said:

    That’s a great spec Lee, I would have left just 2 things off but it’s all down to personal preferences.

    Good to see that @JG220is finally warming to brighter colours 😎


    I went for

    [strike]Isotope[/strike]Vivid Green inc body coloured Wing Mirrors
    [strike]Red[/strike] Silver Interior, Alcantara sills
    Floor Mats
    Red Calipers
    Cruise Control
    Air conditioning
    Sound Insulation
    Black Wheels
    Carbon Aero Kit


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