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  1. When test reports and owners refer to the brutality of auto shifts I find myself wondering what stresses and strains these shifts place on the transmission and further up the drivetrain. A brutal shift in this context is a hard and sudden jerk which must place significant stress on a multitude of components. Its all rather ironic as those of us who (try to) master heeling and toeing are seeking the exact opposite of brutal shifts - we want to match the revs so that the gear change is rapid and smooth with revs perfectly matched for the lower gear being shifted down to - I suspect most who heel
  2. Apologies for the delay in responding but thank you for the information.
  3. Going back to posts of a couple of days ago, for what it is worth, I am rather pleased that my Evora GT410 Sport came with the glass panels as there are a couple of junctions around where I live which are much easier to move safely off from as a consequence of being able to see through these panels. I totally agree with Spinney on the interior colour of cars - I find black roof lining, particularly when combined with black seats and dash etc. trim, rather oppressive and on dark miserable winter days cars so equipped can feel depressing no matter how epic the actual car. A combination of J
  4. Yes - I bought it. Ordered back in March. In the distant background is a blue GT410 Sport and between it and mine is an Elise. I don't recall what the blue car to the right of mine is - I'm afraid I was concentrating on the rather lovely grey GT410 Sport!
  5. This little beauty made me very happy!
  6. Whilst I do not have a GT430 I have recent experience of dealing with Lotus when I went to the factory to look at and finalise the various options and colour combinations for the GT410 Sport which I already had a build slot for. I have nothing but praise for Scott Walker at Lotus for the time, effort and skill with colour combinations and general 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude he has. Jamie Matthews was, as always, very helpful and attentive in guiding me through the 'really ought to have', 'good to have' and 'don't waste you money' aspects of the specification and introduced me t
  7. Suggest you speak with Jamie Matthews at B & C - he obviously knows the area well and takes potential customers on a variety of routes and types of road.
  8. Anything to do with the fuel tank being up front? On the basis that competition generally leads to improvement, hopefully we can look forward to a stunning Elise replacement.
  9. James - rather proves my point - what relevance does the imagined potential behaviour on snow of a 4 wheel drive Porsche turbo, which wasn't even at the V8 Vantage 'test', have to a two wheel drive vehicle which was not being compared back to back? It was yet another gratuitous plug for Porsche in the middle of an EVO article which was supposed to be giving first impressions of a new vehicle being driven for the first time by this publication and under less that ideal conditions.
  10. Interesting - thanks Johnny. Just looking for logical reasons for Mr Barker's conclusions. I am only doing that because, unlike in many an EVO article, the 'non Porsche' actually won fair praise in comparison with the GT3 in some aspects of assessment. Incidentally, have members here read the EVO article on the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage. I was sent this and could scarcely believe what I was reading. The test drive was a short, non comparative session on snow (Sweden or similar) and the author made the obvious and fair point that evaluating the traction and acceleration etc. was not r
  11. I am a little behind the times but forced myself to buy April's EVO mag and have just read the GT430/GT3 comparison test. Like most people I am (largely) pleasantly surprised at the tone of the article and somewhat mystified that a Lotus lost out to a Porsche on steering feel. Just a thought - given the huge (for a 'road' car) downforce generated by the GT430, is it possible that the reason for the front light/rear heavy balance that John Barker comments on is due to the downforce and would that in turn lead to his feeling that the steering was less communicative ie: the front feeling lig
  12. My understanding from specifying and ordering a GT410 Sport the other day is that you do not have to have the 'Halfords' look (which I believe could also be red - other colours may be available). My choice was to match these parts with the black/grey of the interior. I believe this is a no cost option. Incidentally, there are a number of other options, cost and no cost, which Lotus do not mention on their website but a good dealer should be able to advise on these.
  13. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with exploring the car's capabilities and how you find it behaves when doing so.
  14. Brutal acceleration - already 'run-in'!!!??? Just ordered one - now for the hard part - waiting for it.
  15. Top 10 best sports cars 2018 Here is the definitive top ten list of the best sports cars currently on sale, each with a compelling reason to take top spot, but who can lay claim to the throne? by A
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