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  1. Thanks hun maybe next time we can stop for a coffee
  2. Hi Nathan nice to see that you keep car shiny, I passed you today in my BMW M4 at least you waved back Mandi
  3. I was either off to bell and colvill or going home ( hey not always an Exige in tow ) ha ha ha
  4. My boss kindly got a sign made for the works car park ?
  5. MBW ?? Give me a clue . Thanks all those who PM me ? Sorry I will be coming A3 Guildford way so wrong direction for me. So see you there ?
  6. I think too much yellow would of been over the top. Mirrors in yellow it would start to look like the Aston Martin N430 !!!! Only found this thanks to Bibs ha ha let alone find something else ?
  7. Leather seats and factory done my yellow 400 badge. I did want yellow stitching on seats but that wasn't possible ,. But I did get my yellow band on steering wheel ( my finishing touches)
  8. No not silverstones, they have red bits on that one. Mine is all green black and yellow. Mandi
  9. My new toy !!!! Hope everyone likes my colours
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