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  1. bellwood29

    LF1 Registry

    Thanks I've got everything except key ring.
  2. bellwood29

    LF1 Registry

    Hi. Just wondered if anybody as a list of what you get in LF1 trinket box just got mine want to make sure its all in box . Thanks Trev.
  3. bellwood29

    LF1 Registry

    New Man Cave for LF1
  4. Had a fantastic day yesterday, great to meet up with other owners would really like to thank Paul for putting it all together! Lets hope we can get more LF1's together another time...
  5. Hi Paul, 2 x Steak and Ale pies please Thanks Trev.
  6. Hi Paul. Trevor Barrass and Richard Barrass names as required. Trev.
  7. bellwood29

    LF1 Registry

    Hi Paul. Great work i picked mine up from JCT Leeds Trev
  8. Hi Paul stopping overnight Bird in Hand
  9. Hi Paul. My victory number is 15 and i will be in LF1 also thanks for organising cheers Trev.
  10. Hi Paul. Available dates 13,14,15,21,22,and 23 for me and my guest. Trev
  11. Hi Paul + 1 for me please. Trev.
  12. can you put my name down please bellwood29 ,Thanks Trevor
  13. just fitted motor bike indicator warning beeper bought off EBAY £11 three wires easy fit.
  14. bellwood29

    LF1 Registry

    Hi Scott. Fantastic cars have fun