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  1. Yeah the more I learned about Lotus the more I realised the Esprit represents a completely different era in their output. That said, along with the Elite and Eclat it brings a new level of comfort and refinement [is the latter acceptable to say ] The Elan I suppose is a much smaller car though, and if I could get my head around where this notional weight difference between the S1 and S2 Esprits comes from I might be better able to decide if the 300+kg weight difference between the Elan and Esprit is a big jump.
  2. Not sure about the space saver you mention Dave, S2's have a proper spare made by Speedline [pic attached ]. Yeah fair point, the seats may not have been wider overall but they had padding reshaped to make them wider around the hips I believe. Probably a weight loss rather than gain, but I was just trying to list every change. I've thought of something else since - the S2 got a different cam profile to help with emissions. Again probably not a weight consideration. The S2's digital clock was definitely a new thing, there was a fuss made of it. I just pulled this quote from a Esprit S1/S2 buyers guide article from Hemming's in 2011 - " ...independent testers had a hard time matching Lotus's initial performance numbers: 0-60 times in the mid-8-second range rather than the high 6s; top speeds of 124 MPH instead of Lotus's promised 138 MPH, a curb weight 10 percent porkier than its one-ton advertisement suggested. (In 1977, Car got a 6,000-mile S1 Esprit to 60 in 7.4 seconds with a 132 MPH top speed.) Mix into this the idea that Lotus shifted at 7,300 RPM, 300 revs past the redline, to get its numbers, and you suspect that the company was supplying bench-racing figures that weren't quite in line with reality. (Road & Track's 9.2-second 0-60 in their emissions-choked tester was "equivalent to the last Maserati Merak we tested.").... " So that suggests the S1 was billed as 1000kg's, and independent tests found it to be 1100kg?
  3. Least the intro has some Esprit in it 😜
  4. ah c'mon now, those are relatively early cars in pristine nick. Even a hands off kinda guy can buy a decent basis for fifteen hundred quid and make it look like that with change from ten k.
  5. I wasn't poking at the car, I started my car obsession with [edit] proper Minis, I still own one and always will. It's more how the seller has worded the description. For the record I think Minis are shockingly underpriced in relation to how nuts the classic car market has gotten. But I'm not complaining.
  6. He's willing to break it though. That'd be a shame.
  7. There are some dense and heavy sheets of sound deadening behind the seats on my car, you'll know Paul if they're common to the S1 as well, but I thought maybe they were part of the effort to make the S2 more refined? Even with those and the exhaust I still think we're within the 50kg above. I'll be watching the weight of mine very closely as I rebuild. I'm interested to see what it's going to weigh when I'm done, but it'd be all the better to know what an original S2 weighs in the wild.
  8. I assumed we're talking kerb weight and isn't that wet, as in all fluids and half a fill of fuel? Either way, yeah 898kg does seem low.
  9. Been searching topics as far back as '05 [may have given up prematurely] but I can't find anything relevant. Has anyone weighed their standard S1 or S2 Esprit? LEW says the S1 weighed 898kg, this was the figure from Lotus. The Walton book from '82 says the same but then Walton was having direct contact with Lotus while researching the book. Was this a fanciful number in the same vein as the quoted 0-60 times? Again both the Walton book and LEW agree that the S2 was 2248lbs [although the conversion to kg on LEW is a little out 😆]. The figure is 1019kg. That's a 121kg difference between the two models. The S2 has; Speedline wheels [1" wider than the Wolfrace items] Larger radiator Reworked front splitter Wider seats Smiths gauges Two headlamp motors SD1 rear lights Air intake 'ears' and associated ducting A digital clock An extra wing mirror An engine cover with a hatch in it If it were any other company I'd just take the figure for granted, but really... 121kg weight increase in a car that they didn't build any increase in power into? So say the extra weight goes like this; Wheels 4kg [combined] Radiator [and associated water] 4kg Reworked front splitter 5kg Wider seats 4.5kg Smiths gauges 1.5kg 2nd headlamp motor 3.5kg SD1 rear lights 1kg [combined] Air intake 'ears' [and associated ducting] 4kg Digital clock [and associated wiring] 1kg Extra wing mirror [and associated wiring] 2kg Engine cover 5kg I think those weights are over estimated in many cases, still the total is only 35.5kg. It doesn't stack up. I don't think I've missed anything, there's a little extra metal in the chassis under the engine in the S2, but we're talking in grams here not kg. Let's call it 36kg total weight increase, hell let's call it 50kg. Still a 71kg discrepancy. That's an adult passenger. The calculation for weight loss to equivalent hp gain has it that dropping 60kg would be like gaining 10hp. Yeah yeah, Lotus's figure weren't to be taken too seriously, but it's interesting no?
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    unfortunately the TLF banter is inescapable 😭
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    Found it baffling and elitist as a platform, so much so that I made two proper attempts to understand it and then gave up and forgot it existed.
  12. Lovely work Rolls. So the arches are symmetrical fore to aft?
  13. GTK

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Just finished watching. Cool how they've given it '70's pin striping, it looks every bit the '70's custom even with the '80's bumpers and '90's door handles. The linear actuator for the headlights is clever and I'll bet lighter than even a single motor. Overall a positive review from Leno despite his biases but I suppose he's not the type to bring on a car he doesn't like.
  14. The name is talked about briefly in The History of the Lotus VI by Graham Capel. It says that it was a trend amongst the trials car builders that Chapman started out amongst, to give the cars the names of flowers, and mentions a 'Violet Special'. It also says that Chapman used to call his wife his 'little Lotus blossom' and goes on to quote him as having said [one night whilst working late]; 'If you eat Lotus flowers it makes you fall into a trance and forget home and comfort. Look around.We're all here and it's after midnight again'. Anyway there's a stark contrast between the two documentaries. The older one [from which footage is used in a totally different light in the later one] is almost rose tinted by comparison.