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  1. Are you nuts Second guessing myself, and the jigs, and the measurements, took a day of my life. I was going back and forth with the callipers and the jigs, fitting and refitting. That's actually what I'm doing at the start in the overhead shot. A DAY! No you're 100% on the money. Although it doesn't seem that water had gotten in there to date, but my thoughts are as yours. I just have a pathological urge to keep things as original as possible, which is ridiculous given everything I've done so far. It's as is because I swept this issue under the mental rug. There's another pair of spots I couldn't weld to around the back of the new tube that could let water in too, so that'll have to be seam sealed at very least. Lotus hadn't welded both sides of the tube like I have btw.
  2. Don't have a [chassis] leg to stand on. πŸ€“
  3. That's cool, it's not that one above though right? I mean that looks like some sort of licensed aftermarket thing.
  4. Here’s an (overpriced) fun thing...
  5. Well if this isn't a common Esprit chassis problem....
  6. Well I should probably tell you to go back and do your homework, but I realised that many just won't bother so I started to recap the Lotus work in a dedicated run of videos starting with episode 62. I don't think I've ever gotten job satisfaction from anything in the past like I've gotten from that cradle. It's been a recurring source of joy! Thanks Henry Thanks Robin
  7. Thanks esteemed 'Flounder' It landed and has been put to work on the chassis! Today is a big one actually, all going well I'll paint the inside of the backbone, do some welding practice and then seal it up for good.
  8. Episode 68 of the abused Lotus Esprit restoration
  9. 😁 I'm way ahead of you on that one, got a little trick up my sleeve
  10. πŸ˜… I'd love a few of those but I'm on a budget so I'm just using what I can put my hands on. There are nice ones that punch and then dimple die at the same time.
  11. I got cross eyed Def wouldn't still be making the videos if it weren't for Valet Pro's support, cheers Greg My folks had a Black and Decker franchise when I was about 10, and on Saturdays I'd hang out with the repair techs [this is back when you could have your steam powered tools, even your kettle, repaired]. I had an interest in woodwork so one of the techs built me that turquoise jigsaw out of shop reconditioned parts. So it's a Frankenstein unit, and you jest but it's never let me down, and I was very glad of it when I broke my lovely Elu rig during the filming of the last episode. Both tools at least 30 years old. Actually you might have noticed at times I was pinching the flex up into the handle. That's because there's a loose connection and I haven't had a chance to open it up and rewire πŸ˜…
  12. Know I'm blowing my own trumpet but I'm proud of this panel I've made, but then I did take three runs at it πŸ˜‡
  13. This one's for anyone who shies away from those little wiring jobs...
  14. Not sure I'm following? Do you mean the grey plastic that holds the heater? It's unfeasibly thin for sure. Was thinking carbon fibre might be a suitable replacement for the slightly cracked one in my car.
  15. Yeah not a big deal, my heart sank but more because of the anti climax than the work. Practice is never a waste. Unless it rhymes with banking.
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