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  1. Deadly! Thought it was a smart combo. I'm seriously struggling with the urge to ask you to pm me a pic "...and that was the day that TLF slipped into the nefarious underworld of dogging." Enjoy the holiday man!
  2. 1978 Lotus Esprit S2

    Nice touch with the grip tape[?] on the throttle pedal
  3. That made my day Simon! That's as good as seeing my 2yr old nephew in a SOUP tee. What colour did you get?
  4. It has to be stripped to be plated just the same. A galvaniser told me that it has to be done well too, as in using say a flap wheel on a grinder [not in this case obviously] isn't generally good enough when removing paint because it creates too much heat and leaves an imperceivable residue on the metal that mucks with the galvanic process. He warned against galvanising anything that hadn't been stripped properly. One of my patrons is a media blaster and he gave me that insight above, into their motivation. A chap doing soda [or walnut or plastic media] in a cabinet is going to be your man. Edit: or you could go to a furniture suppliers and get off the shelf chemical stripper and do it yourself. I've used it and the right stuff works a treat, especially on a smooth surface like that. [Don't ask me what stuff, I don't know.]
  5. Find a specialist with a cabinet, once they can reclaim/reuse the [expensive] more sympathetic media they're much happier about doing stuff like that.
  6. You're a legend Andrew, thank you.
  7. haha yeah we didn't get too technical. Had to hit it too, for me it was really more to show how durable fibreglass is. Bill was telling me the Esprit is way thicker than modern Lotuesesses, he sees quite a few as you might imagine. Not surprised about the thickness really but interesting. Actually when I had a pal do a paint-less panel repair on one of my Minis he said the same thing, the steel in the Classic Mini shell [the one in question was a '98] is much much thicker than what they used even in the '90's, so it was much more difficult to work. Glad Beau liked it Dan, the car is stunning - between yours and Matthias's gold S2 I was spoilt. Not sure what I'm going to do for the next episode, Christmas period was very quiet in terms of people getting in touch. Have great stuff in the can interview wise though Tim I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with your garage. Dreaming about building my own too.
  8. 1400 cars destroyed

    Can't help it... that'd make an incredible location for a car shoot. Some photo for the owners of the three cars in the back.
  9. Here's the latest and the conclusion of what I think is a really interesting fibreglass repair tutorial. Hope it's of some help and here's to a cracking year for all. [please share ]
  10. Not lotus barn find bog standard in any nick! Better with a little brake upgrade. [obviously with wheels on though Pete, 10's]
  11. Mileage anxiety

    Righto I'm off to question my sexuality If only I had an odometer to clock up some soul search miles on but the Cortina I'm driving gave up yesterday. It's one to think about here. It was a two owner 1981 and had 39k on it when it's owner bought it in 2013 out of nostalgia for his father's car. I've taken it from 48k to just over 50. It's not perfect but it's a real survivor, and even though it's owner bought it purely as a dream car/nostalgia trip and it's very original, he's all about seeing it used. Which is how I have it at all. When me buying it was on the table he didn't worry about letting it go for a fraction of what he paid either. There's a fella to consider - so in love with his car is he that he's happy to let someone else notch up miles on his low mileage car if it means he gets it back to drive another day. When alls said and done for him you'd have to say he's not going to have any car regrets.
  12. Mileage anxiety

    Now don't get me wrong, it's all good, but wtf is she supposed to be doing? Peeing in the sink? Owning a raspberry? Some of the poses glamour photogs choose are hilarious. The caption should be "Pre Odour".
  13. People's reaction to the Esprit - what's yours?

    Got one! An aunt and uncle were in a cab from the airport the other day, coming back in for Christmas. When they were on the motorway a Maserati came past. The cabbie goes... "There you are now, a poor man's Lotus".
  14. Mileage anxiety

    Consider an odometer as only a reference for service, this discussion has made me realise thats all I've ever seen mine as. Know it's not uncommon but have to say of a handful of forums [various marques] over the years, here is the first time I found owners actively keeping track of what the car cost to own annually and was surprised to find that the 65k miles on my S2 wasn't considered low. Grand if you need to roll over some of the value of your wheels towards the price of the next set then what I'm saying only applies in part, but you don't spend €3k on a holiday expecting to recoup any of it's financial value. It's purely for your enjoyment and the good of your spiritual health. Should a special car be any different fundamentally? Ok half the fun for me is keep a car I use [hard] in good condition but I'm looking forward to wearing my Esprit in, I'll love it more and more as it begins to look its age. That does not presuppose it won't be in perfect condition, or any worse than a delivery miles only car. Those kinds of cars need a lot of work if they're to be put into use again anyway so unless it's only a few years old, what's the point.
  15. People's reaction to the Esprit - what's yours?

    Perfect anecdote to get you a pass if you get pulled for flooring it down there now Andy.