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  1. Hi gents, Not sure how but I missed the notifications that there had been any activity on this topic, until now. Thought I'd let you know that I eventually made a video about my S2 Esprit that includes footage of the Sports Motors dealership building as it is now, as well as some shots of the original sales documentation for my car. The Sports Motors logo on top of the bill of sale is one of the coolest if you ask me, and i'm having it reproduced in sticker form to go on my car once the restoration is finished. Anyway you can see the video here, and just fyi it's not a dedicate
  2. Great news on the wheel, I'm still looking for a boss but I'm sure one will turn up eventually. The Esprit project is in lockdown essentially, I don't want to start back on it until things get a little more settled. I'm hoping I'll be back on the project full time with no distractions by the end of summer. Thanks and enjoy the JPS!
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    Just a thought for anyone looking for a suitable tablet to use with their drone. We have a DJI Mavic 2 and a Mavic Mini here and were looking for a economical tablet to use with them. The internet is vague on whether a Samsung Tab A [2019] will be compatible with the DJI Fly app, but the 8" version of the tablet seemed a good price, for a reasonable tablet. I can confirm that the DJI Fly app has to be sideloaded, but does work on the Tab A8 [model SM-T290]. DJI Go 4 loads directly from the app store and also works fine.* *haven't actually flown either drone using the tablet yet because of
  4. The manuals can turn up on eBay, I got two. One (yellow) for the domestic market in tatty condition with a fold out dealer map of the UK and the other (pale blue) a near perfect Federal one. I found a sleeve for same too. The tool roll is a canvas type thing with tie strings. This might be reference; Did you get a steering wheel and boss Simon?
  5. cue the '70's wah pedal guitar music, because that's pure porno
  6. Looks great, nice to hear too. Does your car have a turbo engine, or is it just an anomaly that makes it sound like there's a wastegate working?
  7. GTK


    He loves fish heads!
  8. GTK


    I massively suspicious. There's def some computer aided stuff going on there.
  9. All this practice is only making me more nervous about the Esprit you know
  10. bare feet in a car video. Put some socks on! I don't know whats coming but it feels like it's going to be weird
  11. They could have at least gotten a louvred rear visor, not having done so is quite rude.
  12. yep finished it before breakfast today Tough going this past few weeks, I'm keeping the head down on the Benz until the Esprit is firmly on the horizon. New episode will follow real soon
  13. No, I don't suppose so! I hadn't put it together that there are three part numbers, the Motorola brand numbers for their own retail units, Motorola's p/n in relation to client branded units, and the clients own stock p/n. So If BL650P is a Motorola part number for a British Leyland commissioned product, LT is obviously Motorola's designation for Lotus. Sorry, playing catch up here lol. Does anyone know how to chew gum?
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