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  1. Just trying to spec up a universal ball joint puller kit and was wondering if anyone has a ball joint knocking about to measure or happens to know what size they are? George
  2. @Steve V8 You passed the test , man you're all over it aren't you. How were the wear pads let in, glued? @drdoom Thanks for the pic mate! I was about to point out how different your shell looks but then yours must be a red car? It's still strange in the sense that my car definitely has white spray paint under the silver overspray, and yours doesn't seem to have an undercoat. Looks like you have some factory markings just left of the throttle stop.
  3. Interesting. I have been doing a lot of research into the carpets and found an owner with an original car in the same colour combination as mine, and he sent me some images. Couple of things stuck out - the faux leather trim on the carpets and the matching rubber wear pad on the inner arch of the passenger's footwell. Oddly on the driver's side there isn't a pad and the carpet has suffered. Also there's a bump stop for the throttle pedal here, this is an S1 car, but I'd never seen that?
  4. for shame! Something interesting, and maybe this is a G/S car difference, but the stud on the G car is a bolt, there's only a nut on one end, rather than one at both. Still, never fear... same bodge is possible
  5. Nooooo, ya bastad. Crispy thumbnail if I do say so myself.
  6. GTK

    Prices Soaring

    The divorce thing is fun, probably less ball ache to avoid marriage in the first place. Speaking of hookups, the article's writer Hannah Elliot is Magnus Walker's other half, he who recently bought the red S2 heavily featured. Positive ripples. Would be all the sweeter if there were no ulterior motivation.
  7. The EMC website seems to be down? Couldn't see them, but there's a yellow S2 in Japan with Hayashi Street wheels on it and they look amazing. Think they're 15's, which as a size really suit the S2 without looking out of place. Thanks a mill Dan, and yeah the heat in the panel was disturbing until I watched again and saw the spring back.
  8. Thanks mate. That's a tent! Episode 35 if you want the story
  9. Double posting but we've got the beginning of some answers here finally. I'll weigh the body next, can't wait to see what that comes out at! then all the little bits and pieces as I work my way through the resto.
  10. Ever see a grown man naked? Sorry I mean ever see an Esprit chassis weighed?
  11. Anything to avoid that horrible mess of overheated tape adhesive that can be all over a loom. Cleaning that is a pita. Would love something in a heat shrink that would remain a bit more flexible than heat shrink would.
  12. Cool stuff Rolls, found much wrong?
  13. There's a man out there who takes his bodging very seriously, he's a master. In his spare time he trims Bonsai trees off at the stem.