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  1. Haha the Old Spice ads were classic too, surfing to the tune of O Fortuna and hilarious voice over.... "you'll become yourself", "the mark of a man." Couple of dabs and you think so this is who I am? It's magazine style because no one really does that anymore and with the way Youtube is these days 'no one watches the full thing', I thought it fits. Would love there to be a 'reason why' box for dislikes though - for quality control. Even if it was 'cause your face'. I just noticed someone like E21, then change their mind and dislike it I'm so curious.
  2. ... this is why I was forced to resign my role as global PR manager Thanks Bibs, I'll get you next time Gadget. So anyone remember the ad?
  3. Fair play Ant, you picked the weather for it ^^^ helped someone do that with the strings once. Was an open wheeled car though. Would love to see it done again.
  4. Esprit S2 PROJECT ON EBAY.

    I don't know if he does re-Connollising but you could talk to Joseph at Stitch Perfect. If you've some loose stitching he's the man and I'm sure he can advise about the rejuvination of the seats. He served his time in the Morgan trim department. @Steve V8 Is a man you could talk to about making a new carpet set for you. Gold sounds amazing, the S2 looks great in it. Is red the original colour? George PS tell Joseph I sent you [George from SOUP]
  5. Esprit S2 PROJECT ON EBAY.

    That's great news!
  6. Esprit S2 PROJECT ON EBAY.

    That interior looks beautiful if you ask me Just needs a little detailing here and there. The seats have real Connolly leather, as in from Connolly when they were still Connolly. It will be high quality and should respond well to being reworked. You could recolour it if you don't want the patina look but with plenty of elbow grease and I'll bet it'll come up beautifully as is. You could delicately glue down the frays on the binnacle.
  7. Hang in there, I'm on the way! ...just have to figure out how to get in.
  8. Yeah things fell off a little there with the question cards in between interview segments. There's so much in the edit that it's quite often I see an episode once it's live and think 'ah crap you forgot to...." about some bit of housekeeping, technicality or concept I missed. The good news is the second mic is on it's way. There'll be a few more interviews without it because I've already shot them but I'll put the questions in as text best I can. The stickers are a fav for sure, there were really cool Goodyear ones at the top of the side glass too before it was smashed. The van will be sanded back but I've a lead on where to get the Pirelli [rally] stickers. PS I move around a bit but the van is on the east coast of the Peloponnesos, about 40mins south of Nafplio. I drove up to Korinthos today to shoot an intro for episode 21. Looking forward to that one, light was tricky though so I'm hoping I got what I went for. No second chances for at least a couple of months. Thanks for the feedback gents. Don't forget to hit 'like' - or dislike if you like, know what I mean like? Edit: and not looking forward to going back to Siberia, sorry... Ireland. I hear people started looting
  9. The ones on the French side are great but that was a different story. Let's do a SOUP/TLF Cannonball. You have to have a Lotus, no changes of clothes and beer tokens. Just need to wait a few months to sort out that first thing please
  10. Thanks Bibs, got there first. That Caterham snippet looked like a lot of fun
  11. Oh yeah nice Ian! I was just going for any excuse to play some Zepp. Ditch 2 Unlimited, throw When the Levee Breaks [or a n other LZ number] in it's place and put Take My Breath Away by Berlin on the German leg instead... for that aviator wearing Top Gun moment
  12. England - Immigrant Song - Zeppelin England - 25 Miles - Edwin Starr [for when you break down] France - Sexy Boy - Air France - La Mer - Charles Trenet Italy - Just a Gigolo/I ain't got nobody - Louis Prima Italy - Il Cuore e uno Zingaro - Nicola Di Bari [has that Matt Monroe vibe] Italy - Old Devil Moon - Don Francks & Petula Clarke, Finian's Rainbow Soundtrack [has that Matt Monroe vibe] Switzerland - Pure Imagination - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack Switzerland - Good Times Bad Times - Zeppelin Holland - No Limits - 2 Unlimited Holland - Hot For Teacher - Van Halen Germany - When The Levee Breaks - Zeppelin Germany - The Power - SNAP! Germany - Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin Liechtenstein - Puttin' on the Ritz - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Soundtrack Liechtenstein - I want to break free - Queen Austria - I'll Be Back - The Beatles Austria - Vienna - Ultravox _________________________________________________________________
  13. Esprit on Channel 5

    There's a lot of lore around that, but I think it was 50p so long as you collect before he's back from work. The guy who bought it - word is - sold it back to him for £15k.
  14. Might still work as a grease dispenser, maybe not a gun but a dispenser
  15. Do you mean a big syringe for filling transmissions? If your few quid one's toast after two times then wouldn't you be better off getting a better one. I've got the sealey one and yeah it costs a bit but it's going strong after many many years. Can't live without one when you have two gearboxes [Land Rovers]. edit; PS I'm not affiliated in any way, and you'll prob find it cheaper elsewhere. knowhatimsayin