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  1. Will the DS fit down your pants @Sparky? I'd give it a good home
  2. Not yet, got held up by the lack of beams to stretcher the body over the scales with. Will be back on it in a few weeks and looking forward to weighing. Been meaning to open a book on this, so if anyone fancies taking a punt on the actual weight... This sounds impossible but I'm betting around 180kg
  3. some eejit going on about how he got a Lotus
  4. Here's that comparison the right way up. Have to say the figures seem much more night and day than the reviews the Turbo Esprit got. But maybe there is journalistic bias in all of the articles, who knows. Def worth keeping in mind the Turbo Esprit is 200kg heavier than the earlier cars, that's going to make a noticeable difference.
  5. I have no idea how the brakes perform, having only heard varying opinions. I do have a pile of the big name auto magazines from the late '70's [and more recent] with reviews of the S2. I personally have the impression that like the rest of the car the brakes were great back then, but less impressive when compared to the performance levels cars achieve after 43 years of automotive development...
  6. Glad to hear that MJK was consulted Chris! Be interested to know if your pal calls it a film or a doco?
  7. I might have said this already, getting deja vu; I had a really interesting conversation at the TLF Christmas party about Lotus brakes. Can't remember who it was, but they said that people often think the Esprit's brakes aren't up to much. Said that they were designed to be progressive and when compared to modern brakes can give you a fright, but that they're very effective and by design load up given suitable input. to be honest I'll be very happy with the VW calipers if they have all the same characteristics as the Girling originals, but shave weight.
  8. GTK


    Fair play. You could save all the cute girl's dogs with this
  9. Couldn't afford both, so I made the only sensible decision... aaand now you know why I sleep with it. Sleep next to it.
  10. Your fuel is pumped for you in Greece without exception. It's a lovely thing.
  11. ...they'll take all your money too if you let them, but they have those flirtatious eyes. To be fair to the Esprit, when it has a problem it usually requires you to go in the back door
  12. If it gives me any trouble I'll drag it off the mezzanine with the RR
  13. You do what you have to do. Anyway onto a trailer? That’s not lifting a car
  14. The Range Rover is the boss in the room
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