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  1. Much as I'm touched and it'd be cool it'd never work. There's an element of that idea that just couldn't be circumvented...
  2. ha no pressure then Dan? Sorry meant about the petition thing ☝🏼
  3. 😁 I'd heard that about it being a great point to point car. I missed two here last year. Both went for less than €4k euros! Can't touch on in the UK for that. I'm still gutted, I think that ship sailed. With Irish tax and insurance laws it'd actually be an affordable drive too.
  4. Would love an M100 S2 Dan 😎 Am I wrong to think it'd make a decent runabout, just tipping about, no real need for a car day to day here?
  5. GTK

    game over...

    Love the roof light Fil, really cool.
  6. GTK

    S2 needs rescuing

    Saw that car listed for hire some years back using those photos.
  7. Ah ffs... There's such misinformation out there on Esprits. I took the Walton stuff as gospel because he was so obviously in touch and on the ground with so many at Lotus at the time. [I'm referencing the book from 1982 rather than the big pale blue one]
  8. Yeah it seems strange. Do wheel/tyre calculations between 14's with 205/70's [rear] and 15 with 235/60's [rear] and the sizes don't tally so wouldn't there have to have been different speedo gearing for any car with optioned Speedlines? Not likely that was the case.
  9. Hey if the chap does get back to you and he's willing to look into the possibility of tyres for us S1/S2 guys it'd be great. This is probably a silly thought but I have a full set of Goodyear NCT 2's that were put on my car barely 2k miles before it was put away 25 years ago, maybe they'd be useful for shoulder measurements or something?
  10. @Bazza 907 I did a bit of cross checking with J. Walton's book on the Esprit and LEW's figures for the Turbo/S3 tally with Walton's. LEW lists the S2's sizes the same as the S1 which is wrong. Correct S2 sizes are 205/60VR14 front and 205/70VR14 rear. Interesting thing in the book too - say the S3 had the option of having Speedlines with the above tyres on it from the factory.
  11. Cross ref'd LEW with the figures in the back of J. Walton's 'Lotus Esprit' book and all is well for Turbo Esprit but LEW's quoted S2 tyres sizes are wrong It lists S1 sizes for the S2 but the front track was 1" wider. Correct sizes are 205/60VR14 front and 205/70VR14 rear. Nice work getting Longstone Tyres attention @nello. Unfortunately as a YT'er it's aways politics if you want to comment, you can't just be a guy talking cars.
  12. GTK

    Fun replicas

    Oh don't be so dramatic, it's more of a knoll of subscribers.
  13. GTK

    Fun replicas

    I'd say its pretty enough, rare enough and cheap enough to be worth the fact finding mission. edit; I'm secretly hoping you buy the Ace, but video either way. Looking forward to it.
  14. GTK

    Fun replicas

    Oh baby!
  15. GTK

    Fun replicas

    Funny enough I assumed Striker was the same Car as the one male class of racing here in Ireland. Turns out that's Stryker. To be fair though Trev you could just buy Ron Champions book and spend the other £19,976.00 on something exotic for the drive train.