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  1. You mean the yellow one on the turntable? Must be from one of the motor shows no? So I just rewatched the clip and I must have been grumpy the first time because it's not a bad piece
  2. Yes, there was a particular shot where someone seemed to be sawing the wheel as you might to check for an imagined fault. As an editor I wouldn't have dreamt of including that as some would-be tail happiness. I found myself getting a little offended on the car's behalf. It's not great journalism to talk about wanting more power in a Lotus without quantifying the marque's design ethos.
  3. I've been trying to decipher that list. May I ask is it an official Lotus document or a member's notes? I presume the list is by no means exhaustive? Being totally new to identifying Giugiaro Esprits I'm guessing that the 200 #'s are chassis and the designations starting 907 are engine. But the numbers starting 14- (with Delivered or Collected interspersed in places), and the last numbers: BL _ _ _ FT _ _ _ are a mystery to me. If anyone could explain to a greenhorn I'd appreciate it, I get the feeling I haven't mastered the search engine yet.
  4. Have been watching the show since it started and I'm glad it exists. It's a little wobbly in places but it's getting better every show. As a matter of interest I'd love to know what anyone thinks of their take on the Esprit?
  5. That's interesting about the colour. There are a lot of questions unanswered at the moment. I'll probably know more after Paddys day. Ultimately it'll be a ground up job but in the short term if a sympathetic restoration and some cautionary engine work would get me a few weekends in the summer then ill be sorely tempted. As it is I've my classic Range Rover to do first
  6. I haven't been able to find a picture of a blue non leather interior. And there are so many interior colour/upholstery combinations it'd be interesting to know what was actually available from Lotus.
  7. Great response guys, thanks a mill. You seem like a really cosmopolitan and friendly community. Simon does the taste comment extend beyond the Lotus? It's white with a blue int. (is it velour or velvet or what?). I'm not going to play with it Roger(?). I want the pure experience of a car I've only been able to read about for so long. I produce video so one way or another there'll be visuals The manuals and if you'll bare with me for a short time; the full membership, will have to wait such is the financial campaign for the car itself.
  8. Don't apologise, strength in numbers. Coincidentally, S2 Esprit I'm hoping to get in the coming weeks is white too, and I'm half Greek. Have had this for maybe 12 years.
  9. Thanks guys. There's a little lead time before I can get the car, not least because I'm not rolling in pocket money with a new business that needs further investment. But it belongs to a good pal who's known for years that if was ever to move, it'd come my way. He knows I'll cherish it so I'm getting it for a good deal less than £5k. The only other car I'd love Chris is a Morgan (something in the Aero family) but to be honest Im a sucker for an underdog - hence everything else I have, and bar polarising looks the Morgan doesn't fall into the underdog category imo
  10. Hello, I'm about to fulfil a long time wish and finally get my first Lotus, an Esprit S2. The only way it could be any better is if S2's had been made with S1 looks and interior but I'm not complaining. I'm so excited that its completely absorbing my days and Im looking forward to getting acquainted on the Lotus forums. I'm a 37 year old fella and the Lotus is the second last car for my forever car stable. It'll be joining a classic Mini, a pair of land rovers and a BMW motorcycle. Im not Anthony Anstead but I'm decent with a spanner and I have good glassing experience from time spent at sea. I can't wait to work on something that demands finesse
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