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  1. Stumbled across them a month or two ago, kinda want to hate it but the production speaks to me, they're generally well researched and it's so damn entertaining. I hate it.
  2. GTK


    These mad b'stards! It took me a minute to remember where I'd seen it before...
  3. Mercedes in house language calls it VIRS. Very independent rear suspension.
  4. Wow Jim, thanks a mill. So should I start messing with you and say that I think X180's are really coming into their own? [Giugiaro 4 life]
  5. It's a very slick level of attention to detail Mark, fair play to the lads. Thanks for all the info too [and the nice things you said]. I love that silky looking gold paint !!
  6. bit of background to the production process, it's penance really
  7. Replaced an in tank pump on the doorstep of a Land Rover specialist I had it recovered to, nothing difficult but the tank had to be dropped out of the car. That โ˜is just deadly!
  8. @Suddabym Amazing! Totally missed this, so glad I got a tip off and got here just in time. The car's a tour de force of both upgrades and styling, but your commitment to getting the car you wanted is even more impressive imo. Can't believe there aren't calls for more of those pics in full size [PLEASE!] and more detailed info. you're not getting away so lightly... I'm asking... What was added to the oil cooling system? What does the gearbox upgrade consist of? What is the upgrade to the wiper motor? How big did you go with the fuel tank link pipe? Whatโ€™s a โ€˜special buildโ€™ front [or] rear windscreen? That's for starters. Well wear man! George PS - In love with the see it from any angle display case
  9. Did of course try and sort chemical dip. It's not readily available in Ireland though. I say not readily available - there are big chemical tanks here being used to strip even bigger stuff than my chassis every day of the week, as part of the hot dip galvanising process. I made more than a few phone calls trying to convince galvanisers to dip my chassis [without galvanising] but all said no. Prob is you have to have another tank or specialist area to wash down the item after dipping to neutralise the chemical strippers. I asked why no one in the galvanising industry here has invested in the extra area so that they could capitalise on diversifying into the stripping market. Simple answer was it might cost โ‚ฌ150k to make provision for that work, and you'd be a long time seeing that investment back. I would have been blasting you heard could warp steel Bob, as Andy was saying in the video, too much heat and/or pressure can stretch the metal if blasting isn't done correctly.
  10. Back on it! Someone commented that the reg is fitting when read as EVER TEST, I've always read it as EVEREST though, either way I've a mountain to conquer
  11. My more conventional board is 9'6" and relatively light. That might go on with a soft rack, but soft racks mark paint. My most fsvoured weapon of choice [the one on the Vogue in the vid thumbnail] well that's affectionately known as the 12ft of Justice. Esprit's are 13ft long. Even if I could tie it down securely enough, the wind would get under it and flip the car ๐Ÿ˜„ So no Bo Selecta fans then? ๐Ÿ˜…
  12. PS - my boards won't fit on the Esprit ๐Ÿ˜•
  13. I'd have a Meyers Manx at the drop of a hat, but then I do live at the beach. Thomas Crown!
  14. No way! I have to start referring people to TLF as my representation. Seriously. Nobody better to tell you to f'off than Bibs smoking a cigar ๐Ÿคฉ. Jalopnik picked it up again, made my day seeing it on there, and the chaps at MotorPunk [good guys] did a bit on it too. Have gotten a good pick up in subs, a long way to go still but it feels great to have a little traction. Thanks a mill dude. PS - No one 'rocks' Crocs.
  15. So hard to get good help these days ๐Ÿ˜‹ Just so long as @Sparky isn't donning crocs.
  16. It's supposed to inspire you to fix car things, not get binned on a Thursday eve. Wait what am I saying? One and pass Dan... Thanks lads, couldn't do it without TLF [Bibs] and you know what this means don't you... it's Esprit time ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  17. Anyone with an operational, driving, road legal Lotus isn't eligible, don't sue me, thems just the rules.
  18. Sorry men, been laying low. Actually been taking time out to do life things and get back to normal, didn't mean to neglect everything. Busying away in the background too and there is progress on the Esprit that'll go live real soon Mark I'll do my best to beat you to the finish Ant, you looked after me for a long old while despite having your own projects demanding time and cash flow, I'm always grateful for that! EDIT; I bloody forgot! [Esprit next!]
  19. I'm hoping it's infused into the composite [and maybe even backlit too!]. Given how manufacturers are all about the grams these days, being able to do away with 100g+ without having to think twice about functional knock on effect, would be a no brainer. Plus... the company famous for composite vehicles and adding lightness, further reducing weight by putting their moniker IN the car rather than on it... slick.
  20. This has gotten a little overblown. It's hardly different, all the original elements are there. It's the same logo, no one outside current owners would notice. We want to see Lotus do well and the general feeling is excitement and anticipation now that they have proper backing. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. The logo has been refined, not redesigned, and considering we're talking about a company who has been all about creating focussed drivers cars derived from a racing heritage, it fits and will appeal to a younger market. I'll be looking forward to seeing it physically on a car.
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    Figure with 13.5m views this may be old news already but a bit of fun...
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