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  1. Hi all, A customer of ours is considering selling his S4S in the near future, so asked if I knew anyone that may be interested. It’s a chance to get a very nice Esprit without the price markup from the usual dealers. The car is in beautiful condition, bodywork wise it’s high on the list of the neatest looking I’ve seen. It’s N reg, originally a Norfolk registered car I believe, red with OZ split rims - again, in lovely condition - and a cream interior. We have looked after it mechanically for several years, serviced annually and recently cam belted. We rebuilt the gearbox earlier thi
  2. Great picture! I was in the silver Elise only a couple of cars ahead of you and Alex in the black TE a couple behind you!
  3. Calling anyone going to the 70th anniversary! Does anyone have a clutch slave cylinder for an S1 Elise that they’d be willing to bring along? Mine has decided this morning is the time to start playing up!
  4. Who’s heading this? Are we drawing straws or has someone got a good sense of direction/willing passenger with a Sat Nav??
  5. Will be there from Swanley. Have traced back through the other thread to try to get a few others to tag along so... @Peapod @maydharm @chrisroy @TomE
  6. Not Glacier Blue! It’s actually more closely related to the colour of your other Esprit, strangely enough!
  7. @Rayberne aha, mine is a custom colour, it’s actually ice blue. It’s still a Lotus colour, but not original figment as an engine colour. If anyone can guess as to which Lotus colour I’d be very, very impressed!
  8. @LotusFella they are Corbeau RS1’s, I believe they either sold out after my set or were discontinued! They fit absolutely perfectly in the Esprit. They are very nice, photos actually don’t flatter them!
  9. Good luck with the project! Although, it doesn’t sound like you’ve got too much to do. With the plenum, yes I’ve got something to say! For once, Barry said something sensible 😂 no, don’t get them media blasted, your best bet is to ask your local powder coaters to acid strip it and re powder coat. If you fancy it, have a look at my V8 project thread when yours feels like a long haul!
  10. To those whom it may concern.. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 SHE RUNS 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  11. I know! I’ve only ever seen it happen at weddings, funerals and on cruises 😂 Shame he doesn’t race anymore 😂
  12. Sorry to add to the thread jacking! @LotusLeftLotusRight The Mondial T is a great car! We might be a little biased though, having a Mondial T coupé!
  13. This is Alex’s story... all I can say is he has had some amazing experiences and opportunities! Apologies if this sounds pretentious! I was invited to a motorsport racing awards ceremony c.2008 in Monte Carlo held at the hotel/casino. There were lots of the big racing names there - it was a great night! Anyway, I was running late having driven from the South of England with barely enough time. I had thrashed my old red S2 Esprit all the way with the longest break being about 10 miles from the venue to change into a suit in a service station. By the time I’d arrived, the car had a sort of
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