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  1. Hi all, A customer of ours is considering selling his S4S in the near future, so asked if I knew anyone that may be interested. It’s a chance to get a very nice Esprit without the price markup from the usual dealers. The car is in beautiful condition, bodywork wise it’s high on the list of the neatest looking I’ve seen. It’s N reg, originally a Norfolk registered car I believe, red with OZ split rims - again, in lovely condition - and a cream interior. We have looked after it mechanically for several years, serviced annually and recently cam belted. We rebuilt the gearbox earlier this year and tightened up the backlash in the differential. The braking hydraulics were fully re bled (using the correct method which is crucial to them performing as they should!) with new stainless steel braided hoses all round - including the centre ones that run through the chassis that many people miss. The car had new fuel tanks approx. 6 years ago and is also fitted with a twin exit exhaust conversion similar to the V8 style. It had the geometry done by us, again earlier this year so it now handles well. It also had a clutch slave cylinder a couple of days before the Lotus 70th! Overall it’s a very good car - and one that I was planning to buy had our V8 not been quite such a drain on the funds! It’s not currently on the market but the owner will likely put it up for sale fairly imminently - if he doesn’t have a sudden change of heart! It’s a much doted upon Esprit and I’m not sure he wants to see it leave really and would like it to go to a good home if it has to go! Any questions, do ask or drop me a PM. I know the car inside out!
  2. Great picture! I was in the silver Elise only a couple of cars ahead of you and Alex in the black TE a couple behind you!
  3. Calling anyone going to the 70th anniversary! Does anyone have a clutch slave cylinder for an S1 Elise that they’d be willing to bring along? Mine has decided this morning is the time to start playing up!
  4. Who’s heading this? Are we drawing straws or has someone got a good sense of direction/willing passenger with a Sat Nav??
  5. Will be there from Swanley. Have traced back through the other thread to try to get a few others to tag along so... @Peapod @maydharm @chrisroy @TomE
  6. Not Glacier Blue! It’s actually more closely related to the colour of your other Esprit, strangely enough!
  7. @Rayberne aha, mine is a custom colour, it’s actually ice blue. It’s still a Lotus colour, but not original figment as an engine colour. If anyone can guess as to which Lotus colour I’d be very, very impressed!
  8. @LotusFella they are Corbeau RS1’s, I believe they either sold out after my set or were discontinued! They fit absolutely perfectly in the Esprit. They are very nice, photos actually don’t flatter them!
  9. Good luck with the project! Although, it doesn’t sound like you’ve got too much to do. With the plenum, yes I’ve got something to say! For once, Barry said something sensible 😂 no, don’t get them media blasted, your best bet is to ask your local powder coaters to acid strip it and re powder coat. If you fancy it, have a look at my V8 project thread when yours feels like a long haul!
  10. To those whom it may concern.. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 SHE RUNS 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  11. I know! I’ve only ever seen it happen at weddings, funerals and on cruises 😂 Shame he doesn’t race anymore 😂
  12. Sorry to add to the thread jacking! @LotusLeftLotusRight The Mondial T is a great car! We might be a little biased though, having a Mondial T coupé!
  13. This is Alex’s story... all I can say is he has had some amazing experiences and opportunities! Apologies if this sounds pretentious! I was invited to a motorsport racing awards ceremony c.2008 in Monte Carlo held at the hotel/casino. There were lots of the big racing names there - it was a great night! Anyway, I was running late having driven from the South of England with barely enough time. I had thrashed my old red S2 Esprit all the way with the longest break being about 10 miles from the venue to change into a suit in a service station. By the time I’d arrived, the car had a sort of gradient effect where the red paint met the road dirt, the roof was streaky from the somewhat *elevated* speeds, the wheels were black with brake dust and you could see the exhaust manifold and brake discs glowing through the wheel arch and tailgate when I pulled up outside. The S2 was hot! That journey should have taken around 13 hours but it was done in closer to 11 on that occasion! I pulled up right outside the entrance, threw the keys to the valet driver and walked in - having told him it might need a touch of throttle to start it again! Later, when I looked outside at the line of exotic cars, there was the Esprit parked in the middle. They’d even cleaned it! It looked like it belonged there!
  14. @Mightymetro I won’t be running a chargecooler at the moment - I don’t think it’ll need it - although that’s not to say I won’t in future. It’s in the prototype/experimental phase at the moment so anything could happen!
  15. @chrisroy I’m getting there with planning this convoy - hopefully! So will post up times/places soon.
  16. Rubber faces of the buffering washers towards the engine mount - from both experience and from an engineering perspective this is the way to go. Admittedly, there isn’t a lot of guidance in the Lotus manuals, but using a combination of the above points of view this is the conclusion I come to. In engineering terms, a ‘buffer’ describes something that is ‘floating’ between shock absorbent surfaces - allowing the mount to have some movement to cope with bumps etc. To clarify, the counter bored washer is the upper washer, counter bored side faces the mount. The lower buffering washer, rubber side faces the mount. I have also attached a photo of the torque settings (given in kgf.m and lbf.ft) page from the S3 and S3 Turbo manual. I don’t think I have found anything in any of the manuals that states otherwise, but this information is from experience with many Esprits and an engineering background. Hope this helps.
  17. @cweeden @Steve V8 we are hoping for a symphony of V8 sound that the originals didn’t completely master! Until we turn that key, we don’t actually know! If I can post a video of the sound, I will! Otherwise, you’ll all have to wait until the 29th 😜
  18. Thanks Sacha! Another update! Sorry that this thread has been moving a little slowly in recent weeks, work has been mental! We are certainly still working to our deadline of getting it to the 70th anniversary in Hethel. Things have made a big step in the right direction in the last couple of days, as I showed on Monday, the interior is almost done. The engine is also now back where it belongs - with a few little changes - which is one of the biggest challenges now ticked off the list. The gearbox was a true disgrace to the man who previously rebuilt it, but now it’s together again - once again back in its rightful place! The list is getting very short now, albeit still waiting to turn the key and hear it run - hopefully in the coming days! I will elaborate further on the gearbox when I’ve got a few minutes spare!
  19. Just a few finishing touches to do now, fit drivers seat, door rubbers and that’s about it!
  20. Just a reminder of before... More ‘after’ photos to follow as our evening of putting everything together draws on! @Stuart Monument as long as the engine runs! Again, photos to follow very shortly!
  21. Another part of the project is now almost put back together! We are very pleased, and think it looks much better. Many thanks to @Steve V8 and Sharon for getting the carpets done and for all your help! The workshop lighting really doesn’t do this justice!
  22. @Dan E yeah that looks fine, doesn’t look like it’s a long detour. That can probably be first stop along this route.
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