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  1. swindon_alan

    What made you happy today?

    You put virgins in an oven? Come on man, send them over here and I will send you a large turkey by return to put in it instead.
  2. swindon_alan

    What made you happy today?

    That's actually a high tech parts washer...
  3. swindon_alan

    Time to start explaining

    Ah there there, denial is a very sad thing to behold... Inadequacy cover up is a very common trait in human males.
  4. swindon_alan

    Time to start explaining

    @Barrykearley has to go for Miller with his LSD as he canes his cars to the limit. Of course, that is easy to do with a four pot. I stay with Syntrans even with an LSD as it is so much, much harder to push it all the way being a V8...
  5. swindon_alan

    Time to start explaining

    No, they were never fitted as an option. This was done by a previous owner at the same time as he upgraded the gearbox to a Quaife through GTO (exclusive outlet).
  6. swindon_alan

    Time to start explaining

    I've got an LSD on my V8. It does stick very well in the dry but you have to be very careful in the damp or wet and particularly on roundabouts as it has a tendency to let go (the mid engined car trait). I know this very well from experience..!
  7. swindon_alan

    Time to start explaining

    ...said the man with two non-working four pots in bits in his garage... X
  8. swindon_alan

    Time to start explaining

    You will be able to try and keep up with me around the corners now Barry!
  9. swindon_alan

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    <swoon> Who has an original Bibs? I WANNIT!
  10. swindon_alan

    What made you happy today?

    It's drinking before 17:00 that does that to you
  11. He will need the Bond underwater Esprit to go and get it though
  12. swindon_alan

    People's reaction to the Esprit - what's yours?

    You are ace Filip. Flying that best of British motor vehicle design, style and engineering Union Jack every day in Belgium. Your daily drive puts so many to shame in its country of origin sir.
  13. swindon_alan

    X-ref for V8 front and side indicators?

    Hello Stuart the fronts are almost unobtainable, I have dug deep on them and they came from an American manufacturer who hasn't listed them for twenty years or more. PNM do replacement clear lenses. They were also used on the M100. There's a thread in the Esprit Cross Ref electrical forum on them and includes resilvering the reflectors. I've never looked for sides but they should be easier. I'm away for a few days but will have a search around at the weekend for you if nothing comes up in the meantime. Alan