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  1. swindon_alan

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    Hmmm. The '79 is totally original, 34k miles from new and the '83 is an MG Metro Turbo engined project. I guess I have the best of both worlds then!
  2. swindon_alan

    Lotus SUV...

    I think it is listed in Greys Anatomy as a component of a lady's undercarriage?
  3. swindon_alan

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    Just to be slightly less p*ss taking, I have two proper (I refuse to say "classic") Minis, one 1979 and one 1983 and the price they would fetch if I sold them is ridiculous. So even as a project I bet this one will go for a surprisingly high amount. You can get everything for these, complete body shells, subframes, almost every component. Every year the supply of Minis for restoration is getting scarcer and even Barry should not sneer at this one...
  4. swindon_alan

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    Love the colour! Well of course I would. The natural colour for a Lotus. Front indicators are the wrong way round though. Extra jobette for you there Sparky x
  5. swindon_alan

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    Arrowheads lodged in inconvenient places perchance?
  6. swindon_alan

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    They look brilliant Ian. Very well done mate!
  7. Does everyone have pet names for their Lotus? Mine's Lucifer...
  8. It's one of those projects that could take you forever..!
  9. swindon_alan

    Federal spec engine ???

    Not true, all of the emissions gubbins was fitted to RoW '96 and '97 V8s as well. Deleted for '98 then reinstated in '02.
  10. swindon_alan

    Tarting up the Esprit

    Oooh, American Operation potential? Heh, I bet @Blackngolds3turbo will have something to say about that then...
  11. swindon_alan

    Low Engine oil light on idle only

    PS I've had another look at this and the VDO switch is pretty expensive. An alternative is the Bosch 0 986 344 053 (0.8 - 1.2 bar) which are around £15 on eBay UK. I will get one and check that it fits and works ok.
  12. swindon_alan

    Low Engine oil light on idle only

    @Che, wow that's a great spot. I know the oil pressure switch is obsolete and I've been looking for cross references and alternatives for a while as mine is kaput. Did you get one and did it fix your problem?
  13. swindon_alan

    Oil pressure and temp sensors

    Hello Chris '96/'97 V8s have a directly driven oil pressure gauge from a block transducer, there is no ECM connection or data available from this. This was deleted on '98 on models. There is an oil temperature sensor on '98 on models (although my '96 appears to have been fitted with one) but as that post explains, there isn't any documentation or wiring diagram that includes what it is connected to. I doubt very much that it ECM connected and that it is a switch that illuminates the coolant warning light directly if the oil temperature goes higher than a preset. There is no OBD data for any oil parameters as the ECM doesn't need to know about them and is not wired up anyway. Sorry!
  14. swindon_alan

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    A certain Mr Chapman is smiling at you, wherever he is...
  15. Hello Ray and welcome to TLF. I have a '96 V8 with the handbook and what I believe to be one original key. Handbook first: I think it is just one of those items that you have to keep an eye out for on eBay, Gumtree etc and be patient. You could try South West Lotus or Lotusbits, they might have one. Keys: Here's my two sets (aftermarket alarm system fob btw) along with the page in the handbook. The words describe a key with a light built in and a tear off ID tag. The one on the right looks the same but with no light and there's a "RETAIN TAG SEE OWNERS MANUAL" attached to it. So it might well be original. The one on the left is a clone like yours I think. Anyway, I wouldn't be too bothered about them, they look like pretty standard GM items to me (my old Astra was similar) and there's no chip in them or anything. Your chances of finding an original to fit your car are pretty much zero I would have thought. @march, what are your keys like sir? Hope that helps. Alan