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  1. More stings: £334 worth:
  2. @Mightymetro DON'T DO IT. This is a scumbag rip off merchant and a fake company. I had a few niggles about this but with the previous post in the thread three years old you would have thought that if it was dodgy it would have been taken down by now. Unfortunately not. I have to say that it looks very legitimate and is very well done. I had to dig deep to find out what it really was and I'm surprised that there isn't more about the deceitful shitbag Ciprian Musca of Constanta, Romania. This from 2017: One review on Google: Call me a mug if you wish but you live and learn, at the very least the breaking of my trust will result in warning others about him. I intend to publicise this far and wide and I'm going to investigate if there is a Romanian Trading Standards to see if I can get this **** taken out. Looks like a bearing from SJ now...
  3. Info gratefully received from @Chillidoggy: In my deliberations with my driver's door mirror, I found some info which may be of use. I found the twin motor assembly inside is used by a number of cars, GM, BMW Saab, Ford etc. I think this is because it is a patented design by IKJ, but probably now out of patent. The other thing I found was the control switch has a specific connector plug and comes not from a Vectra, but instead a Calibra from 1988 - 1997. The version fitted to the Esprit has a little yellow lamp incorporated, all the others I found didn't have that. I think there were two switch versions fitted to that car, too. The GM P/N is 90431309, the Opel P/N is 1240517. As I'm sure you're aware, specific connector is not really a problem. Assuming the wiring and function is identical, the non-lamp Vectra and other GM versions could be made to fit each other.
  4. @Kevin Wheeler sorry, just realised that I cocked that up! I moved your post to the correct forum but the link should say: Giugiaro thread
  5. No problem Kevin! There might be some clues in that thread though?
  6. Thanks Michael for the suggestion. Perhaps a slight misunderstanding here though. I'm ok with the 88 pin 918 ECM connectors, I can get Bosch pcb mount lookalikes from China for about $25 each. I can even source the plugs, although quite pricey I won't need many of them (only for dev/test). The twin pairs of keyed 22 pin connectors I was referring to are for the SE onward 4 pots, which appear to be unobtanium!
  7. As above @Barrykearley, I only found out tonight from who I shall call a very well informed source that EFI developed the ECM for Lotus from scratch and then modified it to sell on the open market as the MT-501 (different case, some connection differences, obviously no Lotus proprietary content). I was advised to look at the EFI Euro-4 as an alternative that is in production. Price to you Mr Kearley? (although you don't need or want one!) £2,100 Including VAT. Then all of the pain of setting it up. Nope, my ECM target price is well under a grand...
  8. Hello Michael, I have just received some interesting info on the factory ECM. It isn't in fact a programmed EFI MT-501 as I thought but a custom version specifically for the V8 which EFI subsequently modified and sold as the MT-501 (!) Having said that, I'm convinced that it is similar internally and you are quite right, there are eight individual ignition coil circuits but only two are used. So by default there were eight but with multi-coil packs Lotus didn't have to use the other six.
  9. Stevens Direct Ignition Module, A910E6940F (ex-coils)
  10. Ooh I can actually incorporate the nitrous thingy. Kicks in when you floor the throttle at low revs to spin the turbo up in no time at all. Gonna do it on my MG Metro Turbo'd classic Mini. Ian, Ian, Ian, please say yes...
  11. Are they potted Derek? Or just have a nasty lid like the KH EBCs? How to remove epoxy potting (assuming that the chips can all take a 100C "storage" temperature).
  12. @Sparky please can you confirm my suspicion that Ian craves massive overboost, water injection and launch control on his S4s? Only because he is running out of other things to fix/break on his car along with his ambition to drag it at Santa Pod?
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