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  1. That is a really good call actually, Coventry is not that far away from here.
  2. It's the special high engine cooling version Steve? When louvres are not enough...
  3. Is the model still looking as good aged about 60? If so then I am extremely jealous...
  4. "Auto expert Dan Jedlicka tested one of the cars and says that 'the Ferrari seems like a truck in comparison' "
  5. Now in a different Lotus heaven. RIP Molemot.
  6. I will beat Sparky to the punch: "My pants are overfull in the front as it is"
  7. Does about five miles on a charge at full pelt. Wonderful. Bring on hydrogen and forget this rubbish technology
  8. We have a variation on that in Swindon but it's not called a gym.
  9. I try and get into both of mine as much as possible
  10. It isn't very Evora shaped Barry?!?!?
  11. I'm the opposite. I have a very reliable girlfriend and a very understanding Esprit.
  12. How insulting! How very dare you all. I have this and I LOVE IT!!!
  13. Official TLF Lotus Supercar Weekend 3rd-4th August 2019 (same as Beaulieu - f*** them) Wroughton Aerodrome, Swindon, Wiltshire Home of the Science Museum National Collection The National Collections Centre is currently home to thousands of large items from the Science Museum Group collection — such as the world’s first hovercraft and an early robotic arm used in manufacturing—as well as the Science Museum’s Library and Archives which contain over half a million items that chart the history of science, technology, engineering and medicine from the fifteenth century to the present day. Free to show your Lotus and free to the public to come and look ---------------------- It wouldn't take much to organise, obviously need to get in touch with the SM, burger vans, my local substance dealers and my "ladies" blah blah blah This might not be possible but it is an idea. What do you think @Bibs?
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