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  1. swindon_alan

    People's reaction to the Esprit - what's yours?

    You are ace Filip. Flying that best of British motor vehicle design, style and engineering Union Jack every day in Belgium. Your daily drive puts so many to shame in its country of origin sir.
  2. swindon_alan

    X-ref for V8 front and side indicators?

    Hello Stuart the fronts are almost unobtainable, I have dug deep on them and they came from an American manufacturer who hasn't listed them for twenty years or more. PNM do replacement clear lenses. They were also used on the M100. There's a thread in the Esprit Cross Ref electrical forum on them and includes resilvering the reflectors. I've never looked for sides but they should be easier. I'm away for a few days but will have a search around at the weekend for you if nothing comes up in the meantime. Alan
  3. swindon_alan

    Little winter project

    I'm loving this Barry! What a find mate! I bet it sounds great as well - proper cross plane. Is it loud or is that in the plan?
  4. swindon_alan

    Norfolk mustard S4

    The difference is that Colin Chapman and Lotus with brilliant engineering and production innovation developed the VARI two piece mould technique for the Esprit: Porsche just made an existing mould bigger for their cars:
  5. swindon_alan

    Norfolk mustard S4

    Nah, that still looks like a Beetle with a wing You had better stop posting these pics Shaun otherwise the TLF police will be round to remove your connectivity...
  6. swindon_alan

    Norfolk mustard S4

    I like 924s, 928s and 944s... Proper shaped Porkers. Kill me now Barry
  7. swindon_alan

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    PS I really would go with Atwell's suggestion @eeyoreish Neil, this universal jobbie is under £20 and you can screw it into the oil pressure switch/transducer thread and watch the gauge while someone starts the engine for you. You can reuse it in the future/lend it to me and then it is money not wasted.
  8. swindon_alan

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    I saw that one Neil, but it is a parallel M10 thread and not tapered? It looks tapered in the S&J pic but that might just be my eyes. If there''s no washer or gasket then it will be tapered I think. That one is the same price as the other two above, even from the one Latvian supplier on eBay.
  9. swindon_alan

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    Hello @eeyoreish Neil. Ummm, this is a tricky one! I've had a trawl and a look around and I think the part number for the sender is probably VDO 360-081-030-127C, going by the VDO catalogue numbering system. That's taking the reference from your description. However, that doesn't exist anywhere on the Internet which makes me think that it probably was a special for Lotus from VDO, particularly as it has the Lotus part number on it. I would think it is to do with the specific warning light switching value. So the spec we are looking for is: Pressure range: 0-10 bar Warning contact: 1.2 +/- 0.5 bar Thread: M10 x 1 conical short (I'm guessing at this from the above - that's 11mm length on the spec which does sound VERY short!) The closest in the catalogue are the -039C which is a bit low on the oil pressure warning light and the -041C which is high (probably not a bad thing!) but has knurled contacts: Either way, you're probably up in SJ dosh territory if you want genuine VDO. You can probably find lookalikes of the two above on eBay like you did for the 7 bar one which would do to test if it is the sender causing the oddness (ignoring the warning light mismatch for now). They all look as though they have the same sender resistance range. Lotus parts manual info for reference:
  10. swindon_alan

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    Ha, no thanks Barry! What is going on with that interior though? Oh my.
  11. swindon_alan

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    **** me!!!!! It's a younger Barry in that photo!
  12. swindon_alan

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    My boy has a Corrado VR6 Steve, he adores it
  13. swindon_alan

    Did / Will Barry Buy this ?

    It was kind of you to float the idea Chris. I'm sure that Barry will be a round soon?
  14. swindon_alan

    Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    THIS is what TLF is for. Mutual support and assistance for the brilliant car and engineering that is the Lotus Esprit. Any model, any year. We are all in this together. WELL DONE
  15. swindon_alan

    Esprit fuel economy

    Running in your Esprit? I'm sure that helped the fuel consumption...