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  1. Everything I/we know about air con condensors is here, although I don't think I have ever looked at the earlier original single condensors. Are there any labels or idents on yours? Unless someone else has or a spare that we can get something off? As above: @Andyww identified a replacement condensor I believe ...which I would be interested to know for the cross reference section.
  2. @pureguava have you tried the ELM on another vehicle with a generic OBD reader as per Graham above? Some clone ELMs have a very dodgy MAC address and just don't work. I do have another driver you could try but it isn't on my current laptop.
  3. @Mightymetro parts manuals are here. I've got a downloaded PDF copy of the combined S4/S4s/V8 service and parts manual but I can't remember where I got it from? I thought it might be from LEW but he also only has the parts manuals. Anyway, it is 64Mb and a bit hefty for PM or email but I can get a copy to you somehow if you are stuck. Alan
  4. Good news Paul. Now enjoy the immensity that is an Esprit V8!
  5. Ooooh...who's V8 is that behind you Stephen?
  6. Beautiful Stephen, beautiful.
  7. Hmmm. @modifiedv8engines It should come on anyway with the ignition on and the engine not started? To make sure it is not blown you could disconnect the warning light feed near the alternator, it's an NY = brown & yellow wire and earth it with the ignition turned on to check it.
  8. swindon_alan


    They were probably an option on the GT3 Ian?
  9. Engine rpm against road speed. Incidentally, Federal post 00 V8s didn't get the uprated chip hence the PUK upgrade option.
  10. Wow, what a brilliant resource Andy! I didn't know that existed.
  11. An interesting thought from @mike_sekinger, a dodgy alternator dragging the volts down when the car is running. This might be an other cause of the problem if it only happens when the alternator is warm? A test would be to check the battery volts with a cold non running engine and then when it is warm before turning the engine off and incurring the hot start condition.
  12. That's a very good call Mike, the alternator dragging the volts down. I think I will add this to my hot start problem thread, perhaps a warm alternator is susceptible to this type of failure as well?
  13. The Esprit Cross Reference Section is your friend @modifiedv8engines Paul.
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