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  1. That's my Gold S2 Esprit you are following on the parade lap video ?


    1. swindon_alan


      Ha, hello Nigel! Excellent, love the car :)

      Do you know the guy in KIW 4464 who overtook you? Just wondering if it was a grudge thing :P

      Will you be at Brands next weekend? If so, will say hello, it would be good to meet you.

      Best regards



    2. nigelsd


      Thanks for getting in touch Alan. The guy in the red S3 was very friendly while we were queuing and just said he was getting frustrated at "tooling around" too slowly on the lap and just wanted to press the loud pedal so nothing serious!  Am at Brands both days.  Saturday on the TLF stand and Sunday show and shine.  Won't win anything but it's nice to get the attention. See you there. ?

    3. swindon_alan


      Look forward to it. We're there both days VIP :thumbup:

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