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  1. As @Escape but with a V8. No gearbox or clutch problems around town and it has never overheated, even on holiday in blistering South West France. I would have your clutch and cooling system looked at Makis.
  2. This is all diversionary tactics to delay Sparky getting the matches to the glovebox inner. Alternatively he could follow Ian's lead and melt the bugger down in the oven?
  3. I hope that you have a fine pair of oven mitts, you domestic god.
  4. ..said the man buried in engine parts up to his knees in his garage...
  5. @Sparky send a pic to Steve at SJ? If anyone knows, he should. He's probably got a shelf full that he can't shift ha ha.
  6. @Sparky then it should be off another model then. Can you post the pic in the general Lotus yack forum to get a wider audience to help please?
  7. Ok then, let's get rational and assume that the pick list sticker is for the right part - as ordered by Bibs - but they have picked the WRONG item. Hence Sparky's frustration with a red herring flapping around in his hands for years. It must have got a bit smelly by now? So. Was it ordered direct from Lotus, in which case it must be off another model (Europa? Dunno), although Sparky says he has looked. If it was ordered off of a third party dealer then it literally could be anything. @Bibs where did you get it from sir?
  8. Yer, someone in the Lotus parts department was either on his last day and feeling hateful or was drunk. It is probably off an Eclat or something.
  9. <removed> Sorry, didn't notice that you could get stainless..! Will have a look for some zinc plated steel or similar... ------------------------------------- 50mm below, cut them down. Bit pricey but they look quite rare!
  10. A real world example of the above. We had a six turbine wind farm installed a few miles away from us a few years back to the massive celebrations of the local greenies. Today it is very cold, tonight it will get down to below zero around these parts. The air pressure is around the highest I have ever seen, 1050mb, which means a high is overhead. I've just driven past the wind turbines, of course there is no wind, no blade movement and no contribution to what must be a high energy requirement situation. Rubbish.
  11. Nope, NHP again. Not his problem. Renewables are the same, solar panels with their horrid contents, wind turbines that slaughter birds (how eco friendly).
  12. @C8RKH conversation with brainwashed twenty something middle class daughter: "The government don't want us to use cars" "You will never get people to give them up, it is too convenient" "Don't you want to save the planet?" "Ok, tell you what, you make a start. Scrap your car and walk to work or get the bus" "No way, they would take me about an hour, I can drive in fifteen" It's always about other people having to make changes, which is N/A to those demanding them.
  13. Well not from a thieving Romanian. Will order one from SJ when I have post-Christmas spare funds.
  14. Time to get nasty. He's going to regret ripping me off. First up I'm going to file a complaint with the Romanian Association for Consumers Protection, requesting that he is investigated with the potential for legal action for fraudulent trading. He's been doing this for at least four years. Secondly while we're still in the EU (!) I am going to file a Small Claim in the Romanian Courts and get my money back. GRRRRRRRRR
  15. More stings: £334 worth:
  16. @Mightymetro DON'T DO IT. This is a scumbag rip off merchant and a fake company. I had a few niggles about this but with the previous post in the thread three years old you would have thought that if it was dodgy it would have been taken down by now. Unfortunately not. I have to say that it looks very legitimate and is very well done. I had to dig deep to find out what it really was and I'm surprised that there isn't more about the deceitful shitbag Ciprian Musca of Constanta, Romania. This from 2017: One review on Google: Call me a mug if you wish but you live and learn, at the very least the breaking of my trust will result in warning others about him. I intend to publicise this far and wide and I'm going to investigate if there is a Romanian Trading Standards to see if I can get this **** taken out. Looks like a bearing from SJ now...
  17. Info gratefully received from @Chillidoggy: In my deliberations with my driver's door mirror, I found some info which may be of use. I found the twin motor assembly inside is used by a number of cars, GM, BMW Saab, Ford etc. I think this is because it is a patented design by IKJ, but probably now out of patent. The other thing I found was the control switch has a specific connector plug and comes not from a Vectra, but instead a Calibra from 1988 - 1997. The version fitted to the Esprit has a little yellow lamp incorporated, all the others I found didn't have that. I think there were two switch versions fitted to that car, too. The GM P/N is 90431309, the Opel P/N is 1240517. As I'm sure you're aware, specific connector is not really a problem. Assuming the wiring and function is identical, the non-lamp Vectra and other GM versions could be made to fit each other.
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