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  1. Currently have an eleven replica. Built by an ex McLaren fabricator by the name of Peter Bruin in 1985. Period correct, and is a real joy to drive, track and own. Manage to drive it 30-40 days per year. Eleven replaced a seven replica with a 20v 4age and serious suspension enhancements. I used it as my everyday car for 4 years, with just aeroscreens. Motorcycles have been other transport. Bit silly for a man with six kids, but hey, you do what you need. Now I think the time has come to add something more modern to the garage. An elise looks like the goods. I am older now, with artificial knees, dicky hips, and the legacies of four strokes and a few heart attacks. I have tried one on for size, and I can actually get in and out, so it passes that test. budget will be around $40,000 australian, and I am quite comfortable with a low mileage older car. is this a realistic budget?
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  3. Visiting Toronto in July (2016) for my sons wedding. I am from Melbourne Australia. will be there from 14th till 21st july. interested in sharing a coffee with some lotus nuts like myself if anyone is up for it. my drive is a Lotus Eleven. Unfortunately not a genuine car, but a nut and bolt recreation from 1985 by a fabricator with some serious experience, like McLaren sports cars. Just throwin it out there! Peter.
  4. Needing to go to a family function about 60 miles away, Taking a punt on the weather, and turning the drive into a 300 mile jaunt thru the hills. In the eleven of course. Having a car that you can just jump into, and drive for half a day without a care in the world, cruising around corners at illegal speeds, but a big grin regardless. Temp of ten degrees max, no heater, no screen, no radio, just a big bucket of fun
  5. reebok

    I am 52

    Mate, keep your chin up. Keep talking it out. I have been at the same place for ten years, and even the people I work with 'forget' I have issues with making my body work like a normal one. Thing is there is no choice except to keep going. I have one limb out of four that works properly, arthritis and residual damage from strokes has not been kind to me. But the sun comes up every day, and I Can find a laugh in the most odd times. Your issues wont go away. But you will find a way to do 'enough' to have a good life. I wont be leaving my job any time soon ( of my owm choice, cant do anything about other peoples choices). The job I have may be less than I am capable of, but it pays the bills until I can choose to finish work. I am only a few years older than you. Definitely know what you are going thru. Still plenty of sunshine left.
  6. Used to go past a house that had two cars with matching plates as well. TABA and SLOTB
  7. When considering this topic, you must understand the difference between BEST and APPROPRIATE. In 2009 I managed to ride an old royal enfield bike over the himalayas. Def not rare, there are still thousands of them. And definitely not the best! But definitely the most appropriate for the task. Cant fix electronics without test equipment or parts. The Enfield can be fixed with two rocks and a stick almost anywhere. If you apply this to cars of a sporting nature, then the best solution is often NOT the most appropriate solution. Lotii were made to perform. It is expected that this requires more owner intervention than cars of an agricultural nature.
  8. I have had five Jaguars, and two of them didnt even catch fire! So Does that make two reliable cars? Or three unreliable cars.
  9. One year ago, I had my right knee replaced with a stainless steel and titanium joint. Am walking like a younger man, and the pain is minimal now, Thirty years of waiting and perserving with other surgery and treatments. I have a future! Didnt seem that way a year ago.
  10. That is because populist governments win elections. Sensible ones fall by the wayside. And everyone wants to be more equal than someone else, in this case their neighbours.. Very hard to get all these countries rowing in the same direction because they have different focus points. Living standards are enormously different from one country to another. Cant blame people for wanting more, just some dont want the lifetime of working for it first though. Witness the migrants moving to britain for the welfare lifestyle, that is better than working life in their home country.
  11. I have a hedge on three sides of my land, and I maintain it lovingly. It is a semi main road, and the eight foot hedge provides a sound barrier, privacy, is actually green, and when maintained, a source of pride. And of course, it doubles as a fence! The exercise is fine, and I have had four strokes, two heart attacks, have replacement knee joints, and more injuries not listed. But I am not quick! Takes an afternoons work about six times a year to keep it straight and shaped. Treat it like your hair, just give it a haircut rather than hack at it, and it rewards you. A little often. Had the hedge for fifteen years in current location. A source of joy.
  12. reebok

    I am 52

    Was staring that one down two years ago. My fears were health related. It would be become more and more difficult to hide it too. Made a decision to downsize my job. Went to my employers and gave them an alternative scenario moving forward, which they jumped at. Two years later, I am the office manager, and run their admin. Paycheck dropped by 50%, but can continue for another five years or so, instead of finding myself out on a limb. You are valuable to an employer, you just have to think a bit more sideways at a solution.
  13. Glad to see that many different models in one place. The eleven is very beautiful. Definitely an organic design. Every line looks like it belongs
  14. Saw one a few decades ago with a triple rotor in it. Certainly had the goods.
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