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  1. Hmmm. Bit of a shame to see so many intelligent (owning an Esprit does suggest a decent IQ) people spouting so much pap. Global warming is not 'hot air' well not unless your views are aligned with say the US government's, or perhaps Australia (even more grossly energy inefficient as a country than the US). The only reason the IPCC were unable to use more absolute language in describing just how responsible humans are for the state of affairs is because of the argumentative stance of the representatives from the major oil producing nations. Natural cycles exist of course. Solar activity is cyclical, again not in dispute. Claiming they are the reason for global warming trends; for increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations; for the slowing of the gulf stream; for the loss of biodiversity is irresponsible beyond belief. Remember smoking was good for you once and the corporations involved clung onto their profits for as long as they possibly could delaying legislation, and simply lying about the facts. This is no different apart from the fact that this time we are damaging the planet and we're all going to lose. I've recently moved to California from the UK and I've gone from being 'concerned' as a UK citizen to being downright bl**dy annoyed at the cavalier attitude of so many people I've met in the US. People seem to think it's fine that you can't buy renewal energy in most states, that gas is so cheap that massive V8's in family heaps is 'ok' (I mean $3/gallon, that's pathetic, slap a decent tax on it and use the money to fund green initiatives), that portions of food are large enough for 3 people, that (according to Gore) US cars are so inefficient they fail to meet Chinese legislation....the list is depressingly endless. This is a huge country that could be such a positive agent for change. Ain't gonna happen while that lunatic and all his oil-addicted cronies run the show. And let's not even get onto the supposed 'green' alternative that Bush seems to like so much now. Cut down forests, plant oil producing crops and then burn that instead of foreign crude. Great plan George. A while ago the head of one of the major coal /energy companies suggested that we should all burn more coal. His 'theory' was that the extra CO2 in the atmosphere would assist crop growth (as plants like CO2) and we'd all get more food. This 'fact' was used to support numerous policy decisions that adversely affected the environment. We now know increased CO2 doesn't increase crop yield but it's too late, the legacy of this and similar false truths is still here. Nothing seems to get done here because the lobbyists run everything. There's plenty or literature (factual stuff, not green propaganda) out there that's not even slightly difficult to find. I have read a lot of it and I am doing things to reduce my footprint which is why I don't mind sticking my size 11's into this particular thread. Oh and the best evidence on the ozone hole is that the international agreement to ban CFC use actually resulted in reduced levels in the upper atmosphere and the hole is starting to repair itself. As an aside, if we'd chosen the far more atmospherically active bromine instead of chlorine for the chemicals most of the ozone would be gone now and we'd all be worried about skin cancer. Blind luck saved us that time. So I guess rant over. Do your own research. Don't just jump onto either side of this bandwagon without at least trying to distinguish the facts from the spin (of which there is a significant amount on both sides). You don't need to be an environmental-religious nut to take an interest and actually do your own bit to make a difference (is everyone here using CFL's for example? If not, wtf not?) whilst still being able to enjoy an Esprit on a regular basis. Andy
  2. lol - just re-read my last post after the first response to it. Perhaps 'normal' is a little subjective. My P-reg Rover 220Sdi has only needed tyres and pads oh and a new wiper in the 2 years I owned it. I guess that's more 'normal'. Strange how quickly you get re-calibrated after you buy an Esprit. I think the point I was really trying to make is that a Sport 350 is not inherently more expensive than any other V8. Unless you start clipping kerbs with the alloys or standing on the ironing board to reach something in the roof of your garage of course...... And if you're already thinking that you can afford to keep a V8 in your garage then the 350 is only an ickle tiny little step further.
  3. Hi Danny, Well, great to see a new (prospective) owner and I hope you are successful in getting a V8 particularly if you manage to find a 350. I had one from new in 2000 and put about 20k miles on it during the first 6 months of ownership. It was a daily drive to work; from work; to the shops; to that bit of twisty road not too far from Chipping Norton without cameras that I needed to keep going back to just to check if had got any better; in fact to anywhere I had any excuse (however feeble) to drive to. I've got another 350 now (#19 rather than #42) and the drive is equally compelling. As far as costs go, I've been lucky. I've not really had anything beyond normal wear and tear (bought it with 19k on the clock, now it has about 47k). Tyres and brakes obviously, I've gone through a couple of cats; tinkered with different exhaust options; needed a new clutch (at 46k); replaced the alternator; got new disks (also 46k); changed to the new suspension; replaced the radiator and oil coolers and had a couple of windscreens. If you search the thread though, you'll see plenty of similar comments and experiences from numerous other V8 owners. In that regard I haven't personally seen anything about my 350s that has made ownership of one feel excessively expensive in comparison. And besides, if like me you enjoy seeing that ironing board of a wing in your mirrors every time you glance backwards then any perceived cost of ownership premium sort of goes away.... Drop me a line if you have any specific questions about the 350 though. Regards Andy 350 #19
  4. I had this vision of the 'hand crafted' bit of the Esprit production being a load of men in brown overcoats with tape measures doing stuff until it looks about right. Was funny looking down this line of 350s seeing each one slightly different....
  5. HI all, Not sure if any other 350's have the new suspension yet, but worth posting that I have it fitted to mine but haven't had much chance to use the car as I've been out of the country a lot. My thoughts though, my 350 has done about 45k miles and I had the original suspension swapped for a 'new' version of the original as a temporary step. The change here was significant. I had bushes that were shot and the geometry wasn't great. Getting it back from Hethel after that change was like driving a new car, as you'd expect and reminiscent of when I got my new 350 back in 2000. I had the new suspension fitted only a couple of weeks before heading out to the US so not much chance to really test it. However the driving I did manage felt very planted, hard to really describe, but I felt more confident pushing it harder simply because of the improved 'feel'. I haven't tracked it yet so that's still something to try. Verdit from me so far, all positive. Andy 350 #19
  6. I actually read one of the government's white papers last year (or was it the year before), it actually cited evidence of the increased pollution output of modern car engines when driving at 20mph as one of the reasons for not introducing this speed limit in more places. The report asserted that if they did the government would stand no chance of meeting the CO2 emmission standards that they have signed up to. Bottom line with this one, we're never going to get the 'sensible' limit imposed where you can do what you like so long as it is safe as we've gone too far down the road of reducing traffic police numbers and the government (with the help of scamera partnerships) have demonised speed as a be-all-and-end-all of accidents. I've spent most of the last couple of years in the US in California. Traffic police absolutely bl**dy everywhere. The one time I did something slightly iffy (ie went a bit quick round a junction that wasn't 'right turn on red' and actually went round it as it turned to red with a slight tyre squeal) I look in my mirror 200 yards later to see the red and blues flashing in my mirror. If it weren't for my UK license confusing him I would've been done. No sign of any cameras, just loads of police on the road. Much better. Andy
  7. How very true. Just had an A+cambelts done at Sportmotive (quick, efficient service as usual) and they also said that I was only getting 70% throttle and there was a fair bit of slack in the cable. Given how lovely the weather is today I had to go out for a quick spin (for quick spin read 'taking a 25 mile detour over to Devizes then on to Marlborough just cos the roads to Marlborough that way are so much better than the direct 8 mile route). I can say for definite that the car is lively, way more responsive on the throttle (doh!) and feels a heap faster (doh! again). I guess this had got worse over time so it wasn't immediately obvious as a step degradation in performance, unlike the improvement. Get it checked!! Andy
  8. Just had my 2nd screen in 2 months fitted. Ok so it's a V8 (sport 350) so not directly relevant to this thread but... first replacement cracked from the bottom edge where it looked like the glass had been knocked before it was fitted. There was an inch long chip on the upper edge at the bottom of the screen. You could see where the right angle edge of the glass had that piece missing. Stress crack started there and worked upwards. So, just be careful that the edges have no damage when you get it fitted! On the upside, Autoglass in Swindon did mine, piece of cake, all done (inc glue cure) in about 2 hours. Andy
  9. Hmmm, good luck getting a definitive answer with this one my friend. This is almost as personally subjective as asking what you like best about an Esprit. For me for example, I do very little maintenance on my 350 myself. The work has almost exclusively been done (very well thank you very much!) at either Sportmotive or Hethel. I personally don't particularly enjoy car maintenance and would rather spend my time doing other things (like driving it). Therefore I don't begrudge the
  10. Well in 2000 I drove my first Sport 350 about 19,500 miles in the first 6 months of ownership between collecting it (new) in October and writing it off the following May. Most fun I've had in a car ever (the driving, rather than the writing off) Current 350 was bought in 2003 with 19,500 miles on it, now has 46,000 miles. There have been weeks (when the weather has been good) where it's been a daily drive doing 200 miles / day. really, the problem I find is coming up with arguments for NOT using it every day Andy
  11. Well Dave, put me in the definitely interested category. Given all the dark blue inserts on my 350, I think I'd like one annodised to the same blue. Or maybe black. Or maybe silver would match the rest of the car... too many choices. Andy Sport 350 #19
  12. It's my birthday in July - if this turns out be an annual thingy then I really don't need to ask for any other birthday presents. So, count me in for both the factory and any hotel meet etc. If you're looking for an example of each model for any exhibit etc then I'm happy to offer the 350. Andy '99 Sport 350
  13. A couple of days after some spirited driving around Brunty in July I noticed a dirty big crack in the top right of the windscreen. Can only figure this was stress related as there were no chip marks or impact nicks that I could see. My insurance use Autoglass so I phoned the call centre they booked the guys to call at my house the next day. An hour later the actual fitters called to say there was no chance they could do it anywhere other than their office. Turned out to be a real easy job, took em way less time than they expected. Amazing improvement in the view out of the car now. Only downside, next day I'm on the M6 and it starts raining, worked out shortly after that they hadn't tightened the wiper onto the spigot properly so the wiper didn't move correctly. Didn't want to wear the teeth so had an interesting time of it until the shower passed. So, make sure you check the operation of the wiper once you get it changed before you leave. Andy 99 Sport 350
  14. Pic sent to e-mail and avatar updated. Hope you can get one or the other... Andy
  15. Errrrrrrrrm See 'me'... Jimmy. Sorry matey, think I bagged those two if you check again.... Andy
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