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  1. Thanks and yes I have found a very good step by step method after half an hour of searching. My guy is very good. We spent 12 hours on the car on Saturday replacing the exhaust manifold, front and rear brakes, full service, brake fluid change, headlight repair to both pods and repaired the choke cable. All went well. He had the manifold done in 4.5 hours with the engine in situ which I think may be a record. :-) Its driving a lot better now. The old one was totally knackered with holes and cracks all over it.
  2. Hi, My trusted mechanic is doing my timing belt at the weekend. He's never done one on these engines before and I just wondered if anyone had a document or a copy of the service notes that I could have. He just wants to make sure we have all information before doing it. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Yes but I’ve decided it’s not for me. If you were interested in it pm me.
  4. Hi All, Im looking for a bit of help with a value. I have the chance to buy a 1989 Esprit x180 2.2 NA car. Its covered 36,000 miles from new and is in nice usable condition but does need some cosmetic work but not much. It drives well enough. I come from a M100 Elan background so have no idea on what these cars are worth. I can secure the car for around the £12k mark. Does this sound like a good price? I have no idea on values and with not that many NA cars around to compare it too. Thanks in advance.
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  6. Thanks for all the welcomes. I see the general concencius is the M100 is a good car. Only had it for a few weeks and seems to be proving itself even 25 years on :-)
  7. Hi all, First post to say hello. I'm from Glasgow and my weekend toy is a 1991 Lotus Elan SE Turbo.
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