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  1. I had something very similar Gavin:- Notchy change 3rd to 4th high revs making it easy to miss the gear followed by a whiff of burning clutch? Oakmere sorted it for me - had to wait a few weeks for parts though - they had to replace clutch cover. Running really sweet now. Hope this helps Cheers, Tim
  2. ogilthorpe


  3. Hi all 3rd to 4th gear seems to have gone more notchy than usual at times - and Ive started to get the faint whiff of clutch now and again. Anyone had similar or know what the problem may be. 4500 miles - Not tracked. Cheers
  4. ogilthorpe

    M1 Exiges

    Saw several Exiges in convoy southbound on the M1 near Leeds on Sunday morning approx 9:15am. Looked like a couple of V6s (toxic and yellow) and a Series 2 along with a boxster I think. (I was northbound in a coach heading to Whitley Bay for an Ice Hockey match so you probably didn't see me wave)
  5. Thanks for the comprehensive instructions Tony - used them to fit mine today - and I'm a complete numpty
  6. Nope - looks like something is nadgered - been away for a week - and the battery was flat (purposely left it off charge to check) And the spanner symbol comes on the dash for 30 seconds when the ignition is on (after I've charged it up again) - guess I'll have to book it in to get checked out. Battery was flat when I collected it - but it had been in the showroom for a few months - so I put it down to that - and the guys leaving the doors open when applying the ceramic coating. Today's diary entry reads 'Bugger'
  7. Thanks guys - I think it may have been my fault having the doors and boot open too long whilst I was cleaning it - but I'll keep an eye on it - seems to be charging up fine with the c-tek charger (and I've taken on board Tony's suggestion to mount it on the wall so it doesn't hang on the bodywork)
  8. Just bought a c-tec charger off Amazon (after two failures to get out for an early morning run due to a flat battery after 6 days non-use) - spent about 40 minutes attaching the connectors to the battery - (but I'm a numpty) Question is:- if you leave the boot slightly ajar ('cause of the power lead) do you need to switch the alarm off or alter the position of the interior light switch? Cheers
  9. Coming up Winnats Pass (Peak District) late afternoon - on Belgian plates
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