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  2. Shame I couldn't tempt out a mate who had just picked this up earlier in the day.
  3. That was me, Pits! Spotted the Evo and in particular the 22B. Both looked amazing. Apologies, I think I came past you at a fair lick. OP - saw your very car last week at Oakmere. Looks stunning. Enjoy!
  4. The chaps at Christopher Neil kindly gave me a quick run in a Sport 350 Roadster at the weekend and it was the first thing I commented on. It sounded so much more purposeful than mine. Not that the earlier Exiges sound bad, but it was a serious improvement to my ears.
  5. Thanks. Oh well, bang goes that idea!
  6. Hi @Hangar111, I've got the Lotus Motorsport intake fitted and was wondering if you still offer the EX370 map standalone? How much would this be without the KT airbox?
  7. Couple more pics from photographer in residence from the trip up north.
  8. Look who made it to TLF! Can't wait to see it in the flesh.
  9. I have the Lotus Motorsport intake and the noise is seriously addictive. Releases quite a bit of supercharger whine which makes the experience more intense under acceleration. It definitely adds to throttle response too. Not sure about power gains, but it's not as of the car is lacking in that department to any large degree!
  10. From a trip up north a few weeks ago en masse
  11. Yup, it's at Buachaille Etive Mhor. Just up the road from Glencoe.
  12. A quick photo of mine from a blat up north a few weeks ago. Love it more every time I get a chance to drive it.
  13. I do find myself being a LOT more vigilant of the speed. That being said, it's this intensity of experience which makes it such a winner in my book. Easily on par with a GT3 in my opinion.
  14. I couldn't put it better myself! Can't think of anything else I'd rather be driving at that price point. The acceleration is simply intoxicating and the feedback through the wheel is nothing short of sublime. I do find myself treating it with a healthy dose of respect when compared with the Evora though. The Evora was so benign and forgiving, whereas the Exige doesn't seem like it'll suffer fools gladly. Given the speeds involved (and how quickly these speeds can be achieved), the potential for it to go spectacularly wrong is something I like to be mindful of. That being said, it's not as terrifying in the wet as I had imagined. All in all, a real challenge of a car when compared with the Evora, one which I relish every time I climb over the sill. (Apologies for hijacking your thread!)
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