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  1. Gents, about to buy an Exige 410, then found out about Emira news. Do you think the Emira will cause Exige to depreciate more?
  2. I have a 720S. I am now looking to buy another 410 so I could push hard on track. I would recommend you to keep both if you can, because one of my biggest regret was selling my early motorsport made V6 cup. looking to buy a 410, but worry Emira will make it depreciate more.
  3. Do you all think if Exige will depreciate more after the release of Emira?
  4. Can we directly use the battery from this 380? I agreed with @The Pits won't change my CUP unless there is a new CUP, either Exige even and Evora.
  5. Hi Daniel, thanks for the picture. So is this the oem bracket to hold the battery in place?
  6. Hi Arun, How much did you drop front & rear? Thanks
  7. Seems like I am not the only one who never bothered to click on any of his video.
  8. I thought cup suspension is height adjustable too? My geo was setup by Hangar 111, quite aggressive I think, but it doesn't show ride height on the paper, not sure if it's lowered.
  9. Mine has correct colour, but model stated as V6 Race?
  10. Are you both setup now lower than a standard V6 CUP Nitron setup? Thanks!
  11. So all together 10kg of weight saving by changing to these bolts???
  12. Hi Imran, Where did you get those plugs to bunged up those two hoses? Thx
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