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  1. Totally agree. Matt and Aimee are both brilliant and hugely tolerant when customer like me mess them around with service dates!
  2. What is people's view on sale or return? Thinking about selling mine but not that keen on a 400 and need a bigger car for the now bigger family. Private sale may be tough and Silverstone offer a sale or return arrangement.
  3. Massive key change fail right there. #Croatia #Eurovision

  4. I bought an ex press car. The metallic orange IPS S that also appeared in a couple of TV shows. It clearly wanted for nothing - was serviced every six months and came with every option ticked. I've driven it for 18 months and its been flawless. Just superbly built and not a single rattle or squeak. Brilliant vehicle. Been thinking of selling recently to move into something bigger, and have been looking into values from dealers and private sales as a result. It didn't command a lower price when I bought it from Lotus Silverstone, I've put about 8k miles on it and those values remain the same today as they were then. No one seems to care that it was an ex-press car for the reasons above. If anything - they appreciate how well its been looked after.
  5. The world is a better place for people like this. Simple things, making a huge difference.

  6. 'Consolidated market' in a single diagram. Fairly powerful stuff.

  7. @itsJuliaHardy was it the crowbar?

  8. Proof CEO Fiona Shepherd tries to remind us all why the Davies Report is not just an opportunity to point out that w…

  9. Its not actually the 400 update. Apparently that's not an option for the original IPS gearbox. It's a development of that original software and the 400 has something a level above. Gearshift speed particularly is vastly different on the 400 but not on the update for the original car's IPS system.
  10. I might being thick but if those are the tyre sizes for the 18inch and 19inch set up will they be the same just with a 19 and 20 at the end of them for the 19inch and 20inch setup?
  11. What is the OEM winter tyre for our cars? I've not seen one on the Lotus website
  12. As part of my service for the Evora S today I had the latest gearbox and ECU software flashed to the car. It's been a noticeable difference. MUCH smoother in auto mode, no more clunking between P/N/R/D and much better shifting across the range. Whole car feels like a new item. Moreover, I appear to now be getting 22mpg?!? It's brilliant. So pleased with it. I would encourage anyone with the IPS gearbox to get to a dealer soon as poss and get it done. Well done Lotus - hats off to you for continuing to develop older models when the new car is already out there on sale. Love that!
  13. Right - so I've been waiting for a little while to put new boots on the Evora S so I can get some Michelin Pilot Super Sports when the time is right. I knew the tyres were starting to fade but this was confirmed today by the dealership who say they now need to be replaced on all corners. Problem is that there are no Michelin PSS left in the UK as far as I can tell. No one has any and Michelin has told me they are unavailable across Europe as a new order until end November. My MOT is November 18th so I need to tyres before then. Bugger. Only option really is to replace like for like and get Pirelli P-Zero Corsas but these seem to be considerably more expensive than P-Zeros. I was happy to pay handsomely for the tyres I wanted but I now appear to have to pay even more for ones I don't! How much difference is there between the P-Zero and the P-Zero corsa from people's experience? Thanks chaps
  14. Great blog by @ramblingdmc in this weeks @ProofComm #insight - #corbyn on science is a superb read

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