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  1. Really - were you there I would live to hear about as I am trying to build some history.
  2. Nick, I saw you though. I was staying about 50m from your place and drove past all the cars parked outside. What a weekend, noisy, exciting engaging racing - everything that F1 used to be! The group C cars were awesome - well with a trip if anyone is thinking about for next year.
  3. Has any experienced a pool of petrol on top of either tank? I filled both tanks ups recently and left it over night, when I returned there was a puddle of petrol on top of the drivers tank. A hole or perished breathe pipes?
  4. What should my oil pressure gauge be reading when the engine is hot/on a long run? I recently went to Spa and back which is probably the longest run the car has done for some time. By the time I got to the Tunnel the oil gauge was only just off the bottom. When I checked the oil it had used none in 600 miles. Is this normal?
  5. Richard, I am new to Lotus ownership but not to classic cars. In my experience you have to drive them and accept at some time you will be on the side of the road until you have worked through every bug or issue. I have been at the side of the road in an MGB, 205 Gti, Gordini Turbo in the past 5 years! My S1 had not moved for 4 years and there was no history when I bought. I had it re-commissioned by a good a lotus garage and replaced or serviced everything could we thought could have gone wrong. Two weeks of around town driving the clutch master cyclinder went! However last weekend I went to Spa and back with no real (!) issues! My advice drive it as much as possible, have a good torch, a mobile charger and the best AA cover you can buy. And enjoy every moment, even the less than perfect ones!
  6. Thank everyone for your responses - this rely is great forum compared to some I am a member of! I am in touch with the US owners who have given me an updated paint code. Still hoping someone has a whole car somewhere! Herc - many thanks, love to pop down and see it sometime.
  7. I have an Esprit which used be Roman Bronze but now is white (popular colour) but I am thinking of returning it to its orignal spec - there are none left. When I googled the colour an Elite came up. Does anyone have a Roman Bronze car in your community?
  8. It is worth remembering just how light the S1 is compared to the cars being fitted with these tyres now!
  9. I had not even thought about it and as a man that works in insurance I was happy that I had decreased the risk by buying newer tyres and that I would only cruise at 80 isn as a vMax with this lovely car! I will makes some discrete inquiries about whether that would cause an issue in the event of a claim. Knowing how the insurance world works I am confident that you could demonstrate you had made the right decision based upon the best expert advice at that time. Let see if I find anything good out here in Tokyo!
  10. I have just replaced all 4 tyres on the car as part of the re commissioning after it had sat in Lotus for 4 years. Scott gave me a set of part worn NCTs with car but they were pretty old (1992) and as I plan to use my car I did not take the risk. I did a lot of research around brands and sizes and spoke to Longstone tyres and Camskill who were both very helpful and knew their stuff. Although when I told the guy at Longstone it was a Lotus he said "as long as its not an SI I am sure we can help!" I came to the point where I could find a matching set of tyres if I was willing to go away from the recommended 205/60. I had thought that going to 195/60 would the best as there are a few matching sets but actually when you use a tyre size calculator ( there is quite a lot of difference. As someone told me Lotus are engineered not designed so the tyre size should not be messed with. In the tyre guys opinion the wrong size tyres but match tread/brand would effect the handling more than a different tread pattern front and rear, especially as modern tyres have improved so much and the Lotus is pretty gentle on tyres compared to a 1.5t turbo diesel. I had two choices Falken FK07U on the rear and 2E912 on the front. Or Nexen CP661 on the front and CP641 on the rears. The guys at Camskill who sell a lot said that by brand Flaken is probably a bit better than Nexen who were budget but now have moved into Mid. BUT the FK07U is a old non developed tyre that has a terrible rating compare to the 2E912 where as the Nexens are only a development of one another. I bought the Nexens (which I found as cheap as £160 for 4 online delivered) and they look great not at all out of context with the car and the tread is very very close match front and rear. Plus they are a modern advanced tyre which must be the better than the technology 37 years ago! I am going to put at least 2500 miles on the car this year so I will tell you how they perform. One small ray of light is that the only other classic car with 205/60s is the first generation Celica. I am working in Japan at the moment and I have asked my contacts out here to see whats available. If anything comes up I will put a post out in case we want to ship a load back if there is a matching set of something good. I hope this helps and saves someone the time I spent researching the subject! When I get a chance I will take a pic of both front and rear and post it. Matthew
  11. Excellent - it was the first trip for my 20 month daughter who loved the noise and being able to look at the window sat next to Daddy. I don't know who was more excited!
  12. Mike - I have started a few conversations with the trimmers and paint shop about the project which I am going to start next year in April. I will PM you so we can have a chat offline as I would be delighted to hear how you are getting on. Matthew
  13. Thanks Guys. This car has been bounced around a bit so I just think it would be nice to return it to factory spec, plus how many Bronze cars are out there?! I like to use my cars so I was out and about in it as soon as I got it - went shopping, took my daughter to swimming and the Wife out to supper (6 months pregnant!). Who spotted me? I live in SW London so it would not be difficult to make the Brooklands event.
  14. Thank you guys. I am am member of a few forums and this is the best welcome I have had - really encouraging. I was chased down on SW London on Friday by a guy in a F40 who wanted to talk about the Lotus - so I know what you mean about attention! I don't think there is a Bronze one in the UK I think it would be the right thing to do!
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