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  1. Very enjoyable meet and great to catch up and chew the fat with everyone again! Nice weather too and some great cars, pick of the bunch for me had to be a lovely black S4s thanks for organising @ChrisJ
  2. Well Edd has another series on YT, hopefully this one will continue this time Found it entertaining, Episode 2 just been posted up too
  3. From memory, and I could be wrong, but I think there a box that the alpine camera cabling connects into that outputs a phono / composite feed that then goes to the head unit ( my old S certainly did anyway) . I think that box is located around where the sub speaker is located behind the drivers seat. So if that is the case with yours then you can just extend the phono lead. Just a thought
  4. I have been a member since the LEF days and been a valuable resource not to mention all the events @Bibs has spent time and energy putting together so I feel stumping up for forum membership is the least I can do 🙂 keep up the good work, thanks for all the hours spent @Bibs
  5. It would have plugged into the head unit for the factory fitted alpine sat nav at some point I would guess. It would have sat on a magnetic pad under the dash just below the instrument binnacle cover
  6. Been waiting since 5:45 in anticipation of an update and now taken to the gin, flipping fibber that @Sparky fella .....
  7. Well thought I might of had some photo evidence but I could only find this picture 😉 I did notice all the pictures I have of @Sparky he has a beer in hand
  8. Chris Pete PAR PainterDave Michael P John Oz Spyros The Bartman and Caroline Senior Kevin and Clare Dave Eds SFJ-Matt neilreid top-plumber & Shelly Schumacher Hornsey Boy Sparky internets
  9. My single garage door was a touch under 2m wide ( now fitted a roller garage door so have a slightly wider opening since I sold the Exige) and my old Exige fitted in fine although has to be careful fitted some carpet on the wall to make sure i didn’t scratch the door when climbing out though
  10. I’ve had several from B&C but like you was wary at first as all third party Warranty's can be crap and don’t cover things but Phil at [email protected] looked after it all for me and apparently they have a good relationship with the Warrenty company. I have had a few claims over the years all painless and sorted by B&C directly, a few for AC too!
  11. @Troy5925 I’d get yourself along ASAP
  12. ChrisJ Me and Schumacher Sparkles (dammit, they've got me saying it now) NigelM Senior internets
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