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  1. Pioneer have just updated their head units and this looks interesting...
  2. @313 As per would be great to see some pictures of the SPH10 fitted. Assume you used a 10mm spacer to move the H/U out? Useful thread @MrP_, thanks for all the pictures of various solutions.
  3. Shame, really enjoyed the early Sunday morning blast / breakfast meets to catch up and socialise, not so keen trying to flight the evening M25 / A1M etc traffic but will try and pop along.
  4. What about Joying as this should miss the vents and half the price of the Alpine
  5. internets

    uk road tax

    My auto 400 is around £300 a year and my old manual S1 S was around £500/£550 from memory, as was my manual Exige V6. The auto's seem to just scrape under the 225g/km but unfortunately the manuals are just over pushing them into the next VED band.
  6. Both probably the opening I saw was Alec Baldwin in make up discussing his inspiration to play DeLorean. As can be seen in the trailer the film is real footage of DeLorean spliced with scenes played by Alec Baldwin. John DeLorean’s son and daughter are both in the film, I have met his daughter Kathryn several times but his son has mostly kept out of the limight before but I know Tamir knows him and had input from him. I also know an old friend of MJK, Barrie Wills, was interviewed and appears in the trailer, I believe Barrie went on to the Sinclair C5 project which @Kimbers knows plenty about I seem to remember him saying Anyway the world premiere is in April at the Tribeca film festival and from what Tamir has said it will be released in “select theatres in major markets” in the US and also on steaming services like Amazon and or iTunes. The current plan is for the international release via Universal on June 7.
  7. A friend of mine, and a DeLorean nut, is the producer of this film and heavily involved in the development of it. He showed me the first 10 minutes of the film where Alec Baldwin is preparing to play JZD, looks like it will be a very good film and Tamir’s attention to detail will be spot on as he knew JZD and also interviewed him. Tamir spent time in the UK interviewing MJK and various other people involved with Lotus and the project at the time.
  8. @SH the car used in that Lotus promo is a manual 410 currently for sale at Bell & Colvill
  9. Really good meet, Very well attended! Thanks @pete @ChrisJ for organising
  10. Just working near to RAF Scampton and heard the Arrows flying past so went out to see this... Typically Ryanair broke it
  11. @RichardC try Classicline. As I pay just over £600 on my 400. Obviously everyone is different so can vary hugely but I was quoted over £1,500 by AIB on no doubt a very good policy with Hiscox and agreed value but didn’t warrant the additional £900 + and classicline to be fair have been great. Both policies were 5k and garaged at home address.
  12. Classic line, found them generally very good and much more competitive on modern Lotus cars compared to AIB, for myself anyway. I paid around £500 on my old S and just over £600 on my current 400.
  13. From memory pull the black plastic surround away starting bottom passenger side, it’s held in with 4 clips one per corner, then remove 4 screws and then you can pull out head unit.
  14. This has just happened to my 400 today, pulled the fuse and wait until my dealer can take a look.
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