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  1. internets


    @Sparky your latest gin delivery will be slightly delayed....
  2. internets


    Went to a local ‘once a month’ food market at the weekend and along with some tasty ‘Wobbly’ cheese,, brought some of this navy strength, certainly approved the taster ! Complete with instructions
  3. Just spotted a red Elan +2 parked up near me so had to get a very quick picture
  5. Happy birthday Mike, hope you had a great day
  6. Think it’s by 8:15 at the latest, report to security in potash lane, well it was when I was there last week Although depending what course you are on, might be different. I can tell you that you are in for a treat! Simon and his team of instructors are brilliant and Guy is the font of all knowledge
  7. Yes, brought it from Bell & Colvill then traded it in for an Evora 400 with Murray’s (now Leven). It was originally sold when new by Murray. I was told they sold it on to a guy in Eastbourne so was surprised when it appeared back with Leven for sale. In my ownership I did the soft top conversion, added the sill graphics and also fitted the updated Alpine head unit. Did have an active sub in it but removed that and it’s now in my Elise cup but recommended. I assume the wiring should still be there for the sub.
  8. That source is from B&C! List is £958.82 + VAT with 42 on back order currently. Apparently they have started coming through slowly.
  9. As I understand it they are still on back order with Lotus and are around £1150 inc VAT
  10. Also been having this issue issue when inserting links from a computer although works fine from my phone.
  11. Welcome to TLF Robert! You can use a roof from a VX220 or any Series 2 Elise / Exige or later roof. BTW Your not buying a white Exige with red accents from Leven by any chance?
  12. Just out in Hamburg at a DeLorean event, complete with various cars from BTTF and a remote controlled DeLorean which was cool, a lot of work.
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