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  1. internets

    Future of Lotus

    Thought this video was quite interesting showcasing some of Geely and their brands at Goodwood
  2. @Nathan Pitman I am not sure you can buy any double din head unit with a screen and a rotary volume control although maybe some of the cheap unbranded unit on eBay from China have them. If you want just Carplay, and a radio, that is just 'an amp for your iPhone' then Alpine sell the iLX-700 at around £450 and Pioneer have the SPH-DA120 for around £300.
  3. internets

    Thinking about an Evora Sport 410

    @bosshog this post is worthless without any pictures of your new purchase congratulations BTW
  4. Its the Alpine INE-W710 with Carplay and Android Auto but also has Built-in iGo Primo NextGen Navigation according to the Alpine site.
  5. internets

    BBQ at the FARM

    Depending on when as I’m on holiday around the end of July, keep me posted
  6. internets

    skiing's S3

    This was a pay per lube event, no chaffing was experienced as can be seen by the look on @Sparky face
  7. internets

    skiing's S3

    Sparky and Henry in action fighting with the ARB bushes
  8. internets


    See you removed any evidence of cable ties before taking the picture 😛
  9. internets

    JMG gone!

  10. Looks like Edd has a second show up his long sleeves too
  11. internets

    Fun replicas

    Can you get some new tyres on it if you buy another Trev is that a DeLorean I see in the background @Mark Blanchard ? I assume that was the D Hofmanns had up for sale
  12. internets

    Essex Blue Evora sn16

    Would that be @Andrew C old Hethel edition ? As a Murray’s (Leven) supplied car it has the same SN16 registration as mine.
  13. No worries Adrian, to keep your stunning GT3 on the road in a small way is thanks enough If you feel you want to give anything a small donation to TLF to help out @Bibs would be great but don't feel obliged Just off out to the post box now Let me know when it turns up and looking forward to pictures of her back at her best
  14. This is what I found @ajheath , pop me a PM with your address and I’ll post them over if of any use
  15. Hmmm maybe eBay although that was like 10 plus years ago I replaced them so can't be sure lol If I can find them they are yours Adrian