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  1. Wish I could be there, unfortunately it's Ostend for me this week! Have fun, I know @Sparky can't wait to get his hands dirty
  2. Another set of SD1 Rear Lights

    A friend had a lovely 3500 vanden plas in gold, looked fantastic and was quick but spent much time in the garage being fixed and when it wasn't in the garage it could only manage 8 MPG. The cockpit with all the square gauges etc looked very eighties. I remember once he decided to use it for work and it broke down and left him stranded on a motorway. Cost him a lot to get it fixed and hire another vehicle to get where he was going lol
  3. B&C Silverstone day - 18 Sept

    Phone or email Maxine @ [email protected], [email protected], and she can book you in.
  4. Roadster with Auto box? Any thoughts please...

    I borrowed this for a few days whilst my Exige was in for work and it was very good, and had lots of attention with the colour Its a pre registered car so B&C are the first owners and it had like £1.5k miles on it when I had it and was well spec'd with cruise and heated seats
  5. I would guess @Jamie-BellandColvill may of supplied it originally as very similar number plate to this car Bell & Colvill have up for sale, might be worth contacting him I took that auto 400 out for a spin, was awesome!
  6. New car!

    B185 TLF here too , what will the Subaru wear now?
  7. Is my Evora too expensive?

    The car you listed has red seats with just under 10k miles, the PH link car has black seats and 14k miles
  8. Is my Evora too expensive? This has been up for sale for a while at the same money too but of course IMHO Silverstone can ask a premium over a non franchised dealer
  9. E is for Evora!

    Thanks @m6rk looks stunning
  10. E is for Evora!

    Any more pictures @m6rk?
  11. Help, broken down.

    Vacuum leak/s? Those rubber elbows perish by just looking at them. Had the same once on a friends GT3 after we did a clutch on it and turned out to be an elbow around the map sensor. We replaced them all as matter of course and was spot on after that.
  12. New car!

    Stunning , congrats @Bibs LOVE MSG!!
  13. Lotus models' sales

    I'll just leave this here ... @C8RKH will be along any time