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  1. Some stranger with a multi colour Esprit in the car park
  2. Hand brake issue

    What about PJS ?
  3. Delorean in Martham, Norfolk

    i don't know Alex personally but apparently he is in Caister on Sea and owns 3 DeLorean's between him and his brother. I understand he is making a brand new frame for one of his cars from scratch as he that is what he does for a living. If you want to see several Delorean's there is a club meeting on the 3rd March in Kings Lynn and believe Alex will be there. DeLorean meet Link
  4. Delorean in Martham, Norfolk

    The owner of the said D, Alex, saw you too @Steven162
  5. @Kalli I ended up selling mine of eBay, got several reply’s on the classifieds but all interest was outside the U.K. and wanted a deal or was concerned about the import tax. I shipped the wheels to Germany via parcels2go, Bibs mentioned them to me, for less and than it cost in the U.K.! Was around £40 plus insurance( which the buyer wanted but typical insurance covered very little!). Got to pack them welll and as small as possible and send them in 2 parcels as it was 10x more to send them as one parcel! Good luck!
  6. Oz futura

    Was that a kidney sold to fund the wheel fund or another cunning plan??
  7. The OEM head unit is rubbish, on mine it take ages for the sat nav to start (can be like 10 minutes from first turning on until its ready so I can follow the route!) and its soo slow generally. Anyway back to your question, does mute not work?..I thought it remember that after switching it off, or turn down the volume to 0.
  8. Oz futura

    Got those wheels brought yet Barry? they might even do you a trade in with your old V8 wheels...unless you want to keep them for your next V8 project lol
  9. Anyone thinking of selling / pxing their 400?

    Seen this one @rafphillips, Silverstone have a Silver 400 with 31k miles @ £54k
  10. Oz futura

    Have you tried South West Lotus? Long shot but they used to have various Esprit wheels refurbished for sale. I remember Lotus had one of their sales down in Bristol around 2006 and they sold off many ‘remaining’ sets of Futuras!
  11. Anyone thinking of selling / pxing their 400?

    Murray’s have a car on budget....but it’s yellow
  12. Any Evora owners fancy an Esprit

    BTW You referring to your good self and @temple or the cars
  13. Any Evora owners fancy an Esprit

    At least I drive mine and it’s true I do prefer yellow ones although I wasn’t sure which shade of yellow I preferred on yours
  14. Happy birthday Sparky!