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  1. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    Plus fitting all the carbon to the 400 wouldn't be worth it, the roof for instance makes up a large part of the difference in cost between 400 / 410! I did briefly look into it
  2. Short epic blast to Scotland

    Yes that was me, parked up between @Trevsked MCL 540 and @Stubox 410 in the black car section
  3. Blue Excel M25

    On Saturday (11th) morning around 8:30 heading south just before the M3 turn off on an E reg plate, I was in my Evora.
  4. Esprit S4S

    Yes, this was when it’s was tidy
  5. Shameless plug, I have some Focal 100AC in the classifieds if interested. Also have fitted a one of the Piooner subs in the footwell, PM if interested
  6. TLF GT430 Club

    Stunning I’ll try not too drool over it and promise not to lick it, well when anyone is looking anyway In all seriousness @The Pits big congratulations, you are of course a man of great taste
  7. Insurance

    Classic line
  8. TLF GT430 Club

    @The Pits big congrats, look after your 430 for me won't you now
  9. Short epic blast to Scotland

    Back up in Edinburgh so popped in to Murray's for a final farewell !
  10. I didn't remove anything, just worked through the radio aperture and removed the cord that holds the glove box up, although getting that back on was. PIA! Just be aware working around the glove box area due to airbag but of course the better would be disconnected :-) Took my time and luckily for me the modules were held down with Velcro and no tools required really, trying to unlock the cable ties was not fun!
  11. Short epic blast to Scotland

    That's the one that always says .... No matter what you tell it.....Unlike the wife 😂
  12. Short epic blast to Scotland

    Cheers guys Pretty epic, slightly harsher ride to my old S1 Evora but the sound track is emense, loving the red/black interior too, works very well with the black exterior IMHO Well working and staying at the Raddison tomorrow night in Edinburgh. Might have to pop in to Murray's on my way from the airport tomorrow and see the Exige one last time! lol
  13. Short epic blast to Scotland

    Just back from a short rather epic over night trip to Scotland so thought I'd share some pictures So went up in my Exige and experienced a few stunning roads and scenery.... some great roads, then on the way back ah yes as per opps, @DaveC72 after some man maths I swapped my Exige with this rather lovely 400 over the moon, was looked after very well by Ian at Murray's so big thanks to him and Brandon for finding a deal that worked for us both👍 Sad to see the Exige go as it's a fantastic car, did try the lottery so I could own both but just ended up down £50😂 Flying back to Edinburgh tomorrow for work too!
  14. Happy birthday Ian!

    Belated birthday Ian👍