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  1. internets

    Pop quiz: what is it?

    He is not actually going anything, if you look closely he decided to get 40 winks. It’s his age you know 🤪
  2. Funnily enough the sub in my old Evora S was pants, it did work...just but the 400 is much better although still not perfect but good enough for me
  3. internets

    Pop quiz: what is it?

    Am I? OK I will anyway .... Its either a new bong for you to smoke what ever your on these days or power steering pipes for an Esprit
  4. me and Mrs internets booked
  5. internets

    New Evora 400 owner!

    I know what you mean about white, although it does look amazing. Do miss my old S
  6. internets

    New Evora 400 owner!

    Can be hard work, although does look amazing after 3 coats for Harly Wax for a short time 😀
  7. internets

    New Evora 400 owner!

    Ah OK, it was the Friday I saw it.
  8. internets

    New Evora 400 owner!

    Ah it was me barrelling past in my black 400, was suprised to see another 400 in the wild saw your car at the 70th also 👍
  9. internets

    Happy birthday Yasou (Esp88)

    Happy birthday Yasuo, have a great day!
  10. internets

    New Evora 400 owner!

    Looks stunning @Evo400sam, reminds me of my old Evora (white with black pack) By any chance were you on the A505 Royston bypass mid morning on the 28th September, the day before the Lotus 70th @ Hethel ?
  11. internets

    How many Evora 'Sport 410's were made?

    No its the grey 410 @ B&C. Its been sold but just waiting on registration apparently.
  12. internets

    How many Evora 'Sport 410's were made?

    I know of a 410 that’s not been registered yet, but will be very shortly, so that would account for 24.
  13. internets

    Exige Insurance

    Give Classic line a call as they cover up to 6 track days a year in the uk for free and European with a fee.
  14. Fantastic day, very much enjoyed it. Thank you @Bibs for your hard work organising the BBQ and event, have a well deserved drink tonight
  15. internets

    Grey Evora - Hatch end

    Heading towards Pinner this morning around 8:30am, think it was on a 15 plate.