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  1. internets

    What made you happy today?

    Just out in Chicago at a DeLorean event and caught up with a friend and got to take his car for a spin
  2. internets

    Official TLF @ Supercar Weekend at Beaulieu 5/6 Aug 2017

    Thought so! I saw the blue Evora on my way to pick up my Evora from service and assumed it was heading to Beaulieu, nice to see one in the wild for once
  3. internets

    Blue Evora M25

    8am today. Series 1 N/A heading towards the M3, stuck in M3 slip road traffic. Assume heading to Beaulieu? Plate started F1
  4. internets

    skiing's S3

    Again?! make sure you have plenty of Fever-Tree
  5. internets

    skiing's S3

    Hmmm.. I’ll be over tomorrow
  6. Susprised no one has tried to retro fit it, No doubt someone on the US forum has.
  7. No the dash boot release button only worked with the ignition from memory.
  8. Assume you don't have the boot release button on the dash board then? Although from memory it only worked with the ignition on on the series 1. My 400 boot release button works all the time and is found in the door pocket
  9. FWIW Both my old S and my current 400 both had a speed input into the head unit and have verfied it works with my Pioneer head unit, I had to re wire the loom to the radio and according to my notes the wire was yellow/pink.
  10. Some bits can but other bits harder, so missing reversing camera / sensors, cruise control and navigation double din head unit and homelink off the top of my head. Often the headunit are retro fitted, some bits are easier to fit that others. @C8RKH I believe might know as think he had some fitted to his old NA? Also as @Bravo73 pointed out it’s a +0 which TBH is not a big issue as doubt you have anyone small enough to fit in the back, I dare you to try Ian , but has seemed to make them harder to sell!
  11. FWIW No tech pack and no premium pack, which may not bother you. Most seem to want tech pack but less worried by premium.
  12. internets

    BBQ at the FARM

    Shame we had to leave but could not put up with Gary’s singing any longer 😜 seriously was great to catch up with everyone and we both had a great time Big thanks to Dave and Megan for their excellent hospitality and great BBQ as always and look forward to the next one Forgot to get any pictures except this one from the car park
  13. internets

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Long missed a @mike_sekinger rebuild thread Automotive porn...I’ll get the popcorn 🍿
  14. internets

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune, assume there is no come back from the seller? Was it a private sale? Personally if I was you I would only consider @mike_sekinger , Alex ( @Blackngolds3turbo ) or @CHANGES and see if any of them would take it on. You don’t want to throw good money after bad and I know any of them would do it right. Dave ( @CHANGES ) is the closest in Wolverhampton. Edit: also add @ChrisJ’s suggestion of GST, heard nothing but good things about him also.
  15. internets


    Oh yes he organises the DeLorean stand for car fest north and south! Saw him at Goodwood FOS the other week!