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  1. Spotted a black 410 Evora In traffic on the M25 near M3 turn off Around 11am this morning and an ice blue S3 Esprit (with black number plate / silver numbers) on the A303 around 13:30
  2. Talking of which I have just picked up one of these sweet numbers
  3. Phil Marking in service at Bell & Colvill can get diamond cut wheels refurbished / re cut. Imho they are the best Evora wheels and do miss them off my old S
  4. Belated birthday wishes Mr @Bibs, hope you had a fun day, look forward to catching up again soon for a pint!!
  5. I have a F77DAB which can be updated without worrying about handbrake but my current one in the Elise, Z7100DAB, needs the handbrake on and also wired in correctly if that makes sense as I had similar problems at first. I also believe some Pioneer units won’t work with handbrake defeats like wiring directly into the ground.
  6. Well at least your not washing your hair wanna lift? Assuming you can get into small spaces
  7. Would it not be easier to tell us which ones you can make Dave, your a busy man obviously Hoping to come along also
  8. Hi @AndyPG, Feel free to drop me a message although working away in Manchester this week but back in London Friday so should be able to get a lead to you for the weekend if required, Royal Mail willing! Thanks
  9. Happy birthday old bean, assuming your still compos, referring to the amount you’ve already had to drink today not your failing memory obviously , maybe a night in AMS to celebrate? With your advancing years I though a nice picture of a classic would be more suitable, although is @Trevsked older or younger I can never remember
  10. Nice little meet, usual thanks to @pete and @ChrisJ for organising.
  11. Geely in talks to pump cash into Aston Martin
  12. I tried one of those DAB splitters (metal box) In my old Evora and it didn’t work although had used something similar before in an old Evora. Brought one of these and it worked fine in my Evora and current Elise also found radio reception in my garage to be very hit and miss although always manage to pick up something on FM directly but with interference, the metal box splitter got nothing.
  13. @jep it was August 2014, Jamie got in 2 ex management cars from Lotus yours and a canyon red Evora apparently driven by the CEO at the time. i ended up driving away in this Be good to catch up @ B&C maybe drop me a PM if your going down sometime
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