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  1. From memory pull the black plastic surround away starting bottom passenger side, it’s held in with 4 clips one per corner, then remove 4 screws and then you can pull out head unit.
  2. This has just happened to my 400 today, pulled the fuse and wait until my dealer can take a look.
  3. internets

    Drones spotted at Gatwick...

    Yes I noticed the BBC made a point about not naming them, unlike the rest of the media 🙄
  4. internets

    Drones spotted at Gatwick...

    Should of taken your offer @Bibs !
  5. internets

    Drones spotted at Gatwick...

    Surprise surprise.....
  6. internets

    Drones spotted at Gatwick...

    Hmmm something doesn’t add up IMHO but anyway... Clicky “It has not been explained how domestic drone users could have the capability to allegedly cause disruption on this scale and police inquiries are continuing.”
  7. internets

    Drones spotted at Gatwick...

    That’s the significant resources then or they called in the military, should have call you in @Bibs lol
  8. internets

    Santa has delivered ❤️

    Big congrats Ian and glad you found what you were looking for, looks stunning as red along the MSG are my favourite colours on the Evora although not managed to buy one in either colour myself...yet lol more pics when you get a chance good work mr @Bibs for helping with transport
  9. internets

    GT3 Esprit in Ruislip

    Spotted a red Esprit GT3 with decals on an R plate around 17:30 (15th December) heading through Ruislip Manor (past the shops)
  10. internets

    Sat Nav Apps and Phone Holder's

    Yes you can use Waze in the USA, used it there several times but be aware of your data charges! It’s free for me in my network but some networks charge a huge amount for data roaming!
  11. internets

    Sat Nav Apps and Phone Holder's

    What @Bibs said - Waze for me too with a phone cradle. I have a cheap £3 eBay phone mount in my every day vehicles eBay clicky
  12. internets

    What made you happy today?

    does this mean you have found an Evora @mayesprit or just full of seasons excitement?
  13. I see Leven have a nice looking blue MY11 well within your budget @mayesprit although does appear to be missing the tech and premium pack but has had a double din head unit added in. Or you looking for an MY12/SR?