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  1. @krytensmeghead did you buy all new panels from DMCH then? Must of cost a lot! Most of the US companies are not known for their shipping costs / timescales! Just heard Chris Nicholson is going to be over in Australia, including Sydney, very shortly if you need any further stainless work / re brush. Can find out more if interested. There is also one of his RHD conversions up for sale it appears
  2. That is DMCH who currently are not making new DeLorean's, they were refurbishing them but only sell used cars currently, the new cars are still waiting on legislation being pushed through but its been years in the pipeline with nothing happening. Supposed to have modern V6 engines to meet regulations but otherwise the car will be largely as it was when new. My favourite engine swap is the Lotus V8 Also a nice supra engine swap. Also a UK owners has done this very well .... link Personally I prefer OEM but the PRV blocks used on the Delorean can be prone to block rot with age, much like the early Esprit engine, and is difficult to get replacements so longer term might not have much choice, as long as the brakes and suspension get upgrades too! The American Express 24k gold plated cars were made in 1981 as a limited run promotion, they were $85k and you had to pay with your Amex card! Only 2 were ever made, out of the supposed 100 run, at the factory in Belfast, a 3rd was made out of the spare panels when the company closed and since a few owners have made their own. One of the cars is now at the Peterson Museum in LA and the other is at a museum in Reno, NV. Otherwise all other cars that left the factory were stainless, a few dealers and owners have of course since painted their cars, sometimes to hide accident damage!
  3. Prices have gone up in recent years, in the last 8 years in the UK they have basically doubled in price so you are looking around £30k in the UK for a good running example with MOT etc, US prices are on the increase too and not much different these days. Build quality is no difference to the Esprit of the time which is no surprise as many of the same people worked on both! As you say the engine is under powered but pretty bullet proof although buying a car that has sat for a while can be problematic as the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel system do not like not being used. A sorted DeLorean is a great GT car and be used to getting attention when you stop for fuel etc! Biggest things to look out for: Frame rot, especially front frame extension and below brake / clutch master which can leak fluid. Don't be afraid to poke at the frame as sometimes the grey epoxy looks great but the metal underneath has long rotted away. Electrical problems mostly with fuses for headlights, cooling fans and fuel pump melting, everything needs to be tip top and any additional current drain, mostly through resistance building up and loose crimps, can cause problems. Roof boxes rotting / coming away, this is a fairly recent thing but after 30 plus years the roof boxes are starting to lift which could cause the torsion bars to break, which help the door go up along with the strut, and one side is very difficult (and expensive) to get hold of currently! Cooling system, original coolant bottle was plastic and do crack but most been replaced with Stainless ones also the cooling fan switches sometimes stop working, if the engine overheats its not good obviously. But like most cars its down to maintenance and good previous owners! Parts are plentiful and mostly available, many parts have been remade in recent years by a vendor in Holland. I know there are a few owners in NZ also vin 502 is in New Zealand which is one of only a handful of cars the factory had converted into a twin turbo - There is also another big event back at the factory in Dunmurry in May 2021 which has recently been announced, people travel from all over the world for this!. Useful links - Probably the best D parts vendor online, good availability, very fast delivery to any country and good prices to boot. Prices also listed in your local currency - The biggest online forum based in the US for help and advice - UK based forum - IMHO the best DeLorean 'franchise' in the US for parts and cars. Strongly recommend Mike @ DMCMW ( - Mostly for project cars, supposedly good to deal with but have heard a few horror stories too. - Andy Westerman in the UK imports cars and happy to help ship world wide, has a good reputation. - For stainless repairs Chris Nicholson is your man, he travels the globe fixing stainless, he was in Australia a few months back. He also does RHD conversions which you might need? Ah yes the Hooper's factory RHD conversion, I know them and their car well. They are very long term owners. Yes Alex has rebuilt several, and has a project car waiting but as always he is far too busy working on customer cars ;)
  4. Just spotted on the sea front just by the grand hotel
  5. Yes the Cup is raw, compliant and such fun although missing the Evora brakes and V6 grunt oh and the exhaust sound but like you say could easily have both in the garage. I guess the Exige could tick both boxes, calling @Stubox 🤔😂
  6. Yes indeed, miss her terribly but was tempted by the draw of an Elise cup and Jamie works his magic 😂 that man is dangerous with his calculator
  7. Hmm I like to think classy without being too shouty
  8. Ah but that red interior is just stunning, where you spend most of your time... IMHO
  9. This quote taken from @Trevsked has owned and driven various exotica, including many Loti, and guess the above quote sums up his thoughts on the GT430
  10. Pioneer have just updated their head units and this looks interesting...
  11. @313 As per would be great to see some pictures of the SPH10 fitted. Assume you used a 10mm spacer to move the H/U out? Useful thread @MrP_, thanks for all the pictures of various solutions.
  12. Shame, really enjoyed the early Sunday morning blast / breakfast meets to catch up and socialise, not so keen trying to flight the evening M25 / A1M etc traffic but will try and pop along.
  13. What about Joying as this should miss the vents and half the price of the Alpine
  14. My auto 400 is around £300 a year and my old manual S1 S was around £500/£550 from memory, as was my manual Exige V6. The auto's seem to just scrape under the 225g/km but unfortunately the manuals are just over pushing them into the next VED band.
  15. Both probably the opening I saw was Alec Baldwin in make up discussing his inspiration to play DeLorean. As can be seen in the trailer the film is real footage of DeLorean spliced with scenes played by Alec Baldwin. John DeLorean’s son and daughter are both in the film, I have met his daughter Kathryn several times but his son has mostly kept out of the limight before but I know Tamir knows him and had input from him. I also know an old friend of MJK, Barrie Wills, was interviewed and appears in the trailer, I believe Barrie went on to the Sinclair C5 project which @Kimbers knows plenty about I seem to remember him saying Anyway the world premiere is in April at the Tribeca film festival and from what Tamir has said it will be released in “select theatres in major markets” in the US and also on steaming services like Amazon and or iTunes. The current plan is for the international release via Universal on June 7.
  16. A friend of mine, and a DeLorean nut, is the producer of this film and heavily involved in the development of it. He showed me the first 10 minutes of the film where Alec Baldwin is preparing to play JZD, looks like it will be a very good film and Tamir’s attention to detail will be spot on as he knew JZD and also interviewed him. Tamir spent time in the UK interviewing MJK and various other people involved with Lotus and the project at the time.
  17. @SH the car used in that Lotus promo is a manual 410 currently for sale at Bell & Colvill
  18. Really good meet, Very well attended! Thanks @pete @ChrisJ for organising 👍
  19. Just working near to RAF Scampton and heard the Arrows flying past so went out to see this... Typically Ryanair broke it
  20. @RichardC try Classicline. As I pay just over £600 on my 400. Obviously everyone is different so can vary hugely but I was quoted over £1,500 by AIB on no doubt a very good policy with Hiscox and agreed value but didn’t warrant the additional £900 + and classicline to be fair have been great. Both policies were 5k and garaged at home address.
  21. Classic line, found them generally very good and much more competitive on modern Lotus cars compared to AIB, for myself anyway. I paid around £500 on my old S and just over £600 on my current 400.
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