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  1. 16 hours ago, Sparky said:

    Peasants, the lot of ya.  We got Baby Spice.

    Think you will find that’s Ginger not Baby, thought you of all people would be up on your spice girls ;) 

    Reg Dwight ,Before he was Elton, started life in Pinner just around the corner from me.

    A friend of mine claimed he was briefly in George Michael’s & Andrew Ridgeley’s original band which was called the Executive.

    Barry Crier also lives not to far away for anyone who remembers him!

    Micheal Caine’s brother used to live in Ruislip until he passed away a few years ago, if that counts ;) 

  2. This series appeared on Discovery plus yesterday and enjoyed watching episode 1 with the Esprit. It is entertainment after all ;) 

    I wondered for a moment if Lotus/Mr Walker was going to buy it for the Heritage collection when they had it at Hethel for its post restoration shake down but they said it sold at an online auction, the (supposed) buyer did turn up to collect it on the show. 

    Good to see Scott Walker on the show, he is certainly getting some TV / YT exposure currently :thumbsup: 

  3. 53 minutes ago, exeterjeep said:

    I have seen this at Sainsbury's, but I was a bit surprised to see that Tesco had already changed their signs to E10.

    Sainsbury’s started changing the labelling on pumps back in July I noticed in west london essex and Norfolk.

    Apparently Esso claim there is no Ethanol in their super UL in most of the UK, and they also take nectar cards now for Sainsbury’s / nectar card users 🙂


    2 hours ago, 910Esprit said:

    What would be more helpful if manufacturers would state what needs to be changed to make a specific vehicle compliant

    indeed! I have read on the internet, meaning who knows what’s true, it effects the baffles in the tank, fuel lines ( metal and rubber ) also injectors. For instance Porsche tell me my 944 isn’t compatible neither if the parts they now sell / re manufacture  are compatible, I very much doubt it , but as I have recently replaced some of the fuel supply system in my 944 be useful to know. 

  4. On 22/07/2021 at 09:34, Kimbers said:

    Well, that looks decidedly........... Porsche like. Whilst we have known each other since you joined in 2006 Chris, I have to say up to the time you bought this both myself and MJK really liked you. 

    Still, I suppose we can get over it. Not the Porker, that's unforgivable. I meant get over liking you! 

    Damn....Well now that’s my guilty secret out in the open, thanks @Sparky don’t worry I’ll keep yours a secret like I promised 😛 

    Although I don’t think it looks much like a Porsche otherwise I wouldn’t have brought it, honest :lol:  Still I guess that’s one less on your Christmas card list @Kimbers 😉 

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