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  1. 2 hours ago, Petrolgeneration said:

    It's a tiny bit darker but it's almost impossible to find the exact alcantara and I doubt the lotus factory is willing to ship me their alcantara haha.

    Allon White are just doing a some work for me on my seats and they could not match the Alcantara used by the factory but as they are the only Lotus authorised after sales trim shop they could  order it in from Lotus.

  2. Well as a follow up for anyone interested, if anyone but guess not, I phoned around and was quoted anywhere from £770 up to £1,677! 

    A big up to Matthew @ Henderson Taylor (0161 437 7442) who sent me quote within minutes of sending the online quote request form! They include 5 UK and EU track days, agreed value £500xs and came out at £772 so all in all not bad so would recommended them.

    Tried Chris Knott but was more, they did offer to try with a specialist underwriter but they cant offer track days so decided no point

    CCI have vanished, the web link didn't work for me , and think they have been absorbed into Footman James. Their quote was £1,667 with 6k miles and 3 (i think) track days. They did offer to try their classic specialist insurance but I would have to join club lotus and my car was too new unsurprisingly. 

    So anyway went back to Classic Line feeling I had the best deal but upon questioning them and the increase they run it thought their quoting system again and it came back with just under £550!!! 

  3. I know this is a well trodden path but my renewal has come in for my Cup 250 and is nearly £670 so wondered what sort of money other 250 cup owners pay? 

    I am with Clasicline and to be fair they have always been good to deal with and In my limited claims experience had no issues but wondering who else I should consider? 

    Not AIB as noclonger offer track days so assume CCI, Henderson Taylor and Chris Knott? 
    Anyone else worth getting a quote from as a comparison before going back to classicline?

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