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  1. They were installed before I acquired the car. The invoice for the barge boards may be in the paperwork I handed over with the car that should be with Bibs now.
  2. Enjoy! It might've been nice for me to pop along to see the car with its new owner but I will be at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix this weekend and, unfortunately, no Lotus cars in sight.
  3. Well I know it's going to a good home anyway. Any questions then just drop me a PM.
  4. Congratulations Bibs! (Although there is a bit of me that wants to cry)
  5. Dropped my Evora off at Lotus Silverstone today. It will be checked over by the technicians there and prepped for sale. Here's the link for anyone who is interested. I'm sure Aimee will be adding official pictures once it is ready. If anyone is interested and has any questions about the car then please send me a PM and I'll be happy to respond.
  6. I think it is. When the sun is in it is a nice green and reminds me of racing green but when the sun comes out it transforms and the different tones just enhance all the curves and lines of the body. I have seen so many people standing by my car taking photos with it that it reinforces my view that I chose the right car and colour, at least for me.
  7. That's good. I've agreed with Aimee that I'll sell through her but I'm on holiday now so it'll be a few weeks before it arrives at Lotus Silverstone and is checked and prepped. In the meantime feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  8. Thanks may try JCT600 in Leeds but welcome any other experience of them for SOR. Feel a bit sad typing this since I will miss the "Green Goblin" as my kids call it. The previous owner had the gearbox replaced under warranty at about 11k to get the new linkages etc. so the gearshift is nice and smooth and had the clutch replaced at the same time while the engine was out and the clutch could be accessed.
  9. I'm going to be looking to offload my Evora soon and probably via SOR. I live near Harrogate so JCT600 in Leeds is closest. Does anyone have any experience of SOR with this particular dealership or would I be best served taking it down to Lotus Silverstone who seem to be very good at this SOR lark? My car is a December 2010 NA in Motorsport Green, 23k miles, 2ubular back box, 2ubular cat replacement pipe, barge boards and piper cross air filter.
  10. rc_hammer


  11. Oh yes Michael, definitely faster without my mudguards flapping everywhere and spoiling the aerodynamics....and I'm pretty sure I'm more attractive to women now as well.
  12. New brackets fitted by Pure Speed in Knaresborough today for £66 (an hour's labour) - a nice fit apparently. Feeling happy I have ones that should last substantially longer than the originals.
  13. I've just received a set of brackets (thanks Michael!) and will get them fitted when I take my car in for a service next week. I have a Dec 2010 NA with 22k on the clock and was shocked when I checked after reading this thread to find the offside bracket has pretty much rusted away completely.
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