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  1. Hi, the JCT car was own by a colleague of mine for about 5 years before he sold it to JCT last year - it's a good one and his ownership experience encouraged me into my Evora The exhaust was always a bit of a mystery, but the head unit was upgraded when motorsport auctions were clearing the old stock for a very reasonable price!
  2. I'd place a well regarded specialist equal to or better than a dealer stamp in most cases. If I was being ultra-picky (i.e. trying to get a few quid off) I'd like to see dealer stamps during the warranty period just to give me confidence that austerity ownership hadn't kicked in from the start. That said, a book full of kwik-fit stamps might be a worry ;).
  3. Thanks Bibs - I feel a lot better after that news! I've previously had a grievous stone chip very well dealt with by our local Lotus approved place, so hopefully it'll be going back there.
  4. Well my Evora has survived 3 years in my care without significant issue until today.. Unfortunately a work colleague managed to reverse into me in the work car park and despite the low speed it looks like the damage could be 'quite expensive', albeit cosmetic. Poor chap was mortified, hopefully it will be a straightforward insurance job. How is the lead time for S1 bumpers and diffusers at the moment? I am not optimistic!
  5. I have MPSS on the front and PS4S on the rear in original sizes. No issues, a rather more convincing combination than the MPSS/Corsa combo I had for a few months
  6. Nothing particularly. I think it may be their demonstrator, they've had it a while, I remember seeing it in March last year. It looked fantastic then, still does now. Based on experience if you go to Oakmere looking to buy their still-quite-expensive-demonstrator they're very good at up-selling you to a brand new one, so there may be a bit of that going on!
  7. Gothmog


  8. Hi Matt, I have had something similar, but it happened one time only and it was very cold. I could not get 1st and 2nd and it almost felt like the gate had moved and there was a springy resistance preventing me from getting across to 1st and 2nd. I had driven around to the local shop and it was reversing out of their parking space that did it - something obviously moved somewhere, by the time I'd got home I could get first and second with some gentle persuasion. I braced myself for phoning the dealer in the morning but a quick test drive before doing so saw a continuous improvement u
  9. The bottom card is definitely the one you want - the top is a Sony 'M2' card, which certainly won't work even if it fits. You need to push the card in far enough enough that it latches, in case there is something wrong with your slot, here's a video of me inserting a card into mine, after which it was detected by the unit: (Apologies for the heavy breathing!).
  10. This is an interesting proposition: £24k, but best part of 80k miles? No pictures, so maybe those miles have been a bit 'hard'!
  11. After a few weeks mine developed a nasty rattle that seemed to be coming from somewhere near the front of the dash, really really annoying because the car was otherwise creak and rattle free. Then I realized it was my cheapo dashcam rattling in its mount . When it comes down to build quality, there are two types, perceived: and actual: Unfortunately these days, it seems that advertising the fact that your products have the latter is seen as naive and it's all about keeping the cost down and t
  12. Admiral certainly have the GTE in the drop down list, I know this because when I selected it it was a few quid cheaper than my SR! (Ok, ok, if I had upped the declared value to that of a GTE then it would have been different ). Whether you would want to insure a GTE with Admiral, or not, is another subject entirely ;).
  13. Just noticed in the pics, it seems to have a non-standard exhaust for an SR (not that this is a bad thing either ).
  14. Managed to do my front left last night, misjudged the curb in the dark and rain Damage looks to be mostly in the lacquer, but still, arrrrggggggggggggh!
  15. Hi Dave, There are two issues that I can see, both of which are down to preferences. It's IPS, so an auto, some people love it, some not so much. It's Daytona Blue, which is a marmite colour and one that doesn't photograph well, you really need to see the car in person to know whether you will like it or not. I would say in the photos above they have got it looking a bit darker than it comes across to me in real life, where it appears more of a baby blue. If you can live with above then all is good! Cheers, Jon
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