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  1. 62 boy

    62 boy

  2. Hi have just purchesed a S3 race car project which has all the big brakes and adjustable suspension thanks anyway.
  3. 62 boy

    Audi V8

    Hi Mike the best way to discribe the 62s is a lotus Europa on steriods would have loved to have built it with an Esprit turbo motor but could not find one with a damaged body, because if there is chance to put a Lotus back on the road I can't help myself I will . For example I restored my Lotus Elite which has been with me for 30 years but I wanted to make it a better car, so decided to but the Elite on a Excel SE running gear which took 2 years and 3 Excels .2 of the Excels I restored and put back on the road as did not have the heart to break them up for parts. But finally found a breaker that sold me just the rolling chassis with drive train.Have had 4 Esprit Turbos and still have a. Series 1 . But will not buy a complete Esprit as will not have heart to strip for spares, so that's the main reson for the Audi V8 to go in it .That is unless as the Elite project a chassis with drive train comes up , but the problem is need to get body on chassis before doors can be fitted , at the moment the V8 will be the way to go, and by the way if you look up Europa Engineering you will see Richards race car and see the attraction of building one , and the further up side of a tax exempt car .
  4. 62 boy

    Audi V8

    Hi Rick It would be good if you can confirm that will need to cut 5" out of the back bone at the front ahead of gear change as the 62 cabin is shorter than the esprit, as this is what Richard did a long time ago.Would be using the esprit wheels (BBS) as the 62 has big arches to fill. Jon
  5. 62 boy

    Audi V8

    Hi Rick I mentioned it to Richard when picking body up as could not pick up a turbo se engine for right money.As the 62 was the first to take 900 series engine, and Hilly fitted the v8 to his s3 and I will be using the s3 chassis it made sense to go down the same road.The v8 will be a stress free way and cooler runing set up .Till the chassis is fitted will not no for sure what will work ,how far have you got with yours. What chassis are you using and running gear. Have you cut in the air and filler caps yet and fitted doors as I can not do that till the body is fitted to the chassis , it would be good to hear from someone who has already been down this parth to see if there is a right or wrong way.
  6. 62 boy

    Audi V8

    Hi All, Trying to get in touch with Hilly as he did a nice job of putting a Audi v8 in a s3 as i would like to do the same to my europa 62s which will have a s3 chassis .Have tried to pm him but it would not let me. It would be great if any one can put me in touch with him it will save me a lot of time. Regards Jon
  7. Yes your right but the problem is they are just the chassis, need it rolling as can take longer to find hubs and arms.
  8. Hi all dose anyone have a spare s3 rolling chassis or parts to build one up.Have a 62 europa body to drop onto s3 chassis and use a Audi 4.2 V8 with 6 speed box, as I have seen this done on a s3 which looked a good set up any info would be helpful .Will shortly be posting brake up date on my S1 and getting it back on the road after 10 years of just being polished and kept in garage.
  9. Hi did anyone take the number of this as I just want the running gear
  10. Hi if you give me a call on 07882269250 to discuss further. Jon
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