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  1. I brought my 2014 Evora S new 15 months ago. It had some issues with 'limp mode' requiring the engine wiring harness to be switched out. But that aside, when i test drove it, in neutral there was chain like noise in low revs that disappeared when you slipped into gear. The salesman said, all evora's have this noise and at the time, believed him. I was test driving a lotus and my judgment was clouded. But is this true? does anyone else hear this noise? Because last week, the noise escalated to something akin to a roulette wheel ball on its final spin. Its nasty. lotus have recommended a 30
  2. Three weeks later and i have my Evora back. Engine wiring harness replaced. Fingers crossed.
  3. Update. JUST heard from the dealership. Lotus suggest swapping out the engine wiring harness. It will take a couple of weeks but hopefully I will have the car back.
  4. Bibs, you will understand this but i don't get a whole lot of looks in my Evora. Its not that i live in the US, its just that I drive get to drive the dealership loaner Saab more than i would like. Never seen another one here on the streets...
  5. Flow Lotus. Winston Salem, North carolina. Although i am certain they wouldn't want me advertising that.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. Not heard from the dealership yet so no idea on the codes, battery condition or brand. I will update when i know. Approaching a legitimate claim to shout lemon for the state of North Carolina based on the number of days it has been away at the dealership, but would just rather have it back, working.
  7. The car is at the dealership in Winston salem NC. I brought it new and the 'limp mode' was an immediate problem. So it got a new battery. I drove it daily for a week without issue. My daughter accidentally activated for the alarm for 10 seconds and this seemed to be enough to kill the battery. I put the battery maintainer on and it started the following day, and after a mile or so the engine warning light went out and vroom. I still took it to the dealership because that can't be right. So what drains the battery, other than the alarm. Or is the factory battery not good? Dont know what the co
  8. I just traded my Elise for an evora s. Regretting my decision because the evora keeps on going into limp mode (engine warning and traction control lights on and the throttle is limited to meh). Apparently this means the battery is dead but it was replaced last week. The tech says I have to plug it in every night to the lotus supplied battery maintainer. Really? Did I just buy an electric car? I could Understand that if I left it for a week or two but every night?
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