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  1. Great buy Arun! Much admiration from Italy too for your Cup's details : )
  2. Both the S1 and the CSR steerings are very direct (2 turns lock to lock in the 7) but while in the Elise the feeling is great already at low speeds, in the CSR it happens to fight with the wheel in narrow hairpins where you definitely can't' keep yor hands at 9:15 but you have to work a lot with your arms. I think it's mainly due to the position of the engine but maybe even the front push-rod system has a role, as I never felt the steering so heavy in various R300-R500 Duratec I drove before. These S3 Cats and the S1 Elise are great already at low speeds while you have to push the CSR hard t
  3. Maybe a little off-topic...but here is how I filled my empty garage, while wondering whether to wait for a 400 Exige or getting a good second hand 350 one (I've been very near to buy a nice 260 Cup too but I fell out with that cock of its owner). It's a CSR 260, one of the three cars ever imported in my country. Incredible performing car, huge fun, accelerates like a motorbike and makes exactly what you want whether you like to drive surgically or like a pig! BUT after one month of ownership (without still having been able to track it) I must admit that I miss: - the Elise S1 steering, l
  4. Quote Freejack...GT4's and the other's mentioned above are full-lap times...7.37 BTG (ok with traffic) is not such a record. That said, if Sport Auto did 7.53 on a stock V6 I'm sure that Komo-tec Exige can go well under 7.40 full lap ... or better say "could have gone" now that they've put 200 and 250 kmh speed limit zones at the Ring Yes that V6 has Ohlins as far as I know
  5. I agree with much of what I read above, except that a Cup would have been a better challenger for the GT4. Having just driven a GT4 test is such an enjoyable and comfortable road car with very good materials, a/c, hifi...that comparing it to a "track inspired" Lotus like the Cup is not honest. Maybe a GT4RS if one day we'll see one. What I only disliked of the Porsche was really long gearing for the Alps; sometimes you need 1st gear to exit narrow corners like the standing spectators looking the lanscape would expect : ). And with such a playful chassis (seemed to drive my old S1
  6. That is a good news for the next Exige...I think the front clam is the best "new" part of the 311
  7. The more I look at...the less I like it's sides and rear design. I understand it wants to be innovative and aerodynamic, but it ends to be simply "strange" to my eyes (that didn't happen with 340 and 211) At that price (> 120000 euro expected for a road version in my country) I need to fall in love with the car's design as well as with the astonishing performances it is capable of...and a windscreen and a little soft top for the road blasts without the use of an helmet which takes away half of the fun. Hope they will transfer the engine upgrade, the LSD, the shorter gears to the next Ex
  8. 30 bhp + than we thought ... but even 12K pounds more (track version?) I was expecting something more from it's look, the side looks a mix of Evora, X-bow and Aeroseven
  9. I was wondering if the early 311 preview at Goodwood could anticipate the Exige 400 debut...I say we could see it in Frankfurt
  10. 3-Eleven coming in Goodwood Festival of Speed!
  11. Nice lap! It would have been at least 7.25 without yellow flags and the Corvette...which means 8.50 for full lap
  12. I feel perplexed while reading that much hasn't changed since old S1 times...mine produced different rattles when the engine was hot or cold, and others in summer or winter... Not sure I could cohabit with them if I had spent 70-80K euro instead of 17K (became 50K over years) when I got it : (
  13. Johnny I'm sure that your Cup has come with all the hp you paid it for : ) like the one tested by a magazine here in Italy (353 if I'm not wrong). That said, and on komotec's itslelf admission, the HP of his kits risk to be theorical in a summer TD without a proper intercooler (and there are about 50 kg of difference with your car) This topic is making my brain work fast even in the Sardinian beach where I'm lying today: I believe the first that come out with a 400 Cup or a GT4RS will have my money...the abstinence is harder than I believed : )
  14. AFAIK 4 cyl turbo Caymen and 6 cyl 3.0 turbo 911 are coming for the very restrictive anti-emissions laws which are going to be introduced in China I don't like the idea of a "detuned" engine on the GT4 respect the one of a 911S but what I dislike more of this the 25 hp of power lost of that Exige, assuming they tested the cars on the same dyno : ( I pay for those hp, and pay taxes on them too!
  15. The 3.8 is torquey for sure but where he uses means the 3rd is too long for a fast exit. It seems to have a good torque at mid revs but not so much under, and it is quite frustrating for such a big engine. Look at the Ex-Muhle exit where CG keeps the 3rd instead of downshifting...the car seems very slow. The gearbox is the same of the CaymanS which I already found "long" when driven on the Alps. @Topcat: for me it's not a big "problem" but just talking about two great cars! Now that a 4 cyl Civic, a Megane or a Seat Leon can lap well under 8 mins that 7.40 claimed for the GT4 do
  16. @Colin: Really happy to read that! @Norfolk guys: no more beer while working : )
  17. On fast tracks with many >200 km/h straights (and uphills like the NS) power wins over power/weight...and 60 hp of measured difference is a lot there! That said I think a stock Cup would make the same time and an "easy" 7.30 with 400 hp. The GT4 would be faster by 5 sec with a proper gearing: I never saw so much use of 2nd gear (even at the Aremberg!) on the NS.
  18. I thought many times about a Caterham 620R...but it doesn't come in CSR form and I can't fit at all in the "superlight" chassis, especially in the footwell...unless I cut off some fingers from my feet : ) Furthermore there is no LHD option because of the charger where there should be the steering column. If the 311 will start from 70000 £ (track version) TODAY at 0.7 that means 100000 euro (with Cayman GT4 starting at 86000), plus lights, passenger seat and put a plate it means at list 110000 euro, which is a huge amount of money. A 420 Cup Exige won't be so far : (
  19. That is the choice I have in my mind... An hypothetical GT4 RS could work as well, and the high Pound/Euro change moves the Lotus' price list close to the Cayman one I look for a fun trackday - fast road car, but I'm afraid the use of an helmet on the road brings away half of the pleasure...and the lack of a proper boot is a problem for weekend use
  20. That 996.2 GT3 fully stock gave 396 hp : ) I found a V6 roll of a Roadster on an Italian magazine and it gave 353 hp and 43.3 kgm torque
  21. I thought the GT4 could give even more than 385 in the mate saw nearly 400 with his stock 996.2 GT3 (380 declared) Results from other stock V6s dynoed?
  22. Nice to know! Which charger did you fit? Any cooler?
  23. Internal space is perfect for a 1.88 m guy with 11 UK feet size like it was on the S1 (while I will never be able to drive properly a Caterham superlight). That said a nearer steering wheel would allow perfect control of the car without having the knees kissing the dashboard, which is a very bad thing in case of frontal impact, even at low speed. That is why I have a nice collection of steering wheel spacers : )
  24. Did anybody had serious engine issues with stock cars or after a remap? I have been told that PB racing had some conrod failure with the 400hp kits (manifolds+induction+remap). The Evora 400 block should be the same of the ExigeS if I'm not wrong, and I read here that the limits of the 350 were the compressor and the gearbox rather than the internals. PB is actually working on the electronics of a 3.8 kit with sport camshafts fitted on a LF1 : )
  25. Nice to know! I must tell it to the Italian dealers : ))
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