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  1. High speed through the forest....:-) (Photo by Peter Gunnars)
  2. The one in front goes to the brakeservo and the another goes to the vacuum reservoar above the right fueltank
  3. My car is build for and sold to Sweden and I mean Normally Aspirated. The funny thing with both Excel and Esprit (NA) is that theese car in Sweden has LC Engines not HC
  4. Thanks Atwell! Do you have a copy of this sheet? I just have up to sheet 44.05A :-(
  5. Can anybody tell me the function of this item? Its in my Esprit NA from 1987 There is two hoses one from inlet and one to ignition distributor. Regards Fredrik
  6. Here is some pic on the interior on my S3
  7. Then you maybe dont like the wheels on my excel either :-(
  8. Thank you Jacques for your detailed explanation
  9. Sorry :-( i mean 3392 mil (not miles) I also have a Turbo Esprit from 1983
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