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  1. C8RKH

    General Election.

    Listening to the TV now, it's a lot about we now need electoral reform as their point is that leave parties only polled 47/48% of the total vote. So I win. It had started before 0930!
  2. C8RKH

    General Election.

    So how long before we start to hear renewed calls for another peoples vote? I kid you not, I'm expecting it to be today. I can't believe SNP are using this to push for Indyref2. We have to remember that when Scotland votes for Scotland in a Scottish election on issues just for Scotland, the Holyrood election, they cannot win a majority. If SNP get a majority in Holyrood then that is really the only trigger for a mandate surely.
  3. C8RKH


    This muppet wishes you all the best for your next journey and looks forward to your Academy build and race thread!
  4. C8RKH

    Stratton Evora GTs

    Are you sure about this Jonny as you throw it out there every time this car is mentioned. Even our own Lotus Forum referred to it, at launch, as "a full carbon fibre body" and Motor1 did too adding in the weight saving. So definitively, who is correct and is it carbon "dipped/skinned" or carbon fibre bodied? Time we got a definitive answer to this and put it to bed as it seems to be a bug bear for both of us, with you in one corner and me in the other. I have no skin in the game, just a desire for the facts.
  5. £10k would be a full strip down respray. Front clam and sides would be nearer £2k max.
  6. It does get battered by the stone chips. Also, essential you have the headlights covered as the lacquer coating cracks with age and if you crack a lens that's £1000 to replace the unit.
  7. I'm 5'10, so probably average ish height and NEVER had an issue with the sun visors. They even stay at the half way down position for me. Funny how we all are different and pick on different things. I used to have an old XJ that when you put it into reverse the side mirrors dipped down so you could see the rear tyres/kerb. Given the dimensions of the Evora, now, that would be cool! Also the electric seats on the front of that car would lower and slide back for easy ingress. That too was amazing and a bit like an Evora you felt cacooned in that car. Then they built a carbon copy of an A6 fastback as its replacement. Progress I guess....
  8. Stick a pink bunny in the drivers seat as it powers up Pikes Peak, catching and leaving the others gasping for fuel. Make it an electric powered SUV. Paint it in historic Lotus black and gold and call it the Lotus Euracell! Marketing manna from heaven
  9. @KAS-118 you are correct and it also caused deforestation I believe. Maybe the next Lotus will be fuelled by McDonald's cooking oil?
  10. Why's that then? I guess you'll be trading to a Nissan GTR or Audi RS6 Avant by the same logic?
  11. I agree that the sun is setting on petrol cars, and at the moment my only upgrade choice for my 410 Sport is a GT430. The GT410 would be at best a sideways step as my 410 has more carbon. My upgrade path for my Type 116 is really either a 220 Cup or 250 Cup Elise. So unless they do bring out one last Petrol hoorah then I agree, my future Lotus ownership route will be limited and I'll likely be in too something else, but I've stated that on here several times before. I fully agree with you that the current state, or lack of, communication re future models is not good. However, You do have to acknowledge that Lotus marketing is active, more so than it has been for years, and they are regularly featuring customers cars too in their social media posts. Ferrari have committed to continue with its V12 cars, indeed, they are its fastest growth market, but they are for millionaires with high disposable incomes. At a point where Chevy have launched their new mid engined Corvette. Toyata has produced its first serious sports car for years, and BMW has pushed through the 600bhp barrier with its M cars whilst still producing stonking cars like the 140/M2 etc I do wonder if your're being a tad premature in predicting the death of petrol sports cars. EVs are growing, but they will hit an infrastructure brick wall. Newspaper story last week on Tesla owners complaining of 45 minute plus wait times to get a charge. Indeed, last week I pulled into the services on M6 at Lancaster. Tesla was on its charger. I went in. Had a coffee. Something to eat. A pee. None of which done at speed and same Tesla was still being charged with two other owners chatting to charging car owner whilst they waited. These increasing stories will put people off. I do hope we see a last petrol hurrah from Lotus. I agree though I might be smoking dope. Wishing for the impossible. Flogging a dead horse. Or doing all three at once.
  12. Working! Hah, long history of striking more like....
  13. If my car is autonomous and can drive me home form the pub then that means SWMBO is officially redundant. I'll be trading her in for an Esprit then....
  14. You are quite correct. However there is a general tone that says if you're optimistic positive you get shouted down and told to shut up by those who seem to want to revel and frolic in what they predict to be a dire new world of soulless Lotus cars. So, why don't we encourage both points of view and just maybe we'll all get along fine? Just a thought, feel free to ignore me.
  15. I was "told" a few months back, before they took it to China, that 12 deposits had been taken. As with all the other speculation, I dare say we'll find out in due course.... @Mark Blanchard I'd have asked the Aston Martin Director how his shares where performing. I see they have recovered to 25% of their IPO value and looks like Lance Stroll is lining up to buy them!
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