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  1. C8RKH


    My understanding is that Oz is planning on 3 Squadrons, some 72 F35A's have been ordered but one of you Senators, Jim Molem? Is not convinced they are good enough to counter the Russians.
  2. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Oh, now who doesn't get the irony and has had a sense of humour failure? Have a good day Tim.
  3. C8RKH

    Wife’s twigged.

    You do pigs and chickens? That's a full on english right there!
  4. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    I'm sorry @tim_marra you've lost me here - you quote the wrong thing, then say it was a mistake then ask if I want a spade? WTF planet are you on? I might not understand irony but you obviously have no understanding of simple logic or facts. I What two points did I get wrong? The fact that the manufacturers of the parts should do good QC BEFORE they send parts to Lotus? Or the fact that the Dealer should step up and also do a good QC before they hand the car over to the customer? Neither of these are Lotus. But if you combine the three (manufacturer, Lotus and dealer) into a proper end to end QC process you will reduce the issues that get through to customers and surely that is the aim game. But, it does require all three to do their bit. I'm not sure the point you are trying to make here, your just coming across to me as a muppet (but then I may be to you so hey ho) as I'm obviously devoid of the capability to understand irony and your logic so I'll bow out. To get back on topic I will say that my 410 performed great last night when I took her out for a wee drive just to de stress after a hard, long day. I still find the speed at which she gathers pace on the public road quite alarming - hugely fun - but oh my god she gets up to speed so quickly. My NA I think was a better "fun" proposition on the road. My 410 is a weapon the road. Looking forward to getting a set of Jonny's new brackets for the seats when they are available and have some ideas re how I will finish them.
  5. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Nope - you said "when you buy your car you get one invoice from Lotus". Totally wrong and factually incorrect. So what was your point? What do you not understand about how the car industry works and the role of manufacturers and their dealers or agents?
  6. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Really? My new 410 Sport came with the invoice from the dealer. The dealer is also responsible for the pre-delivery inspection where many of these things should be captured BEFORE it gets to the customer. The dealer is the "agent" and you buy from the "agent" not direct from Lotus unless of course you do the deal direct with the factory.
  7. C8RKH


    Oh, I bet you he would love to sell them to us, once we are out of Brexit and then leave NATO as the EU forces incompatibility with our systems like GPS etc, we'll be Putin's best buddy. Renting him airbases so he can reach the US :)
  8. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    You missed my point.
  9. C8RKH

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Argh yuck. You've got lady feet, all white and waxed! A mans toes have got to have wee long black hairs on them. Yeuw...........................
  10. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    What pisses me off the most about all of this is that many of the issues are with parts that Lotus buy in like the Carbon panels - so the questions should be: 1. What is the QC process of the parts manufacturers? And why are they letting shit sub standard parts through THEIR QC's and on to Lotus? 2. What is Lotus doing not properly examining and then rejecting faulty / sub standard parts before they get near the protection line and then actually fitting/using them? 3. What the hell are dealers, as the interface to the market and the representatives of Lotus to the customer, doing not properly inspecting their cars to pick up the issues BEFORE they get near the customer? So, actually, there are three failure points there, 1 of which is Lotus.
  11. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Give them a chance to get settled in
  12. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    It works OK for McLaren.
  13. Nope - with the single din there was a "blanking shelf" like this and when yo took it out you had a double din space.
  14. C8RKH

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Taken from Top Ger mags review of the McLaren 570S Spider V R8 and MG GT and could have been written about a Lotus Evora 410!!! "The McLaren suffers no such ergonomic clangers, besides taking practice to scramble in and out of, but suffers the usual frozen touchscreen, disobedient windows, a dodgy noselift and narcoleptic parking sensors. £227k, as tested, with all the carbon trimmings? Hmm. The McSpider has a simple question for you. Is your priority driving? If ‘yes’, it’s tough to fault the McLaren. Its steering communicates so purely about the surface, the grip and your proximity to its limits."
  15. C8RKH

    Thinking about an Evora Sport 410

    The speakers are crap, not the stereo, that's my point. Bit like saying the car is crap when it's they tyres etc. So by all mean shout about the speakers and amp, but not the stereo (headunit)