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  1. @au-yt love your post. To me, Lotus is for the drivers who actually drive their sports cars. Not the fastest. Not the the flashiest. Not the most expensive. Not boring! Too many supercars these days are polished and only driven to an "event" to be shown off, then put back under cover and in the heated garage. Such a shame
  2. Would not expect anything else from Harris.
  3. Maybe you're on to something @Frickin_idiotand there is a section of society who should be restricted from having dogs or children. The worst behaved children I see are usually spoilt middle class brats with clueless bright but dim parents. Often the same people are entitled dog owners too oh and weekend lycra warriors. Go figure! 🤣😂😱
  4. Cannot understand why anyone would wrap (not including PPF in that) a car fully if it needs re-doing every three years. It would be cheaper. Look better. And last longer to just get quality respray done. In terms of damage to the paint underneath, then does that not surely negate the point of a wrap as a temporary (as it needs to be refreshed every three years) colour change? And finally, if a quality wrap (guess the word quality is key) really did damage the paint then no one would do it, especially not to £100k supercars which seems to happen a lot. So, feels like a lot of the usual internet bullshit around this and as always, rather than asking people who have read one more google search item than you for advice, you're best to go and talk to a specialist painter or wrapper (not the Eminen type of wrapper!) as the answer would be determined by the condition of your paint. In terms of buying a car that was wrapped, I would suggest you get the current owner to get the wrap removed so you can inspect the paint before you buy it. Otherwise, you might be facing a bill bigger than a clutch change and we know how that scares people away from an Evora.
  5. C8RKH

    Formula One

    Hamilton should be driver of the day, but he won't be lol...
  6. Have they got a penalty coach yet?
  7. Go Canaries go, go, go.... No one wants to see a London based team in the Champions league surely.
  8. Might be better to shoot the bloody owners (only joking of course, not encouraging or asking anyone to really shoot anyone.)
  9. C8RKH

    Formula One

    So Red Bull complaining like Hell about Russell, yet when Verstappen was doing much worse, it was "exciting racing". I so have lost ALL RESPECT for Red Bull as a sporting team, Horner is just unbelievable to be honest.
  10. Very sad and though I am not a "pet lover" not something I would like to see or deal with. Can understand how Farmers must shudder when they see a dog loose on their lands and the owner engrossed in their phone as they walk! But hey, they're entitled to roam.....
  11. If you love your dogs.... Please keep them on a lead in public places and that includes parks (unless it is a specifically zoned dog area), shared paths etc. My wife yet again, whilst out for a walk gets assaulted by a dog, off a lead, jumping up at her, putting muddy paw prints on her, and yapping at her! Why should she have to experience this whilst on a walk just because a dog lover cannot keep their dog under control and on a lead? Absolutely no excuse for it. Oh, and the response from the dog owner, "she's harmless" FFS. No enquiry as to how my wife was, comment re the mud all over her clothes etc. If I'd have been there I think I'd have jumped all over the dog owner with my moody boots whilst encouraging my wife to call out "don't worry, he's harmless really!". I also see that a Royal Mail postee is in trouble for kicking a dog that was racing toward him and yapping - video gone viral apparently. All the Postee was doing was trying to deliver a parcel, the door opens, then the little shit machine decides to come racing through the door barking so the Postee instinctively reacts and gives the dog a brushing kick to get it out of the way (you cannot expect someone who does not know an animal to know whether it will bite or not). Now the dog owner wants the postee to be sacked as her dog is "traumatised" and her daughter is so upset. What about the fooking Postee who was just trying to do his job? Why can't dog owners keep their bloody animals under control? So, if you love your dogs, keep it on a lead and under control for your safety, the dogs well being, and everyone elses piece of mind. Thanks.
  12. Apologies, I should have been clearer - it is the tacky black paint/plastic/whatever it is finish over the top of what was brushed aluminium. So to be clear, it is the black finish that i do not like and think looks and feels tacky. However, each to their own of course (usually based on what they own, so in your case a post MY12 with the black finish?)
  13. Unashamedly ripped off from the Lotus Web Site, but to me, this GT4 from this angle, in white just looks, well, sumptuous. I hope as the Emira develops we get the chance to see road going models based on the real world GT race cars. That just might get my wallet opened for one. I even like the spoiler which is bloody unusual for me!
  14. At the end of the day the Evora has sold in small numbers so it is a niche car, that still, to this day, many, the vast majority, do not really know about, and that includes many self professed petrol heads. The people who know about the Evora, are predominantly Lotus owners or people who know an Evora owner or have been in one and then bought one. Those lucky enough to own an Evora, whether it is an NA, S, 400, 410 or 430 ALL KNOW what a cracking car it is where it matters - in how it drives and how it makes you feel. They are all "special" cars, and to me all Lotus cars have been special in their time for the way they drove and how they connected with and engaged with the driver. The Emira will hopefully follow this trend. We'll soon find out, but I am pretty confident it will. The Evora will appeal to new owners on price and scarcity. Not everyone wants to drive the same car as everyone else and there will always be a couple of thousand people out of the 65m in the UK who want to be different. The Emira will I think be an unmitigated success, but it will also bring a different type of new owner to Lotus. The "old guard" will buy an Emira as it is the next Lotus and they have bought into the brand - a bit like a Porsche driver will always buy the next Porsche model. However, I think the new Lotus owners are proving to be more fickle, more dare I say it "fashion conscious" and see the Emira as the latest cool toy to have. How "sticky" they will be for the brand is something that will be up for debate for some time. Once the "novelty" of the latest cool thing rubs off, how many of these Emira owners will be looking to flip in say 12, 18 or 24 months? How many will flip to another Lotus? And what will a larger than usual "pool" of new and used Emira's mean for residuals? The Evora was residually bomb proof because of its anonymity. Always a scarce model to buy for a small pool of prospective owners. Mass production is likely to bring mass depreciation, or at least, the threat of over supply. Add that to the fact that the strongest selling point for the Evora was the +2 capability, something the Emira cannot compete with, and I don't think the future for Emira depreciation will be anything as good as the Evora's. Then, add in the "base" model price point for the Merc engined cars and I think the case for residuals, especially for First Edition V6 cars, for the first 5 years, looks on the ropes. Lotus is chasing the Porsche model, however I am not sure how many 911's have been sold to a first time to the brand Cayenne or Macan owner. Not many if you look at the figures and the 911 has a 50 year long tenure, cult and fan base built around it. The Emira does not have this base. The Emira will face massive competition for owners now, who will also be looking at models like the Taycan, the Audi e-Tron etc as these offer the "novelty" and "prestige" of premium EV vehicles which brings me back to my earlier point re new (to the brand) Emira owners being more fickle and fashion conscious than traditional owners - the lure of the next new thing will be strong for them. The closest example we have really is McLaren. MP4-12C and 650s values have declined steadily, but slowly, over the past 10 years. The launch of the 540 and 570 did not significantly change that depreciation curve and in fact if you look now, the values of MP4-12C/650S are moving downwards slower than 540/570's to the point were the lowest priced 540/570 is LOWER by quite a way than the highest priced MP4-12C/650s. Why is that? Well, from what I know (which is not everything), the MP4-12C and 650S is just a better drive, more pure, a tad more hardcore, and has the wonderful but complex suspension that the 540/570 does not have, oh, and I believe it is faster and lighter too. So the problem for the 540/570 (which I love and would have one in a heartbeat) is that they are sandwiched between a lower priced, older but faster more focused MP4-12C/650S and an even more hardcore, much faster, and more expensive set of models that look more rad and extreme. I would argue the Emira will find itself in a similar position, sandwiched between the Evora and the next gen faster and more rad looking Electric Sports car from Lotus. Once these cars come out, I believe the hype over the Emira will die down and it will be seen for what it really is, the next generation Evora. Whilst that may offend some prospective owners of an Emira, it is in my humble opinion the cold reality of what the Emira actually is. So the point of this piffle is that I do believe that whilst later Evora models will soften on price, especially the 400 and GT410 cars (Sport 410's already seem to have softened a lot and are a bargain right now in my opinion - shows the effect of the +0 to the greatest effect on Evora attractiveness in my opinion) I don't expect that demand will fall away, it will always be a very limited edition car to own, and as such the arse will not fall out of the bottom of the prices, instead, the Emira will depreciate faster the more successful its sales are. There's a lot of crap written on here and the rest of the internet re Clutches (I'm on my second Evora and neither my first one - to this day - or my second one has needed a new clutch and the majority, by far of owners I know have NEVER needed a new clutch), LE's, MY12, Series 1 NA v S, 400's, Sport 410/GT410 and GT430's etc. There is a lot of love for the S1, including from me as I owned one for several years, but believe me, as a Sport410 owner the build quality between Series 1 and 4xx is night and day, (though personally I loved my S1 pre MY12 interior with the metal trims but hated the post MY12 revision with its tacky black plastic finish, but ingress and egress from an S1 is much harder than a 4xx due to the high S1 sills). The majority of the comments you receive though are usually based on "get yourself an Evora (insert model here that the person talking to you owns) as this is THE BEST Evora to own". You'll get bullshit around how the S1 NA is underpowered (it is a sub 5 second car and it is not by the way), the S1 S is better (well, it is faster, but not as good handling as the NA so maybe it is better depending on what "better" means to you), the 400 is crap and unloved (this comment from just about every S1 owner who has never owned a 400 model and so is about as informed as Jon Snow but more prejudiced), the Sport 410 is the sweet-spot (see my "insert model here you own" comment above - I still drool all over the carbon and every time I open the garage my knees still wobble - but then they do when I see pictures from @Kimbers(who is the current caretaker) of my previous S1 NA, the GT410 is better than the 400 (it's a Sport 410 with a different front and rear bumper - that's it really, until you get to the GT410 that doesn't have the carbon which is a 400 with a different front and rear bumper) and the GT430 is the Lotus equivalent of a halo car like the Enzo, or P1, GT3RS, etc - it isn't, but it is a damn fine car). If you want an Evora, the time to buy is when a car comes up that is CLOSE to your ideal specification and price point. If you wait for your ideal car (spec, colour etc) then be prepared for a long wait and don't whinge or whine about how long it is taking - you made the choice to be picky so get over it. So, get your budget sorted, get on the internet, and find the best damn Evora you can for the money you have available. They are pretty bullet proof (yes, they have minor irritating niggles but then so do Tesla's), only one big ticket maintenance item (the clutch at £3k), proven and reliable engine and gearbox, the bodies and chassis don't rust (everything else attaches to them does though lol), different to almost anything out there at the price point, rare as hen's teeth, and everyone who see's them on the road waves, points and smiles as it's not a Porsche or Ferrari and looks and sounds cool, so therefore the driver must be cool too. What is anyone waiting for?
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