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  1. @Sparky the only people you could offend are the cockwombles. And the "apologists" who just get upset by the truth Womble on buddy! I got so fed up with the trains I now use planes and buses. 1. It's often cheaper. 2. They're usually on time. So more people please do the same and then the cockwombles on the trains will be out of a job. As for the Unions. They were once a force for good. These days they are just run by self Styled Stalin's who just want to fill their breasts with "solidarity" medals, paid for by their members, as are there inflated salaries, benefits and pensions. The Union movement, amongst other things, needs to be redefined and refreshed for modern times, as largely, they're still in the dark ages
  2. Static PC users matter too! My understanding, which of course is possibly wrong, is that a change to "minimise" quoted posts was implemented for this exact reason, hence you being asked to "expand" said post if you want to see it. Having to scroll back what could be a couple of screens on a phone to get the OP and understand the context fully is a right royal PITA in my experience.
  3. You should read up on the Legacy of New Labour as many of the easements around financial and capital regulation where as a direct result of their policies.
  4. @RobinB5 - tell her you're considering downsizing and selling the house. Show her the nice flats that are for sale in Ross-on-Wye. Thi8s one even has a nice view of the river. Then watch this Evora and see what a nice little deal you can do for it, whilst keeping the Esprit... It's a fantastic colour for an Evora and far nicer than all the drab grey, black and greyish colours that are on the market.
  5. Call the police. Only way to start changing behaviours. Doubt plod will leave Mickey D's drive thru to attend though.
  6. Still trying to work out why my post was edited by a mod.... But watching my Evora on the drive well doing it.
  7. C8RKH

    Formula One

    To be honest, I was asleep by turn 6, not helped by them ditching the last chicane for some reason. Notice how all the moaners about Mercs constant winning seem to be quiet now Red Bull really have turned it into a bore fest. Is it just me, but I find Russells radio chatter frightfully shite, or is that contrite?.
  8. Hmmmm, @drdoom. Name me an industry that does NOT do what you say? I'd argue strongly for instance that the public sector is endemic with that type of behaviour and health. And I'd include the NHS, Surgeons and Consultants, Teachers in that camp too.
  9. They have no right, under legislation and their licence obligations to keep any excess funds in your account if you request repayment. The only reason they can decline is if you have a poor payment tecord. Ofgem says customers can ask for a credit return at any time, and the suppliers should process these requests "promptly". If they don't you raise a formal complaint with your supplier, then escalate to the energy ombudsman. As for usage, I work from home most days. We have computers, tablets, tvs (my pc has four screens permanently on) etc. We use a quooker tap for boiling water, oil for the boiler for heating/showering. Still struggling to understand your usage unless your electric heaters are on full as you're both in your workrooms starkers and want to stay warm.... But then this is you @Kimbers, so it's a possibility I'm sure 😃
  10. My May electricity only cost was £57.66 - almost half what it was in April. I'm at a loss as to how some people are using almost 4x more! Wtf you all doing with it 🤔 4/5 bed house, no EV, 2 adults, day and night use, big garage and power tools, two cars always on battery conditioners....
  11. Great! If my wife gave me an ultimatum of trading my Evora in for a camper van she'd be trading in the house she lives in right now for a flat in Dundee! Conversation last night (and she has no interest in cars) "I'm thinking of buying another car" me says "Another car, why?" she says "Because I can, and now that you've finally been out in the Evora on the Lotus Tour, and enjoyed it, I thought I'd get a proper GT car for us to enjoy more tours" "Oh, OK" she says "So what would you prefer, a Ferrari or an Aston" says I "The Aston" says she "Oh, why?" I asked "Because it's British!" she replied. Nuff said really. She's a definite keeper.... Either way I do fancy a V12 whilst they are still around, will just be a true blood british one as opposed to a red blooded italian one. To keep on topic and stop the hazard jacketed mods from moaning, this means you can stop watching my Evora as it ain't going anywhere, apart from the garage on Saturday as just realised the bloody MOT has run out....
  12. C8RKH

    340r Picture Thread

    That red one is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. No you're talking. Is that a respray or where they available in a colour other the standard steel blue or whatever it is called.
  13. "toss the just stop oil protestor" - wrap them up in a carpet then throw off a cliff. Marks for number of full rotations and add extra marks if they land on end. (obviously only joking just in case some snowflake gets offended!)
  14. The first Lotus picture, top left, is my original NA wheel after it had been done by Royal. I was very, very pleased with their work.
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