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  1. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    What colour red is that. I went weak at the knees at that picture and started to dribble and drool like a hungry baby looking at a nipple!
  2. Evora GTE Registry

    Are you saying GTE#11 is still damaged? Wow, hope not at that price! Does the same logic apply to someone spending millions buying a Ferrari GTO or an original GT40 that has been crashed whilst racing? Surely as long as the repairs have been done professionally and to the correct standard, and the chassis is straight, the fact it has been in an accident is irrelevant. It adds to the history and the patina they would say. I'm more pissed off for @TBD whoi wanted to keep his lovely GTE but was hoodwinked by the lease and insurance companies. It's funny, over on the VX220 you hear a lot of people going on about "ooo, be careful, that VX220 was a Cat C damaged car in 2004" - no shit sherlock, it was also 13 years ago and the car has been fine ever since and passed every MOT since etc etc. I'd be more weary of the fact that not every damaged car gets reported so you are always buying on condition and the history is meh, unless you track down every owner for all the facts, and even then, are they going to tell you they had the whole rear bodywork replaced after their wife reversed the damn thing into a bollard or the garage wall? Just saying.
  3. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Sure looked like it, they were obviously on hot laps versus the warm-up lap.
  4. 2-Eleven values

    I am sure it will but also due to its very nature it is small market car. Just look at how the track focused S1/S2 Elises have gone up in value and to be honest, the 340R looks pig ugly and kit car ish compared to the 211 that even now i think looks stunning. I think the trick with the 211 is patience. However, if I had one, I would worry less about its value rising, and more about where my next track day in it was going to be! Lovely cars those 211's, you are very lucky to have one.
  5. Thanks @bosshog, assuming they are TD 1.3's as opposed to 3.1's? I was specifically looking for lighter wheels but not a fan of the standard Evora "forged" wheels. Lotus Motorsport had a bunch of APP rims in auction and these were light and fitted the bill. I have TD 1.3's on my VX220 and whilst good wheels, I don't fancy them on the Evora. Will probably have to go down the usual route of the Evora Forged wheels through lack of choice at a reasonable price (i.e. less than £2k a set)
  6. RA and O'Leary are in my very humble opinion the very worst example of a gobby, money grabbing, little grub of a company. They seem to work their staff to the bone, constantly criticise customers for flying with them and generally have a what i perceive to be a fook you attitude to everybody and everything. I will open a very expensive bottle of something on the day they fold and hope their staff find better jobs elsewhere quickly.
  7. I thought you got a discount if you offered to clean the toilets for them. Win win, it's the RA way
  8. Evora Sport 410

    Lots of state of the art airports and shopping centre and whole new towns - all with mo people? As well as good roads of course.....
  9. New Lotus fan

    Lovely colour that RCZ. Welcome. "parlais vous Anglais?" - that my friend is just about the sum total of my French, so, your English is marvelous in comaprison
  10. The amount of compensation is not linked to the ticket price, it is set by the EU at Euro250 for a short haul flight that is cancelled at short notice. Add on top the prospect of a hotel room for some, meals etc, and the bill starts to get large very very quickly. Added to that, you could entitled to being rebooked on another arirlines flight, and they are not going to be as cheap as Ryanair either and yet RA pays the bill for it. The protection for EU flyers really is quite immense, which is why when my daughter was living in Canada we always ensured all family flights were with EU based airlines and starting from the EU. You get jack shit with most US and Canadian airlines in my experience.
  11. I would have thought it would cost a lot more than £35k to cancel a flight - 200 passengers at Euro 250 is 50,000 Euro's and if it is the return leg of your journey (some people have been left stranded already) they need to pay extra for hotel and comfort (food and water) and provide overnight accommodation too. The thing that struck me the most when the story broke was that they tried to blame the staff. Then we are told it is because of an admin change to the holiday year. And yet, all through this, did you really get a sense that they gave a flying fook about their passengers from the comms that they pushed out? I vowed 11 years ago NEVER to fly RyanAir again, and I have stuck to that, even when alternatives have been more expensive. I will never fly with them again. End of. The only way to get that company to change, is by boycotting it, but sadly, people will prefer to pay the cheap price and then moan about the experience etc later. Ergo, they will never change. Look at the change in baggage policy. It was Ryan Air that forced everyone to avoid putting stuff in the hold as they jacked the prices up. Then the planes got full inside with bags and stuff. Christ on a bike, no shit Sherlock, did none of the supposed "intelligent" business people in that company not foresee what would happen? All to stop, I presume, RyanAir from having to pay baggage handling fee's etc. Now, they are blaming the passengers for bringing on board a bag that is too big and the delays in finding overhead space for them is delaying their flights. Again, no shit Sherlock. But it's OK, 'cos it is all the fault of the passengers. RyanAir deserves to fly with no passengers and empty planes in my very humble opinion. Trouble is BA is joining them in a race to the bottom - says he who is typing this at the airport waiting for yet another delayed BA flight.......
  12. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Now now Mr Pits. You'll be accused of fanboyism if you carry on in that vein as we all know the only car company who does not publish its numbers fairly are Lotus. Well, that's what so many Porsche owners would have us believe anyway
  13. Even with paint scratches, that I am sure Oakmere can get sorted, it is still a good price.
  14. Very nice. Will give you a fiver each plus P&P on top. You have my address!
  15. What made you happy today?

    Lovely looking motor car and I'm sure that a real blast.