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  1. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I have just used up a whole box of Kleenex this has excited me so much! Woo hoo...
  2. Is that one of the long awaiting Stratton ones? (only joking guys........!)
  3. Interesting @LF1 - my mate just handed back his 3 year old RR Vogue as the interior was in his words starting to look tatty and fall apart already. He was not impressed. I would expect the Qashqai to feel "crappy" over the Disco given it was a third of the price. You would have likely lost the value of the Qashqai in depreciation in the first year on the Disco. Comparing the fit and finish of those two cars is a bit like saying an Exige 350 interior is shite compared to a DB11. Doh, of course it is and look at the 3 times the price difference The Disco4 is built like a truck but stiull suffers from the usual JLR quality/reliability issues. The Crapqai does have its issues but touch wood, we're on our second and nothing has ever gone wrong in either car. I guess Geordies just build better cars than Brummies! hahaha I get you re the crash resilience of the Disco. Is that why some people who drive them and RRovers behave like complete tossers and put other road users lives in danger as they are so "safe" themselves? Note, I said "some" and not "all". If you recall last winter (around March) the weather was absolutely atrocious. Well, my wifes Crapqai was the ONLY car actually travelling south in the snow drifts (the rest were stuck!) on the M74 through the night. You could not even see the central reservations as they were buried in the snow. On that 290 mile journey in totally atrocious weather including 4ft snow drifts and white out driving conditions over SHAP on the M6, the car was perfect. as we had a plane to catch in Manchester to go on holiday and we were not going to miss it. I never tried to pull anybody out in it as I was too selfish and wanted to get to Manchester for the flight, but it was on its standard road tyres, not "off road" tyre and never missed a single beat and got us there in one piece. Now as a result of that epic drive I would not presume to say my wife's Crapqai was better than your Discovery. But I will say it got us there when many other vans, trucks, cars and 4x4's were abandoned on the motorways. So given that, for £24k it was and is an absolute bargain and hugely capable in my humble opinion. We don't have any snotty little kids to transport in it, nor shit machine dogs or any other livestock, so it is in fact just what she needs and fits the bill perfectly as we don't need a vehicle the size of a Disco. We did consider an Evoque but the reliability issues put us off even more. I have been in several Disco 4's (they all the rage up here in rural Perthshire with the RRover's and every poor farmer seems to have two), but usually leave them feeling sea sick! Anyway, glad you were all safe in your smash. That the Disco was fixed and you're pleased with it. We'll keep the Crapqai though thanks.
  4. C8RKH


    The 640i is a lard bucket and all those fancy electronic gizmo's will make the £3k for a new Evora clutch seem like a bargain IF they go wrong. The 640i will be ideal for cruising A roads in the UK - quite quick (in a straight line), reasonable ride, but very big for smaller roads. However, wish you the best with it.
  5. C8RKH

    How did you do it?

    Let's just hope it doesn't come too early.
  6. C8RKH

    How many Evora 'Sport 410's were made?

    150 was the global figure not the UK figure @JayEmm but nobody believed that Lotus would sell 150 of them a year. Or did they? 🤣 My car (the only RHD Fire Red and 1 of only 2 Fire Red's - switch to Clarkson voice - "in the world!") being one of 25 in the UK makes it probably rarer than a GT430 as apparently loads of them have been sold and almost as rare as a GTE. Woo hoo...
  7. C8RKH

    How did you do it?

    She even dyed her hair carbon black to match the car. That's gotta be a keeper. Errr, the wife that is, not the car......! I had mine at 48 - it arrived early. My wife said that was typical of me as I'm always early. 24 years for me and the same approach. We must be doing something right eh Dan?
  8. C8RKH

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    What, not even for a 410 or a 430! ;)
  9. C8RKH

    JLR on shutdown

    Lol. Have a beer for me on her!
  10. C8RKH

    JLR on shutdown

    Well that attitude would bugger the tens of thousands of Scots who thought it was so good they moved to little Englander and those who work elsewhere! Plus very quickly the gene pool would degenerate even worse too! 🤩
  11. C8RKH

    JLR on shutdown

    @PaulCP you surely missed the *smallprint *it's all because of brexit really!
  12. C8RKH

    JLR on shutdown

    Ah, WLTP, one of the EU's finest hours. Lovely. Nice one. You could well be spot on there Thomas but of course companies like JLR will not want to speak the truth when they can use BREXIT to influence a political point to their advantage.
  13. C8RKH

    JLR on shutdown

    Lol. Guess this should be another thread te Indyref. JLR will I am sure be back to normal working patterns in the new year if not before. There is a lot of uncertainty around right now with Brexit - though it does look like the EU have realised no deal is bad for them too and the predicted last minute shuffle is on - and Trump with his trade wars with Chine etc. I do believe this coupled with a general slow down in car sales has created a glut of over priced mid-upper sector vehicles, hence the need to slow down general building. What I am not sure about is wether this is a short term hiccup or a longer term trend. Younger people in the UK, living in the cities are not buying as many cars too, they are not as wedded to the car as us older people. In short a whole lot of shit going on, but is it a temporary shift or the new norm?
  14. C8RKH

    JLR on shutdown

    True. But thank god I get a vote in Indyref2 and the Scots in England don't (that includes my mum who is a Scot in Englander) By jove does that wind them up but then rather than being there by an accident of birth I chose to live there, contribute to the society and coffers and generally make the place look pretty. Never understood why people who chose to leave think they shoukd have a vote on what happens to the people who actually live there. How's that @auRouge for argumentative lol 🏸 They'd like to but we contribute too much cash for them to do it. However everyone like me I know is already making plans to leave if it happens so feck only knoes what that does to the public coffers!
  15. C8RKH

    How many Evora 'Sport 410's were made?

    Anf I think I know who bought it... They'll be along when they are ready.