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  1. Blimey, @Alfa2Evora, it looks like you've also lost a few kilo's too. You have to ask on why on earth that stock airbox is fitted.
  2. Same bars on my Type 116 and they've been abused and still all good. I'd say just unlucky as opposed to a regular issue.
  3. I'd love to do the trip with it, but living where I live in Scotland in would be nigh on a 9 hour, possibly 10 hour, drive just to get to you lol.... I hope you do get some others interested as the route is lovely and around Evora there are some great roads to have some fun on and hardly any traffic either. Good luck with the planning and the trip! As an aside, I do believe one or two owners on here live near your route, especially Angoueleme general area so maybe you could meet up for lunch, dinner or just a drive on local roads with a local guide.
  4. I'll give you some other letters to go with that "e"!
  5. Well I only missed out a single O and it has historic racing so not a jump of faith there surely lol...
  6. I travel in planes every week. The last thing I would want to do was to jump out of a perfectly good one at any height other than the height of the airbridge! I've been to Evora in Portugal, went there last year as part of wee holiday with the wifey taking in Lisbon, Evora and Vilamoura. Very nice part of the world and Evora itself is a nice wee town. Would be happy to go back again but not by falling out of a plane. I'm just too much of a wimpy burger to do it and am sure my hands would be glued with gorilla glue to the door opening... Looks like a nice route. You should think about doing it in September as you pass fairly close to Anguelem and they have a wonderful weekend of vintage/historic racing through the town.
  7. Excellent news Paul, I really do hope you can get in the saddle so to speak soon. It must be incredibly frustrating right now. Hope to see you at the VX national this year?
  8. I can only speak from my own experience. Last April i traded in my 2010 NA for a new Evora 410 Sport. The dealer offered me a great deal, a good discount on the 410 Sport (they had had it in stock but unregistered for a while) and they offered me just £500 less than I paid for my 2010 NA some 3 years before (I had taken the mileage from 15k to 25k). As @Colin P says it will depend on a number of factors. If the new car is in stock, and not a special or new order at the factory then I am sure you will get a good deal. Now is also potentially a good time as many dealers will be looking to close their financial year end at the end of March. How quickly can you move? I'd also recommend taking some of the deal on Finance. The dealer gets a kick back and you have much stronger come back if things possibly do go wrong. You can always pay it off early, say 6 months in at little extra real cost to you. Good luck and give Aimee at Silverstone a ring!
  9. I had a high day today. The missus was off to her regular Saturday boot camp (well, one of us has to be fit and healthy for our retirement and my money is on her wiping my arse rather than the other way around!). The sun was shining. I was up early as usual so thought well hey, it's a high time for a high day! So off I went, 3.5 hours with nowhere to go just drive. Up hill. Round Loch. Through valley. Left. Right. Apart from a stop off for a square slice roll and a lovely coffee, it was just me and the Evora all the way. No idea how many miles I drove but it was a full tank of fuel! ( oooopppps!).
  10. I could not agree more with your comments here re efficiency and innovation. In fact, one of the things I was betting on with Brexit was good old fashioned British ingenuity being deployed to help us get out of the mess. I would add however, that one of the biggest issues many of our businesses face is the recent, over the past 10 years or so, drive to the American system of demanding quarterly results improvements and the increase in the number of "accountants" that companies are employing. It seems these days that every Director, CFO or CEO, seems to expect 3, 4 or 5% revenue gains and profits every quarter to be successful. That is just not sustainable in most sectors and businesses and leads to a lack of investment (spending on modernisation, lean, efficiency and people eats into short term returns), short term planning cycles and a boom, boom, bust approach. Recent examples of this include Carillion, Interserve and almost took Capita out. A lot of decision making today, in government and business, is for short term gain and damn the future epitomised by the previous Labour Governments joke of a letter at the Treasury re the cupboards all being emptied!
  11. Wow. That's made me smile and I look forward to buying him a beer/wine for a job well done in September.
  12. I found some of your posts quite unecessary bordering on offensive so responded and addressed them. That's all. I too can have feelings you know. As someone famous once said "just because you are offended it does not mean you are right". You are just more subtle about it than me.
  13. Maybe you're really the love child of Lilly Allan and will now go forth and apologise to the world on our behalf! There's still time for you to move to Europe, I'll even help you by hiring a van for you. Go on now, toddle off. We wouldn't want you to be any more embarrassed than you need to be. If we hurry, we can get you there for lunch before Daddy Juncker finishes all the wine. I can see a big picture too by the way. It's just different to the one you can see and in my opinion better. I find it a bit sharper than yours. A little more adventurous. The brush strokes used are better defined, strong, and give a feeling of confidence and have an air of aspiration about them. It just looks to me more authentic. More honest. Whilst at the same time reducing the opaque and the translucent. As such, I'm not embarrassed by it. Shame you can't see it, I am sure it is altogether better than the one you are looking at. A Munch isn't it, yours? A fine observation on the Norway deal, in its own way too.
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