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  1. Let's hope he just gets a push bike next....
  2. What a stunner @Vanya. Will be a lovely cruiser that.
  3. The IPS will still shift consistently at the same time whereas the manual is down to the driver. Also on 0-60 launches you'll batter the manual clutch. Hence why I don't think 0-60 times are a good measure. The speed of change for the IPS is documented somewhere but I can't be arsed to research it as on holiday. As for the DSG, yeah, it's great but so what. You cannot get it on a Lotus so it's all a bit moot. Spending the last four days blasting around the IoM with someone in an IPS 400 and I can tell you the IPS works fine and with the auto blips sounds epic! Just choose the version you want or is available in the spec you want.
  4. Apologies. I need to stop reading Porsche specialist websites such as these and also seeing the real stories on the various Youtube and other petrol focused websites. There is a difference between the repeating of a 40 year old saying that is more akin to a folklore than actually reading recent occurrences of events by real owners and specialists. The real utter nonsense in my point of view is how this particular brand is held as being unimpeachable. Next you'll be telling me that the fairy doors I'm seeing on the houses in the IoM are not real.
  5. I suppose you're assuming the gear ratios are the same? O-60 times, are they really a prudent measure of gear shift time?
  6. If that is the Scottish KT430 then that was Saj's car and he spent lavishly on its upkeep.
  7. Just wow! And you thought Brexiteers were bad!....... The Independent: EU accused of adopting ‘fascist rhetoric’ with new Commissioner For Protecting Our European Way of Life to oversee immigration policy.
  8. And this was part of the problem for me with the frog march towards a Federal European State. Oh, but how silly of me, it must have been about immigration and the fact that I'm a right wing, stupid, bigotted, racist according to many in the Remain camp who were just sleepwalking over the cliff edge.
  9. I love the +2 Elans. Superb shape. I know, I know, but it's a +2 - don't care, would have one in a heartbeat with the oatmeal interior....
  10. Ouch! Hopefully @spitfireengineering will have an Evora upgrade kit like they do for the VX, Elise and Exige?
  11. You're a top man in my book then! Or is that goat. Or whatever....
  12. Not at all, I just think that there are not many people walking around with £60k in their wallets or purses. Some people prefer buying from a dealer for the warranty and cover especially with "toy" cars like ours. Some prefer to part use finance, again, for the added cover. I think your price is OK to cheap for a lovely, rare machine!
  13. Lovely car in a great colour combo. Good luck with the sale though time of year and value might be against you...
  14. I have an opinion on opinions as you well know Colin. However, can't wait for Friday and our trip to the IoM!
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