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  1. But regardless of whether there is or isn't, the devil is always in the detail so RTFP! And don't assume anything (like I did earlier)
  2. I stand corrected! I always assumed you were covered for your regular commute. However, I have only ever had comp insurance in 37 years of driving.
  3. Essential journey? 😂🤣 Great picture though, the green contrasts nicely with the yellow.
  4. SDP usually includes your travel to your single usual place of work. I.e. your daily commute, as @andydclementssays. That is part of the domestic bit is it not No business use at all which includes travel between locations of work (offices, homes, depots etc).
  5. I've used divine handcraft for decals as have many on here. Not sure of the size though John.
  6. Yeah, cos even Hyundai knows how thick the average EV driver was and so had to build that in as a feature! And won't be compatible with the "open" road.
  7. C8RKH


    You write like you worked for the News of the World, but that, like Remain, is a thing of the past. Thankfully.
  8. I live in the middle of nowhere several miles from my exchange on the top of some hills. My broadband is rubbish obviously! But then the wife was streaming and casting to the TV, and the son was watching a Netflix series, and I was working with my VPN. Usually it is about 55-65Mbps
  9. In traditional english is that translated to: You gotta love those marketing types.
  10. But luckily "Not zee R. A. F.!" And her answer was?
  11. These cars are super rare, even when new. I don't think sales will go down or up. They will remain static as there will always by a dozen or so potential buyers with around 20 cars to choose from. The issue is some people will still think prices will fall, so will look and not buy (and forever miss the experience) and others will just come straight in, find what they want (a compromise on spec/colour will be made) and buy. That's it. I don't think there is any more logic to it than that for such a niche motor car.
  12. You can do the ceramic coating yourself and it does actually help to keep the PPF clean too. I find the PPF untreated can be a bitch to really clean properly.
  13. I also love the feel of alcantara. As the wife is now getting on a bit, I politely suggested I treated her to a full Alcantara retrim so she'd be all soft and cuddly again. Thankfully, the week I was in the ICU ward there were no COVID positives. Phew!!!!
  14. I bet that shell was still rusting away even sat there. I always thought they could only do 3 day rally events max. As by the 4th day the shell had rusted to dust.
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