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  1. New Tesla Roadster.

    When I'm El Presidente of the UK all this pish will be banned. Churchill Cigars will be handed out to all over the age of 21 to be smoked on my birthday and all the tax on diesel, diesel cars, and cars with engines smaller than 2ltr will be trebled to allow the removal of all tax on petrol and petrol cars greater than 2ltr. As daft as those policies sound they are no dafter than tge current energy policies and initiatives in real life today in the West.
  2. New Tesla Roadster.

    We're banging our heads against the wall Andy. People have been brain washed into blindly believing the future is EV and solar. many people are getting wealthy / rich on the back of this gravy train and many are just blind to the reality involved. You only have to try to drive down a street in England in the evening to see why it will not work. People can't even park outside of their own houses, so how are those who have EV charging points going to access them. As for a solar panel in the roof of the car - yeah, good luck with that getting you more than a couple of miles a day! Would love to see the facts on all this stuff, independently verified of course.
  3. New Tesla Roadster. Solar panels use up further quantities of rare earth metals etc. You really do need to see further than the vending machine the coolaid came from Jonny! haha And people don't seem to realise the difference between recycling and re-using. Recycling uses up further resources to change from one thing to another. it has an environmental cost too. But hey, let's not worry about the facts.... If you want an EV, go buy one. No skin of my nose, though i do resent my taxes being used to part fund it and to part fund the development of it. Just don;t expect me to want to buy one too or try to convince me it is something I don't believe it is. As I've said before, for me, motoring is a pleasure as is motorsport. it's as much about the noise of the combustion engine as anything else. I've seen a formula e race in the flesh. It left me cold. All that buzzing and just did not do it for me. We can argue "facts" all day long - you believe you are right, i believe i am right. So we are both right. Win:Win. Meanwhile, I'll take the petrol engined car home please. Toodle pip...
  4. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Where's Parker and Penelope?
  5. New Tesla Roadster.

    What's wrong with it other than I spelt "things" wrong as "thongs"? Anyone who thinks an electric vehicle is that much greener than a conventional vehicle over its full life time is quite frankly deluded. Today's cars are now almost 95% recyclable and so the main difference in whether an EV is "greener" really comes down to the fuel used to propel during its life and the length of its life. It's easy to calculate the "green cost" of petrol or diesel over the cars life - basic math around miles covered / average mpg will get you close to a realistic figure. Then add in some extra for the oil used as well, say 7ltrs per year of running sounds more than reasonable for most cars. Voila, you get a "green cost to run" for its lifetime. Now, on the EV side, you need to factor in to the equation the extra environmental cost of the mining of the precious earth metals and the other precious and highly poisonous stuff that goes into the batteries. Then how long do the batteries last? How are they charged (nuclear, gas, coal, wind, solar?) How many charging cycles used and what is the cost of disposing or recycling these batteries. When you realise how much goes into the EV, the environmental impact is huge and let's be honest, the mileage per effort that goes into the charge is woeful right now. Yes these things will get better. But if we were really serious about saving the planet, reversing the impacts of carbon based fuel, we'd be ploughing the money into hydrogen fuel cells and other tech. EV's are there because investors (private and companies) have invested huge sums into convincing the politicians of this world, many of whom will benefit personally in some way no doubt from these investors or their companies actions, that this is the way to go. They are a solution but not the only solution. In fact, they are such a bad proposition that currently they only work financially with government/tax subsidies and to counter this the EV manufacturers are trying to dream up other uses and benefits to strengthen their argument (use it as a battery for your home, yadda dadda....) The business case around EV's is horrendous. The cost of the charging infrastructure required for whole scale adoption is £billions. The disruption will be huge - and not in a good way. It is not just the charging stations that are needed. Sub stations in every street, town, an city will need to be upgraded and the whole energy transmission system needs to be updated. A further cost of many £billions. The economic case does not stack up. The environmental case does not stack up. The only people who need this to work are the investors and stakeholders who need to make a return. The facts are out there. Go do your own proper research and then draw your own conclusions. But the whole EV phenomena is a giant ponzie scheme that will crash. Remember, it was only 15 years or so ago that every bugger completely swallowed the hype around diesel being the future and petrol being the anti-god. Look how that has turned out? look at the damage done by the flawed policies and broken promises from the same people who are now pushing EV's. The facts are what make many of my rants quality. I just wish people wpould really open their eyes and stop swallowing the bull shit they are being fed on a daily basis. 50 years ago, are towns were full of electric milk floats that delivered milk, orange juice, butter, yoghurt, eggs, bread and other stuff direct to the door in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. The milk bottles and orange juice bottles were made from glass. They were washed and recycled and re-used hundreds of times. Over the past 50 years we've gone backwards not forwards on this stuff. Why? Because the population got lazy and retailers got greedy. Now we have the same stuff delivered by supermarkets in large, smelly, diesel, fume and carcinogenic particulate spitting out vans. The Scottish Government, that beacon of progressive politics, not, has hit on the brainwave that we will have a bottle tax and people will be paid a deposit back when returning their plastic bottles. Nothing to do with the fact that 50 years ago the politicians in the Scottish Government used to probably, like me, supplement their weekly pocket money as kids by chasing down old lemonadne bottles from companies like Barrs to get the 5p deposit back on them so they could be re-used. Like the milk bottles, the key thing is they were re-used, not re-cycled. Reusing takes a wash, recycling takes energy to transform one format to another. Which do you think is greener? So my dear friend. Throw in all the facts you like. let's make a debate out of the rant. We haven't got any more of a bloody clue now than we had 50 years ago. The only difference is you have people like Jobs, Musk and others who have made an art form of parting fools with their money in the chase of a pointless utopia that delivers nowt! For crying out loud, i love being an old curmudgeonly git!
  6. Sure there will be but about 5-10% more expensive.
  7. New owner intro

    Lovely car that Gareth. nice one. Enjoy....
  8. New Tesla Roadster.

    Not all progress is good or welcomed by all. Electric cars. Driverless cats. Meh. Soon thete will be no fun left at all. And these thongs are no more green than anything else. It's just a con. But heh, we're all different and like dofferent things. Me. If I wanted to drive an electric car I'd just get my scalextric out.
  9. New Tesla Roadster.

    You missed out that currently the Tesla and all its figures apart from the seating are fiction, whereas the Chiron's are known. But again, to be honest, if I have $200k or $3m there are alternatives to both I would buy over these... Neither lights my fire to be honest.
  10. how much to charge electric company

    Meh! Longer answer - solution looking for a problem, not needed, not necessary
  11. That's a bloody good price and lovely looking car. Very very nice. If I was looking for an Evora that would be on my list. Priced for a yorkshireman too
  12. What made you happy today?

    That red V8 would look lovely with my red V6 Evora, Scarlet. I could call it Johansson. That way I could go out to the garage to play with Scarlet and Johanson! That looks very purdy John indeed.
  13. Euro's not pounds. Can none of you Yorkshiremen actually read?