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  1. What did she break? Ankle? Leg? Hip? Rib? Arm?
  2. As opposed to Watford's premier comedy house...
  3. So when will you be posting up your carbon rim options for Elise/Exige/Evora and Emira?
  4. @Relic222 - nice write-up and feedback. But you forgot the important bit, the Tesla is really, really fast! Lol. They probably got one purely down to the BIK tax rate to be fair.
  5. So, went to see this. Was not sure what to expect as had "bad" memories of the previous film with Sting iirc. Well, all i can say is after sitting through 3 hours of it in the cinema I can't wait for the next episode! Absolutely loved it! Thought it was very slick in production and the story went at a good pace to keep you interested, but really developed the characters. Nice one.
  6. Once moving, if you want to make really rapid progress on the road then 2nd and 3rd will give you tons of torque, lots of response, at speeds between 30 and 90 mph, and a great rifle action feel. No issues at all with the gearbox/ratios at all in those situations...
  7. Argh - only weekend I can't do as in London for the James concert on the Friday night, and tickets already booked for the cycling world cup at the Olympic velodrome. Enjoy everyone, see you next year if I live that long lol...
  8. Hi Grahame, your modesty around your models is totally refreshing in this day and age. I personally have absolutely loved seeing your models (so much so I casted the pictures from my phone to my sons 70" 4k TV so I could see and appreciate all the details in high definition). I just wanted to say thank you for sharing bud. I really appreciate you letting me in to what is obviously a passion for you. So, a heartfelt thank you. I've had a shit day so far and your pictures and models really brightened up my day! ๐Ÿ‘
  9. I would say that Porsche is the Evil Empire, and Geely is like Jabba the Hut - big beast holding the Lotus chains.... The Dark Side is of course, an EV. Here's the Emperor charging his Tesla: Oh and to keep on topic, if my Emira was a GT/Weekend car I'd go V6 and MANUAL. A daily driver - then V6 auto or I4 DCT If it was a fast toy/track focused car I'd go I4 DCT (but in reality would probably spend my money on a manual Exige).
  10. "Use the four Luke" "The four is strong in this one" - unlike the manual which is a weak point What did the Evora say to the Emira? "I am your father" I could go on all day....
  11. C8RKH


    That's behind a paywall so can't read the full article, however, your headline is like the BBC, misleading! What it says is "supply chain disruption leading to fears of water treatment chemical shortage". This is different to the government apparently giving the green light! However, the reality is, I believe, that the Environment Agency (which is by the way a non-department public body so NOT part of a government body - so NOT the Government!), introduced a waiver to temporarily relax the rules until the end of the year (not forever!), on Tuesday of last week, so that some companies could APPLY (so no automatic right granted) for some waste to not go through the third and final stage of treatment which uses Ferric Sulphate to suppress (not eradicate) the growth of algae. There is currently NO SHORTAGE of Ferric Sulphate reported by an of the water companies in the UK, and so, to date, there has been NO APPLICATION for the waiver lodged by ANY water company. The Agency has taken this action as a precautionary action only. So surprise, surprise, YET AGAIN, we have fearmongering and scaremongering around what Brexit might do, BEFORE it is happened. This pattern of "news" has been endemic in many branches of our so called "free press" and the BBC ever since the Brexit result was announced (and actually long before it). I for one am getting fed up of the half arsed statements that are spread as in fact because people cannot read further than the headline!
  12. C8RKH


    Raw Sewage is not put into Rivers by the government. it is dumped into the rivers by irresponsible water companies, farmers and others. Indeed, let's not forget the massive fine that Southern Water were quite rightly hit with earlier this year. I'm not sure what your point was @MJON, I may have missed it, but I can assure you raw sewage finds its way onto beaches and into rivers an alarming number of times. Apologies if I got the "shitty" end of the stick there.
  13. C8RKH

    New to Lotus

    Oh yes I do! Lovely car that. Stunning.
  14. C8RKH


    To be honest Doug that reads more like a list of grievances and whines than explaining how the UK Government / Ministers get away with zero accountability. I can assure you that lots or people in the private sector get away with being, feckless, clueless, useless in their workplace. A lot of them get promoted, some to the Board, even though they have left a trail of chaos behind them. So I'm going to say the case is not proven imho. Great rant though ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
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