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  1. After this 6 pack @Sparky will be legolass!
  2. Surely someone with an LF1 / GP spec Lotus would love this!
  3. Probably because the warranty claims are racking up and they need to reduce the cost to them of them. The more cars they sell the more warranty claims, the bigger the cost, the larger the drag on profits and cash. Welcome to the real world Tesla.
  4. Was that because it only had 1 forward and 6 reverse gears and spent most it's time wondering what side of the road to be on?
  5. Oh yes, makes their legs look like a couple of miss-shaped sausages out of the machine! However we could take the conversation to a whole new level and talk about extremely unfit people who eat doughnuts and see fit to go out fully attired in "fitness wear" to go shopping. FFS, really? If you've got all the gear then get your fat arse to the gym instead of to the Krispy Kreme counter! (oh, and I'm very much on the big boned side myself - which is why I don't wear tracksuits, leotards or leggings!) so know a little bit (well, OK a large bit) about this - I'm not some skinny little sh
  6. You are being incredibly sexist with that comment and post. I've friggin' seen MEN wear leggings! No. No. No. No. It's just not a good look on anyone. And actually @LotusLeftLotusRight you forgot about the camel toe effect on most women who wear them. It's traumatising.
  7. Uh rah! @Colin P Totally spot on.
  8. @PaulCP I do despair at the presenters/reporters and so called journalists. My understanding is that the £60m the government offered Mr. Burnham was the same amount (per citizen) as Liverpool and the other areas were offered. So why not ask the tough question of Mr. Burnham and ask "Mr. Burnham, it would seem the £60m offered is absolutely in line, based on value per citizen, with the "deals" provided to Liverpool and other places in the same position. Can you explain why you think Manchester should be given a better settlement to anyone else?" Not a hard question for an investigative jou
  9. Seeing yet another pathetic excuse for a member of the shadow cabinet in action today in Parliament made me unhappy today. As far as I could see the only "SCUM" in the house today was Angela. What on earth has happened to the Labour party? A party that was once the proud champion of the working person has declined into the party of the wannabe celebrity. I was born in the 60's in Liverpool. Lived through the good and the bad times since and for the first 40 years or so of my life was an avid Labour supporter but did have a little thing for Maggie as she had the guts to do some things tha
  10. 410 Sport for the win. Less number made and sold than even the GT430. Bloody superb cars ooozing with carbon.... For some reason they seem to hang about though. Not sure why probably too manly for all those softies who want the +2 for the dog/kids hahahahahahaha.....
  11. I've just made a tinfoil hat and put it on. The buggers are coming...
  12. Isn't that just a "usual" Saturday night in Welwyn?
  13. He looks like a fat parrot! So Roger, who ate all the Trill?
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