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  1. C8RKH

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    Wonderful quote. Wonderful idea. Are you listening Lotus? Everyone still remembers the Golf adverts!
  2. C8RKH

    Essex Random Images.......

    Can't find him on Linkedin, but, does he also have an Abbey?
  3. C8RKH

    Evora Crash on M40

    I agree @auRouge. I was driving down Sunday from Scotland to Cheshire on the M74 near Moffat. Rain was hammering down and lots of standing water. I was doing 70mph, outside lane in my little commuter Clio over taking a lorry when a a complete [email protected] in a big Merc 4x4 came hammering up behind me at ridiculous speed and nearly parked in my boot! Said [email protected] proceeded to stay so close to my rear all I could see out the mirror was the top of his bonnet! Once past the lorry I pulled in and the [email protected] went past like the devil was on his heels. Half expected to see him further down the motorway upside down in a field. The speed he was going was obscene and the weather conditions really were atrocious. Complete knob jockey and just reaffirmed my view of people who drive that type of car. The number of BMW 5, Audi 4,5 and 6 drivers that past me at well over 80mph was astounding as the amount of standing water, and water running across the motorway, was biblical.
  4. C8RKH

    Euro question - 23rd June

    No, I think ( but don't know) that you are looking at this all wrong. The EU is a trading block for 27 countries. So, if you want to trade with ANY country within the block then you need to trade with the BLOCK's rule - i.e. all 27 countries will trade with YOU the same way - as one. That is the whole point of being a block - so the block members do not need to worry about their own deals as they are covered by the EU one. Being a part of the EU "block" means that you cannot conduct your own trade deals and this was one of the foundations of the reasons for Brexit - the freedom for the Uk to choose who to trade with and how. So by leaving the EU we get to negotiate a trade deal with the EU block (not with 27 countries, but the EU) AND we get to negotiate a trade deal with whomever else we wish, whether a trading block or an individual country (but not one that is a trading block as you need to trade with the block!). I'm probably making it harder than it needs to be.
  5. C8RKH

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Why? The EU is a block, so if you're not in it then you trade from outside the block. But still only "one block" navigate otherwise, well, it's just 27 countries doing what they want (which largely describes the EU anyway). Your question has confused me.
  6. C8RKH


    JUST DO IT! Almost 4 years ago I bought my first Lotus, a 2010 Evora NA. I fell in love with that car (still am) and bought a Type116 2 years ago. In April of this year I traded my very reliable NA Evora in for a brand new Evora 410 Sport. I've done 5k miles in it in 6 months and I love it. Apart from a cosmetic issue, fixed under warranty, it has been 100% reliable. It is well screwed together. Sounds like nothing else. And makes my knees go weak every time I see it. I have never spent, nor did I ever think I would ever spend, that much wonga on a car. Don't regret a penny and just love it. Oh, and my Type 116 is almost 18 years old. 57k miles. Super quick and a hoot on the track. Lotus have been making great, reliable cars for years. It's just a well kept secret! Have you bought it yet?
  7. C8RKH

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    I have a wife and two cars made in Hethel. I cannot afford one, let alone three mistresses. However, to rectify this issue I do plan to stand and be elected as the MEP for my local area now that it seems clear Brexit will not be happening.
  8. I'm the same as Jonny. Took my Evora badge of my S1 NA and I can assure you it never needed any re-work or had accident damage. Just 10 minutes with the wife's bestest hairdryer and it was off. She went ballistic when she found it in the garage in a box of tools. So much for sharing.....
  9. C8RKH

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    The first thing I would do is to call them back and formally request a copy and a transcript of the whole conversation as formal record.
  10. He gave a clue that it was the fronts in his OP "have been informed by my other half who I was following in the car"
  11. C8RKH

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    I honestly had not realised that they had automobiles and new fangled technology in Carlisle.
  12. C8RKH

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    I got chased in my 410 Sport around a Tesco car park in Perth by an older lady who pulled up across the car after i had parked. She patiently waited for me to get out. Gave me a huge smile. Then just said "i just had to follow you. Your car is absolutely beautiful. I just wanted you to know". Absolutely made my day.
  13. I had an NA S1 with 2bular headers and the lotus sports exhaust and I would be confident that you would be OK
  14. @WayneG search on here and t'internet for GARW LCD Dash. Youtube videos and websites have details. GARW is the manufacturer.