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  1. Evora GT430

    I can. The Porsche as always HAD to WIN!
  2. Anyone speak Latin?

    How about trnslating this to English @Sparky Est bar arcessito dispensatore domus @Sparky trolling good job I went to a comprehensive school.
  3. Anyone speak Latin?

    minima fluctus clibano
  4. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    The S1 SR was a fully optioned model like the Hethel 400. In base form the 400 has all you could want. The 410 and 430 are more focused sports models that can be specified softer if I have got it right. The 400 with a targa is what is needed now.
  5. Anyone speak Latin?

    Did they not use arrows and catapults? Or was shot, invented as part of the "gun shot" term?
  6. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    I'd like to see them keep the 400 as a "softer" car, with it's +2 configuration, to the GT cars. Not everyone will want the more focused GT spec. Just an opinion and can see where you are coming from. I also think that if they could sell the 400 at say £70k then that would be a good price point for them.
  7. Is it just me (NLC)

    @Steve V8 - I was like that. A die hard red (Labour) supporter and could never see beyond that party and why I would want to vote for anyone else. I blindly followed them, through the good and the bad, like a football supporter whose team deserved their loyalty despite how they performed on the pitch. It was New Labour and Tony Blair and his cronies that finally gotten me to wake up. It was like my team had been taken over by a Russian Oligarch or a Middle Eastern Prince, all flash cash and no sense of history, of tradition, of loyalty, or class. I woke up to the fact that it was hard to describe who actually were the working class any more. The barriers and thresholds have been blurred. I was earning a good wage, but still considered myself to be working class as I was working 60, 70 and 80 hours a week sometimes for that wage and as management the "overtime" was expected but unpaid. Lately, I have come to realise that it is parties like Labour who actually thrive by keeping the perception of the classes - the divide between those that have and those that don't - alive. It is not in there interest for the masses of the working classes to move up the chain to middle class. So instead of truly working for the "working class" what they do is to attack the middle class to drag them down. That's hardly an aspirational play is it. Everyone is quick to remember the sins of Thatcher in the 80's. But the one thing she did was to create an environment where if you were prepared to work hard, to take your chances, then you could succeed and profit. If only she hadn't clung on to power at the end for that last, disastrous 3rd term, her legacy would have been so much different. Imagine if she was PM no during Brexit. The EU would be absolutely shitting themselves as they would know that in Thatcher the UK had a leader who would ONLY put the interests of the UK first and would fight like a cornered tiger for her people and country. May is such a huge disappointment. She is so weak wristed and wishy washy. She would do well to look back to Thatcher's example and get hold on some of her true grit. As quick as everyone is to remember Thatcher, people seem to be equally quick of forgetting about New Labour. The mess with the tuition fee's - yes, it was Labour that brought these in, not the Tories. Utilities - well, although Thatcher complied with the EU ruling we privatisation it was actually 2 years later when the bill to make it law was passed by, yup, the Labour Government of the time. Pensions - well, I'll just leave that word there and say no more. We can go on. Corbyn has already proven on so many occasions that he cannot be trusted. After the last election he could not back pedal fast enough on the promise of wiping off student loans and debt. On nationalisation he cannot put forward a budget or a cost for this policy. The biggest problem with the UK is as you have pointed out Steve. Politics is tribal, like football. And as such, supporters are entrenched and hard to move. likely we will get a Labour government in next. But like with Churchill after the war, how long before we realise the mistake? Corbyn has many good views and he is a good orator in front of the people. But he is a ruthless leader and it really is, above everything else, about the power and position for him, in my humblest of opinions. Trotksy. Lenin. Stalin. Mao. All men of the people. At the start..........
  8. Is it just me (NLC)

    It's all a con though as he wants to make the "establishment" all encompassing and MacDonald wants to make you a part of it - the establishment will think for you and control you. It's quite stunning that they do not see just how "controlling" Corbyn and MacDonald are. There is no alternative though unless the Conservatives stop taking huge chunks out of themselves.
  9. Is it just me (NLC)

    I don't think Corbyn is really credible. Some of his positions and thoughts have merit, but time and time again he has shown that when it really comes down to the hard stuff he isn't made of it. The youngsters will probably forget that he backtracked right after the last election on uni fee's - that's how stupid they are too. I can't remember where i read it, but apparently the analysis has been done and the "young surge in labour voters" wasn't that at all. Only worry is the Conservatives are doing such a good job at destroying themselves I cannot see who will stop Labour and Corbyn.
  10. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    400 with the new nose and either the new back bumper or current at around £75k plus options with standard +2 GT410 at £85k with +2 at extra cost GT430's starting at £110k (I think for) with no +2 or maybe with extra cost I'd have thought that would keep everyone happy. Specc'ed up my Gt410 and it would be almost bang on £100k but what a car it would be....... Just need the balls to do it - never ever spent anywhere near that on a car before and finding it hard to justify but christ have Lotus made it hard. I do think that even at £100k the GT410 (in my preferred spec) is a fair and good price for a lot of car.
  11. I had a single din radio in my Evora. Went to my local car audio shop, they put a double din alpine in and added the reversing camera. Apart from buying the radio and camera, they charged me nothing to fit it and it took them half a day in total. Sometimes, it's just better to get someone who know's what they are doing to do it!
  12. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Perfect. Thank you. Interior pictures please. Come on now. Chop chop......!
  13. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    That's lovely @Bibs - interior shots too please as these are in very short supply even from lotus! Is there a price list anywhere for the GT410 and the options - as usual, cannot seem to find one anywhere. Enjoy the ride. Unlike @Barrykearley I'm totally fookin' jealous!
  14. Is it the same as the simply sports cars one:
  15. Meat, Vegetarianism, Vegan?

    We'll be growing burgers, kebabs, hot dogs an steak and ale pies on the backs of cows soon. Surrogate food production.