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  1. @Mysterae is spot on. Just wet wood and if I'm honest you'd have a dick on your forehead if you thought that was a good, or economical, or efficient thing to burn. I have two large stores - about 3m x 4m x 3m and the wood goes into the left one for 2 years to dry naturally and then into the right one which is our ready to burn pile. It's not about the gas emissions with the wet wood but the particulates that fill the air. However having said all that I regularly have huge garden fires to get rid of the garden and other rubbish. Spews all sorts of shit in the air. Ho hum.
  2. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    Did you have the Cup2s on it too? If so, good job. It's snowing here today and so much rain yesterday that my neighbour Noah started to build this big wooden thing in his drive. My Evoras staying in the garage as I'm a pussy.
  3. Just pretend you're driving an Audi. Then you don't need to worry about the indicator stalks! I think it was GRP who did painted paddle extensions too which looked great and possibly cheaper. I've only got small hands and you do quickly get used to the stalks. Not aware of any replacements at all I'm afraid.
  4. It can, but lawyers on both sides draw it out to inflate their time and therefore their fee's. Plus, they are incredibly inefficient in what they do. They've got a monopoly and they know it. We should open up conveyancing to competition and let others come in - after all it's a fairly straight forward process but then how often have the lawyers not doing the searches etc. properly which has resulted in disputes etc... It's a stitch up. Plain and simple. And Jo Public gets fleeced. The professions are shysters and the old boy network protects them.
  5. As with any fuel the containment methods would be adequate and safe. It's 2020 now not 1920 so I don't think there is much to fear. However for balance just remember that if your BEV was to catch fire that Battery is going to burn like a blast furnace and ain't nothing going to stop it! Your point re autonomous vehicles is spot on and will be widespread in cities and large towns for a variety of reasons. Park and ride facilities will exist for those rural dwellers and before you know it no cars in the centres, massive air quality and congestion improvements etc.
  6. Great cars indeed. Great value for money. Great performance. Great Craig. All hugely positive. But no dealer is an issue as you wont get latest ecu refreshes etc unless you make a huge trip to carlisle and most people expect first three dealer stamps in the book. It's a 120 mile round trip I have happily made to Craig/Murray/Leven since my first Lotus. But the thought of a near 350 mile round trip is not acceptable. Fun. Nor an event. It's a fookin' pain in the arse to be frank! For those in say Aberdeen it will be a 500 mile round trip.
  7. Nothing stopping the Lotus letters being illuminated when charging, unlocking the car etc. Just not when driving/in motion.
  8. This is one area where the Police regularly step up and don't get the praise or recognition they deserve.
  9. I had heard they had bought an old Enterprise and where canabalising the dilithium crystals for the S3 Evora Warp. Gavin Kershaw was last seen driving round the Hethel track screaming "I cannae tak' it any more Popham...."
  10. Yeah, it's a bugger that mental healthiness doesn't fit conveniently into the 9-5 Mon - Fri working cycle. Who'd have thought eh? Not sure what the answer is. Most will shout "more money for the NHS" but I do believe that money pit could do a lot to address some of the cash issues through truly seeking out best practice from within and then rolling that out regionally and nationally. I think it would be amazing how much the core services would improve, with no extra cash. Then any new cash could be used to extend services, like mental health. This way everyone wins. But alas, the ego's in the medical profession will not allow best practice to be rolled out unless it was invented by them. The arrogance and grandstanding at times can be quite stunning.
  11. Total muppet. It's a bit like telling someone in Birmingham don't worry, you can get the car serviced in Portsmouth. Clueless. I'm starting to lose the love and have looked at a McLaren and dare I admit it, a bloody Porsche!
  12. Agree that better demand management is needed now. The utilities are working hard on that but they require a good "mix" of energy sources that can be spooled up quickly (e.g. hydro, gas, battery) or provide a strong reliable baseload (e.g. nuclear). Not necessarily. Storage (hydro, Battery, and even Hydrogen) is the key and where in the UK we are lagging.
  13. @jep you are spot on re worrying about resale. The majority of Astons sold are some shade of grey/black with dark interiors. It started with the German marques were anything that was not black/charcoal interior instantly became a harder / lower priced resale. Lotus did some wonderful interiors with the S1 Evora.
  14. I thought it was like with the Evora carbon ducktail. Just cheaper to use a metal prop to two gas struts. JMG decision no doubt.
  15. Looks really clean under there. Nice.
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