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  1. That'll be right @Bibs as Accountants seem to gravitate to Porsche's and Audi's. Dull cars for dull people!
  2. I agree @Neal H. If I was the Dealer I'd take it off, wrap it up, and hand it to the new owner "if they wanted it". Not saying it is poor workmanship or anything, but just looks a bit much. To be fair, the ONE thing I do not like about the GT430 is the rear wing. Much as I would love a GT430 I think that wing would be off and some nice shaped rubber grommets in the screw holes.
  3. I think Ferrari would do better with this racecar for F1. With eyes that big it should at least mean they can see their other car!
  4. OK but I think she has decided to leave!
  5. The owner of that was on here. He owned his own carbon fibre company manufacturing stuff for bikes and made the front splitter/wing in carbon himself iirc. Nothing dodgy about the car as far as I can tell or remember from the time.
  6. Should that hose be cracked like that?
  7. They're all twits. See, even my spelling is bad as I put an "i" instead of an "a"!!!
  8. My daughter works for BA and says the flights have been dead (sic). I used to travel by plane every week pre COVID. I have no inclination right now to get on a plane to anywhere. Thankfully my work are being sensible about travel too so I'm not under pressure to travel at all. In fact in the UK we've just had our best ever H1 for sales! Go figure!
  9. Well done on the sale @MadMick that was a cracking car. As for the English teachers, well, they're probably bored as they've been doing sod all for the past 4 months apart from whinging about having to go back to work at some point! Hope to see you around here still @MadMick, actual ownership of a Lotus is not a pre-requisite to being a part of this excellent community.
  10. Not really. They got sussed out and caught/stopped. Scumbags - I hope he gets a nasty STD!
  11. Which is why I am only going out for food shopping or to isolate in one of my Hethel beauties. I really do not have a clue why the tens of thousands of fcukjockeys are out and about, queuing outside of Primark and Next and generally just being a dick on packed beaches etc. Maybe I'm the weirdo, but I have no wish to get Covid and so for me, I'm happy in my bubble and everyone else can fcuk off and stay away lol......
  12. Is anyone actually dying of COVID-19? I thought the cause of death was something else - in other words they died of something (usually linked to respiratory failure and COVID-19 was a contributory factor but not the cause. In the same way as pre-conditions such as heart disease, diabetes etc is a co9ntributory factor.
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