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  1. I've removed them from mine, but ironically, I have always liked them on the yellow 410's. It's the whole bumble bee look of the yellow/black. It just works for me. I'm pretty sure that is the car I first called Aimee up about at Silverstone 3 years ago - she talked me out of it into the brand new, more expensive, red 410 Sport she had! Damn that girl lol.... Lovely car @Moonus. I really think the 410 Sport is a special Evora. But then I am very biased. Hope you enjoy it...
  2. Not trying to be arsey but would have thought that was obvious - more anti-car people in London. London is a left wing socialist city with a large proportion of green/hip inhabitants.
  3. God this thread is dead these days! Looking to book numbers for lunch at Meiklour Sunday on Friday afternoon. Please confirm. @Alfa2Evora you don't need to be in a Lotus. Andrew will be in his pram !
  4. Why, the Pirelli Pzero's I had on my NA were just epic and where my first choice to put back on. In fact they are OEM fitment still on some serious exotics.
  5. Rugby any use? I know it is west not north. My daughter is in the process of buying her first house so once completed will need to move out of her rented flat. She's enjoyed living there and it has a nice balcony over looking the canal, handy for the train station iirc etc.
  6. Love this. Well done Geely.
  7. And even when you keep it on topic some bloody heavy handed mod has to come along move it your post to somewhere where the sun sill never shine.
  8. And the classic lines loved by all: Me and my girl – sealclubbing Me and my girl – out on the ice Me and my girl – sealclubbing Me and my girl – ooh paradise To stop us getting told off Michael we need to stay on-topic! Do you think the Type 131 stereo will still be a double din electric warehouse Alpine wee jobby?
  9. NP - I just know what a hassle it would be to fail the MOT for something like that and have to try to bloody find something there and then! I'd be out in the street knocking cyclists off their bikes to pinch their pedal reflectors!
  10. Mines a 400 so you can see them in this. Got through the MOT in April with no issue at all.
  11. Your prize will be a free pint of your choice when we meet up! Some cracking songs, great John Peel session and a real sense of irony to their lyrics. They don't make them like this anymore and the brother make Liam and Noel look like pussies re their antics. @Inversed - hear what you are saying but I still say we are dying breed. Younger generation less interested in cars in general and when they want one, it's one from GranTurismo or some other such game with flaps and buttons and speed with no effort. You may be right, I may be wrong.
  12. The issue was made clear to me last Saturday on a track day. Take one mundane, boring looking Audi RS3 for around £50k (after the inevitable "must have" options). Four wheel drive, DSG, several hundred electronic aids, 5 doors, baby seats etc. Take it to a chip tuners and you have in excess of 600bhp. Then just turn the key and drive it fast! Driver doesn't give a fook about the "experience" other than he plants his foot, clicks his paddle and it auto launches faster than an Ballistic missile out of its tube. Young driver goes to the pub and brags about his 600bhp+ RS
  13. Look good, I love mine. If you don't have the reflector option don;t forget to stick some on for the MOT, or you will fail. I got some rectangular ones from ebay that work great on my 410, you hardly notice them.
  14. Unfortunately, a lot of the "new buyers" Lotus needs are from the XBox/Playstation generation. They want digital, not analogue. They obsess about numbers. They don't want to put time into "learning to drive" they just want to be able to press a button and go fast! The vast majority of 911's and R8's and probably GTR's sold will be automatics with flappy paddles. People want to pose and look good, minimal effort. The only real kick back from Porsche for manual, was with the GT3's (and a few GT4's) wasn't it. A tiny percentage of overall Porsche 911's sold (although they are frightfu
  15. Kwik fit have done the tyres on my old NA and my new Sport 410 and never once had an issue with the TPMS. Can't believe they had any special Lotus training.
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