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  1. I would now start a campaign for the footpath to be "accessible" and the bridge upgraded to provide "accessible access" for all to enjoy what looks like a lovely part of the world.
  2. Lol, you are! The performance differential on the road is negligible. Hell, my lowly NA (ok with 2bulars headers to give some extra hp) had no issues keeping up with Evora 400, Exige V6's and the like on the Isle of Man runs. On track, the greater power of the S would show on long straights. But that lump of a supercharger high up on the engine, and the bigger wheels, do spoil the show for the S over the NA, again, in my very biased and ever so humble opinion! I posted the figures on here a few years ago - an NA with minor mods (headers, sport cat etc) can make a tad under 300bhp, it's power to weight at that point to an S is scarily similar and the weight distribution is better. Remember, as Colin said horsepower makes you faster on the straights, lower weight makes you faster everywhere and that is why the NA IS the better car!
  3. Spot on Justin. The T50 will I believe be seen as the pinnacle of combustion engined cars. The Evija is the start of the future. Two different forms for two different generations..
  4. The S1 NA, a fantastic car and just perfect for UK roads. Might not be the fastest in a drag race, but definitely one of the most capable and rewarding A/B road drivers cars ever made. Personally, I'd not choose a Series 1 "S" over an NA, I'd have a 400 instead unless I was using it as a regular track car. The S1 is a special interior, lovely place to be for long periods and fantastic form. However, to be frank, the 400/410 interior is better quality in terms of fitment etc. It is more function over design but still feels special but that is because it is a Lotus - they do make you feel special. This is based on my ownership experience of both cars. Others may have a different view of course. I hope one day to have an S1 NA back in my garage to sit alongside my Evora 410. I can't give it higher praise than that.
  5. And look, probably 30 years+ over their life expectancy they are still standing, whereas the shite that gets built these days struggles to stay in one piece for the NHBC 10 year warranty period (which is usually pretty worthless too!). So, form or function? Quality or design. Up to you to choose what you think is best for you. Me, If I had the cash I'd buy the Murray car over anything else for the money. Get it in Fire Red with gold accents to set off the headlight cooling fins and be a pretty hamper camper. Anyone with the skills (I don't) please feel free to photo shop it into Fire Red for me. TIA. Also @bravo73 I can find the Gordon Murray Design website, listings referring to him as a British car designer, but nothing re Gordon Murray Engineering website. So, either way, design is a significant strength of his.
  6. Fair point, but he's still a better designer than most and his key messaging around "packaging" and not wasting space on frivolity/fads is I think what sets his cars apart. To your point though, I've seen many houses designed by a designer (architect) but I'd probably prefer to live in one created by an engineer as it would just work better.
  7. You need to switch the "tracker" on on Tracey's phone. She's been moonlighting @Sparky!!!
  8. Love all the design suggestions from the armchair designers pointing out what a master has done wrong. I bet Monet suffered from the same when he was in the park painting his water lilies, lots of other lesser artists telling him his work was pointless....
  9. And a good way to point out just how stupid some numpties are being with regards to COVID. I am sure Darwin would be saying "it's a free choice, wear a mask or not. Thankfully, we won't need to worry about the stupid for too long".
  10. You'll sell enough tickets to take a contract out on me. Just make sure it's quick... I'm not a woman so don't do pain!
  11. I really love it. Just listening to him talk about what he likes and dislikes really resonates. It should appeal to Lotus owners too as basically I would argue Lotus has followed a very similar design philosophy with no gimmicks. It's why the Evora S1 from 10 years still looks so good and fresh. Compare it to Audi's, BMW's, Merc etc of the same time and there "fashion" styling has well, errr, gone out of fashion! I could listen to Gordon Murray all day. His encyclopedic knowledge of every nut and bolt on the car, every item, just incredible. No flash. No chav. Just brilliant form and practical application. The fan is the only contentious bit but we'll have to wait and see how that ages. I think this is a real classic. I mean, when you get the shots back to the F1 then even now, what, 30 years later, it still just looks OMG drop dead gorgeous. Loved the video. Thanks @au-yt for sharing.
  12. The official guidance @Barrykearley is to lick your finger before and after entering your PIN number. Safety first in these strange times...
  13. Bye bud! Let me know where you've left me the V5 and keys for the Esprit
  14. I do believe the cost of the paint job was c£200k (remember Ferrari and mcLaren will relieve you £10k+ for some paint jobs on a new car that require no filling, sanding etc of the "old" paint) The full £900k was not just for the paint or design but the refubishment too. However, even if it was £50k it would still be too much for some people. How do you measure VFM for something like this? The price was less than a corporate sponsor would be for a winglet advert on an F1 car. VFM? As always, it's subjective but each to their own. It's still a free world last time I looked
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