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  1. I suspect you might be correct. But I really wish you are not. I suspect we will see Verstappen positioned on the straight to take the inside line, Lewis forced to go round him, and then punted off the track by Verstappen whose tyres have suddenly "gone off" and he had no grip about 3/4's of a mile from the apex. Just a theory.
  2. I totally agree. The penalty should have been applied.
  3. This is my criticism of Massi and why I believe his position is becoming untenable. He "stepped" in and "offered" a deal to Red Bull to keep Max in contention, when actually Max should have been given a 5 second penalty on the restart which would have effectively put him at the back of the field. Max would then have had to fight his way through to around 5-7th place to be in with a running chance of winning the WDC in Abu Dhabi. This is what should HAVE happened if the rules were followed.... But instead they did a deal to keep Max in the race for the WDC. F1 is fast losing it's credibility as an "honest" sport with the sports rules being totally discarded. Take the Brazil issue and the 1st/2nd corners - Max says but Lewis didn't make the corner either on both counts - well, how the fook can you make the corner when the guy up the inside refuses to make any attempt to make the corner and so you either (a) crash into them and lose everything or (b) go off track and steer even further asway to avoid contact. Max's style is basically just to ramrod anyone in his way, or trying to over take him, off the track and then basically use a childish defence of "he went off the track too" when he knew there was no other option. This is not racing, this is just glorified dodgems. If you look at the post race sit down interviews. Max is basically saying "fook you all, that's how I race, stop giving me a hard time and making an issue out of it" and Lewis is saying "what are we supposed to do, as if we try to race him he just punts us off track". The sport is just becoming a bit of a farce right now, and how Verstappen was not disqualified for accelerating, braking, accelerating, whilst weaving then brake checking Lewis is beyond me. They have the all the data to prove this. If I was lewis I'd have been thinking "what the fook is this crazy shit doing, he's just going to punt me off". You can see again in the post race interviews how bemused lewis is with it all.
  4. Yup, but I think @PaulCP addressed that point earlier.
  5. Seems a lot of the "comments" sections in the press are all, in the main, giving Max a hard time for his driving. He's always had the "popular" vote but maybe, possibly, the tide is turning. I think if he "wins" through crashing I think he'll be in a difficult position next year and doubt any driver will yield much to him as he tries to defend his WDC crown.
  6. He'd lost control because he refused to accept he was "beaten" into the corner. Some people call it "late braking" but at what point does late braking really become being out of control and reckless. Watch this video here around 1.06 and it was clear that Lewis was able to retain control but yet again Max was NEVER going to make the corner with Lewis outside of him. You can slow the speed down to 0.5x and you can see Max's driving. No chance of staying on the track. And for me this is why his position is untenable, Max should have been served the 5 second penalty - the rules are the rules - another example of Max and RB being given special treatment. And we wonder why Horner and Max behave how they do.
  7. And the problem I have with that is that it serves as no incentive for him to change, or stop his "optimistic" moves. So many of his "spectacular" moves totally rely upon the co-operation (?) of the driver he is over taking. They co-operate by getting out of the way as they know otherwise their race will be over. Some may say spectacular, I just find it frustrating that one driver seems to be allowed to drive in this manner. That brake check on Hamilton could have been really nasty if he had not reacted as quickly as he did and he could have gone under Max's car. The intent for me was there in how Max positioned his car in the centre of the track, normally, when a driver is giving back a position the move is clear. It's like the picture below. Look how Max has made no effort to go for the Apex here on this tight left then right hander, look at his front wheels, he is basically cutting the right corner and cutting right across Lewis. I don't find this type of driving "exciting", I just get frustrated with Max continually over stepping the mark (and track limits) and getting away with it and being lauded for his "style". It's not dodgems or touring cars, I want to see a hard, fierce, but fair fight of the best drivers in the world. The fact that Lewis has beaten him on over takes to me proves he is the better driver as he has to deal with the recklessness and unpredictability of a driver who really is so arrogant he just doesn't give a shit re the consequences. I'd have much more respect for Max if he wins "clean". Anyways, it is what it is.
  8. A 2.9g sudden deceleration. I'm sorry but that penalty for that offence which could have taken Lewis out totally is an appalling injustice. I do think that Massi's position is becoming untenable. He's been awful. I do think Max knew his medium tyres would not last and so Lewis or both not finishing was OK with him. Also disappointed to see Bottas backing up under the safety car too. Not sporting
  9. Wonder how Max will react to being booed so much
  10. Humans have been doing that for years. It's called the class system were the few get fat by feeding off the many.
  11. @PaulCP my mothers boiker service was cancelled BG and rescheduled to January a few weeks back. The excuse was too many breakdowns so engineers were busy I called BG on her behalf, asking the polite Indian Call Centre lady to reinstigate the original appointment as my mother was on their vulnerable customers register. She kept on scolding me for not listening to her telling me they had an engineer shortage. I just responded each time with "yes, I heard you, but you are not listening to me saying it is not acceptable so hand me tou your manager and please don't disconnect as I know all your calls are recorded". After almost 10 minutes of this she relented and put me on hold. Then came back to confirm the original appointment. Shocking customer service from BG part 1. Engineer turned up, did service. Left. My mother called me she had no hot water or heating just as the weather was turning nasty cold. Fook. Called BG. Sorry no engineers it will be 2-3 days. I politely told them not good enough. Mother on vulnerable customer list, health issues etc. "Tell her to go buy a heater we will refund" was the response. Hmmm. She does not drive. Has mobility issues how will that work? 10 minute discussion on how it wasn't an option. Explained again I did not believe in coincidence. They're engineer had messed up get him back. All very polite but firm. Upshot was engineer (different one) was back in 4 hours. Issue fixed (confirmed other engineer had fooked up) all sorted. British Gas - customer service - well, only if you politely insist and refuse to shut up ir go away. Shoddy, shite, service but blame the managers, not the staff.
  12. I just thought he had got his hands on a flux capacitor as after 30 years it was finally off back order from Lotus, retrofitted it to his Esprit and was happily living back in the 70's. Whatever, I wish him well as did enjoy the banter.
  13. You won't get that out without refinishing the whole panel. I believe it adds value, something to do with a "patina".
  14. Nope. Now you're just getting silly to make a point. I normally do that
  15. Ok, so you're for freedom of choice @Barrykearley. Fine. So you no jabby you need to inform people of your choice when you meet them. So maybe where a badge "im a jab vigilante" or something. That way I can make an informed decision re the risk that you pose to me and my health The issue, which I agree is a tricky one, is that choice is two way - you can choose to not be pricked, but if you don't inform me somehow you have taken away my right choose re my assessment of the risk". I'd never be a fan of a big brother state, but there is not a simple answer here - as ever....
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