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  1. Just make a bloody offer of £32k if you're happy to pay that and walk away if dealer says no. Stop debating, just do it... It's a car, not a potential life partner...
  2. Needs a JCB sticker on each front wing. Lovely motor, congrats.
  3. C8RKH


    Wow, they got those Thomas Cook liveries off bloody quickly........
  4. So that's different to the hotel that some stands were cleared for?
  5. Altered Carbon takes time but it is bloody good. If you get Prime try Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton. Also Bosch is very good with Titus Welliver.
  6. How much do these go for @Barrykearley when you're done with them?
  7. Sadly car dealers seem to be this ages double glazing firms. My S90 had a supposed full service and yet after hardly no use the windscreen washer was empty and took me 6ltrs to fill. Makes me wonder how much oil they put in the fecker......
  8. Wife threatened to divorce me last month for even thinking about a new BMW 5 series as a comfy mile eater. Damn. I should have gone for the badge!
  9. When it's a SUV who cares what the badge on the front is but you'll pay over twice the amount for a very similar, yes not the same, but similar car! Mate just got the Skoda equivalent of an Audi Q5 (which is the Audi equivalent of a Macan is it not) and he is amazed at the quality for the price. But I realise for many, the badge is more important than the money, though that same mate has just got his wife a 2nd car, a new Mazda MX5 top spec and is still quids in over the Audi on the deal. For me, a SUV is a SUV is a SUV. It's just a skip to load all your shit in and take it to the tip, go shopping etc. Every three years I get the wife a brand new pre-reg top of the range Qashqai 4wd. She loves it, and I save on average £12k on list price which gives me a better depreciation cost than a Lotus Evora 400 lol.....
  10. @NANO the above explains the serial numbers quite well. They don't recall on the VIN the number in a limited range your car is. Instead, they recall the number of your car in production against all Lotus cars built that year. So as in the example above, 0074 simply means it was the 74th Lotus built that year. The previous picture earlier in this thread shows how the VIN is made up, section by section. So, you cannot use the VIN to determine if your car is number x of a series of number xx. HOWEVER, what you can do is either pay for the full certificate of provenance from Lotus, or get a TLF FFM and the archivist will then go off and research the production records to get the answers for you. Does that help to clear things up? Have I missed anything?
  11. Without wishing to piss off my neighbours too much, Japan going through to the knock out stages of the Rugby World Cup made me very happy. The Scotland coach just pissed me off with his whinging that the Typhoon was going to be the reason (if the game was cancelled) that Scotland got knocked out. No it wasn't - it was the fact that you had played shite in the matches you had and had not done the job early to get yourselves through. Don't blame the Typhoon, blame your own teams performance for the matches played up to that point.... It felt like a karma moment to be honest. Bit like England the other night in the football, shite performance, did not put the game away, woefully inadequate so lost and now needing a further win to guarantee to get through.
  12. Well why not say or hint at what you'd found out and ask for opinions/advice based on that, and anything new to add? Sometimes the way you ask for something dictates the type of answer you get back. As you will have found out from your extensive research the market for tuning Evora's is not a big one, nor a crowded one, due in part to the fact that Lotus encrypt the ECU code and the small numbers of cars sold. The largest market / number of owners who have tuned is in the US, and they all reside on LotusTalk where you will find the most information. 1. Komotec is the main tuner in Europe and they have a number of kits that cover not just induction but new maps etc 2. In the US, the main tuner was BOE with their CAI kit Basically, those are the two main options that have any serious amount of information about them. Some guys on here, which you will know from your research, so apologies for rechurning, have gone down their own custom routes including things like new / 2nd ECU's (RRR I believe) and have made some very good gains. The CAI in general, provides around 10-20bhp and does not necessarily need a tune as the ECU on the Evora can "self / relearn" and so can accommodate some changes, however the general consensus is that a tune / map with it will be safest as you do not want the engine running lean.
  13. Terry, I suspect that you will find your car is 100% perfect when you pick it up and just makes you smile with happiness and enjoyment. The Exige is a well built and well screwed together car and many, many owners on here are nothing but delighted with their cars. One or two owners have had some niggles to deal with, but they are usually dealt with efficiently by the dealer network, and I am sure that with Leven as your dealer nothing will be an issue. Any issues are usually minor, and can be put down more to the handmade nature of the cars, as opposed to either the mass produced competition that are largely made by robots, or the equally handmade cars that are usually sold with a starting price of £150k and upwards, before, you add any extras. I do think the biggest area were "gripes" are surfaced, is around expectations. You are a buying a Lotus. A car that is 100% about the driving experience and for the driver. If you want a euro saloon with fancy plastics, super slick ICE, more cupholders than a branch of Costa Coffee and every weight adding electric gizmo under the sun, then you wouldn't be swapping from your M2 would you? Some people seem to think that quality engineering, where it matters - the things that make the car go, stop and turn like little others, is cheap to build in, and so they bemoan the quality of the interior plastic, or the quality or lack of, of the badge stuck on the right rear bum cheek of the car, etc. I can't wait to see your car when you get it. I am sure it is going to be amazing. And, in terms of what you are buying and where from, please do reach out to @stephenwhyte who has bought a very similar Exige (in a very tasteful Fire Red) from Leven, so he can indeed inform you of a journey very similar to the one you are about to embark on. Good luck, and very happy driving.
  14. Wow, thread resurrection. If you order a certificate of provenance you will get all the details you require, and more, to confirm all the things you want to know about the car. I have one for my 410 Sport and it tells me everything - number built, where mine sits, colour, all options and spec, how many of same colour etc. It's a small cost even for the full one (you can get a summary and a letter) and is a nice addition to the cars folder.
  15. I think a lot of owners take the security bolts off as the cars are usually garaged and not daily drivers. They are a PITA to be honest.
  16. In Scotland (Edinburgh) so not much use for you but my local independent dealer, Craig Moncrieff, did my Evora NA from black to red and my Type 116 from black to red. No hassle. No issues. Great job. No two bills. All handled as a complete turn key job with no fuss etc.
  17. Yes. First piece of advice would be to use the search function on here. Second would be use Google. Third would be to then ask on here if you still did not have the info you needed. Sorry if this sounds terse, but search functions and engines are there for a reason. Try "BOE" and "Evora CAI".
  18. Or just use a camera tether and loop it over the indicator stalk and you'll never lose, it will always be to hand and you'll save yourself about £350 and a shit load of hassle. Oh, and it will add lightness and mean your indicator stalk now performs a multiple job so Mr. Chapman would approve.
  19. Royal did a top class job on my NA Evora wheel and a couple of other owners had the same done, all good. Cannot comment on anyone else as never used them.
  20. Oh yes Martin I do. A bloody wonderful car and I am privileged to be the custodian of one, as you were, and I believe your daughter still is?
  21. I believe it is car (model - i.e. exige/evora/elise) dependent but mine was £1100 covering everything including an MOT and anything that it might need for it. This will cover my 2, 3 and 4th services and the 4th iirc includes new spark plugs so is expensive - I'm probably saving about £250-300) by buying as a package up front and it is transferable to a new owner, or to a different car if I decide to trade in the 410.
  22. He's already turned down one 40k miles about four posts earlier.
  23. The Lotus dealer in Edinburgh (used to be Murray) have improved significantly since Leven Company took over. They are investing in the brand, the showroom, the workshops and generally you hear much more good things than bad things from them. The person you are referring to is Craig Moncrieff who was the Murray dealers Service Manager and practically knew every Lotus in Scotland, and it's owner personally and who had a fantastic reputation for his attitude, his helpfulness, and his ability to short shit out! Craig left Murray probably some 4 years go now, maybe 5, and set up his business, Craig Moncrieff cars (I know, no shit Sherlock! ) on the Gyle in Edinburgh from where he still continues to deal with the majority of Lotus customers and their cars and where he continues his excellent reputation. He was the go to for Servicing my Evora NA and he currently services and does everything to my Lotus Type 116. 18 months ago I traded in my Evora NA for a Sport 410 that was brand new. I took it to Leven for it's first service (where, to be crude, the bastards ripped me off by charging full whack for everything (you should only pay for the fluids/consumables) but by the time I realised it was a week or so later, it's a 120 mile round trip and I couldn't be arsed to fight them for it. My bad. However, my 410 got its first proper service with them, and I signed up for a fixed price three year service schedule with them. Why? Well, it was a brand new car, and regardless of the quality of the work from the main dealer or not, if I decided to sell it, everyone who looked at buying it would expect to see a full main dealer service history for at least the first three years. Regardless of Craig's astounding reputation, that has been hard earned over years and years of dedication, buyers are still swayed by dealer stamps, especially for the first three years. The three year service "pack" is a good deal, and indeed, I would, during your buying process haggle like hell to get it included for free - Lotus has been doing some deals on new cars with free servicing thrown in. So my advice, please take it at face value only, is get it serviced by Leven, or, why not take the long scenic route to David Hayton in Carlisle, stay over in a nice hotel and enjoy some fantastic English hospitality, and then drive back on the South Coast 200 roads through the stunning, empty, countryside of south Dumfries and Galloway, stopping off at David Coulthard museum and the Chocolatier nearby for some r&R? The thing is, with a new Exige, in fact any new Lotus, why drive a boring 50 miles on the motorway to drop your car off a the dealer, when you can turn into an adventure and road trip on some of the finest, emptiest roads, god ever created? Just my view of course.
  24. Oh she lost it way before then. And then of course she lost the prize. Shock horror, privileged young lady with platform for mouthing off does not win the prize.
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