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    Stratton Evora GTs

    @Stratton Motor Company - congrats, just shows how little us "armchair experts" know!
  2. C8RKH

    Stratton Evora GTs

    My own opinion (I know, I have lots of them) is that these will not sell until the price drops to around £60-65k. They do look great, but they are not the "complete" package the factory built GTE's are with some components being swapped (e.g. wheels) etc. And as someone said earlier, these cars have now been sat around for nearly 9 years so my "worries" would be around how well have some of those parts fared having stood around. For instance, we know the AC compressors etc can and do rust and fail - if they ain't be running they ain't been lubricated etc etc. As I said, great looking cars and I'm sure they are well done, but LHD and the "time elapsed" then I'd be putting my money into a GTE, a 410 Sport or a GT410 (or even a GT430 if you can get one as they are around at the £75k mark). Hence, I think £60-65k might work, but nearer the £60k as prospective owners in Europe, say France and Nordics, will get battered for tax on these.
  3. So bring him in at the start of the last lap? Yes, they would have had time but I assume they thought as Lewis had backed right off the problem would have been mitigated. Horner said they took the opportunity to be cautious as Max was guaranteed 2nd and the extra point. I guess it shows the two Mercedes were pushing each other hard.
  4. Yeah @Kimbers but the Spanish only wanted the holiday pound and did not care about an increase in infections.
  5. No. Prior to Verstappen pitting on 2nd last lap the gap was 10/11 seconds.
  6. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    It is Sizona's old car
  7. 1000 start? Any run planned after or just meet for brekkie?
  8. I have an agreement with my kids that if I get like that they will grind apple pips daily and sprinkle the top of my porridge bowl with it.
  9. Just got in from a curry night wee the boys. Pished. Live long happy prosperous lives everyone. Love you all, apart from two, loads...Shit, me eyes are going goggly... Night night
  10. Interesting update in the Sunday Times re the Julie Virus. No idea of its providence though. A team in the epicentre of the world's coronavirus pandemic now claim the work was vital to understand how to tackle a then hypothetical COVID-19 outbreak. However, the experiment was disowned by large parts of the world's scientific community as insanely dangerous. Investigations have revealed that a shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators in the lab at the time of the experiment is likely to be responsible for the outbreak, the Sunday Times has found. Laboratory leaks are not uncommon, and have not only been found to have occurred in China. Both Ebola and the fatal bat disease Marburg, which kills nine out of 10 people infected, previously escaped from BSL-4 laboratories in the US.
  11. He dresses like he goes back to Stevenage on a regular basis.Think this was last weekend around the back of the shopping centre..
  12. I arrive on Tuesday and would prefer a double bed and a couple of Sheila's from the local bar. Your wife can serve me breakfast between 0800 and 0815 and when you leave for work make sure you leave the keys to your Esprit on that coffee table, along with a hundred bucks for fuel and lunch. G'day mate and don't even think about whinging about the arrangement. Nothing worse than a whinging....... esprit owner.
  13. I was thinking of paying @ramjet a visit, Aussie style (i.e. turn up at the door unannounced, proclaiming I'm his long lost relative who has travelled half way around the world so expecting free bed, board, lodgings and beer for 6 months) as I believe he has a coffee table that I have never seen. However, on my way to Heathrow for the plane to Victoria I got waylaid in Worcestershire when inspecting one of @Barrykearley's chicken sheds. Whilst we were looking at the sheds we were wondering which of the chickens would find their way into a hot Indian takeaway! @barrykearley mentioned that he had a chicken phaal the previous night and his testicles were still burning from the splashback after his earlier visit to the bathroom this morning. We both agreed this was a very unpleasant experience but a highly likely outcome from the previous nights decision. Especially as 17 pints of cider and a bottle of rum were also involved. Whilst we were chatting @ChrisJ turned up. As his Esprit was running perfectly he wanted @Barrykearleyto fettle it and get it back to its previous level of unpredictable running. The service was completed quickly and significantly cheaper than those shysters over at Watford Exotics. Whilst we were listening to @ChrisJ's now lumpy idle and random backfire we noticed a pair of swallows were building a nest under the shed roof. @ChrisJ remarked how the velocity of the swallows leaving the nest unladen was definitely faster than when they were returning laden with fresh mud to build up the nest sides. We all agreed this was a strong observation and one that we should have expected. @Sparky then called @Barrykearley as he needed to learn how to handle a disgruntled customer. Apparently a black and gold Esprit he had worked on recently was just proving to be too reliable and the owner was in a bit of a huff over the fact that his work had effectively ruined the ownership experience for him and he wanted the car reinstated, for free, to it's previously dilapidated state. You've gotta ask if some people should be allowed to have an Esprit! As the excellent customer management advice was given our conversation turned to the probabilistic behaviour of customers and how the outcome of the previous call was obviously based on the random chance that @Sparky had actually made the car better and not worse. We agreed that this was the result of a probabilistic outcome, as it could not be predetermined that the work would result in a better car and so therefore the result was heavily influenced by chance. We weren't able to have a conversation about free will, as we all agreed that we signed away our rights to "free will" when we got married many years ago. Marriage teaches you that NOTHING is ever free and your will doesn't matter until you die, and even then, your wife has dictated the contents.
  14. Surely it's not about the financials but the sentimental/memory value that is more important?
  15. Sein oder nicht sein, das ist die Frage.
  16. B&Q are doing a special on these, just put 5 packets in the boot and use them to top up your charge. You'll be fine.
  17. About 6 - 8 minutes if I'm being totally honest! I had a huge amount of work to get through today and was on conference calls from 0700. Hence the delay.
  18. Nah - hopefully we can share a few bottles at a TLF christmas "do"!
  19. That's a shame. Perez is good for F1.
  20. Wee Nikki Acipenseridae. One of the most switched on Politicians in the UK when it comes to an ability to duck accountability for anything (as everyone knows it is all Westminster's fault) and take credit for everything, including when Westminster get it right for the UK and Scotland. A canny politician who knows how to spin a good story and spin away from a disaster. Totally dedicated to one cause, that she calls Independence for Scotland. I call it the Bankruptcy of a nation. She does not want to a be a part of a union with the rest of the UK, but craves a to be in the European Union. She bemoans that Westminster has too much power, despite significant (and often under used) powers being transferred under devolution and eagerly anticipates and some would say relishes the prospect of handling fiscal control, border control, economic control and even national security to a foreign based federation of countries that she will join as something like the 23rd out of 26 in terms of economic and population size. She will go from being a significant player in UK politics with significant powers, to sitting at the end of the table fighting for scraps after the European mighty have long since left having gorged themselves on the veritable buffet that was laid out on the said table. This situation she will claim as a significant victory for Scotland but at what cost. Loss of fiscal policy making control Acceptance of the Euro and a minimum circa 10% devaluation of all property, savings etc - i.e. the people of Scotland's wealth A hard border with the rest of the UK and restrictions of movement that will see significant disruption with her biggest trading partner The creation of an embittered and deeply divided "nation " All of this will come after what, 12 years of an SNP Government that has delivered: The biggest national debt measured against GDP in the UK and one of the largest in the whole of Europe The weathering of a financial crises (remember some of the biggest culprits where Scottish HQ'd banks) and a pandemic thanks to the significantly deeper pockets and economic power of the wider UK - there is no doubt Scotland could not have got through either of these events, let lone one of them, alone Falling investment and standards in the NHS against other UK nations A significant reduction in Educational attainment, taking the leading performing nation in the UK down the league table A deepening of poverty, including more children than ever in poverty and a significant widening of the attainment gap between the classes The destruction of morale and performance amongst the teaching and police professional Now of course, as explained at the start. Despite having the devolved powers and a significant real terms increase in budget, remember, this canny and clever politician has a golden get of jail free card as (altogether now) "it's all Westminster's fault" and in particular the nasty Tories and that muppet Johnson! Of course, all of this is in my very humble opinion and I accept that there will be many who think that she, and her party, have done a wonderful job. Just like there where many who were convinced Corbyn would have been a superb Prime Minister. I do of course wish her well and a long and happy, healthy life. Ideally starting next year with a lovely retirement after being battered (metaphorically speaking, in no way physically as that would just be wrong) at the Scottish Elections. However, I do realise that at this point I have drunk far too much coolaid and need to come down from my resultant sugar rush. Good night.
  21. Perfect. No need to singe the hairs off and BBQ ready out of the bag. Where's the hot chilli Wuhan sauce....
  22. Looks good but no access to a forklift! Great price though indeed!
  23. Bloody brilliant. Thank you for sharing I really enjoyed that. There will never again be a time like that in motorsport and boy oh boy did they "drive" those cars. Seeing them drift around the corners, stunning.
  24. So you have never been to Ayia Nappa then? Some Brits should not be allowed to travel. End of.
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