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  1. And speaking of the Polis any news or movement there Dave?
  2. Is that not a two edged sword in that she could ask for more to cover those outgoings too?
  3. C8RKH

    Housing Market

    Jeremy Vine is a twit. As is many of his peers who all predicted and foretold energy bills would be £5k plus next year. He has no crystal ball and is only looking for sensational headlines. No one knows in the current climate what really will happen. So live within your means and put what you can aside. Sensible is still the best approach.
  4. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Will miss your posts but focus on your recovery. Xx.
  5. Really, people can't reverse into an angled space? Gosh, they shouldn't be driving then surely? Many a holiday in Spain and in the supermarkets people parked fine. Germany too Italy - well, it's Italy and is just chaotic. Paris too. Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden I've found ok too.
  6. Fully agree, but the same issue with modern small cars too. My neighbours two kids were stopped in outside lane of dual carriageway as roadworks convoy system in operation, in a small Toyota Yaris. Texting van driver ploughed into the back of them at 60mph. Absolute carnage and 6 months in hospital for both, the son took 19 months to recover fully. I made sure my kids had something a bit more substantial around them.
  7. You should have been committed years ago Barry....
  8. I personally think that's just bullshit. Excusers making excuses for Putin. He has always (it is well documented and in many of his speeches) resented the split up of the old USSR and the soviet block. His constant references to the Russia "motherland" refers to the "old" boundaries, not the current ones. He would like to see the states that separated from Russia be brought back into the fold and under control. His believe is that they're leaving has weakened Russia through the loss of land, which has allowed the West to encroach. I do believe that his "mobilisation" could well be the straw that breaks his back. It was reported earlier today that the T-52 tanks that are 50 years old and had been in deep storage, have been uncovered and are heading to the fight. That is basically WW2 weapons slightly tweaked! If I was a Russian citizen I would be looking at my call up papers as my death certificate. I thinki it is really starting to hit home now. Just my opinions, and yes, they may stink, but they are what they are....
  9. C8RKH

    Slammed Delorean!

    @ramjet Isn't it a bit like why some guys always go for blondes, or brunettes, or red heads. Or big tits, or big bums, or nice ankles or whatever. They just like what they like. Personally, don't see anything wrong with it. Would I want a DeLorean "slammed" like that? No (I'd happily take a DeLorean ). But, to each their own and celebrate the diversity rather than hate it. Without it, every car would be the same colour. The same design. Etc...
  10. @Spinney I am grateful for people who buy new, I'm just personally not prepared to spunk a load of cash on depreciation any more. There will always be people buying new which means I'll always get a bargain I bought my Evora 410 brand new. I don't regret it at all as like you, I bought for the long term, and it was my ideal spec. I'll buy new again, but only for another special car I will keep long term. Everything else, I will buy used and save tens of thousands (to pay for the special cars hehehehehe)
  11. Given the volume of cars out there that sort of bullshit response from Lotus really pisses me off. I sort of get it, but when they have decimated the dealer network, and got dealers that can't even do a basic service right, I think it stinks that they won't support customers. If one of these fail, and the worst happens in an accident, after 2 redesigns and NO recall I'd hate to be a Lotus lawyer defending that.
  12. If only you mean....
  13. With all due respect for ex servicemen, but, it has to be said, they look like Santa's elves on Boxing day morning.....!
  14. I just bought second hand in the end - E Cabriolet. 1 private owner from new. 3 years old. 2 year warranty. Only 18k miles and half the price of new.....! Depreciation free motoring really for the next 3 years. I really do not see the point buying new anymore. You might as well just use £100-£200 a week in used bank notes to start your BBQ or fire. Absurd loss/use of cash.
  15. Started work at 0700 this morning and after 10 hours non stop decided I needed to go for a drive to refresh. So just drove. No where to go. No where to be. No deadline. The evening weather was superb. 18c, blue sky, so roof down and away I went. That's the Vale of Strathmore in the foreground and the Angus Glens (hills) in the background that I just had a wee play in. This was on the way home. God I am so freakin' lucky living here and NO traffic! Heaven.
  16. Anything back from the Polis? Given the CCTV and you have found the culprit this should be an open and shut case for them. And they can get the car for being illegal. My only worry would be if the MOT ain't done, does that mean the insurance is invalid? And I bet no MOT means no tax too?
  17. Hopefully by vestal virgins.
  18. Think you can buy them here:
  19. Yup. Times I is very happy my performance cars were built by Lotus....
  20. But it ain't German @Barrykearley so the Lotus has no cachet, no uber bling brand name, no solid german engineering, no bumlick von sicknote or whatever the slogan is lol
  21. Good to see some manufacturers can get a car launched and out there what with the shortage of parts etc. Think it was only launched in May/June.
  22. That ^ happens so many times it's a wonder some dealers are still in business.
  23. RRRRRRRR.... Barry, don't pop the balloon for the loons. Nothing wrong with porkers if that's what people want. Hey, even I have a German car and I love it But my Evora is better built than it. 👍
  24. It's German innit so that means it's really good dunnit!
  25. I'd go 150km/h - no points according to that sign.
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