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  1. From what I have read on various forums it would appear that they arrive well prepped for painting. Obviously some work required but not extensive. Winace products would seem to have a good reputation.
  2. I see Helen Macentee was whining on saying UK must not diverge too fat from EU rules as their must be a level playing field. I guess she has forgotten the hundreds of millions that Ireland and Luxemburg have sifted from rest of EU with their tax rules. How was that a level playing field again?
  3. I love my VX220. It's pure Lotus fun with a big V on the front. Without it yup, no Elise S2. No Exige. No Evora. Shame some people at Lotus have such short memories.
  4. Not sure why you think this is not the right forum. Can understand why not the right thread/topic. The points raised in that video are very valid and yet again go to prove that as a civilisation we continue to fail to heed, listen and learn from our past mistakes. For decades, longer in fact, we have listened to the story tellers that promise riches and power untold and we have followed, headlong, in a rush behind them to make sure we all get our share, some share, any share. The current headlong rush into renewables is causing more environmental damage, in a shorter period of elapsed time, than the Oil industry. Yet, no one wants to hear that as the it's not trendy and on message. Lotus, if it decides to rush headlong into BEV's will be a part of the future problem, not a part of the solution. It will just be another "me too" organisation cashing in on the latest trend. This is hugely disappointing to me as one of the reasons why I have grown to love Lotus is because it was different! It did not merely follow the path that others had laid. It sought to do things differently and often the things that it did where better than what everyone else was doing. The cars of the 60s, 70's, 80's and 90's where as good as anything else from any other similar manufacturer. They competed with, and in seriousness beat, the might of companies like Ferrari and Porsche in terms of engineering etc. The Elise when it came out was truly revolutionary. It was a real game changer. You can argue that the Evora, when originally launched, with its super stiff sectional alloy chassis again, was revolutionary. However, the rot started not long after the launch of the Elise when Lotus was "owned" by people who did just not understand the brand, the legacy, the uniqueness that was Lotus. For the past 15 or so years the brand has been starved of proper, long term investment and a clear, cohesive strategy for the future. That Lotus still manages to make and sell around 2k cars a year is a bloody marvel to be honest. Despite the bashing, even on here, a Lotus forum for members who love Lotus cars, Lotus continues to push out some of the best drivers cars ever made. Are they as cossetting as a Porsche? No. But then neither are they as bland and samey as a Porsche. They are different. I like the Evija. I think it is a bloody marvellous thing. Beautifully proportioned (unlike the increasing leviathons from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and even McLaren), focused and clerverly engineered. To me, it is everything that a halo car for Lotus should be. I just hope, like many on here (despite what many on here are pedalling) that the silence from Lotus on anything but the Evija, will be broken by the announcement of 2/3 new cars that take styling cues from the Evija, but combine that with the driving dynamics of the current cars, with a range of engines that are for now, not for 10 years plus from now (i.e.not all electric). We need to remember that as we are tolling the bells of doom for Lotus petrol cars, rivals are pushing out up to 4 litre (in the case of Ferrari etc much more than that) petrol cars that provide the oomph and noise to excite "alongside" their all electric Halo's and complimentary models. The Porsche Tincan in all of its BEV beauty is not, unless I have missed something, the replacement for the wonderful GT3 or GT3RS 911. It sits alongside, to allow Porsche owners a choice. Lotus I hope will be doing something similar or, it will indeed die as I fear the current owners will look elsewhere and Lotus will need to massively reinvent to tempt new owners to their brand, without being able to really leverage the "beauty and majesty" of her past. In essence, Lotus may become like Maserati, Bugatti et al. A corporate pale imitation of itself that is living of it heritage to sell massively over priced cars to massively wealthy people who just seek the next "trinket" for their garage. It's interesting that even the mighty BMW (who has been in partnership with Toyota for 5 years!) thinks that BEV's solely are not the way forward and that customers deserve or will demand choice in the near future: The other advantage of Hydrogen fuel cells that should be totally relevant to Lotus is that the Hydrogen stored for circa 250-300 mile ranges only weighs around 5-6kg including the carbon/lined tanks. When you compare that with the weight of Battery Cells and the fact you can be more creative re the Hydrogen fuel storage shapes, then this surely plays into Lotus strengths re lightweight, performance focused, packaging. Hmmm. From eco warriors to future of Lotus in one post. So still on topic. Phew!
  5. You just live in the wrong part of the world! Sports cars need curves. I live in Scotland and we have some of the worlds finest, empty, driving roads and you would not need a cup holder for 8 hours, you'd need a sweatband lol...
  6. Written by a German, but yes it's the Daily Snail. I do wonder if, by a fluke, we actually make a go of Brexit some of the more outspoken Remainer purveyors of doom will admit their crystal balls were wrong. Obviously only time will tell which sides gazing was right.
  7. I am sure they discussed: Branding - a new shade of yellow and green and a reminder it's all for the drivers (forgetting that the current driver's don't drive Porsches because they want something different, more focused and a bit edgier) Personalisation - the ability to spec additional cupholders at outrageous prices to fuel profits for all Spare parts - well, let's just say that was a small part of the presentation. And after thought. Move on, literally, nothing to see here New models - a new colour pallette and some fancy new stickers Obviously tongue squarely in cheek here. But if they ain't talking about future new models then it would have been a pretty dull corporate gig in my humble experience. But hopefully the coffee and cake was good.
  8. I'm still struggling with the fallout. My fingers are all over the plaice
  9. You should go to the "What made me happy..." thread as I went to bed with a fit bit yesterday! There might have been too actually, but I wasn't counting...
  10. Ok, so this did not make me unhappy. But it did make me vomit!
  11. I can do other colours than red but I absolutely draw the line on +2's. Nope. Never. Yadder. "La la la la I can't hear you!" If I have +2's then I'll get a load of Farquhar, and Finlays and Alasdairs - "that's d a i r you know!" - in their Harris tweed twin sets! No. No. No!
  12. Lol. No baiting intended. A move away from traditional fuels is going to happen. Do I like it? No. However that won't matter a jot and it will happen. If you read my various posts in the threads you will see that I strongly suggest, against the current hype two things. 1. Pure BEVs are not the final answer 2. We need a more holistic view to transport solutions. Pure BEV is not the answer for many reasons. They are not as eco friendly as people make out (the Lithium/Cobalt etc needs to be mined somewhere!). The batteries are hard to recycle and expensive. City streets are not ideal for charging etc. Battery life is poor and repeated heavy use kills them quicker. Even with significant govt. Subsidies take up has been poor. Etc. Despite this, all the hype is around BEV. Betamax syndrome! Hydrogen has not gathered real momentum as it has been expensive to crack. However, major advances have been made and that issue is now resolved. Existing infrastructure assets are being repurposed and mainstream Hydrogen is now seen increasingly favourably. A hydrogen fuel cell with a battery (think Hydrogen powered Prius) makes a lot of sense. A hydrogen fuel cell only makes even more sense. What we need is proper long term planning. Sustainable, integrated public transport systems for our towns and cities etc. So I am not an advocate for or of BEVs. @oilmagnet477 and @Frickin_idiot - remember Smart Meters were not the UK Govt or the energy retailers idea or baby in the UK. Yes, any sensible person can monitor their consumption like you do @oilmagnet477 but the legislation was for the dumb ass masses. You know, the people who plug in more and more electric devices. Consume more and more energy. Then moan like fuck that their bills are going up. The EU is like Labour. They hanker for a nanny state were citizens are controlled and directed. These are the same cronies who have reduced our toilet cistern capacities so you often need to flush twice. Reduced and restricted the power of your vacuum cleaner etc all in the name of energy conservation. Heating of houses and insulation I fully agree with you. The issue is that much of our housing stock is very old and insulation and energy efficiency is piss poor. Yet the dumb ass masses prioritise a second, third, even fourth TV and other such nonsense over improving their insulation. Morons. So in steps the EU.... You guys do know that as part of their supply licenses the big retailers were obliged (forced) to setup huge funds to provide free and heavily subsidised insulation and energy efficiency programmes. One of them was spending £250m a year on this alone and they have been the single biggest, collectively, driver of housing stock energy efficiency? Oh. Didn't think so....... Anyway, just putting my tin foil hat back on as the bastards are scanning for signs of intelligent life again and I'd hate to be classified wrongly.
  13. Taking it that is the Hoffmans car. Simply stunning. Also taking it you couldn't actually drive it. What was your impression of build quality etc? I would love that car. Beautiful and like you I think the 2006 car was a poor imitation but I do like the current GT40.
  14. Sorry but Leven was much more than Lotus. It was only last year iirc they were named Aston Martin best global dealer. They absolutely did not go to the wall due to Lotus.
  15. Several breakthroughs are massively reducing hydrogen cost.
  16. The wheel was an incredible invention because we had nothing before it. Bit like Uday's 2019? To be fair, not been much to shout about outside of the Evija.
  17. I'm going for oversight, but if not wonder if the Bank will lend me the cash to open a Lotus Dealership....
  18. Even without a smart meter they would catch your increased consumption to charge an EV. 2020 is a breakthrough year for Hydrogen fuel cells. Mark my words BEVs will end up like Betamax and will die. Hybrid hydrogen with battery will win.
  19. Excellent news for the staff whose jobs have been saved. I wish them all the best for the future.
  20. Huge amount of bullshit and misinformation on this thread with regards to the UK position. Contrary to what many on here think smart meters were not the "choice" of the retailers. Way back in the noughties the wonders that are the EU 'crats passed EU legislation that REQUIRED the Governments of the 28 member nations to commence a programme to install smart meters in EVERY home by 2020 as part of Europes commitment to reduce global warming. No common standards for meters. No common standards for comms. Etc. This EU legislation was written into UK law by the labour government of the time and through OFGEM, the regulator, it was made a part of the UK supply licence obligations. So in reality the retailers need to put you onto a smart meter or they get heavily find by Ofgem. So first off, stop blaming your utility! The fiasco and shit storm is of political making, not profit making. Secondly, the retailers only get basic meter reads. Anything else they want they need to pay the DCC (the company that runs the networks for the smart meters) for. Thirdly. They HAVE TO ask you and encourage you to get a smart meter, and they need to prove they have done this. Or, they get fined by the regulator. Fourthly, the main benefit of a proper working smart meter is that we, the UK, can better control and smooth the peaks and troughs of demand to reduce energy costs as a smart meter will allow Time of Use tarrifs to encourage some people to shift consumption to lower demand (cheaper) time bands. The main beneficiary of better demand management is National Grid and the regional transmission and distribution companies who can provide a more resilient and smoothed energy flow. So again, it is not about Retailers! They are the tail, not the dog. Hopefully with this basic understanding of YOUR energy industry we can have a more informed discussion. I started off my first smart meter project in 2005. The whole fiasco has been a disaster. Hugely expensive. Loads of missed opportunities. All caused by political interference, a poor regulatory strategy and the utility industries infighting and positioning. The cost of this mess has been continues to be, passed on to all energy customers through your bills.
  21. The relevance is in whether you follow the herd or do what you believe is right. Hmm. What would Colin have done? Me thinks he would have found his own, different path....
  22. @swindon_alan - yup. Have had similar conversations. I was presenting on a 2030 vision for energy & utilities last week and one guy proudly jumped up and said he had an EV. I asked him why he paid roughly twice the price of a comparable car in petrol or diesel. He said it was an easy decision as the car is very fast, eco friendly and he wanted to do his bit for his children. I asked him if he had researched before buying. Yes, he proudly spouted all the literature bluff re how green it was. I told him he had missed my point, the research was around how eco friendly the car was. He looked puzzled. So I asked him what he knew about cobalt, lithium and rare earth metals and the damage the mining does? I asked him what would happen when his battery died as currently we have no volume commercial processes for recycling them. Pointed out we were creating an environmental time bomb from a growing mountain of batteries. Etc etc. He didn't seem too bothered.
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    Notwithstanding your well documented bias re the GT430, I believe you could say the same of all Evora's (without crappy orange/white stripes) looking good in any colour.
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