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  1. Well actually, some people need to learn some straight line skill! Look at the first two on here lol....
  2. That lovely long carbon ducktail would look great with a long line of charlie on it!
  3. C8RKH

    new car soon?

    ^^That Twas about this time of year I got a great deal on my 410Sport from Silverstone
  4. To be honest, I would rather "invest" £6k in the KT460 kit for mine, and £6k for the Ohlins, leaving me £18k to blow on fuel, training and track days....
  5. No! Not unless the website is wrong again. The GT410 standard seat is the carbon seat, you can get the +2 using the Sparco's as a no cost option. See here: There is a difference between UK and US market as for the US you need side airbags so they get the Sparco's as standard. Just to be clear. It will be interesting to see how values develop for the 410Sport and the GT410. I don't actually think we will see a huge difference for some time due to the small numbers of each model sold and so choice will always be limited. The front bumper of the GT410 looks better, but I actually prefer the rear of the 410 Sport. In the past, the slightly more "edgier" cars seem to do better for values, think Esprit GT3, Sport 300/350 etc. so that may favour the 410Sport, but then, who actually knows and it's all supposition and irrelevant until you actually come to sell. The only thing I would sell my 410Sport for is a GT430 and I was never going to pay the £40k premium that was the actual difference between the cost of my 410 Sport brand new and the cost of a brand new GT430. With a used GT430 at £99k now with a similar 4K miles to my 410 Sport then then cost difference has reduced to around £30k so a 20% first year loss on the GT430 and a 25% on my 410 Sport. That's better than many cars of a similar value and for the GT430 comparable to a 911.
  6. It's not Labour biased at all, that is a terrible thing to say. It is left wing socialist and all things PC correct biased though. Oh, bugger, that's Labour under JC then. Damn, shot my own argument down in flames.....
  7. I've said it before and I will repeat it again. EV's on their own are merely a transitory technology and a reason to push battery exploration and innovation. The real commercial future will, I believe be in Hydrogen powered hybrids. Why? 1. The cost and complexities with rolling out national infrastructure to support the charging of EV's at scale is too high - it will cost upwards of £30bn-£40bn in the UK alone to support and there is little real appetite to pay for it 2. The conditions on the UK streets are not conducive to large scale deployment of EV's charging posts and they remain open to "blockage" (so you can't access them), vandalism, etc. The vast majority of people in the UK do live in the country or "private housing estates" with space - they live in congested streets and estates where parking is a battle, not a right 3. Despite the increases in range, the range of pure EV's is still insufficient for a longer commute or journey (say 100 miles each way, plus leaving the car not on a charger for a few days) to get over the range anxiety for many 4. As the TESLA Model S shows, the cars can be phenomenally quick, but only for a few short bursts and then the batteries heat and they need to recover. Not going to be a hoon or track day weapon any real day soon then 5. The biggie - habit! People are not used to having to plan ahead for their journeys, they are used to the convenience of just jumping into a vehicle, starting, it, driving off and when they need more fuel just putting it in, quickly, usually at the same 5 minute stop having a pee, getting a coffee and a yorkie bar! Even with fast chargers of 20 minutes as the number of EV's grows the chances are your wait will grow. So for me, the real alternative will be Hydrogen hybrids. Hydrogen pumps will be added to current forecourts much like LPG was (indeed, probably replacing the LPG ones) and with Hydrogen cars already capable of a range in excess of 300 miles they will be combined with a hybrid electrical engine/recovery system to provide a total range of around 500-650 miles from a single fill-up and no need for thousands items of additional street furniture to be installed, of holes to be dug in roads, etc etc. EV's will be like the betamax video - a short term technology winner that was first outdone by the volume ease of VHS and then by a different technology (CD's/DVD's). Hydrogen is coming - the most abundant element on earth. no need to mine/extract it in one country to export to another. More self sufficiency and less political risk due to fuel crisis caused by war/politics etc. The only thing holding it back right now is the fear of destabilization that it might cause in areas such as Africa, South America, the US and the Middle East through the shift away from black carbon based fuels.
  8. You're confusing the Evora 410 Sport with the GT410. Two different models. The 410 Sport came with the carbon seats with the exception of one I believe from Stratton that had the Sparco's fitted by the dealer. The GT410 comes with the Carbon seats as standard I believe and you can do a cost option to the Sparco's, unless that has changed recently.
  9. Which is usually not mentioned by owners and journo's when they just talk about how fast it accelerates! It's a long way off from being a usable high performance car for anything other than a few "bursts".
  10. Don't get me started on dimwit truck drivers who block a 2 lane motorway for almost 2 miles at 54mph trying to overtake each other uphill with a speed difference of less than 1 mph...
  11. Jim's always been fine with me and my Evora headers were awesome. I don't think it is tgat he can't take criticism, it's bullshitters that really wind him up if you bother to read his rantings. He can be optimistic on delivery times, but from what I have heard his stuff is good and as I said my headers were banging.
  12. I'm not engineer, so thought I would qualify that point up front! I'm struggling to see the issue here. Lotus get the flat bed chassis from Williams with the batteries and electric engines all plumbed in as a package. There is nothing stopping them from agreeing with Williams that things like suspension mounting points etc are either supplied to a unique Lotus spec, or, Lotus make their own (just like the lovely alloy ones from the Evora etc) to give them the freedom to "play" with the tuning of the chassis and suspension to get the Lotus feel and superior characteristics. That would give the Lotus engineers plenty of scope to "play and tune" to their hearts content and would not take anything away from their "expertise or skills" especially when the worlds motoring press consistently say that the Lotus interpretation of the williams chassis is the finest handling version in the world! Wow, what great praise for the Lotus engineers, take a boggo standard platform from an established F1 and Formula E constructor and make it better. :) We're all armchair warriors with no real clause as to what is going to happen so instead of crying into our porridge that it's not fair for the Lotus engineers and writing the whole thing off why don't we just wait and see what they come up with and IF the Williams flat pack chassis is used without modification. I think Lotus will, once again, surprise us and the industry and the press. I feel the momentum is building.
  13. Yeah, but the very is so very very good and so very very nice and don't forget those wonderful wheels too. 400 is you need the extra seats, if not and it's essentially a toy then it has to be the 410 for me. Both cars are great, the key thing is that with the limited availability of any Evora, you don't always have a choice and will usually need to compromise on spec/colour somewhere. just buy one. Drive it. And enjoy it. Oh, and enjoy the response of people who see and hear it and then shout "wow, it's a Lotus not a Ferrari" as happened to me yesterday in Perth!
  14. LOl - FFS you only have to scroll up one screen! haha
  15. As I mentioned on this thread just 6 posts above
  16. Before we judge anyone you have no idea what went in before or have the full context. What we have is edits from an obviously ongoing saga. Pre-judgement without full facts is the basis of forums and the internet these days and I've fallen foul of it too.
  17. Always use protection or you may struggle a few weeks later
  18. Oodles of noodles? Number 46 and a side of 83?
  19. Hasn't made me unhappy, but has made me angry. Young girl goes off to become a terrorist. know's exactly what she is doing, apparently likes the life, has no regrets, totally unfazed with seeing "heads" in a bin and no regrets at all. Wants to come back to this country as she wants her baby to have the best health care. It's not about her, it's about her baby. She "know's my baby and I will get the best care back in the UK" yadda nadda. Father on TV in tears saying we should let her come back. She was young. She didn't know what she was doing, yadda nadda. Bloody made my blood boil to be honest, so suppose that did make me unhappy. The approach in the Uk elsewhere seems to be to forgive the young easily their stupidness and to not allow them to be blames for their own selfishness or stupidity. After, all bless, they are only you and it's not their fault... Well, need to hop over to the "Happy" thread now, as it seems are Home Security has found some gumption from somewhere with the statement "I will do everything in my power to make sure she does not get back in to the UK". Of course, Jezza C, the hip dude friend of the young and well know Terrorist sympathiser will probably be grumbling into his corn flakes "yeah right, over my dead body Home Security, she's a cast iron sure voter for me so I'll make sure she gets back in....." Am I being too harsh and do I need to be more forgiving/understanding? Genuine question.
  20. 25 year anniversary in October. Haven't bought one over priced shite valentine or anniversary card once. Never. Go figure... And she ain't getting one fir the 25th either. Complete and utter total rollocks the whole thing. Where"s me humbugs?
  21. @Dan.G that is pretty eye watering price to be honest. No. I take it back. It's a fooking ridiculous price and sometimes suppliers need to smack themselves in the face and wake up from the day dream. I am very happy to be proven wrong but would expect the manufacturing cost here to be under £1 each to make. Unless of course they are made from some unobtainium metal alloy by vestal virgins who are guaranteed £150 per hour wages by the Vestal Virgin and Cherub General Workers Union collective bargaining agreement.
  22. @Spinney I bet you even remember the telephone!
  23. Nice wheel. Royals will be quite experienced in Evora wheels now.
  24. But game is real life now. Nothing is real anymore. This is being typed by an autonomous BOT. This conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.
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