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  1. That's a very early 400, one of the first with the silver LOTUS lettering across the top of the radio housing that was quickly removed for later cars. So the chances are that car has been sat around for 4 or 5 years possibly!
  2. Oh how I laughed Paul. Many a time someone has come to me with a "sob story" that they are under paid and worth so much more and if I did not watch out they would leave. I just said well if that is your decision then I accept your resignation. That was usually followed with a "oh, I wasn't being serious" response. From them!................ If someone deserves a pay rise, and I can make it happen, I'll do it for them. But I won't be pushed over a barrel and have someone attempt to "roger" me.
  3. I do wonder where people get their "facts" from and do assume that often what is spouted is their perfeption. Straight from the commons library website: Of every 1,000 NHS staff in England, 862 are British (86%) 55 from the EU (5.5%) 52 Asian (5.2%) 22 African (2.2%) 9 from elsewhere (0.9%) Over a 3rd of non British nationals in the NHS are employed by the NHS in London. In Scotland, 85% are white British. Interestingly they do not collate statistics for British non-whites! Hmmmm. Does that mean there aren't any? Of c
  4. It's a job and a career that they have chosen to do, knowing the rewards. Let's not start to get silly over this. Do we respect them? Yes. Do we rely upon them? Yes. Do we appreciate them? Yes. No one is doubting this, not even Colin, so your comment re "show some compassion" is crass in my very humble opinion. As I said before. The NHS is a money pit. It does not need to be a money pit. Sort out the issues. The excess. The efficiency. Then we can afford to pay a better wage. I do believe, as per my earlier post, they deserve more pay for what they do. But that does not mean every
  5. It's not just nurses @ Kimbers. The real issue is the silly amounts of money that are paid to Locum's. That is where there is huge waste to be honest. I love the NHS, but to fix the issues over pay, you need to make it a more efficient and affordable service. And unfortunately those with their snouts deep into the golden snout, like GP's, Consultants etc will never allow the efficiencies as it keeps them all in a very nice lifestyle. Of course we need to get rid of the useless managers, and management consultants too. Then, there will probably be enough in the kitty to actually make th
  6. C8RKH


    I would rather my tongue was used as a raspy arse cleaner by a herd of wild Australian women on a hen do than have that stuff touch any part of it! The wife loves it. But then I've told her for years she's a flookin' weirdo!
  7. Option is simple. (1) I wouldn't have paid in the first place and (2) strongly worded letter saying you have had to put their defective work right at your expense and see you in small claims court. End of. Hit him hard and fast.
  8. I have two sides to my view on this @Kimbers. Partly down to the NHS being a BIG MACHINE! I agree, that front line care workers (not just NHS Nurses) need a decent pay rise. After all, we all want to be looked after by staff who feel good about their roles, place in society and are rewarded sufficiently that they can enjoy life and their time off, so can be fresh for their work. If it was me, these staff would be 5% pa for the next 3 years guaranteed. No strings attached. ALL of them, whether at top or bottom of their grade. I would include ancillary staff in this. So porters, cleaners (
  9. Damn, I must have missed it as was on the 174 to Cambridge!
  10. I've never liked the multi-part 400 rear spoiler. The original S1 was far nicer in my humble opinion. The later carbon ducktail pure sex (but then we all like different things!) The front of the 400 I was not a fan of when it first came out. However, I think it looks good now and has grown on me but it always looks better in the flesh than in pictures. Having had an S1 the interior was superb, it really was a special place to be. However, having had a 4xx for 3 years I can confirm the build quality did move on with the 4xx interior despite what some S1 owners would have you bel
  11. Stop teasing the lad @Bibs! Some of us would love a haircut but have about as much chance as a lockdown weekend in a remote farm house with Kylie! If only my hair would grow (on my head, not in ears, above my eyes, down my nose and all over my shoulders!
  12. To be fair, some companies don't need to be caught. Halfords are handing back their furlough £10m due to the boom in cycle sales keeping them going. At last count more than £215m of furlough cash has been paid back by businesses. Not all businesses are bad. But some of the most selfish bastards are small companies (basically, greedy people) - and some are not. Some large companies are refusing to payback furlough but paying out dividends to shareholders. Some are not. Just to be balanced.
  13. It's a matched fund grant is it not? So you can get up to £250k to add to what you have already raised for your pub/sports club/theatre - so if you have £250k you can match it to £250k. But as with everything like this, human nature and greed will mean that a minority will use it for personal gain. But this as always been the way. I remember well a local business man who built flats/houses. He had a great lifestyle but then his business went tits up owing several million and nothing was really recovered. He kept his Porsche Cayenne and other expensive cars. His lavish house and
  14. C8RKH

    Utility Bills

    2020 was by and large a "cheap" year for energy as overall energy consumption was down through businesses and industry using a lot less power due to COVID. This was not offset by an increase from working at home (as you would have been using energy at your desk at work etc). Industrial processes and travel were even bigger fallers in use. As businesses are generally, but slowly, getting back to work energy consumption is rising and so the wholesale price, that energy retailers buy their electricity, is rising too, by at least 8%. The energy price cap is being raised in anticipation o
  15. I agree to an extent. If you take the Evora, you could argue size wise it was a 911 competitor, but always seemed to be compared against the Cayman. Performance and size wise it was at a 911 level at a good comparison price point when you looked at what Porsche owners really paid as opposed to base list price. But as it was always compared to a Cayman, whilst the performance was stronger it was criticised for being too expensive. My point is if you try to differentiate you DON'T want to get to the same situation where the new car is "measured" against the wrong competitor,
  16. I bought a "job lot" from Big Dug online, including the yellow "ramps". Easy to cut around the door frames etc with a jig saw and once laid you just need to sweep them/mop them to keep them clean (being black they do show up the dirt). Best thing I bought though was the garage door seal as it really does help to stop the dust/rain driving in under the garage door. Super easy to install. Managed to get mine with a red stripe to match the car lol. Just on the comments re the t
  17. Thanks. I think @Buddsy. My brain hurts after reading that.
  18. Isn't there a law against that?
  19. So the Zombie apocalypse has commenced! Because the "liberals" won't let us tag them like we do cattle?
  20. I use PVC interlocking tiles on my garage floor and after 2 years no issues yet. The rubber version of the tiles are not ideal as they can "smell" and can be lethal when wet as very slippery. Rubber also reacts/degrades over time just like your hoses etc. The PVC is inert and does not really react with anything, so seems ideal. No problems yet and a lot warmer/more comfy in the garage during winter. They do however "move" - i.e they expand/shrink depending on whether warm or cold - so do bare that in mind when laying them. Over several meters the movement is an inch max.
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