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  1. Unless you are lucky enough to live in the IoM!
  2. Actually yes it was. Really. No queing at airport immigration. Passports arbitrary. Nowhere off limits. Can't wait to go back to the good old days.
  3. Sorry, had brake calipers on my mind. Fixed it now.
  4. Bluetooth OBDI reader is around £12 from ebay/Amazon. Torque App on your phone is free, or around a £5 for the full version. Connect the two together and in english it tells you the codes and the issue. Points you in the right direction and if I can do it, believe me, you can
  5. I like it too, so much so I had it "painted" on my NA However, worth pointing out it is a wrap as many owners of the older S1 Evora want a "standard" car. This way you hopefully can please both camps and get a faster, better sale. Car does look really nice.
  6. Aquamarine and oyster is a stunning combination @SpikeMike. Might be obvious given the tags on the photo's but assuming the "SR black pack" is a wrap so can be removed easily if someone just wanted to?
  7. Can't disagree with anything you said their @jep. I agree the design of the S1 interior is very cohesive, the 4xx less so, however apart from the design, the "build" in the 4xx is much better. Not trying to nit-pick here, I love both cars.
  8. I would like to ask Matt how he is going to improve the parts supply to ensure that owners are able to enjoy their Lotus cars both now, and many years into the future. The current situation for Evora is unacceptable, and if you go back further, it is even worse. Many of Lotus premium competitors recognise that people are buying not just a car, but they are buying into a brand, a lifestyle, a collective. You only have to read the passion on here to see what love there is for Lotus, and Lotus needs to embrace and nurture its brand through its heritage forwards. So, how are Lotus going to support current owners, and future owners, through much improved "factory" support for parts for Lotus cars?
  9. Is that legal? Does Wendy know?
  10. Not only will your interior be aging well @jepbut the simplicity of design means it still looks great too Look at an early Gallardo and in my opinion in the interior looks shite and has really dated. The seats look awful, apparently are not comfortable and the VAG switch gear looks last century. I don't think Lotus really got the full credit deserved for the cohesive interior design of the Evora. The journos all wanted to talk about Ford stalks and switches on the column, but never wanted to point out the VAG bucket parts on the Gallardo. After 11 years, the S1 Evora is still a looker inside and out, unlike some of its "better" competition
  11. That is subjective. After owning an S1 and having a 4xx the quality of the interior build in the 4xx is a step up from the S1. There is no doubt about that. Also for me, the S1 lost a lot when lotus went from the nice, real brushed metal of the original S1, to that horrible blacky grey plasti-dip type coating that went on after the MY12 changes. Even the MY12 handles on the door (the leather coated ones) are crude compared to the later 4xx ones. Rose tinted glasses remind me how great the S1 interior was - the recaro's are superb, but bloody heavy for instance. Really heavy. Sitting on the seat, with the high sill, sublime. But getting in or out, the 4xx wins every time. I loved my S1. I still do. If I thought Kimbers would part with it for a sensible price I'd probably buy it back. So I ain't no model snob, but as good as the S1 was, the 4xx moved the game on for sure on build quality. I have no doubt at all that Emira will kick the ball out of the park on build quality.
  12. Blair Drummond Safari park just outside Stirling. There you can zip wire over the river whilst the monkeys admire the car The roads just north of there through the Trossachs, up over Rannoch Moor, around Loch Tay, simply stunning. Also try out GoApe in Aberfoyle, a great drive from Blair Drummond to there too! Any help you need, anything specific your looking for, let me know. You also have TreeZone in Aviemore and Landmark Forest Park too.
  13. They have a lovely green 2018 for £62, so yes, suspect that other car actually is a 2015.
  14. Yes, the S. The even say, "driving the Evora S....."
  15. Love the fact a VX is in that shot. Back home...... The orange Exige looks huge in comparison.
  16. RHD you rest your left foot on the subframe brace which conveniently provides the dead pedal - from memory not carpeted/painted in early S1's, on 4xx it has a plastic pedal cover. However, the tester would have been in a LHD car remember, so would need a specific dead pedal installed ahead of the wheel arch for the left foot. Also they were talking about an S which has more power and a slightly higher centre of gravity over an NA, so maybe that affects things too. So comparing a cox with a granny smith possibly - both apples but different.
  17. Yeah, says the company that wants to lease you an EV. Total bullshit. Bloody internet..... Might add a grand or two tops, more likely just means it will help it sell that tad bit faster. Far better to look for more balanced stories with some credible content not marketing bullshit:
  18. Wasn't Trump was it? Personally, glad it stayed in the UK and I know from seeing it in the flesh what a gorgeous machine it is. Stunning. But then I don't think I've seen a GTE I don't like!
  19. Personally, I'd stay away from diamond cut. look great when new, but have not seen a set yet that have not deteriorated, a pain to refurb, and you can only refurb a small number of times. I think a nice "shadow chrome" would look superb on that Evora.
  20. @cdm2018 - my tuppence, stay away from the lake district - expensive and busy. If you're coming up from the South on the M6 think about coming off at the Tebay junction (A685) and head to the Orton Scar cafe for lunch (B6260). In Orton itself there is Kennedy's Fine Chocolates were your daughter will love picking her custom selection of chocolates/confectionary with the chocloates made on site. Also, local made ice cream that is lovely. A nice place to just stretch your legs, enjoy some quiet on the journey. Then head up on some great roads for the Lotus to Appleby. Across the A66 East and then turn off at Barnard Castle and head north up through Teesdale (B6277) (stunning High Force Waterfall - well worth a stop and walk to), Kielder (Shilling Pot Road takes you round the lake - simply stunning road) to take you up towards Peebles in the Borders. Truly stunning roads to Peebles and maybe stay at the Hydro there (pool, great borders down, lots to do and see). That would be my preferred route in to Scotland. Happy to help with other routes once in Scotland but that route from Tebay to Peebles is on stunning driving roads, ideal for the Lotus.
  21. As I said, he HAD the white one at the SAME TIME as the carbon one for some time (2 years?). Maybe he sold the black one to get the carbon one. I'm confusing myself now....
  22. Blackpool. The money you save on the flights you can spend on fish and chips and the women are free (especially if Wetherspoons is open)!
  23. Adfer had two concurrently for quite some time. The carbon and the white one, I believe he just has the carbon one now.
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