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  1. Great update @blindside. Thank you. Sounds like a totally different experience to the 4xx Evora's with their high torque lower in the range meaning you can be lazy and quick on the road. I like the idea of revving to 8k and keeping it hot! SOunds like a great edition to your stable and I doubt a GT3 will disappoint.
  2. So I was down to 1 bar of fuel on my commute car. Went out last night and had no problem getting petrol in Dundee. Just pulled in to Asda as normal. no queues and 4 of the 8 pumps not being used by anyone. Did not see any queues or issues at any petrol station I went past. I guess it just means that people in Dundee are not selfish, stupid, panic buying fooktards as it seems many other people are. I do hate some times the selfish, it's all about me, culture that we seem to have in the UK now. Such a shame people have to respond in such a selfish way constantly.
  3. I agree that this might be the beginning. There are still people coming to the Evora, as Lotus owners for the first time, and their reaction to the car is on here for all to read, whether it is an 11 year old LE NA, or a newer model. Knowledge of the Evora is still very much in niche circles, I constantly come across so called petrol heads who just do not know what an Evora is, what it looks like. Tightly or wrongly when you say you are a Lotus fan people just think you have a small, lightweight, spartan track special like an Elise/Exige. Most people really do not know just how much the Evora move things on. Of course, I'm biased. I've had two Evora's and both have been superb cars. But whenever I show people pictures of my car, or they see it in the flesh, the just go wow. As for future values - well to be honest, I don't really care. I never bought my Evora as an investment. I bought it to drive it. To look at it. That's it really! I do think time will be kind to the Evora and as cars become more sterile. More soul less. More automated. Then cars like the Evora will have their resurrection and second coming. But in the mean time, I'll just enjoy it for what it is, and what it represents. @blindside - we're due a GT4 update aren't we
  4. There's been a huge influx of new caravan owners recently. My god are they clueless!
  5. Still not old enough to drink, so come back when it's 18 and we'll have a real party!
  6. He'd had a harder paper round than me. I mean, did you ever try to pedal that C5 for long distances day after day? It's actually 37 years In January, when I'll have notched up 40 years of paying tax / NI contributions and will be able to access my non state pension. The draw of retirement is strong..... Though it means I'd still have another 12 years to wait for my state pension, I'd have only contributed to it for 40 years as opposed to 52, so 12 extra years for NO added benefit. Now if that was a private sector deal there'd be an outcry...
  7. Paying $3m for a piece of virtual electronic memory is just insane. Yes, great if you have the cash to spend on something like that, but really! Come on, think about it! I think it just shows how nonsensical things are. See my other post re the bottled air from football matches. it's a great investment opportunity as that air can never be replicated/repeated. Only £28 a bottle! How many do you want? The point I was making was that we, as a species, have reached a point where we value the wrong things. At a time when half the population is starving. When the climate is pushing the planet over a cliff edge. Somebody pays $3m for a piece of virtual bits and bites for what? A digital picture of that first tweet is all over the web - it's not as if you cannot see it. To me, it just feels like another scam. Another emperors new clothes moment. And I've worked in tech for 35 years....
  8. This is in spades. See it all the time on 2 lane motorways and dual carriageways. Usually numpty lorry driver A, who drives up and down the road weekly, pulls out to overtake numpty lorry driver B, just as the road starts to climb up a hill. Lorry A was doing 2 mph more than Lorry B, and both sat on their limiter. After around 2-3 miles, Lorry A has finally managed to get past Lorry B and has queue of about 40 vehicles behind him whilst his speed dropped by almost 8 mph from the start of the manoeuvre to the end, due to the incline. The difference in the usual 2 mph speed differential between the lorries is c.536m over ten minutes. So given the max. length of a HGV is 16.5m, and allowing for the space behind when pulling out (10m? - certainly less than the length of a HGV as we all see how close they drive together) and space needed to pull back in (20m to be fair), that means the time taken has "bought" lorry A what, 50m at best, so the average speed difference is likely to be around, or just less, than 1 mph. Bonkers. He'd be better off just chilling and chomping on a Yorkie bar as even a brain dead monkey would question why Lorry A even bothered to overtake B for that, given the additional fuel usage etc. I have, on many occasions, I am ashamed to admit, gone past Lorry A with a beep and a single digit salute to his prowess and skill through the open sunroof, after having to suffer a pathetic 3-5 minute (occasionally longer), uphill, overtake.
  9. Paying what was it, $2.9m to "own" a Tweet - sorry, I'm out. I'm obviously dumb and stupid as I just do not see how a "tweet" could be worth anything, let alone $2.9m. I think for me it sort of just sums up how fooked up we truly are in the west..
  10. I have a large collection of that. if you tell me the stadium and year, I am sure I can provide it - £26 plus delivery. I have the air from a number of matches too, again, give me the fixture dates and I'm confident I can supply. That's £38 plus vat. All come in vintage 330ml aged plastic bottles, with a certificate of authenticity and a 10 year warranty against air loss, as long as the top seal has not been broken or the bottle penetrated.
  11. In that case, I'm still in nappies.
  12. I bid four Jelly Beans and three Morretti beer caps.
  13. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    I disagree. The only people who deserve a car lovers contempt are those who purely buy for profit/investment and never have a desire to drive!
  14. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    I agree! I think we will see less and less referring from Lotus to "lightness", the strapline is "for the driver" now so should correlate to your "feeling of connection". I guess we all want to different things from our performance cars as we all use them in different ways. For instance the thought of a Veyron doesn't thrill me - it just looks to me like a very fast lounge on the inside. Every time I look at the Big Grandad seats in the R8 it just makes me laugh. Yes, car looks great, sounds great, has all the toys, but it's a leviathan and the image to me is a bit sterile. The Nissan GTR - I just assume all GTR drivers are top end HIFI enthusiasts - just seems to fit the image to me of someone who like all the bling and "tweaking" (as opposed to twirking). BMW and Audi and AMG Mercs - wannabe gangsters and celebrities is what comes to mind. All about image init... I guess that's why I like my 410 Sport so much. it's a car for fun. For dreaming in. For whiling away hours just enjoying driving on great roads, going nowhere particularly fast. To me it just says I love driving for the sake of driving and don't care about the badge or the image. I don't care it hasn't got climate control. Cup holders. Or a world class stereo system etc. They're just not important things to ME based on how I use the car. I can understand someone wanting all that, and quick clear windscreens, and radar cruise etc if they use it every day for commuting distances etc. I get it. But then if that was how I used an Evora I'd be perfectly content with a 400 or GT410 but probably with the IPS box, not manual. Would tick all the boxes for me. But then using any car in that way is not enjoyable for me - being stuck in traffic, lot's of stop start, worrying about where I parked it etc. Just put me in an autonomous car please, it'll be more fun!
  15. Lol - when I moved from electric storage heaters to an oil fired combi boiler, 25 years ago, yup, heating oil was around 9-12p a litre. But then, I could get a pint for around £1.30, and around a pound from a Joseph Holts pub in Manchester. It's around £4 now. So oil has gone up 400%, beer 300%. More pissed off about the latter as I drink more beer than the boiler drinks oil!
  16. @windymiller you might find this amusing. I too get the point of insulation and the need for it. HOWEVER, just like with energy, people don't value it enough to prioritise it over alcohol, fags, phones, electrical gadgets and holidays. It's not sexy you see. Just boring. So as per the story below you end up with a complete and utter [email protected] on TV, making his case for all this disruption and protesting as insulation is soooo important an issue, only to then admit that he hasn't insulated his own home due to the cost. Well maybe if he got his fooking arse and worked harder to earn, rather than forecasting, and prioritised it as an important issue over alcohol, fags, sky tv etc, then we wouldn't have this problem! You could not make this up and if it was on a TV programme you'd laugh at how ridiculous the script was....
  17. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    You may be right! A V6 manual Emira AND an Evora 410 Sport might just be the ticket. You've got me thinking now..... But not sure I could forgive myself for going soft lol.
  18. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    I really must be special as I've never had an issue with the ICE. It just works. Totally strange. But then I do drive it 95% of the time with both windows and the exhaust valve open in 2nd or 3rd gear at 4000 - 7000 rpm! Not sure any ICE would be good in those conditions lol. Seat brackets were a quick and easy fix for me, totally transformed them. Still not convinced the Emira is the right car for me. One option is to keep the Evora and put an Exige 410/430 alongside it and the VX220SC I have. I actually think this might be an ideal "garage". Cannot argue with you there. The Evora was the best car no one ever knew about.
  19. Stops you putting swirls on the paint when you wash it. Stops bird shit from wrecking your paint when left to bake on. It provides zero real protection for stone chips. That's it.
  20. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    Many on here thought and think that my Evora 410 Sport is raw with it's lack of door bins, cup holders, and its alcantara, stiffer springing and carbon bucket seats etc. Maybe I should have clarified the model I had was the more raw and focused Evora 410 Sport. I don't think Lotus marketed the Evora 410 Sport as a nice and easy daily driver.
  21. That's about the same as a high quality, same colour, full car respray. Not worth it in my humble opinion. It's a car. It'll get dirty and chipped. That'll add character. I spent £900 on Expel to get my whole front clam covered on the Evora. It's OK. But after three years and 11.5k miles, there are some small stone chip "rips" in it that haven't been able to "self heal" and generally, I'm thinking end of next year I'll take it off and possibly not replace (except the lights, they will have new film put on to protect them) as it'll start to be looking grubby.
  22. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    I actually believe the weights I quoted were all done on the same basis. To be honest, weight is a legacy thing with Lotus and generally, it was a major differentiator in their cars and was why a 2.0/2.2ltr Esprit could compete with a Ferrari of its day, why the original Elan and Elite were race winners, etc. Once you get to cars like the Evora/Emira, with power outputs of 400bhp plus, I don't think total weight plays as much a part as people make out! I mean, one driver could be 22 stone, the other 13 stone - that's a difference of 57kg and to be honest, even with that weight difference the skills and ability of the first driver could mean the Evora/Emira in their hands is still much faster around the track than the slimJim second driver. Very few people who drive a road Lotus these days are really that good a driver that 50kg, even 100kg, would make a difference to their track times or the time it took them to do a favourite route on a Sunday. It's all a bit "willy waving" if we are being truthful. but then, us men like to wave our willy's don't we? Let's take the Evora - Lotus went to great lengths to give it a lightweight magnesium steering wheel to enhance the driving experience. If my wheel was replaced with a Clio's wheel, I'm really not sure I'd notice any difference whatsoever from the extra 0.5kg or so of weight in the wheel. HOWEVER, just KNOWING that Lotus engineering thought about that little thing so much, and made such an effort to ensure it was "the best", does give me tremendous faith that Lotus really does know how to make some of the best performance drivers cars in the world. A lot of us get carried away on here, sometimes being dismissive, sometimes by being a know it all, sometimes by just being a dick, and sometimes by just thinking. I'm taking a step back. I have already said the Emira is a fantastic car. I'm not that bothered about its weight. Or it's 0-60mph time - I know it will be in the ball park. The thing for me, is that with 365 way electric armchairs, uber complicated ICE/AirCon and luxury wagon interior creature comforts it's all stuff that actually, for me, detracts from what i love about my current Lotus - it's rawness (not to be confused with it being uncouth, poorly built, yadder yadder - because it is not!) and it's focus and it's real sense of purpose. That's what I want from a Lotus. If I wanted all the creature comforts and soft close doors and cupholders and storage compartments for my medallions and chest hair combs then I'd probably buy an M2/3/4/5 and not a Lotus. Why? Well superplush fast wagons is what BMW (and generally the Germans) do well. So if I want all that, why not buy one? To me, and this is me being old and nostalgic, Lotus was always about the best engineering to deliver a supercar drive/performance at a budget one would could actually afford. I'm still not convinced that this new Emira crossover (from old lotus to superplush wagon) actually works for me. Just sharing some thoughts in my head. As ever, feel free to disagree.
  23. Fulfilment by Amazon will be on the cards next. Buy an Emira and get Prime free for 12 months.........
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