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  1. C8RKH

    Anton du Beke

    Lol, I love my 1980's lightweight retro carbon slats!
  2. The Type 14 Elite is just so right. So scrummy. It really is the work of genius.
  3. C8RKH

    Anton du Beke

    Cost saving. As @EuropaSman says Colin the GT410 (not to be confused with the GT410 Sport of course!) does not come with the "black pack" and has the 400 rear hatch with the glass and the three piece spoiler. I think it was called progress.
  4. C8RKH

    Anton du Beke

    Did you mention Fire Red Evora's @EuropaSman? Only RHD Fire Red 410 Sport in the world. There is a LHD one that was shipped to Italy. As rare as the wisdom teeth in a Hen's mouth...
  5. I have to admit, it looked fantastic on track. It looked planted and the "eyes" tell all with regards to the speed that thing was going at. I don't like electric cars. Not a fan at all of the current offerings. But, if I win £50m on the lottery I WOULD place an order for one of those on the proviso that they never spoil it like they did the Evora by putting two frigging seats in the back lol. I could actually even live with the noise as at speed, it sounds a bit like a jet!
  6. Looks a damn site better to me than any Tesla
  7. C8RKH

    In love again

    @Cdm2018 - I have had my 2018 Evora Sport for 2.5 years from new. My wife has sat in it once. She has never been out for a drive in it. Do I care she hasn't? Hell no. Do I want her in the car with me. Hell no. Do I feel selfish when I go out for several hours, alone, in it? Hell no. Do I want to change it? Well, hmm, certainly not the Evora
  8. Nice to see the figures and get the confirmation. Even on here a lot of people find it hard to accept that Lotus don't play truthful with the figures. Lovely car, blue and red, a classic combination and it looks superb.
  9. C8RKH

    BBC - Again!

    I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.
  10. But that is already there too @TdM. My wife's car and others monitor the drivers inputs and also eye movements. They can detect when you are not concentrating/distracted and also when you are tired and need a break. I regularly shoot down to see my mother, just under 300 miles one way. Often, I do the journey in one hit and all good, though sometimes, on some journeys the car dash will light up and I'll get a message that I should take a break, and to be fair, it usually does happen when I am feeling tired. You don't need OTA updates for speed, in fact, the forward facing cameras on most
  11. Why can't people just be open and honest about stuff. It seems these days everyone just wants to shaft someone else to make a fast buck. No-one would bat an eyelid if he had bought it, tidied a few bits up then flipped it for a profit. Personally, I'd take any claim as "owned by" with a pinch of salt unless I had a piece of paper to absolutely confirm it.
  12. Mine and my wife's DDs have that but also the front cameras recognise road signs so it "reads" the speed limit sign and informs you of changes accordingly. The tech is there. Is available. Right now. The law needs to be changed to catch-up but that is happening. Cameras on cars will determine blame and if a systems failure then the mfrs could be held liable as they are to an extent now. If you modify the car without telling insurance co, and it's a factor, then like now you will be liable. It's all coming together whether we like it or not.
  13. I agree @RobinB5. We do need to get back to "making things" however, a lot of what we need in the future will come from "programming systems" as opposed to whittling wood etc. We had the industrial revolution and no we have the digital revolution. However, a lot of what we think as "essential" these days is just a nice to have. For instance, in a Lotus you can have air con. Very simple to do and a simple knob to turn to change the temperature. However, some people think it is essential to have dual zone, or even four zone, climate control. So a hugely more complex solution that requires
  14. I think @RobinB5 Volvo are already now well down that path. You can currently rent a new Volvo - everything is included in one monthly price. The only thing I think you need to do is fuel it if it is ICE. The next step will be a model where you "book" the car you want for the time you want and it just turns up, then leaves when you have finished it. The technology is there and for the time being it can be delivered to 85% of the population by a person who then just takes the motorised scooter out of the boot and scoots off! Some of those eScooters now have a range of 20-25 miles and of
  15. Yes. For some very happy days. For others, not so happy. For the last 5 -7 years we've been slowly decluttering. Getting rid of all that useless shite you accumulate and realise was just a waste of money. I do wonder what the future for Lotus will be. A car for the drivers as electric autonomous looms on the distant horizon. So essentially a car for a dying market - quite literally if you look at all of the old farts on here! A focus on driving involvement, handling and vehicle dynamics for drivers who just want a badge and 0-60 straight line bragging rights. I think 2025-
  16. C8RKH

    EVORA Weight

    Yes but @scotty435 that S badge was bloody heavy! A bit like the car, the heaviest Evora ever made lol....
  17. Really pleased for you @johnpwalsh I personally think Ice Blue is absolutely stunning on an Esprit and I very much look forward to seeing you and the car in the future
  18. Ha, where you based @yeller77? You get the pints in, the ribs and wings will be on me! lol
  19. C8RKH

    EVORA Weight

    I believe that "just" the Supercharger, without ancillaries, is around 12.5kg. Then you need to add the other bits, so all up the Supercharger conversion was probably 20kgs on it's own.
  20. The quality control check never lasted long enough for them to notice a few minutes of loss per month. Last I looked it certainly wasn't advertised as a certified time piece and I have to admit it did not do it on my NA when I had it. Only time I needed to change the time on that was for the summertime hour nonsense. The war ended 75 years ago, it's about time that nonsense did too.
  21. As the number of electric vehicles rise, the number of ICE cars fall thereby reducing emissions on our roads. You will then get a "tipping point" where emissions cannot increase to breach any "environmental limits" as there will be too few ICE cars on the road to create the emissions. At that point the "noise" will die down and I am sure the much, much smaller volume of ICE cars will continue to run and petrol will be sold as it is now. Whereas now the EV charger is at the back of the garage, in future that will be where the petrol pump will be. Petrol will be much dearer (you need volume to
  22. C8RKH

    EVORA Weight

    My understanding is: NA 1383kg 276bhp 199.57bhp per ton 221.01 (with new headers and sport cat at 305bhp) S 1442kg 345bhp 239.25bhp 400 1395kg 400bhp 286.74 410 1325kg 410bhp 309.43 430 1258kg 430bhp 341.81 The added weight is not in the wheels @DBG. Standard NA wheels were cast and 46kg per set and 18/19", whereas the "S" wheels where forged and 44.5kg per set 19/20". Granted the larger tyres will add some weight but surely not more tha
  23. I did not think the NA had a valve in the exhaust. Sport just changed the map.
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