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  1. They never stopped! You only have to look on the recent Elise/Exige/Evora cars to see the amount of untreated "mild steel" that was used for brackets etc and that rusts away quickly. Anyone with a 5 year old Evora and mudguard brackets for instance will know what I am talking about. Let's hope with the Emira they have learned a lesson as they go for better quality. @Chillidoggy- I think you're last piece of advice is the best. Would it be an idea to have on the forum a Topic something like "Jobs to do when....." and then a sub-topic for "You have removed the dash", "You have the engine out" etc? That way the wisdom from you guys who have been maintaining and restoring your Esprit's could help people well into the future to save time, money AND produce a much better car with better longevity as the outcome?
  2. Sometimes, as a pedestrian, I feel it is safer to walk on the road. That way I can avoid all the cyclists on the pavement! As an ex club and racing, and now social cyclist, for 40+ years I am thoroughly ashamed these days of the lack of manners, road awareness, and etiquette displayed by some (not all) cyclists who, when I am in a very good mood, I would conservatively describe as being "entitled twats"!
  3. C8RKH

    Type 132

    And I'd be very happy if none of it was on a car "for the drivers!"
  4. All I can say is that the advice I received was from a renowned Lotus service expert and I had no issues as a result. maybe I was just lucky.
  5. I was told by a reliable source that when you change the manifold/induction you should then run the car "easy" for around 300-500 miles, increasing the revs/load towards the end of this period. Apparently this allows the ECU to learn the new settings / changes as it does have auto learning capabilities. I was told to not change everything at once (e.g. headers, CAI etc) as this was too big a change in one go for the ECU to adapt to as they would be too far outside of the expected parameters. I followed this advice when I changed the headers on my NA and had no issues whatsoever. I always only ever used "premium octane" fuel (my preference was - and still is for my 410 Evora - Tesco's Momentum as it is 99 ron, higher than Shell Optimax at 98 ron and BP Ultimate (my second preferred choice) at 99 ron. Tesco's Momentum is a good price/performance bet and in 7 years running of Evora's I have never had an issue with it.
  6. @Mellow YellowI think it would look stunning with silver wheels. I think black wheels are just meh! But then again, as I say, we all have different tastes which is why good looking girls get dates too.
  7. @Mysterae I would in the first instance be talking to our very own "Lotus Rescue" man, @johnpwalsh. An absolute no brainer for me as he is a top bloke, has undertaken several restorations and is in the middle of restoring his own ice blue (my favourite esprit colour) Esprit Turbo and being based near Aberdeen he is practically your next door neighbour!
  8. True, even there they seem to buy online, wear once, then send back as a return! This generation is either very clever or has no scruples.
  9. Another good piece of spending the limited money where it needs to be spent by Lotus to ensure a properly engineered solution that actually protects the car/owner.
  10. We're separated by 5 years and a day! Hope you have a great day and look forward to seeing pictures of your Lego presents! Have a very happy and healthy 2022 and lets see a picture of your bus pass now! If only your mum had held on for another 24 hours, then like me, no matter where you were in the world, but in a Pub/Bar, there would be Scotsman who would dip into his deep pockets with his short arms to buy you a wee dram!
  11. In eight years time no more ICE as new. But there will still be some 18m ICE manual cars on the road in the UK and in the second hand market. I think a lot of normal punters are being misled into thinking you will only be able to drive electric from 2030, not that you just won't be able to drive an ICE. Young people very rarely buy new cars - their priority more and more is getting on the housing ladder, so that means in 8 years time, a 9 year old now will be looking to take a lesson at 17. What are the chances of them going straight out and buying a new Electric car? The 2nd hand ones will still be expensive, more so than an ICE as the demand will be for electric new. Also, many of the electric cars on the 2nd hand market will be 5-10 years old and let's call them gen 1. What condition will their batteries be in and what will be the cost of replacement? I ask, because I was talking to someone who works in a Porsche dealership. He told me to steer clear of the Taycan (lot's of issues) and that even a 5 year old Panamera Hybrid is practically worthless if a fault with the batteries as Porsche no longer has access to those batteries - so it would mean a full rip out and replace of them all even for a couple of cells. The cost would be in the tens of thousands, or, about the value of what was 5 years before, a £100k car!!!! The AA have come out with this notice because they want to publicise their new "driving school" facilities and generate demand. Pure marketing bullshit in my very humble opinion. A lot of people will swallow it and then get shafted over the next few years. Electric is the future (by the way, I think the designs that Kia are coming out with now and being "previewed" are stunning and we will see a continued shift in volumes from the "old" western car manufacturers of the US, Europe, to the East as people realise that as well as looking good they are better built, more reliable and have far better warranties for piece of mind) but the transition is going to take 20 years so anyone advising a 17 year old now, to take a test purely based on "electric" is in my, again, very humble opinion, a nut job. It's not the "cool aid" some people are drinking, but the battery fluid which is charging their brains!
  12. GPS - but I believe (don't know for certain) that the initial implementation is like the "stop/start" button, you CAN over ride and turn it off, but it resets to "on" every time you turn the ignition on. It's all part of the EU trying to force through the start of driverless car acceptance - make driving so unpleasant that in the end you just accept the car will do it for you.
  13. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    @Mrandres6935from reading your posts since you join it was obvious to me you would be buying a C8 over a Lotus. As to interior, each to their own, but the C8's hurts my eyes and that long line of buttons looks like a zipper to me. As I have said before, wish you well with your C8. Go drive it. Oh and by the way you will read I'm not an Emira fan boy.
  14. Been discussed at length on here and the subject of many clarifications with Lotus re whether it is on the FE Emira.
  15. Quite terrible service and to be honest, given the volumes, totally inexcusable and I know Lotus read these forums but my question is, when you read stuff like this, why don't you do anything about it? If you are doing anything about it, why is not visible in terms of actions we can see and improvements we can experience? Times move on. Organisations change. I get that. But so do customers and their expectations and as you go to play with the "big boys" people will expect the quality to be there, not just in the cars/product, but in the service. Given the frankly shambolic approach to spares and availability, that has been an issue for years, I am not confident that in the short term the changes required will be enough.
  16. These changes are not encouraging me to think about a new Lotus in the future if I am being honest. I am probably not the demographic that Lotus is wanting to market to as I buy as much with my heart as I do with my head. Therefore, the affection I feel for the "brand" is very important to me, and it really just feels as though Lotus has decided that as it goes forward with Lotus 2.0, heritage (cars, dealers, customers) is not valuable to them and instead they are just ruthlessly going to "chase the numbers". Yeah, yeah, I know they are creating the Heritage Showroom but that is purely for marketing purposes as far as I can see. I don't buy the "for the drivers" strapline going forwards. I think it should probably read "we were for the drivers" as going forwards I think they are "for the accountants". If I have understood things correctly, the First Edition Emira V6 is going to be a 400bhp car. So a little less power and a little more weight. Not something that I am finding appealing to be honest. I don't doubt it will be easier to live with. To get in and out of. To store your "must have" cup of coffee for every journey. But a First Edition is not an Emira that I yearn to own, so currently, Lotus does not offer a product that I want and is not likely to do so for another 2 years. So what do I do in that period? I am finding myself looking more and more at 2.5lt Coxsters as a semi sensible every day driver. I want a 2 seater convertible as a daily driver (thankfully I do not have to worry about transporting kids etc). Lotus does not offer one. I am minded to look for a 4 door saloon daily driver. The Alfa Giulia Veloce is very tempting, but I have also seen a Bentley Flying Spur that would be nice! Again, Lotus does not offer anything here (I don't want an EV as I regularly need to do a 300 mile each way journey and NO EV will guarantee that right now). So, my heart keeps pulling me back to Lotus, but it is the heritage models I am looking at. An Exige 410 Sport, or a 380 Cup would be great. But as a daily driver? Similarly an Elise 250 Cup or 220/240 looks fab. But then again, as a daily driver? So it feels like current Evora 410 Sport could be my last new Lotus car that I bought, certainly for the foreseeable future. I know we are in a transition period, but I really do think Lotus has fooked up canning all three heritage cars at once, for a single new car that is still some months out from first deliveries. Fixed head. no convertible option (a massive failure that they did not learn from the Evora for sure!). I really do wish Lotus well. I love the brand. I love the heritage. I love the underdog beating the shit out of cars from Germany (in the areas that are important for me for sure!). Currently, it's likely that I will not be a part of that future journey.
  17. I'll do it for free. And I won't be offended by their detached body parts and human fluids.
  18. It's like the guy who was blocking the roads to campaign for home insulation whilst admitting he hadn't insulated his own home and had no plans to do so. Why, do we give these muppets, air time? Why don't the presenters absolutely rip them to pieces and then spit them out on the floor?
  19. You would have thought Haringey Council had more important things to focus on, but yet again, we have someone "offended" in the Council who will "worry it to death" until he gets the answer he wants. It seems that the one thing that doesn't matter is democracy and the thoughts/decision of the people directly affected.
  20. Not sure what to make about this to be honest, I mean the trend for wokeness / political correctness. If I've read the posts correctly, Darkey Lane has a name that has nothing to do with race, with slavery, or anything that could be described as motivated/influenced by the colour, background etc of people. Any people. Yet despite this, two ignorant, ill informed, tourists have taken exception based on their own interpretation of the lanes name and as a result, a local historically named lane in the UK may have to have a name change. It beggars belief that people are pandering to ignorant, ill informed people in such a way. The Parish Council, on receipt of the complaint should, in my very humble opinion, have taken the time out to explain to and prove through historical references/documents to the two complainants that the naming of the Lane was nothing to do with people, with race, religion etc. As such, they had incorrectly perceived it to be a racial reference and that now the situation and history had been explained to them they could put their minds at ease and get on with the lives, as no further action would be taken. We are going down a very slippery slope at the moment of rewriting, or indeed, erasing, major chunks of British history which is not right nor correct. I fully accept that Britain and her people have done some nasty things in their time, as we have had nasty things done to us, but there is a current "entitled" view from some quarters of society that seem to take offence easily at the slightest of thing and then except the majority to change to accommodate them. Indeed, if the said tourist from the Caribbean wants to be picky then a quick look at a map of Jamaica is enough to cause outrage and offence with place names like: Black river (no doubt the colour of the water is dark hence the name) White House Negril (the town name is a shortened version of the Spanish word Negrillo which means "Little Black One" FFS! (btw the reference is to the population of black eels there, but if you did not know that........) White Horses It's time to stop this nonsense and for the easily offended to realise that not everything they perceive as a sleight is actually one on them, as in this instance of Darkey Lane. It's also time that musicians that continue, to this day, to use the "N" word in their songs and records are "banned" and ostracised for it. Instead of being celebrated largely by the people who perceive the use of that horrible word as a major insult! Go figure it out how it can be OK for someone of one race to call another a "N...", but not OK for someone else etc. The first thing we need to do is to stop this "allowable" discrimination and make it clear that EVERYONE should be treated with dignity etc., not just when it suits! I'm not a religious person, but I always remember the key phrases from School RE lessons - the most important one for me being "do unto others as yo would expect to be done to you" or something very similar. This is how i live my life - I treat people how I expect to be treated. If we all did that, then maybe their would not be so much fake morale outrage in this world today.
  21. @#84, thank you for the update. Can you comment please on how you found the driving experience after you had upgraded from the 410 standard suspension to the Nitrons? What was the main benefit and how did they feel on road and track? Thanks in advance for your response.
  22. Not scientific but Autoglass know a thing or two about windscreens I suppose! How to Defrost your Windscreen and Rear Window With Water: Firstly, to avoid damaging your windscreen, you should only apply lukewarm water when you defrost your windscreen. You will find that the amount of water required will depend on the size of the windshield or rear window that needs defrosting. Apply the warmed water to the frozen area by pouring or splashing it directly onto your windscreen. The ice should quickly soften and melt to the point where it can be wiped away with a cloth, glove or your windscreen wiper. Top Tip: Applying boiling water to your windscreen not only risks damaging the glass. Believe it or not, in extremely cold conditions, hot water can freeze faster than cooler water. So, if you apply hot water to a frozen windshield, you may find it refreezing again soon.
  23. What @Bibs said. The planes are still quite empty going over the pond and so some good deals on flights and obviously hotels are desperate for business so again, some good deals. Take Wendy. Take in a show, make it a nice wee break so that way your son in doing you a favour as it is giving you the chance to take Wendy away! Hope it all works out.
  24. C8RKH

    BBC - Again!

    @basalte I would not say that the idea that the BBC is of the "left" originates from someone's support for the right, but I do agree with you that what is really being attacked is the "cultural liberalism" within the BBC. The BBC and her senior "news people" and management (can we still use that masculine ageist term or should we now just use the term "ment" and drop the man and age bits? ) are very much biased to a "liberal" agenda at best, but with a strong left leaning to it. This has been "known" for decades to be honest and is not a news worthy point any more. You only have to tune into the BBC Breakfast show on a weekday morning on BBC One to see how they "presenters" react to and treat differently Conservative MP's to Labour MP's. There really is a marked difference and no real attempt to hide what can only be described as contempt for one side, over the other. Even my wife, who is the least interested in politics person I know gets fed up with it as they constantly heckle, interrupt and snap at the Conservative politicians. Moving on, I think the issue that the BBC has is that increasingly, it is irrelevant to large swathes of the population, yet the population is expected to pay for it. The liberal elite of the BBC hate any kind of scrutiny or questioning about their role, productions and programmes, etc. They can be quite indignant when challenged - but yes, this is in my opinion and others may have a different one which is fine by me. The BBC has veered, again, in my opinion, so far away from its role as a Public Broadcasting entity that it is often hard through looking at the programming to differentiate between it, and a private TV "channel" like ITV, Channel 4, etc. The BBC seems to be in a constant "ratings" battle, whether it is through soaps, dramas, or whatever and has apart from some excellent programming that relies largely on very old presenters (Attenborough for instance whose wildlife/world programmes are outstanding) and ever increasingly 3rd party production companies. Indeed, it would be interesting to see how much programming was produced by the BBC these days, as opposed to being subbed out to 3rd party Production companies - what a gravy train that must be for the mates of current and ex BBC people and indeed for ex (and quite possibly current) BBC people too! Very few young adults watch the BBC these days. It's public service broadcasting offering is quite small now, in my opinion. Increasingly as these young adults age and mature they are not likely to "come back" to the BBC so as this generation progresses the BBC will find itself increasingly marginalised in terms of its impact and relevance to society and its "market share" of viewing hours. Forcing (or attempting to force) every household in the Uk to pay for the BBC through the licence fee will become increasingly less just. So we are heading to a crunch event, whether the BBC likes it or not, and it will be interesting to see how they respond. They produce some good stuff, but by god they also produce some dross and quite how they can justify paying a wooden one trick pony like Danny Dyer £1m pa is beyond me. A staggering waste of money in my humble opinion and uses up the £159 licence fee from c. 6300 households just to pay for him every year! The demise of the BBC and our national Broadcaster is not, in my opinion, good for us as a nation. Young people don't watch the news. They are "influenced" by social media channels and we all know how reliable they are as sources of "news" base on fact, investigation, and analysis! It's partly why we have the issues with COVID and jabs - the youngsters have been fed lies and BS from social media "influencers" who quite honestly would struggle with a basic conversation with a real person. A very real and big challenge we face is going forwards how do we provide access to "news" that IS fact based (and the facts have been checked), is politically impartial, is timely and probably most importantly, is trusted? In a short period of time social media has blown apart the provision of real news backed up by real journalism and I actually worry about what this will do to the collective intelligence of the people of the UK in 5, 10, 20, 30 years if left unchecked. I guess i started out by bashing the BBC (and I feel quite justified about doing it) but I am ending by starting to build a case for why we need an independent (of politics) public broadcaster to act as a true social conscious and to have the courage and journalistic skill to investigate the real things that need to be investigated - the injustices, the abuse of power, the abuse of public office, etc, which is ironic as I think the BBC, through its conscious cultural liberalism bias is guilty of many of those things and as such is no more trustworthy than an influencer on social media. Hope that rambling makes some sense to someone lol.
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