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  1. I do despair, I really do. Some people are so thick they shouldn't be allowed to breathe fresh air, let alone breed!
  2. My neighbour is an A&E consultant. Christmas, Easter, you would be amazed how many old people are "dropped off" at A&E just before Christmas, Easter etc. Absolutely bloody ridiculous and totally selfish - Remember, In 2020, in the UK, it's all about me, me and oh, don't forget, me!
  3. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    I kept looking at the add for it but needed to wait till my bonus came through, it didn't come through quick enough lol.
  4. To be honest, it's a no from me. Just going to move on and live my life. The facts will come out eventually. We've got a hell of a long way to go before the total deaths get anywhere remotely near the flu pandemic in the early 1900's. I think these days we think / read too much into these things. Always looking for someone to blame. Always has to be someone's fault.
  5. Oh wow, wowie wowser! That takes me back. Love it. Superb!
  6. More to do with the dealer situation up here and having a 600 mile round trip for a service! I love her, but right now I'm a little out of love with Lotus. I'll get over it...
  7. I sure am. She's probably a long term keeper! You wanna see that Fire Red in the sunshine!
  8. Gave her a wash as she was a dirty little bitch!
  9. C8RKH


    @blindside has a lovely GT430 and fast Renault if I recall right. Sure he will be along shortly...
  10. I was referring to DB and his obviously excellent decision making skills and his resistance to wasting huge sums of cash on frivolous things and his grounded approach to growth.
  11. That wasn't bad luck. There was nothing lucky about it...
  12. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    Rattling dashboard? My 410 Sport is sound as a pound when it comes to not rattling. You need to get that sorted. Lovely car by the way, did you buy it from B&C recently?
  13. What's to stop someone just hitching it up and toeing it away? I'd be shitting myself about losing her left like that. Good luck with the build, looking forward to seeing the pictures of her running again.
  14. Valhalla awaits all those Swedes who die with a G&T or summer berry Cider in their hands...... And then a baby boom will start for around 6 months in January 2021 to redress the balance. There is only so much twiddling with the knob on the game controller that you can do before you start to twiddle your .......
  15. Meanwhile, in Sweden live goes on as normal
  16. Agreed. We'd be screwed right now if Scotland had voted for Independence at the referendum.
  17. I'd furlough the football players first FFS. Save an absolute bomb and imagine the backlash for the football players if they complained!
  18. Bet she got plenty of offers to lift her to the top shelf
  19. @Nightfire what was the weight difference?
  20. I agree, the Express is very bad for this.
  21. It's always been the way for as long as I can remember that US prices per gallon where not far off what we paid for a litre - so effectively they paid a quarter what we paid in the round. Been like that for 20 years plus and why the US love bid gas guzzling trucks as at that price, what is not to like about them?
  22. Wife's family are lifelong Watford Season ticket holders - I get to hear a lot of stories. One of her Brothers still lives "local" in Bushey.... I've still got mental scars after a night out there lol...
  23. Not very accurate, the windows not smashed and no puke on the side walk! BIL lives in Bushey....
  24. ooh, a tits, pricks and fannies forum. Sounds interesting....
  25. I thought skips were usually yellow and your house had been cleared of rubbish after the flood? ;)
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