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  1. Yup. As a 410 owner I agreed with them re the 400 as the best all rounder. I do though hanker after my old NA. That car was just so communicative and just right on UK roads. I love my 410, but would go back to an NA too, it is the best driving car of the lot.
  2. Make sure you're sat down @MAG as it ain't cheap!
  3. Lovely looking car that Snow's one. Will be a good buy and a cracking drive. The NAs are a hoot.
  4. Of course. That's why I used half a tank of fuel so quickly and less gear changes wear out the clutch in less time!
  5. I have had it put on the whole front clam of my Evora and even then, in two spots a stone has "ripped" through the self healing film. But overall, glad I have it! I did have it on my old Evora NA and had the front bumper resprayed at 20k miles to include the SR black front bit.
  6. Cars like that are now bought for two reasons only in my opinion (1) to show off how wealthy you are and (2) instead of or to complement Art/Expensive Jewellery/etc. They are now adornments - in times gone by people would count the number of rooms/windows in a house. The number of servants employed. The number of acres of land, etc. to judge someones wealth. Nowadays, it is the number of watches, the £1m hifi, the statement cars in the drive. These people are taking us back to the middle ages and before we know it modern medicine will be banned and we'll all die from the pox. There will be a backlash, just not sure when.... Right now though, I don't care. Had finished all I needed to do yesterday at 2000. So just picked up my Evora car keys, popped my head round the living room door to say "bye" to the missus and just went out for a 2 hour drive to nowhere in particular. The evening summer sun was lovely. The roads were even more empty than usual, and the sound of my ASBO loud 410 Sports exhaust, at almost 7000 rpm, bouncing back around the hills and in the forests I was driving in was just immense. Oh, and I used just over a half tank of fuel somehow! I'm enjoying it whilst I can. As often as I can!
  7. At a Knockhill track day last month there was a guy there in a Range Rover SVR (I think that is what it is called) and he was driving it on track hard chasing M4's, 911's etc. It just looked wrong - huge centre of gravity on one of the photo's as it was going through a fast but hard right hander i swear you could see the front drivers wheel deflecting out of shape with the stresses going through it. It may have been a trick of the camera but by god you have to ask yourself how many such stresses can that front suspension/steering take before it decides to give up and go for lunch and then I'd hate to think what would happen with that high centre of gravity! With sheer power, more electronics than in the Space Shuttle, you can make a brick go faster and faster around a track. But at some point you do need to recognise that it is still a brick! So to your point @The Pits, ever since Colin first went down the route, light has always been right for performance. Less stress on the components. Faster responses to inputs. Better acceleration. Better braking. You only need to think about the performance on track of a Lotus, and then add in the bill for the consumables, to realise that Lotus is on to a winner. The costs of tracking a "performance car" from Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Nissan, McLaren are frightening in comparison.
  8. I do draw the line at insects! Of course, I wouldn't actually choose to eat dog, but then I would not choose to have a dog as a pet either. However I do recognise that some dogs are actually better and nicer than their owners! But in general, I'd prefer a life without dogs. You could say I'm for Dexit!
  9. It was actually the Talbot Solara that swung it! Lovely car that :)
  10. My son played a blinder today when he gave me a wonderful present for Father's Day! He spent some time looking for something suitable and different, and I think he succeeded in delivering what for me, is a greath, thoughtful, present!
  11. Nathan, @jonnyboy's brackets are what you needed in the 410 - they tilt the seat backwards and the fix the position issue you had as you can poush the seat forward for the legs but the recline of the back helps to not shorten the arm reach. However, I do understand why the carbon race seats do divide opinion. Personally, I love them, but if I wanted a super GT for 2k+ Euro road trips then the carbon backed Sparco's would be better, I can see that. Whichever Evora you go for, I hope you're able to make it a keeper as they really are fantastic cars.
  12. Nope, it was Porsche who recently got fined for its actions, not for the VW stuff...
  13. You mean the lessons about lying and cheating on emissions tests and the like and how not to cry after being slapped with huge fines? Or the one about making suspension turrets like fireworks so they pop through the bodywork? :)
  14. I assume you are also referring to the vast majority of GP Practices that are private companies who contract with the NHS for GP services and employ Practice Managers to maximise their revenue and therefore profits from the NHS?
  15. @march - you could add Airbus, Suez, Veolia, EdF, PSA, etc. German industry gets subsidised energy as domestic consumers pay a levy to support them!
  16. Someone needs to tell the blatant protectionist governments of France, Spain and Germany that!
  17. You're right. I love hot dogs. With onions, ketchup and mustard. Dogs are animals and animals are food. That's as far as my love for dogs goes.
  18. So we set it at zero and wow, free global trade? That's a novel idea. So our imports get cheaper, the EU countries who export to us will get [email protected], and our exporters get to compete whilst being supported by our Government to improve productivity and costs. Ok. I'm in, where do I put my X? Or should I just right it on bog paper and flush it away for all the use that vote will be?
  19. You forgot this one too @Kimbers @ramjet I do think the problem is people are too busy being busy with unimportant stuff to recognise the important stuff! I work in a safety critical environment, our mantra is "if it's not safe we don't do it". If you use the stairs, use the handrail - I do this whether in work or not, it is just habit now. Don't walk and text/email/whatsapp etc or use stairs and the phone - it's just common sense. I hold doors open for people - they breeze through without a by your leave so I always make a point of saying loudly, "thank you". Some are embarrassed as they realise they had been rude, some just look at me like an alien (interesting the latter is either from youngsters (teens to say 21/22) or older people believe or not, 70+! I let people out from junctions - most say thanks in some way, but loads don't and surprisingly the highest number of those are women! I tend to find women drivers to be some of the rudest, most obnoxious and preoccupied drivers on the planet. Men drive too fast and are impatient, but women... But hey, if everyone was tolerant and perfect just like me, wouldn't the world be super boring?
  20. It's that damned Brexit mate. My costs have gone through the roof................
  21. @CHANGES that was not a rant, it was a well put together piece on your view. You need to attend my "how to throw your toys out of the pram and have a proper old rant" course. It's a bargain at £550 for the day including free tea and coffee and afterwards you will be able to make a superb rant about anything, absolutely anything, even something so small pothers won't even realise it was worthy of a rant! Nice post by the way and well put.
  22. C8RKH

    E. Signatures

    I would call a solicitor and explain especially as you have said they had "admitted to making a mistake" re the measurements. The first rule is normally never admit to anything so if you have a recording (voice, email, letter etc) to prove their admission then I would suggest they don't have a leg to stand on to be honest.
  23. I'm glad for him. Serves him right for being such an idiot in the first place and yes, not sure how he can be broke when it was all other peoples money I thought. I see Harmann and others have come clean that they have a cross party MP group to stall Brexit - it seems our politicians are so thick and stupid and self censored that the last 3 years fiasco has just washed by them. Incredible really how these MPs and the Speaker of the House are subverted the will of the people's vote which was called a referendum!
  24. And why would you miss out my preference which is melted white chocolate over the navel, oh shit, sorry, wrong forum, I meant RWD...
  25. @shanew48 would you buy a Focus RS and then go on their forum and ask if you put the engine in the back? Or a Porsche Coxster and ask the same? I'm struggling to see any logic or align with the thought processes with that question. Sorry.
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