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  1. Oh, it is going to be such fun seeing every other team complain and appeal every time Max takes out one of their cars/drivers. Be careful what you wish for lol... Have cancelled my subscription for red bull supplies, which means 100 German Jaegermeisters are now on the EU equivalent of the dole too. Poor sods, all because of a bloody whinging whatever... After complaining about unsporting behaviour this really does take the caffeine infused piss.
  2. Actually, it's not. If the figures used are accurate and correct, it is not "spin". A 10% increase is a 10% increase if it is 110 this year and 100 last year, or 1100 this year versus 1000 last year. "Spin" is something that is intentionally misleading, and saying, and being able to support, that your sales are xx% up on a previous period is factual. But then, I know nothing. Anyway, @Frickin_idiot you know I'm the one you're supposed to argue with!
  3. HA! The Power of TLF and it's community is proven yet again! Love it. Sponsors who are enthusiasts and active on the forum.
  4. C8RKH

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    The problem is owners are "invested" in their cars so inevitably whichever one they have will be the "best" etc. We used to have "how far can you piss up the wall" conversations at school lol. The Evora is not an Emira and vice versa and the market will dictate the values. Before the GT430, the GTE "was the best most exclusive" and the best Evora etc etc. The Evora, in whatever guise, is the last of the genuine, handmade, ICE, analogue cars from Lotus. There were so few made in numbers they will ALL be a classic and like with the Esprit there will be a car for every owner in the future whether an S1 NA, an S1 S, a 400, a 410 or a 430. People now lust after Esprit S1, S2, S3, S3 Turbo, Stephens cars, GT3, V8 etc. All are regarded as classics by someone. Let's just enjoy driving them and celebrate them for what they are.
  5. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    I think that really depends on what the prospective owner is looking for. For instance, if it was a DD/GT then actually the GT410Sport would arguably be the "better" Evora for them. Cheaper to run (no Ohlins to service regularly for a start), +2, no big wing for unwarranted attention etc. If it was an out and out track weapon/weekend speed machine then surely the Exige 410-430 range would be a purer, more analog version, if you remember that the Emira is not just replacing the Evora, but the Elise and Exige too and that is how it is being sold. I know this is the GT430 thread, but just because the GT430 was the most "focused" Evora, it does not mean it was the purer, most analogue version of this generation of Lotus models that have all been replaced they Emira. Hell, some would say the 250/260 CUP wins that argument for sure and it would be hard to argue against it. The GT430 is an exceptional car, but then it suffers like all Evora's do in that the market never really decided what the Evora was, if anything, I think it decided it was more a GT than sports car, and if the case, then the GT430, as the most pure and analogue of the range, will not be seen as the most pure/analogue of this generation of Lotus cars. I would argue the 4xx CUP cars are that. It does not detract from what a great car the GT430 is by the way, but then again, like all Evora's, it did not set the sales world alight and struggled to find buyers with some arguably very desirable cars like the Liquid Yellow one taking 2 years to sell.
  6. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    Why just a good thing for the GT430 and not Evora's in question? I do think the Emira will get people looking and actually, to be serious, I think the +2 Evora will see a surge in interest as a result, more so than the more focused Evora's.
  7. I found a wallet on the prom when on holiday. Full of money and stuff. I handed it in to the police and a couple of weeks later a Bobby came around and the gent whose wallet it was had gave them a five pound reward to hand to me. Chuffed as anything was I and went off to the Airfix model shop and if I recall I got a model of a Spitfire to build.
  8. @gurneyeagle500 - get yourself into a GT for test drive. The last of the analogue, hand made ICE Lotus cars. The Evora is a superbly capable car. Took mine out last night for a wee spin. Stopped at a petrol station and an old guy comes wondering over and says "my, what a beautiful car do you have there...." We spoke for about 10 minutes as he wanted to know about the all aluminium chassis, the V6, the super charger and the rolls of carbon fibre on the car. When the Emira finally hits the road the Evora will still be a beautiful car. Will still look superb. I know a lot of people are looking to chop in early, but not me, as my Evora gives me what I want - performance. looks. AND exclusivity and by the looks of it the Emira will lose on that last point as everyone will see them every where lol....
  9. It's not the chassis in a modern Lotus that you need to worry about. It's the cheap mild steel they use for the various brackets (mudguards, lights etc) that just rots away from the inside where you cannot see it. Ask @Alfa2Evora about it
  10. I've not missed the point nor glossed over it @Chillidoggy. I have been quite clear that I disagree with the decision. You are quite clear the referee is always right. Ergo, no point in debating that point any further as neither you, nor I, despite not being called Margaret, are for turning. Re the lobbying of the Stewards. Was it not Massi himself, who, when Toto contacted him as the Race Director, TOLD Toto to "Go talk to the stewards". If you recall, Toto didn't even know where the Stewards office was. So I am sure this morning Massi got up, looked in the mirror, told himself off for being a dickhead for misleading a Team manager, then issued the note to clarify to all HIS mistake and make sure no one followed HIS advice in the future to go to talk to the Stewards. This I am sure was followed by a quick call to Toto to apologise for putting him in an awkward position.
  11. You are quite correct, and I apologise for getting that wrong. So by doing a 3rd of the races (181 less) Max has managed to rack up c. 30% more licence points than Hamilton to date. Still paints a picture as to maybe who is the more, shall we say, aggressive racer. I am not denying that Max is a talent, but what does piss me off is that he has been treated like he is "special" and he has gotten away with a lot (I am sure a few people, like me, would argue his licence points tally should be higher, but as you say, the referee is always right!) both on and off track already. My particular beef with the situation is the reaction from him, and Red Bull in general, to what, (just by the amount of contention/differing views being expressed everywhere on the subject), was a racing incident and how this has been turned into potential accusations of Hamilton trying to endanger Max's life etc etc. It is, and has been, a crass, unprofessional, unsporting, and emotive response from a race team that has been very quiet (whilst vociferously trying to defend the indefensible at the same time loudly) in the past when their own driver has been the cause of many issues, a couple very, very similar in circumstances to this. The track record speaks for itself. The driver with the most points, the most DNF's, is also the most spoilt, the most uncompromising and the most aggressive. Some are referring to him as a bully on the track, and many drivers have admitted that they give him extra room to preserve there finish or chance of a collision in a race. Max needs to remember the age old adage, of "to finish first, first you need to finish" and Red bull need to wind down the rhetoric given their drivers past misdemeanours and attitude ("I don't need to respect anyone"). I said at the start of this season that the biggest issue Max will face in winning the WDC this year will be Max, and his ability to take the long term view to win the WDC. So far, he is proving he is as rash as ever and that may well lose him the WDC this year, though maybe the outright speed of the RB car this year will negate that. But then like with Hamilton, it will all be about the best car won not the best driver of course
  12. Lifetime points in F1 though so not sure who has missed what here.
  13. Which I am happy with but Red Bull are not. I suggest that if Red Bull decide to appeal and take action then every driver who has been punted off the track by Max needs to appeal also and with luck, he'll be banned for the season as a result and everyone will be happy and fair justice will have been done. F1 races starts - Max 95, Lewis 276 F1 retirements - Max 20.9%, Lewis 8.7%. F1 licence Points - Max 23. Lewis 8! So Max has done a third of the races of Lewis in his career and has three times as many penalty points to his licence. Well fook me with a large iron pipe. That tells a bloody story as to who is the more reckless, dangerous and unsporting driver if ever there was a story to tell. Has no one ever told Verstappen and Red Bull the parable about "those in glass houses throwing the first stone?"
  14. And we all know referees never make mistakes
  15. Hence my response and saying it was the usual positioning and spin from interested parties - in this case the independents getting their lobbying in early
  16. You are dealing with the EU so please don't try to use logic or commercial sense in your arguments. The fact is that the current block exemption rules in the EU (that UK committed to comply with under the Brexit deal) are due to expire in 2023. So this is a planned event and right now, the consultation is starting, so nothing has been agreed. This is the usual positioning and spin from the various interested parties and it could well be that the EU simply decides to "rollover" the current block exemption for another x years. Remember, it will hit EU citizens very hard in the pockets so will not be a popular thing to lose anywhere in Europe. So who knows, maybe common sense will prevail.
  17. C8RKH


    Yes, our bad but my suggestion of taking them off their boats, sinking their boats (with no-one on them, just to be clear) and returning them to a French beach is the "best" option. If nothing else, the migrants still in France will see a large number being brought back every day - thereby sending a clear message, spend your £3k, enjoy a day on the channel, go back to where you started from £3k poorer! Also, the key thing for me is that rather than giving the French more and more money, THEY, just need to abide by their own and EU rules and STOP them from crossing. We cannot ignore the legislation of the French and the EU and we need to hold them to it.
  18. C8RKH


    Yup. Yet again we are bring let down by the EU, and in France in particular, for not keeping to their own rules with regards to immigration, settlement etc. Instead of dealing with the problem they just allow them to flow through to us. Personally, my simplistic view is we just round them up at sea and tow them back to France as due to EU laws and regs (which the French mostly ignore when it suits them anyway) that is where they should reside/stay. It really is that simple to me. This is an EU issue and they need to deal with it.
  19. You need to tell the BBC that, not me. According to them, South Australia joined Victoria and NSW in lockdown, so a combined population of 13m which is just over 50% of the population.
  20. A lot of talk on here about how great Australia has been with it's prompt action to contain the spread etc and how shit the UK Government has been. Well, looks like 50% of the Aus population is back in tough quarantine so questions must be asked who has really got it right.
  21. Good place to park it for a few days if the batteries ever ignite.
  22. I've never had the desire to have something like that. What am I missing? Shame it wasn't air dried ham. Now that would have looked tasty!
  23. Really sad day if this is true. I wonder if every other driver who has been crashed into and driven off track by Max will now ask their teams to review each incident and the action taken? I think if there was a prize for poorest loser in F1, Red Bulkl would be in P1 now alongside their constructors and WDC P1's. So sad to see it coming to this, IF, it is true.
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