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  1. I actually quite like the Emira styling but not fully convinced by how the bottom lip at the front rises upwards - good news for speed humps though no doubt. I wasn't so keen on the 400 when it first came out, that awful three piece rear spoiler was just a mess to my eyes. My Sport410 with its carbon ducktail fixed that. The 4xx front end was a bit meh, but it is definitely better in the flesh than in pictures. The GT410 front looks good, but for me the fully painted rear just looks shite. End of. It just looks like it was a rushed after though. The GT430 looks much better with the carbon below the spoiler and under the railway arch at the back. The front of the S1 was of its time and could be the front of many cars from then. Its not offensive but not "wow". The S1 rear end is lovely (with two pipes and not the awful S exhaust shape) but always hated the Evora badge on the right arse cheek. Just naff and makes the rear look out of balance. However we will all have different views on aesthetics, which is good for fugly chaps like you miserable lot as it means that somewhere out there a woman exists who will find you attractive too 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  2. Football would be better without the cheating, the crying, from the pussies who play it.
  3. @Whitey the extra 100bhp will be offset somewhat by the extra weight over your NA. I never really, ever, found my NA wanting for performance to be honest. I hate the supercharger whine (so much so I have really dampened it down on my VX220 SC) and happy to say that I hear none of it in my current Evora 410. Overall, I think you have created a very honest review, shorn of the usual "it's the latest shiny shiny so beats everything else hands down" typical comments. Thanks for sharing. I'm now convinced that only a lighter, more focused, Emira will replace my Evora, though an I4 as a daily driver could still happen, with the Evora kept for when I really wanted to grin....
  4. That's comapring to an S1, the 4xx is much better than an S1 with regard to access as can be seen below - in fact the sill looks thinner on the 400 and the door wider.
  5. If the flashing was over the tile the water would surely run underneath it, between it and the tile, and then where the tile ended, straight down into the loft! The roofers probably cracked the missing tile and couldn't be arsed to replace so just took it away!
  6. To be fair the Evora 4xx cars are much easier than the S1. The Emira is lower roofline, iirc, so cannot see how it will be "easier" than a 4xx. Look forward to your honest review.
  7. You've had a lot of them in your time @Bibs
  8. It's not flippancy, it's banter. And banter is good. Banter is the route to a happy life, even if you have an unhappy wife! Who gives a shit if people "think" one is better/easier than t'other if they've never owned/driven t'other and in most cases haven't even owned/driven t'other they like? It's like saying Kylie would be easier to live with than your missus, when all you've ever done is driven and lived with your missus, not Kylie! How'd you really know till you'd driven and lived with Kylie which one was truly the easiest to live with? And Kylie being so small, you could fit her and her sister Danni in the back of one, but not t'other! How's that for easy to live with? Plus, the punters what came into the showroom, came in to see Kylie, not your missus, so no wonder they were smitten when they saw Kylie, and not your missus.
  9. The Emira is the latest shiny shiny bling and people buying one will of course think it is the best thing ever. And by the way, good for them. If it makes them happy then who cares? I do find it funny that I have NOT SEEN one mention from an Emira deposit holder/buyer re the fact it is a +0. Whip me with a cracked leather whip (please, please do!|), BUT, some of those people so derided a +0 Evora as a car that they could NEVER own due to wife, kids, whatever. Funny how shiny shiny new bling changes peoples minds/perceptions lol... I'm still waiting for the Emira I4 shiny shiny Gold Cup 450 GT4RS Special - black carbon edition! Hopefully in Fire Red to sit next next to my uber exclusive 1 of 2 in the World Evora Sport 410!
  10. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    I was thinking of getting into a GT430, can any owner confirm how the lacquer on the wing withstands the heat from a steam iron? That extra utility would probably get me the acceptance needed from the missus! My attempt to keep on topic before another mod decides to whip my ass again. 😜
  11. That top one really brings the red to life @Yan
  12. Difficult times and it seems often that people lash out and blame everyone but themselves! Keep strong bud.
  13. I take it they'll be asking you to not proceed as it's not really her fault?
  14. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    Lol @Spinney but once you'd stopped making an arse of yourself and where three miles down the road, i bet you had a smile on! I get the ownership experience of the Caterham is flawed, but for sheer driving joy, on UK roads, hmmmm. By the way, your entry procedure for the Caterham is very much mine for the VX220. Once I slide in, put the steering wheel on and the harness, I ain't getting out for anything. I was on my drive once, ready to go, and realised I'd left my sunnies in the house (it was a very sunny day and like the Elise, no sunnies you go blind) so instead of going through all the palaver of getting out/in again I just phoned the wife and asked her to bring them out. She did it. But with a look that said "you're a lazy chancing son of a bitch tw@t and why did I ever marry you" kind of look. But then anyone whose been married a long time will have had that look so many times it makes no impact anymore
  15. @Chillidoggy, if Jean has a long moustache, tell her to get down to Dolly's and get it waxed! I get the Radio Londres link
  16. I assume she was back on the sauce.
  17. Ans as first fitted in an Evora to the Sport 410. Very few GT410's had them fitted as most owners went for the Lardo's.
  18. Would have loved this but in Boston and NY with work. Have fun .. Be safe ...
  19. C8RKH


    The last Concorde built, Alpha Foxtrot, flying back to Filton Bristol from Heathrow.
  20. @Yan thank you for taking the time to provide that feedback. Much appreciated. It seems that your Porsche friends are indeed driving enthusiasts and they have, it feels, provided some genuine, considered feedback and not the usual Porsche is the best Bull Shit. A GT4 is tempting, so your feedback when you do get to drive one would be great. I have looked at a few early model 996 GT3 ClubSports. Not yet driven one but hopefully will.
  21. The fans were wailing for sure....
  22. Would be interested in the feedback from the Porsche drivers after they had driven your Evora @Yan
  23. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    Agree Jimmy. Those are special cars.
  24. But never Porsche as it would never get noticed anyway.
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