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    Lotus Emira

    They won't. Happy to have a bet with anyone on here for a bottle of champagne to who wins. My preference would be Verve Cliquet, you may as well buy it now. Even though it shares not one part with and is different in every way to the Evora? Adds a lot of weight dead weight high up in the car and will shift the CoG higher. Can't see it as the car is already struggling with its weight.
  2. I used to really like Horner but to be honest since the Vettel days where they won everything, and things got a little harder he really has turned into a bit of a cry baby whinging little muppet. But honestly, remember some of Max's dumb moves and how his constant weaving in the braking zone and other shit, that regularly put other drivers at risk, was just put down to his talent and desire to win? In fact Horner et al went to all sorts of lengths to defend the indefensible. But now, their driver can do no wrong and anyone who fights as hard as Max, but against max, needs to be banned. It's disrespectful to be honest and two faced in the extreme! Hamilton has a long history of being a respectful/fair driver. Does Max? Damn, if I recall Max even said something like he has no respect for the other drivers and doesn't give a shot what they think. Maybe Lewis should adopt that attitude too?
  3. Funny when Verstappen was knocking people off track etc it was all OK. As I said, I'm biased but it seems that he doesn't like a taste of his own medicine but he does like to dish it out. Lewis has in several races backed off and given it to Max, but when you're fighting for the championship this is what happens, champions still want to win. Anyway, looking forward to the next one now.
  4. The top "colour" of the black/charcoal leather fades to a greeny-black over time as your sliding over it wears it. However, fear not, I have found a wonderful product that i used to treat the area concerned and it brought back the leather to "like new" and was a great colour match to the rest of the leather. Applied in it January and so far this year after around 3k more miles it still looks like new! This is the stuff, I applied it sparingly with a small artists paint brush, left it for 10 minutes, then buffed it with a soft cloth. Really happy with the end result. At under a fiver, what's not to like?
  5. Marko is a xxxx (use what ever letters YOU want to use) but the fact that Hamilton over took at least two other cars on that corners shows it can be done. Where wasd Marko and his comments when Max was driving like a [email protected] a few years ago. Hamilton vindicated here and a great drive. Whereas max races very aggressively all the time, yet again Lewis shows he is not afraid to stick his nose in when it really matters. There's a lot more to come from both drivers but maybe Max will now realise that other drivers will race him as hard as he races them! Feel really sorry for Leclerc, he drove a superb race and I'd have been very happy for him to have won.
  6. So, I'm biased but first corner Max was off the track to retain the lead. Weaving throughout the first lap and desperate to keep the lead. Horrible accident and really pleased Max appears to be OK but this is what happens when a driver will do ANYTHING to stay in front. If Hamilton is penalised here then I'm going to do a Buddsy and call a conspiracy for this. If you look at the slow mo on Sky with Karun, you see Max see's Hamilton, strightens up a fraction and then turns the wheel hard right into the corner squeezing him. However, I'm no expert but I think that's a racing incident and Max had several "let off's" in that lap. If Lewis is penalised then I am sure if it was the other way around and Max on someone else he would not have been penalised.
  7. There some on ebay right now, brand new, £600. So hopefully the Dealer/Insurance co will be able to get something sorted.
  8. Still fancy one though!
  9. @Johnhoward - definitely use your dealer. The black A pillar covers have a 70%+ chance of cracking when being removed. Also, ideally, the front clam (I Believe) should be loosened. I needed a new windscreen in my 410 Sport that was changed under warranty. The dealer did it and fooked up the A pillar covers. Then they cracked the new windscreen when trying to fix the A pillars (so much for dealers knowing what they are doing eh!). So on 3rd windscreen! It is NOT a simple in and out. Best of luck.
  10. Now if they actually build this, it will be the first modern Alpine I would consider buying, but only if I could de=spec the chav Halfords spoiler from the back. That looks ace! And it's an EV too! This surely gives us some clues re the Lotus SUV's.
  11. @Alfa2Evorareally sorry to hear this and hope you get back onthe road soon. After such a lovely transformation I'd be biting my own off for not being able to drive it. It does look stunning Dave... After red, your blue and oyster is the best colour combo for an Evora, closely followed by Mono Sodium Glutamate with the red interior
  12. I bet it is either Fire Red or Canyon Red with a different name! Nothing in life is actually as complicated as people want it to be, in my experience.
  13. From the UK Government's current website. Online, mail and phone order sales Online, mail and telephone order customers have the right to cancel their order for a limited time even if the goods are not faulty. Sales of this kind are known as ‘distance selling’. You must offer a refund to customers if they’ve told you within 14 days of receiving their goods that they want to cancel. They have another 14 days to return the goods once they’ve told you. You must refund the customer within 14 days of receiving the goods back. They do not have to provide a reason.
  14. So you know Jenson so well personally that you know his love of Lotus cars is purely related to the size of deposit that goes into his bank account? You know the Evora he has is only his because it was a freebie or similar? You know he only bought an Evija and has placed an order for an Emira because he gets it for free or near to as part of a wider commercial relationship? You know all of this for sure and certain? I mean, I know times are hard for him so maybe he needs that help as he can't really afford them. I'm really pleased you are such good mates with him Justin to know this. My wife thinks he's a "lovely hunk of a man". next time you meet him for lunch or a beer can you get him to autograph a nice note please -Dear Maggie, .......... , lots of love Jenson. She'll be chuffed and I'll owe you a beer.
  15. I believe that's the goal once they get up to capacity. no issue with that all and it is what Lotus needs to do to survive and thrive. However, as lotus goes more mainstream in appeal then Lotus owners will undoubtedly go more mainstream in what they look at to compare it with. To me Lotus charm, brand and value was that it was the plucky underdog that did amazing things with so little. You cannot help but be blown away with what Lotus has done - design, development, manufacturing etc over the years with the resources they had available to them. it is a testament to the quality of, and the passion of, the people who have worked for Lotus to date. Each and every one of them has played a major role in keeping Lotus going and fuelling our, the customers, desires and dreams. However, as they move more mainstream then a large part of the aura around them will start to be eroded. The trick will be for Lotus to balance the need for commercial success (all companies exist to make a profit first and foremost after all) with keeping passionate fans of the brand and cars onside. It was easy (well it was for me) to forgive Lotus niggles re build quality (though I have to say my Evora Sport 410 and my NA before it are exemplary) and delays with spares availability, as lotus was the plucky local manufacturer who still delivered DESPITE everything that had been thrown against them. I could forgive the variable Dealer experience. The lack of proper marketing support for dealers and the lack of a real strategy to engage with the customer base (after all, being a member of TLF provides a real experience of being engaged with the brand to me) etc. However, mainstream customers are a lot more fickle and demanding. So lotus will need to walk a fine line to keep traditional customers feeling loved, but meet the new higher demands and expectations of mainstream car drivers. I for one hopes Lotus will achieve this balance and reap the rewards and success she deserves. But the market she is moving into is NOT going to forgive or accept the ways of the past.
  16. Why does everyone have to be so cynical these days?
  17. Where I live in Scotland I see more Porsche 911/Cayman/Boxster than I see MX5. My comment was somewhat tongue in cheek @OliveJuice and was an exaggeration for effect - however, compared to Evora which sold less than 200 every year in the UK, Emira's selling at 2-3000+ per year will make them a regular sight and as such, as people become used to seeing them they will not have the "noticeable" effect. People are not used to seeing an Evora so it is a rare and exotic beast. McLaren's, whilst every day in some parts of the south are rare sights elsewhere so get noticed. Same with Lambo's and Ferrari's. The Emira will be like the Audi TT - everywhere so not noticed, but most people notice an R8 despite them looking very similar. Porsches, well, a bit like tampons as every @@@@ seems to have one. As you see so many of them nobody pays them much attention (apart for the real GT cars).
  18. We just manage our resources better Barry. You know, the cheques that come north each month lol......
  19. If we had a £pound for every time someone said that....... You've got some cracking weather up here just now so enjoy.
  20. Forgot to mention, he spent a good 3 or 4 minutes trying to open the "boot" at the front! Lol. Bless him. Had to tell him in the end to look through the front grills to see the radiators that cooled the engine. He then went and inspected every air vent / scoop and told me which one were to cool the engine. Great kid btw. No doubt he'll have a blog and youtube channel in a couple of years, maybe when he is 10! The various mothers still looked at me like I was an old paedo!
  21. So rather dirty (just how I like 'em) Evora is sitting in the car park of a park whilst I'm sat on a bench in the sun nearby on yet another bloody conference call with work (yeah, the mum's in the park probably had me marked down as some sort of an evil paedo - ho hum!). Boy of about 6 see's my car, runs over to it dragging his 6ft 17 stone plus Dad with him - only mention it as it was funny to see, maybe you had to be there..... Anyway he is all over the car, running around it shouting wowwww and phwoarrr but keeping a safe distance from it. Then he goes over to the front wheel arch and gives it a gentle stroke over the top of the body where it curves up for the wheel. Right, that was it. WTF I thought! So I put myself on mute (on the phone, not me personally), jumped up and shouted "Oi" - quick as a flash the little brat swings around - "fancy a sit in it mate" I shouts! His little eyes nearly popped out of his head and his smile cracked his face to pieces. Blip blip and the door is opened and in he clambers! Dad looking at me a bit sheepishly says "sorry he is mad about cars". No problem I says, take as long as he wants. Take some pictures of him driving it. No problem pal. Next minute he's popping the buttons and the petrol flap springs up and he's reaching up, lifting up the carbon whale tail (yes, they really are that light and with no gas struts) and all I can hear is "corrrrrrrr, dad, look at the engine". Well 20 minutes later and I'm still on the conference call. Little lad has finished his forensic inspection of the car (including crawling underneath it!) and he comes running right up. Massive beam on his face. Eyes still on stalks. "Thanks Mister, what a car. Lovely car that. it's a Lotus isn't it" I smile back, nod and off he skips both him and his dad beaming away and a big thumbs up from the dad too. Sort of brings you back down to earth as to just how lucky we are to be able to caretake a Lotus and just how much love there is still out there for nice motors. Well lad and dad had their day made. But I also have to admit it made my bloody day as well seeing such a young lad so happy.
  22. It's a form of crispy cardboard some women and even some men (how strange, I know) put cream cheese on isn't it instead of eating meat!
  23. Love your post @Tris... Makes me think of the Emira as the Audi TTS to the R8! I don't think that Evora prices will tumble, I think it is such a "small" market anyway and some people will always prefer exclusivity to mass appeal. My own dilemma is that whilst I love the Emira's styling and design, until I see the road tests I'll not be making a decision as whilst the Emira absolutely moves the marque forwards it moves it forwards in areas that do not hit the mark for me. If I want a GT for daily driving and touring then I struggle to see past an Aston Martin to be honest. If I want a refined everyday sports car, then you have to look seriously at the Stuttgart options alongside the Emira for sure. I think Evora prices will soften slightly, but not greatly, as they are exclusive cars and no matter how good the Emira is, it doesn't make the Evora a bad car! Indeed, some people may come and look at the Emira, realise the Evora exists and swayed by the +2 (I know, I know) they will drive it. And we all know what happens when you test drive an Evora....
  24. C8RKH

    TLF GT430 Club

    That's an issue with your device as I can see it is pillar box red! Beautiful car @Jean-Francois Desilets
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