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  1. I'll try to post a couple of pictures later but car is in the garage and they started to dig up the drive today to put a new one in. It's a bit dirty as did not get time to wash it when I brought it back from the garage. Re the barge boards - it is these:
  2. Excellent service Bibs, I'll PM you the details and please buy the cotton now before the future price reaches the sky with the amount you'll need for my shirt Now that I am finally a Lotus owner I am taking Mr. Chapman's philosophy to heart as I think dropping a few stone will be cheaper than "buying" an extra 30bhp!!!!!
  3. Oh great. Joining "club Lotus" with my recent Evora purchase is set to empty my wallet further Not all of us have succumbed to Chapman's view of weight trimming - so any chances of actually getting some xxxl or xxxxl sizes for us fatties?
  4. Hi Jaws - having just put the Lotus GTN barge boards on my Evora I'm interested to hear how it "is not going to do the car any favours on all counts" - what are the drawbacks that I've just created?
  5. I thought that due to the recent spate of cyclists being used as wheel chocks they all had to have new and additional mirrors fitted to cover the blind spots, including the area in front of the cab as when they pull up to lights a cyclist could be in the "advanced" box in front of them. This really should not be an issue now I believe.
  6. Paul, I have a 2010 Ardent Red and only last week got the front lips and side sills painted black. It truly transforms the look of the car but shows up the dirt more on the sides. I got the black barge boards fitted yesterday. Looks fab... Welcome and hope you get as much enjoyment from your Evora as I am getting from mine.
  7. I hope so. I think stability helps sales.
  8. So, picked up Scarlett, my little ardent red Evora and she now has the half sport racer look (front lip and side sills) and the Lotus Sport barge boards. She looks like a reet angry bitch with attitude now! So, do I now go for the black top and mirrors too? Hmmm, decisions.
  9. C8RKH


    I think some of the posters re depreciation, value for money and practicality are missing the point of the x11 cars completely, though of course this is in my unqualified and humble opinion. If I had the money, I'd buy one, as, for the money, it would probably blow just about everything else off the track up to around the £350k mark, and that's just the road version. It would be a great ownership proposition, if I had the money. Think of the value Lotus offer - an Evora 400 at £80 - £85k fully specced how I would want it for a daily driver. A 311 road at say £85k specced for me. £170k all in and more pleasure than a weekend away locked in a jacuzzi with the entire cast of Pam's People! Now, that same £170k would just about buy a decent spec new Mclaren 570. Hmmm, round 1 to Lotus me thinks. Wait, I'll have a Ferrari 488, oh wait, bugger me, I need to save up another £12k just to get the basic spec model. Round 2 to Lotus. Ah yes, but as a fat boy I could have a Porker. So a 911 GT3 will be around £115k with options and a Cayman will be £55k speeced. Damn, I'd have enough left over to buy a bar lunch and a pint of cider. But then I'd be a Porsche driver. So, on countback, that's the final win for Lotus, a split decision, but it get's it on points. And you really think Lotus will struggle to find just 311 buyers - people with the money and common sense to see just what a value prop is being offered. Oh well, if I'm wrong I'll eat my fan belt.
  10. C8RKH


    This thread now has some serious porn pictures. My god I love it. What a turnaround for Lotus, the future's no longer orange, it's green!
  11. C8RKH


    At 53 seconds - I do hope whoever was talking isn't accosted by the "wanker I used to work with who had one".
  12. Gravel - Fraser on SELOC, iirc, makes his out of aluminium and then he paints them black or carbon wraps them. Ask him to do you a set "naked"! He has lots of very happy customers with them and you don't need to drill holes to fit them either.
  13. The Americans wrote one down. Fat lot of good it does the average Joe though, especially if they just happen to be young, black / hispanic, and male etc. It gives them the right to freedom of speech (as long as they don't go too far then its rendition time). The right to bear arms and to shoot people. And the right to die through lack of medical insurance. Hmmm. Just saying....... I quite like it here in blighty to be honest. Think we have pretty good all things considered. I'll get me coat.
  14. So, we give the queen and royal hangers on just shy off £40m a year. So what? The Queen is scaling back her engagements next year and at the grand old age of 80 odd she will ONLY do 193 public engagements. Gosh, that's not much (tongue firmly in cheek there) for an old age pensioner to be contributing. So the queen and royal hangers on get £40m a year. Poo! So what! That was the deal struck - they handed over the crown estates and all the income associated with it (as said earlier, worth billions to the nation in asset values (and bankable assets that we lend against as a nation) and several hundred millions in cash returns per annum) and in return they got the civil list - by anyone's maths that is an astounding deal for the country just in itself. So what should we do instead? Give it all back to them to save £40m a year. Freakin' hell - you must have studied maths and economics with Gordon Brown at the Comprehensive school of insanity. Really Buddsy - people don't come here for the pomp and pageantry, the history, the castles and all that shit - come on, you're not being honest with yourself there - when was the last time you were in London mate - Chinese, Japanese, Asian in general, Americans and Spanish (even though they have their own monarchy) everywhere - Buck Palace, Horseguards, Towe of London, Windsor etc. I would suggest the figure quoted for the value they bring in are about right. Off to the tower the lot of you. Off with your heads. God save the Queen!
  15. Please, let us not forget the value of the "pond". After all, it's where we all rose from! And Gravel, thanks to Bands like the Housemartins Cardies were quite fashionable for a while in the 1980's ...
  16. Stu - i think you've miss-understood my point. It was not about their maturity or ability to look after these things or drive them responsibly. Hell, after spending 500 miles house hunting around middle England with my wife these past 3 days I can tellbyou there are plenty of older / more mature people who need to have their licenses revoked before they kill someone - a 40 yo woman in an Audi Q7 full of young kids, phone in one hand to her ear, piece of paper in the other whilst trying to negotiate a very busy major roundabout. A late 40's guy in an Audi A4 overtaking at a ridiculous speed around a blind bend with double white lines etc. No, my point was more aimed at the parents and the irresponsibly of the excess,lack of appreciation, and sense of entitlement that they are building in those kids. You earn it, you spend it how you like, you'll not get a judgement passed from me.
  17. Ok brightoncorgi, what price are these relative "bargains". As I said bot envious just find that excess totally unnecessary. Where do they go from there?
  18. That kind of excess just sickens me to be honest. I don't envy them but I do pity the fact they will never really understand the value of things, strengthening an entitlement culture that makes some of these people think they are above everything... But hey ho, who am I to really judge others.
  19. Didn't quite make me happy but certainly gave me a great big smile. Very clever and spotted at at Garden Centre just off the M6 near Carlisle:
  20. My approach to hair is a bit like Barry and John's approach to hedges Peter. 3mm from the gound and trimmed right back to the stump!
  21. Picked up Scarlett today from the paint shop where she went for the half SR look - front lips and sides. Off to MMC next week for the barge boards and pics to follow.... Really does change how the car looks but still not sure re the mirrors and roof.
  22. Can we not ban Jaws after that last piccies post? Those pictures are just plain filthy dirty porn and have no reason to be on this sweet forum! :)
  23. Slightly off topic, but I bought an Alpine W987D head unit for my Evora and have been on the email to the Alpine support guys (Ashley mostly) with a host of dumb-ass questions and to be honest, their speed, efficiency and professionalism has been outstanding. Really exceptional and I just wasn't expecting that as I had seen an awful lot of grumbling on here re the standard fit Alpine units in the Evora, so just assumed the support would not be up to much too. How wrong was I.
  24. Well, I'm 48, not bothered who knows it and still looking forward to going through puberty! My wife sometimes thinks I have a mental age of around 8 years and 9 months but that is usually due to my walking in through the front door hyper and with a massive cheesey grin after a blast in, ......................, the Evora!
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