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  1. @LooseCannon, You are so right here. Me and the wife are looking already to downsize the house - 3 bedrooms is all we need but I am insisting on a minimum of a double garage and a large drive - after all, downsizing free's up cash and cash buys cars!!! hahaha - she's even coming round to that thought. So, empty nests are not all that bad.... Might even get an Evora 400 out of it someday - hahahaha
  2. realise the Evora is not the same price point as the Mx-5, however the point I was, and am making, is that the current Evora parts are waaaaay over priced even when you look at 911 kit (where the 911 is more expensive than an Evora) and Cayman (where he Cayman is cheaper). I think you knew what I was meaning which is owners of Lotus cars do have some history when it comes to modifications, so a market exists if the prices were reasonable but: £670 fitted for Painted plywood barge boards; £1400 GT4 wing in GRP unpainted and unfitted; £2500+ for Mansory GT4 wing in Carbon £3000 Mansory front bumper; £600 unpainted and unfitted for "A" Panels in GRP; £3500 for Carbon roof panel £1100 for 2 Mansory carbon fibre door air vent trims To me, these are crazy crazy prices but then that just might be me.
  3. I thought a lot of work had gone into getting the aero shape and benefits right for the Evora GT4 wing and to be honest the original Lotus GT4 wing does look great as it "fits" the overall look of the car well using the original fitting points etc (and is a pretty good and close match by HKFever). I think a more "after market" fitting will just look, well, after market and a little tacky to be honest. For the life of me I am struggling to understand why some of this "kit" is just soooo expensive from Lotus (let us not even talk about Mansory pricing which is just ludicrous and laughable) and would like to see some effort from them to support better their owners with more realistic pricing. They themselves must be taking huge mark-up on the items and then what with the dealer charges (so, to give a recent example, GTN barge board supplied and fitted by Lotus Dealer £670!!!) the result is a very unpleasant feeling / taste in the mouth. Yes, I do realise we do not have to have these items, but I do believe Lotus are in danger of losing some of their historic customer good will as they seem to ever push the price of everything skywards. There is a very profitable niche for Lotus to play in, both in the supply, servicing and upgrading of cars but if they carry on going for Porsche pricing then inevitably the decision between something like Porsche and Lotus will be harder to justify the Lotus. Look at Mazda and the MX5 - it sells very well and the price point and performance level has stayed similar, in relation to other cars around it, and it has strong and loyal customer base who keep coming back for more whilst it wins more customers every year.
  4. 2 bed flats in E3 can go for more than my 4/5 bed with I/2 acre garden in Perthshire - just so bonkers and I do not envy any youngster starting out these days. My daughter is 21, last year of Uni starts in September then she will be off too - though she did spend the last year of her International Degree in Canada - lucky girl. Then just my son to go who starts college in September and I'm free. Only reason I have an Evora right now is the fact the nest is emptying and I'm no longer playing Taxi Dad whilst doing everything else I need to do. Still had to keep my roll as Chairman of the Board for the Bank of Dad though - think I'll still have that for a while..... Yes empty nests - it's hard to let them go but then that does present a lot of other opportunities too, for both of you. I hope she does well.
  5. Paul, finally, got so me pictures with the Barge Bards fitted - I do have to say though they are bloody dust magnet so I am for ever cleaning them! That said, they do make the car look great But as they are painted and not plastic, it means you can wash and polish them as normal and a good polish does help to keep the dust away.
  6. C8RKH

    S2 vs Cayenne

    Youre right Rolls, it's just that Porsche seems to attract more of the f#$)wits (and Dentists) out there than many of the other sports marques put together.
  7. C8RKH

    S2 vs Cayenne

    Sounds like a right winker that one. His Cayenne is probably quicker than my Evora 0-60 but then not everyone who sees me in the Evora will think I am a right old dickhead or a goldfish due to give birth. Oh well, each to his own I suppose.
  8. Just gave her a wash before the Lotus event at the GTM in Alford tomorrow. I taped up the window / door seals first and no leakage. It does look like that is the problem then. Thanks for all the help / pointers everyone.
  9. Great design eh! Oh well, we have what we have...
  10. Jimbo, will PM you if I go ahead with the 2bular upgrade.
  11. Lee, Michelin Pilot supersports, as fitted to the new Evora 400 seem to be the preferred choice from reading the forum recently. I have a 2010 NA and I have the Lotus Sports Stage 1 exhaust on it and decat - sounds lovely - not too loud either. Thinking about a complete tubular replacement for my car, so my decat pipe and lotus sports exhaust may well end up on here in a few months in the for sale section No idea re the engine light though, sorry.
  12. OK, thanks Al. I'll get back to MMC and get them to sort it. Not a major issue, just a niggle but all the same. I had hoped the little things like this would have been sorted already on a 5 year old car
  13. Al, I sympathise totally as my daughter spent last year at Uni in Nova Scotia and her Christmas back at home was almost totally ruined by these muppets. IcelandAir is the way to go, great service from Glasgow..... Also it really brings home to you the value of the EU - we have superb obligations and protection from airlines muppets compared to those from NA - I always choose a =European airline for transatlantic flights and let's be honest the service on all American Airlines is usually a joke though the old Continental flights from Edinburgh were OK, just such a shame you landed at Newark - arrggghhhhh....
  14. Gordon - can you confirm what entrance we use? I know you had said "east gate" but I have only been to GTM once for a speedfest about 5 years ago so no idea of the layout etc. Thanks
  15. Bought the Evora in April (MY 2010 NA) looking forward to a summer of motoring, but as the UK and especially Scotland where I live, my main current gripe is the water ingress from the door seals. Is there an issue that the door water seal does not cover the full length of the door - see picture below. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks Andy.
  16. Almost as graceful as the real thing. God I love being British and the things we have and do make....
  17. Harsh Ian. Honda playing catchup but I believe they will get there for 2016. After all, looking the other way who'd have thought Renault would have been so poor?
  18. Don't have to be a UKIP supporter to get pee'd off by the massive inconvenience and costs of the various French strikes, protests and general lack of will to get things resolved with the mess in Calais. I think it's part of my 'english' genes to be fed up with that and nothing to do with UKIP.
  19. That Venturi looks superb. Congratulations on choosing such a wonderful and rare car.
  20. I really think Honda will come good for the 2016 season, maybe not right up there with Merc and Ferrari, but not far off and from what I have heard the Mclaren chassis is recognised to be pretty good right now. So, Red Bull with Honda - hmmm, maybe interesting and may be not such a wild idea... But then if Lotus goes to Renault that means Mercedes would have an engine slot to fill, so seems logical that Red Bull could go there, but then cannot see Infiniti being too keen on that at all. Interesting times indeed
  21. Details below, Static display. Make: Lotus Model: Evora NA - Ardent Red Owner: Andy Corkhill Year: 2010 Reg: C8RKH Layout: Mid Engined Capacity: 3456cc Weight: 1383 kg 3049 Ib Power: 276 BHP - 280PS @ 6400 RPM Top Speed: 163 mph (262 km/h) 0-60mph: 4.8s Close Ratio Gearbox, Decat pipe, Lotus Sports Stage 1 Exhaust, GTN Barge Boards Owned Since April 2015
  22. C8RKH

    Lotus Evora 400

    And no different to what happens with other manufacturers?
  23. My point is above all nations in the EU the French seem to get away all the time with picking and choosing which "rules" to follow. Don't get me wrong, nothing against French people as we have a major office in Paris and I love working with my French peers there - like us they shake their heads at this politico shit and inactivity too... Just think that if they are made to pay the Politico's there will actually get off their bums and start to act. Can you imagine the shit if this was the Border between France and Spain...
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