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  1. Ok, just had confirmation from Her Majesty who must be obeyed that I can come. Will email details in the morning when I'm on a computer. In brief it's a 2010 Evora NA in Ardent Red for the static display. Will be heading up from Perthshire over the back roads (old military road?) if anyone from that general area fancies a wee convoy up! Ten four Rubber Duck.
  2. What Gaul's me is the fact that yet again bloody UK tax payers money is going to France to sort this freakin' problem out. Enough! They should foot the bill and we should have them in the European Court for a compo claim for the poor British businesses affected. Same goes with their freakin' air traffic controllers and business / holiday travellers - my usual joke "how do you know it's Easter / Summer? ' Cos the French air traffic controllers are on strike again!" I think it's about time our French friends stopped taking la Liberte... Rant over, drinking a glass of nice claret in the hotel bar to calm down. Oh the irony...
  3. C8RKH

    Lotus Evora 400

    Read that Autocar write-up in Smith's at the airport (too tight to buy a copy haha) and thought it was very good. By all things mighty it does especially look good in that orange above, the yellow too. I think bold strong colours really show it off so well. The £3 i saved by not buying Autocar will be put in the New Evora jar....
  4. C8RKH

    Lotus Evora 400

    Nice red leather interior and I could be in that green one above - I know, I know, red and green should never be seen etc. But still, think it would ace as would MSG with red interior too.... I'll get me shellsuit.....
  5. Yup good point Al and I will drive it over the winter but seriously, when the wind is howling and the rain is lashing it down I could also spent some time in my heated garage doing small jobs that woukd make a difference to the car, her condition and the longevity of parts etc. Just thinking that with the advice and guidance from the forum experts that getting down, dirty and intimate would only heighten the ownership experience ( and maybe safe me a few bob too in the future....)
  6. Nicely put Meal and agree with your view
  7. C8RKH

    Lotus Evora 400

    ^^^^ Great post NedaSay and a good point made well. Like how you think
  8. Great work Dave - really nice to see this all in one place.
  9. A nice car, but £100k, jeez......
  10. Excellent, thanks Bibs a good starter for 10 and some common sense advice. Looking forward to building a good knowledge base on the little but important jobs that we should be doing when not driving as much in the winter. I want to see as many Evora's as possible still running well in 30 years!!!
  11. So, two issues I need to deal with: 1. Winter is rapidly approaching (well it feels like it here in Perthshire where it's been cold, misty and wet recently!) 2. I'm about as much use as a chocolate teapot with a spanner and as knowledgeable as a 3 year old when it comes to mechanics I'm sure that as I personally will not be driving the Evora as much in the snow and ice, there a quite a few jobs I could and should probably be getting on with to keep her in the best possible condition. For instance, when in the garage and it is cold and dark outside, jack her up, take the wheels off and give the suspension a good clean etc. Apply a bit of grease to the odd nipple here and dip the stick to check a level there. I was wondering if it would be worth starting a "winter maintenance" thread to help people like me, who are a little clueless, but non the less keen to learn and do something useful, understand what "little" jobs could be done to keep the car in tip-top condition. I guess by now you have the idea of what I'm after - the building of a knowledge base with Evora hints, tips, nuggets and ideally some "how to" posts and pictures. Would this be worthwhile? If so, could we have a new topic under Evora for it? I know that this might be more common for the older cars like the Esprit, Elite, etc, but I am guessing the earlier you start on this kind of preventative maintenance the better the car will run and age - or am I just mad? Cheers for reading and adding your thoughts....
  12. As posted in a previous thread, I have apps (Dashcommand and Torque) on the smart phone that connect to the ECU via the ODB port and a bluetooth dongle. This gives a speed reading direct from the ECU onto the smartphone - anyone how reliable this is compared to the dash readout or is it just the same data feed? I ask because again I have seen slight differences between speedo read out and speed on the app display. Thanks
  13. @Davetoff - well, grand generalisations are always good on a Monday. Been thinking, when I get the retrim I'll ask the trimmer if they could be neatly incorporated into the leather sills - could you do the Lotus emblem or is it just mainly text?
  14. Are you sure about that Gregs24? For instance don't they use GPS timings on F1 TV to track car positions? Strava, used by cyclists to log and then load online speed over various terrains uses GPS? The US Army who paid for GPS don't want accurate speed over all elevations? I'm no expert at all but just seems odd to me.
  15. C8RKH

    Lotus Evora 400

    Nooooooooo, Aurouge - the clue is in your forum name - ROUGE = RED. The world definitely does not need yet another Grey or Silver car anywhere.........
  16. Funnily enough yes - sometimes the accuracy is spot on, other times, out by 2 or 3 mph and then other times by 7 mph - on the same day / journey this is too .....
  17. I know what you mean Kalli re the nose badge - I'm thinking of changing to one of these: I think it will go well on the bonnet of my Ardent Red Evora.
  18. Just change your company name to Hong Kong Illuminated Tread Plates Industries, move your corporate office to China and then you don't have to worry about copyright law at all! I'd not be interested solely due to the install needing wiring - I'd just screw it up if I did it myself as I'm cack handed with a screwdriver and heavy handed with a hammer! But then, I'm thinking of a retrim, so I suppose if they we neatly incorporated into the leather sill wrap - hmmm........
  19. How can people say the Evora 400 is ugly from the front when you see that yellow Cayman GT4!!!! Yuck to my eyes though I do realise it's all subjective.
  20. ian29GTE, yeah, you're not the only one who finds him irritating, I often find him irritating too. But then I find Vettel even more so with his arrogance. I find Rosberg the spoilt child irritating too. To be honest I don't think he is any worse or better than many of them, I think it often, but not always, comes with the territory of a high achieving sports person. But to get back on track, it was a great race, full of drama, great to see Ferrari back on track and also Ricciardo pulling some great overtakes and back to his confident smiley best with the car. Really enjoyed watching it.
  21. Yes, that's the colour Bibs - I think it's stunning but not sure the black look would go with it so may have to keep it pure! The black pack would look absolutely fabulous on an Ardent Red 400 though.... Oh, if only I had the spare cash right now to be in the position to make a decision.... haha
  22. Sorry Kimbers, was using my phone to update and it is hard to go back and check names when I forget them and I am now getting to the age where I forget things easily! Kiss kiss......
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