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  1. Really Dan. So their acceptance of silly rules like 0 or 50% of Vat only on the Islands, lavish state pensions for some workers, very early retirement for other public sector workers, bidding for and winning the Olympics, building loads of infrastructure on the tick etc etc was not something that they asked for, that they voted for, or that they enjoyed in the first place. Unless I'm a complete pleb (and there is a good chance of that) I think you need to think again. This is what happens when you have a socialist government for too long that just gives and gives - eventually the cupboard is fully bare and you need to spend to fill it up again. It is not blackmail to ask (whether an individual or a country) for a debt to be settled under the terms agreed, or are you saying that because it was agreed by the politicians only, and not individually by the 11.03m people of Greece, that the loan that they benefitted from is no longer and should not be repaid? What am I missing here? If only Lotus was run by Greeks. I'd be able to sign up for a 50:50 deal on the Evora 400 and the 3-11, put half down and in two years put up two fingers and say you can swing for the rest as you write off the debt. Yeah right....
  2. I bought this one for 1/4 of the price from Amazon and it worked first time just great, but guess that is the benefit of not having to pay Apple for the privilege of "joining" their club You can use Torque or DashCommander and they will both work fine. Both are free but have much better "paid" versions that I would recommend as you are only talking a few quid. I posted some screenshots earlier in the thread and both allow you to read the ECU messages and reset some of them (paid versions only). Enjoy.
  3. C8RKH

    Evora Roadster

    That Al, looks lovely and how patriotic in red, white and blue
  4. No Pete, Greece will be different cos as well as lending them shit loads of money the EU also paid for new roads, airports, power stations and stuff. It's like heaven man. Think of that top gear episode where they found a whole town in Spain, with an airport all decked out with swivelly chairs and computers and the like. They didn't even bother locking the doors cos it was deserted.... Bit like Labour over here when they went all they left was a note saying sorry, no cash left....
  5. Hi Barry - my comments were more general in terms of general responses from people in general around the press and TV today. Looks like the Spanish have seen what Greece has done and are thinking along the same lines. Yes, the Euro was a great and expensive experiment that went horribly wrong and I'm glad that Mr. Cameron has decided to let us all have a say in whether we want to remain a part of the Federal state experiment that will never be happy till everyone is in the Eurozone. You better to get in quick to buy your house over there Alan as I reckon by Friday Putin will have done a deal to buy the whole country and annexe it from Europe. They could be out of the Euro by Sunday....
  6. And quote of the day from his brother - "Devon was not the sort of guy to do something stupid!" I kid you not, you could not make this stuff up. Very sad story really, but jeez.....
  7. So we are all applauding the Greek's for behaving dishonestly and with no honour or grace and just sticking up two fingers to whomever has bankrolled them, at THEIR request, over the past 20 years or so. Did they really need those new airports, that infrastructure and the other subsidies AND the huge loans? Wow - it's not a way to run a household yet alone a country. I know, let's look inside the UK and use the same logic: 1. You want to work in the public sector and retire early at 50 - 55 on a bumped up and rocking pension - well go ahead (hmmm, after all, we've sanctioned this ourselves since the 70's for our own PS workers often enough). Don't worry, the people who continue to pay taxes will happily fund it and laugh of the fall-off in council services due to austerity funding as we need to switch from front line spending to pension spending. 2. You don't want to pay tax as you run a small business, a restaurant, and the service bills on your 2 Porsche Cayenne's and other Range Rover's are killing you - yeah go ahead, no issue, we'll just tax the people who work and ACTUALLY PAY their taxes more to cover it 3. You wanna have a great lifestyle and have all the good things in life, that's why you've run up so much debt. Well, no worry, we'll just write it off and get everyone else to pay for it or to take a shave on what they borrowed you. Oh, it's a new Monday morning and you want those same people to now give you a new loan to start the process all over again? Hell yeah, no problem, here you go and don't even bother with a contract as we know you'll just disregard it anyway - think of it as a gift.... Take what you want.... 4. Oh you live on an island and you don't want to pay VAT because for some reason it is not fair - of course, no problem. The people on the mainland who actually pay taxes will cover it for you. We should let their banks fail and they should exit from the Eurozone as a consequence of poor financial management. If we don't, do we go back to Ireland, Italy and Spain and renegotiate their bailout terms and hand them back billions of Euro's that they were made to pay back? No this is not about a victory for democracy. This is about the Greek's not wanting to be held accountable for their actions and the actions of the politicians that THEY voted in place. But then, what the hell do I know. A real lesson needs to be made here and if it is, that'll also possibly kill off any thoughts of Scottish Independence in the next generation as the SNP will realise quite clearly that you cannae just walk away from your debts... Off for a drive to lower the blood pressure.......
  8. C8RKH

    Evora Roadster

    Also, the new 4C spider from Alfa ONLY ships with a fabric roof. Later, a lightweight carbon roof will be released. Also, the Porsche Boxster Spyder has a fabric roof and looks really good as it has been done well. The F-Type is a fabric roof and in general the folding tin roofs have a really bad reputation whether from Mercedes or Peugeot or whoever. So actually, I don't see this type of approach as being an issue - the key caveat would be please please please Lotus spend a little bit of money and make it right first time. A quality solution (glass, fabric, or carbon and manual/automatic etc.) is what is needed for a quality car. An Evora 400 spyder, done right, at £85k base price with leather would be on my dream list for sure.
  9. He may well grow up into a fine CEO one day... It's all subjective but PJ's at school, aw come on, next they'll be taking dogs to work and having artificial grass in the office so people can have a "power nap" whilst pretending to be in the park - oh shit, they already do THAT!...... bummer.
  10. I might tie a couple of old tyres onto my boards and then when I dock there might be less chance of me kerbing the alloys.
  11. And he looks the business. I'm not in to this US born trend of baggy t shirst, jeans and sandals in the office. I've actually noticed that as business attire has become "looser" so some wearers (not all of course) of the looser garments are more laid back - so they miss deadlines, quality slips and a general don't give a stuff attitude can develop. Again not tarring all with same brush just sharing and observation.
  12. I guess I just really like how they make the car look. It's a personal thing but after being on some shitty wet roads they and the car sides will take some cleaning as they seemed to attract the mud splashed up.
  13. Yes Forge197. They're the ones and lovely made they are too. I wouldn't say neatly fokded, mine are more "stuffed in" the top pocket molemot. Trends come and go, it's all just a circle, bowler hats will be back soon
  14. Yup, you are correct which makes me wonder why (1) I chose official Lotus and (2) why they made it from wood and at that price for purchase and installation. Maybe Lotus is becoming more like Porsche????
  15. I still do, obviously. I also wear pocket squares when appropriate. Must make me a dinosaur. Hey ho..... But then I don't have tattoo's too, or shell suits etc. like those Neanderthals did to mark tribes etc., back in the mists of time.... :)
  16. Yes, yes, yes...... oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, yes,.....hmmmmm, ahhhh, YES, YES..... Lovely.
  17. Yeah, you're right Lars 'cause this Viper with a truck engine had no success or desirability. Thank god Lotus saw sense
  18. Managed to get the chance to pop into the Lotus Store on Regent Street. A good few people in there, mostly foreign tourists but they were spending and the supersize dads were keen to get their pictures taken in the cars. Dropped my guard and walked out with some nice new shiny carbon Lotus cufflinks. That made me happy! Only disappointment was that the shop was staffed with foreign female beauties who didn't know anything about the cars....
  19. Hmmm, I got them done last week and bill was £675 all done from MMC. The price of the boards seems to have increased to £375 ex vat and £300 to fit seems a bit tough too. I was going to query the price back with them as it was a bit of a shock as when I picked the car up was in a hurry to get going as late. They do look great though.
  20. C8RKH


    Sorry Giorgiozetta but I disagree. I think your comparing a McDonalds Cheeseburger (Caterham) with a prime Aberdeen Angus rib eye steak in a brioche bun with freshly fried onions. Both are basically burgers......
  21. Love the black and red combo - she looks like a reet sultry beast. That is going to turn some heads on the street for sure. Pity my bank balance looks like Greece's right now.
  22. Thanks Al. It is purely a nice to have as opposed to an essential, and, as you say, if it is a pig of a job then I'm not sure I'll bother to be honest. Was thinking about doing it during an interior re-trim.
  23. I know you can get the parts, but has anyone done a retrofit of the armrest on a non-premium pack car? How easy is it to do or do you need to start drilling holes etc? Thanks Andy.
  24. C8RKH


    That's great news Bibs - I'm starting negotiations to sell a kidney and my testicles (well, my kids are 21 and 18 now and I ain't no way going through that again!) so who knows, I might just get enough together in time for the 312th 311!
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