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  1. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    I predict a riot. In the shape of: An R version that loses the glass rear hatch for a carbon louver version and ducktail. That adds a carbon front bumper/splitter. A carbon roof. A carbon rear bumper and a carbon spoiler. As a result a weight reduction to around 1325kg, 450 bhp and 0-60 of c. 3.5s and a top speed of 202 mph. Priced at £110k and it will be mine in the spec (colours) above.
  2. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    My Emira.
  3. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    Maybe just "Esprit"
  4. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    I agree with you re performance, but do think it looks stunning, particularly the arse. The last time I saw an arse that looked that good the camera on Shooting Stars was inside the car watching a young Ulrika Johnson wiping snowfoam off the windscreen with her skin tight leather trouser booted arse!
  5. Lotus official website stream. I just wish when it was going round the track they had dialled down the music as real car nuts want to hear the exhaust, not some shite marketing music I doubt the marketing people are car nuts lol
  6. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    When was the last time you were in Specsavers? It's going to be around for 5+ years, so 394bhp at launch, 410 S, 430S+ and something like 460 for R I bet..... I will have one. Just not one at 394bhp.
  7. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    OK, I'm waiting for the R version as this car whilst it looks stunning is slower than my 410 Sport. Suits me, 2 years to save for the car, I'll be 56 and about to retire with probably my last ever bought sports car! Well done Lotus. A cracking car. Looks superb inside and out. Well and truly chuffed for you. Still pissed you fooked up the 131 invites and I could not get in. I'll get over it!
  8. I'm watching from the common seats now. Damage done. Just need to get over the disappointment. Interior looks the mutts nuts and Jenson is a bloody good actor if he really wasn't impressed with the looks of the car, looking at his face.
  9. Looks like @sparky is on the rum and coke already lol!!!
  10. Tried for 20 minutes then gave up. I guess these things happen.
  11. So what is the point pre-registering to be told when you try to login that the meeting is at capacity so "fook off" Great one Lotus, you really have pissed off a potential customer.
  12. For £3000+ I'd be off to Argos for a set of kettle bells and a rubber mat. A month later, biceps bulging, no need to spend £3000+, to add weight to my Lotus, and to add something else to go wrong.
  13. From the rear that picture to me looks like a wider Exige at the back, and less front/rear overhangs than an Evora. So suspect the core central chassis is Evora with different subframes front and rear. That would give a spacious Evora type cockpit with overall length nearer to Exige than Evora - so wider, shorter but still comfortable Evora? Bet it has real presence on the road, especially if you are following. But like everyone else, only guessing. Looks like the driver cockpit pod (speedo etc) is extremely close to the Evija based on the pictures we have seen: Evija Emira
  14. No, certainly did not happen here and I bought a brand new Evora 410 3 years ago so should be viewed as "ripe" for a change. Last email I got from my dealer was 22nd March re the Final Edition Exige and Elise cars.
  15. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    So just the exact same business model as Porsche. .............And Bentley .................And Aston ..................And Maserati ................Jaguar ...............and, and, and......... I think you mean the "vegans are gonna go animal neutral binary shit. You can't go calling out just one animal in the kingdom, and why is it always the Ape's fault?
  16. Aye but you don't need all that shite when you have 5G so you'll be fine Buddsy Installed fine and works on my Nokia whatever it is
  17. I've had it for 40 months and she has never even sat in it! What joy.......
  18. So not an Aston Martin and a California (or a Bentley GTC lol) - so on that we are agreed!
  19. I would say Lotus tried to sell the Evora as a GT but it isn't really a true GT. Doesn't have enough cup holders for a start! The California may have the same engine as the 458, but it has it at the front where all that weight is being "pushed" into the corners. Same with the Aston's. I'm not knocking either the California or an Aston. I'd happily have either. But they are NOT sports cars in the way the 458, or even the Evora is. They are mile munching GT's for sure.
  20. Ha, it is sooooo funny for me that you posted that anthem up. Bit of a long standing family joke (not that my wife see's it that way) but whenever me and my son had won a "wee battle" against the female of the species we would stand proud together and sing this to them at the top of our voices! We had learned the words in Russian too. A stupid father / son thing I suppose, but anyone with wife and daughter(s) in the house knows you have to celebrate any and every victory that the male of the species can get over the women! I just had to let that video play all the way to the end, PC speaker on, just so I could hear the wife cuss "oh for fook's sake....."
  21. In that case, I could buy one and make a fortune "breaking" it for spares!
  22. Look forward to hearing your views and experiences with this.
  23. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    I think Michael has posted the definitive view on this. I think "wishing" for something you know does not/will not exist is a waste of time. Windle was quite clear - there will be no convertible Emira. I suspect if it was easy to do (for whatever reason) we would have seen it done already with the Evora.
  24. C8RKH

    Type 131 GT4

    Excellent point. However remember Lotus made the GTN "kit" - parts and body panels - available so you could have similar looks etc etc. I will be surprised to see an Emira GT4 as a production "road model", but I also would not discount it. However, I expect the "R" version, under the nomenclature that Windle discussed to have some strong "racing looks".
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