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  1. Yeah but I'd have to spend all that extra money on pampers and new grundies every time I went up there - I get height sick if I jump off the ground! Though interestingly I have no problem whatsoever sitting on my backside at 5 miles up in a plane, held together by glue and kept in the air by nothing more than forward motion and air pressure. Jeez, just realised how mucked up my head must be.....
  2. Looks like something out of the new Cars Movie from Disney. Nope. No. No way. No thanks. It will appeal to the Audi TT buying masses though, especially if they put a 35% price premium on it and tell them it is really just a Renault underneath (the same strategy works well for Audi - charge them 35% more than a Skoda then piss yourself when you sell loads of them.... )
  3. C8RKH

    Hi all

    Welcome tink (are we allowed to say that or will the PC police come and take us away to Guantamano?) Car sounds, hmmm, interesting, from the point of view that a 5.7 v8 must give that elite the power to weight ration of a Saturn IV rocket!!! Can't wait to find out more....
  4. Wow John - I hate heights and could never go up a big crane - hats off!
  5. if you don't mind me asking what did you use on your steering wheel? Thanks
  6. Around 1620 today in Dobbies Loan and then under the M8.
  7. To be honest Lee I think the boys and girls at Lotus deserve a crate of beer for that level of commitment against a car 18 months out of warranty. I doubt you would be so well looked after by Porsche or Mercedes, BMW or Audi - the so called German "super" brands. I understand your frustration Lee, but they are supporting you well so do deserve credit for that. This story makes it even easier for me to justify putting my hard earned into my Evora.
  8. Yup, it's the cows that are doing it to us Barry - damn fart machines blasting out their noxious fumes and killing us and the ozone layer. Kill all the cows and we can drive all day and of the night..... forever.....
  9. Lee - not sure how you "financed" the car and none of my business to be honest. But if you laid down over £1k on a credit card or part paid with a finance agreement then you might need to know that the Finance company often has more legal responsibility than the dealer, when things go awry. If I have my facts right, then given the "age and mileage" of your car and the documented instances of failure (and factory / dealer resolutions and actions) for the wiring loom the key test could be whether the car (or harness) was "fit for purpose and could reasonably be expected to fail" under the sale of goods act 1979. As Barry rightly points out the wiring harness/loom is NOT a consumable item and should last for the expected life time of the car unless of course it has been damaged through bad spannering etc. Some info below may help you though I am no "legal" expert in any shape or form. I hope you get it all sorted to your satisfaction mate and all parties behave reasonably and constructively. After all, it is PRECISELY for a situation like this that many of us go to a main dealer for a car purchase as opposed to an independent / local trader. Also, part buying a car, especially a used car like the Evora, on finance, is ALWAYS a good idea for the extra protection you could be entitled to if it turns out to be a lemon (not taking the piss here just because your car is yellow mate! - ) If you buy a new or used car from a dealer and experience problems with it, you have some statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. The Act states that the car must be “of a satisfactory quality”, “fit for purpose” and “as described”. (For a used car, “satisfactory quality” takes into account the car’s age and mileage.) If the car you bought fails on any of these points within six months, you‘re entitled to have it repaired or replaced, or to get a partial or full refund. Remember Contact the dealer as soon as you notice the problem Try to keep conversations with them as amicable as possible But keep a record of all your exchanges and make sure any verbal agreements are put in writing
  10. Given you've had the car just a couple of months I reckon you should be looking to reject it - I can't believe this "issue" is new and I'm sure consumer protection laws over durability will get some support from the dealer and finance company re "fit for purpose" etc. Worth a push at any rate and I'd be mighty pissed if the main dealer I bought it from wasn't going to help....
  11. Yup, you are quite correct Barry, I was thinking a nice red lotus heritage wreath would look perfect in its place It's hard to get decent piccies off the web of decent interiors, but as there are so many Ferrari's around..... Common as muck really, but then they're not as common as Porkpies.
  12. So thinking about a re-trim as the interior needs lifting. Ardent Red NA 2010 model year. What do people think, the cream and red, brown or black and red one! - struggling to decide.... Thanks for taking the time to help
  13. I keep meaning to post up some really nice pictures of my Evora in really nice places on really nice roads. The problem is when I'm out driving her I just cannot bring myself to stop, get out and take her picture - she just begs me for more driving and I need to satisfy my craving - and I do like to hear her scream for more. Oh yes, yes, yes..... ! Can someone help me get over this addiction please, cos at this rate I'll never have any photo's of her.....
  14. An opportunistic detour on some nice and quiet backroads in Angus with the sun shining and the temperature nudging 25c. Add an ardent red hot Evora and pure heaven....
  15. Hmmm, my wife thinks the extra 5 inches will make a real difference
  16. Wow, looks like a porn star doesn't she - simply filthy gorgeous
  17. Got my 4 wheels painted black and within 2 days kerbed bad the pax rear - shit happens, but just twisting the key and engaging 1st makes me forget and puts a smile on my face, every time.....
  18. Oh dear. Sounds like a rich boy playing with other rich boys cars. A different world where style (or bullshit, or waffle or words or whatever) wins over substance. Good luck to him, everyone deserves the right to make a living just as long as whilst doing it they don't destroy other peoples livelihoods in the process who's need for a job and regular salary is much greater.
  19. Kent, isn't that part of France just by Normandie ? Will I need a passport and to use the Chunnel to get there
  20. In that they were owned by Ford. From 2017, iirc, Aston stops its own engine builds and has already signed up for Mercedes engines for all new cars from then. The Lambo engine and the Bentlwy engine are both from VW so can't see the logic for Lotus to MUST HAVE its own engine. Just vanity over sanity in my humble opinion. And despite its history that Esprit in white blows my pants off. Stunning looking car.
  21. Woo hoo, great news and welcome ^^^^ what they said - colour, spec, piccies etc.....
  22. I really enjoyed my first LEGS event and had the joy of following the "older" Europa's on the way out and back again - boy those things look really fun to drive and handle really really well - hat's off, most impressive. The noise of the two V8 Esprit's was just glorious and the years have been kind to the shape - they still look gorgeous supercars. I know there is probably a really good technical reason for not doing it, but I am sure that Esprit V8 would have made the Evora a sublime sounding car with some real upgradable grunt too.
  23. Ultimate does not begin with an "e" so can't be a Lotus!
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