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  1. I would say Lotus tried to sell the Evora as a GT but it isn't really a true GT. Doesn't have enough cup holders for a start! The California may have the same engine as the 458, but it has it at the front where all that weight is being "pushed" into the corners. Same with the Aston's. I'm not knocking either the California or an Aston. I'd happily have either. But they are NOT sports cars in the way the 458, or even the Evora is. They are mile munching GT's for sure.
  2. Ha, it is sooooo funny for me that you posted that anthem up. Bit of a long standing family joke (not that my wife see's it that way) but whenever me and my son had won a "wee battle" against the female of the species we would stand proud together and sing this to them at the top of our voices! We had learned the words in Russian too. A stupid father / son thing I suppose, but anyone with wife and daughter(s) in the house knows you have to celebrate any and every victory that the male of the species can get over the women! I just had to let that video play all the way to the end, PC speaker on, just so I could hear the wife cuss "oh for fook's sake....."
  3. In that case, I could buy one and make a fortune "breaking" it for spares!
  4. Look forward to hearing your views and experiences with this.
  5. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    I think Michael has posted the definitive view on this. I think "wishing" for something you know does not/will not exist is a waste of time. Windle was quite clear - there will be no convertible Emira. I suspect if it was easy to do (for whatever reason) we would have seen it done already with the Evora.
  6. C8RKH

    Type 131 GT4

    Excellent point. However remember Lotus made the GTN "kit" - parts and body panels - available so you could have similar looks etc etc. I will be surprised to see an Emira GT4 as a production "road model", but I also would not discount it. However, I expect the "R" version, under the nomenclature that Windle discussed to have some strong "racing looks".
  7. I think that as it is an official model Type and a production car, it should have a place alongside all the others. I would also like to think that we could attract a couple of owners to discuss what will be a wonderful car. But I could understand if we did not.
  8. Have you been to Essex recently. All the women appear to be orange and I suspect that rather than thru' drinking Tango it's this:
  9. But an Aston and a California are GT cars, for fast touring, not really sports cars to be taken on the road to exploit their handling and reward the driver. So not probably an "ideal" comparison for the Emira. Shock of all horrors, I'm leaning to a V6 with an auto box! But also thinking the entry level 4 pot, in highest BHP form, with the DCT, would probably be the best way to go. But then high end V6 with..... Argh, will just have to wait and see re specs. Whatever we may choose, one thing is certain and that is the Emira will be the last ICE engined car, and also the last manual car, that Lotus will ever make.
  10. Is this really an issue? I think if you had just left it as "It's a shame we can not support British born talent a bit more" your point would have been made. I really do doubt the other thing is an issue for the 99% of British Sports fans, whether it is F1, Athletics, Golf, and even football. You only have to see the adoration of the fans that Hamilton gets at Silverstone to realise that his achievements have been celebrated and supported. But then we are here talking about a sport where "money" more than talent talks. There will always be the 1% of pricks, in any fan base, as indeed in any walk of life who will make an issue out of something like this. He's been recognised by the nation and knighted. He has won SPOTY TWICE - voted for by the people, the sports fans. I think he has received a lot of support personally, BUT, he does sometimes create his own "issues" that does not make him likeable. Less so know that he has matured, but he did go through a period where he came across as a bit of prick himself to be fair and that lost him some support. As for taking the knee and football, well I agree with many footballers, including interestingly, many of colour, that it is now "old news" and instead of "political symbolism" what is needed is real action to drive change in the attitudes and behaviour of the minority for whom colour of skin seems to be an issue. I do think Max will win the WDC this year, it's obvious he has the best car now. So I am assuming, that as Lewis detractors have said for several years now, that he he only wins because he has the best car, that it will be acknowledged by everyone that the car won the WDC! His message after finally over taking Norris on the Radio was classy. Further signs that he has matured and that actually his success has made him more humble (likeable?) in the end.
  11. As Toyah would say, "it's a conspirathy, a conspirathy...."
  12. I really do hate selfish twats like this guy. There really is just no need for it.
  13. Certainly will be harder to break and less prone to letting you down.
  14. I'm old fashioned and do really prefer a shebang. I know some blokes prefer a hebang, and I'm good with that, just not for me.
  15. Great news @JimUK. Looks like you had a great time there.
  16. Print this and post it through his letter box.
  17. Yup, Windle in his interview also mentioned the ongoing impact on things like battery supplies etc too. I guess Covid is now so normal people forget how it is impacting on everything.
  18. Yup, last time I looked COVID was still causing supply issues all over the place.
  19. C8RKH


    To other countries with our cash. So we paid the EU to offer incentives for jobs to be moved from the UK Funny how the French, Irish, Dutch, Spanish fisherman didn't whine like the babies when their British counterparts were being given it up the arse by the EU. They're now feeling that pain decades later and boy are they whining.
  20. C8RKH


    I actually think COVID has seriously negated some of the worst from Brexit. Global demand slump has reduced trade everywhere. Furlough scheme protecting jobs. Etc. Timing is so coincidental and fortuitous that if you were a conspiracy theorist you'd think it was made in Porton Down, released in ....... Obviously for the few on here without a sense of humour, I'm joking....
  21. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    There is NO convertible. It's confirmed by Matt Windle in the interview with @Bibs. keep up at the back! 🤣😂🤣😂
  22. Yawn. Do we know yet when first customer cars will be delivered?
  23. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    Potential insight to future Lotus cars based on their platform/collaboration with Alpine. Silhouette 3 - looks like the teaser for the Emira, but then maybe I need to get to Specsavers....
  24. I think it depends on your point of view. As ever! For me, I'm an unfit, fat bastard. So I am a prime candidate for hospitalisation through Covid. So my PoV is there is less risk in me taking the vaccine, than there is in me "hoping it out" and then getting Covid as quite frankly that could be me screwed and dead (some on here will be wishing I did not take the vaccine for sure). Others, will be in a different personal position and will view the vaccine as a higher risk to them. Horses for courses. Who knows who is right.
  25. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    @Bibs can't help thinking that Lotus marketing missed a real trick here, surely the slogan should have been "Fuel for the Drivers" or "Fuel the Drivers".
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