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  1. Even if you put lipstick on it, it'll still be a pig to look at. But, hope you enjoy your choice, secretly I sensed you would always opt for the Vette.
  2. You are correct, the IPS option precludes the fitting of the LSD. Only manual cars get it.
  3. Sent you a PM ages ago re this. I'd be up for it.
  4. You're right @andydclements re the temperature. People in general are just pricks! The older I get, the more I'm convinced about it.
  5. 27 years ago I was the very proud Dad of a beautiful baby girl. The 27 years since have been a roller coaster of joy, happiness, pain and grief. I would not swap it for anything! Glad everyone is well and healthy and very much send you my heartfelt best wishes for you all for the future. Nothing, beats being a Dad!
  6. C8RKH


    A great post @basalte and some good points made. I agree with you re "am over egging the pudding". I think my posts would not leave anyone in any doubt about that. Guilty as charged m'Lord. In my defense, that over egging is a direct response, maybe a crass one, to what I see as a continual over egging of everything being caused by Brexit. It seems that you can easily get away with blaming stuff on Brexit as somehow, some of the people who do it, believe that it shows they are of a superior intellect, to those who voted Brexit and therefore they are not worthy/able of challenge. I am not accusing you of being this, just making a general statement about those who believe it is legitimate to just constantly throw the shit at Brexit. I'm not stupid enough to think that Brexit has not caused issues, nor that it will not cause additional issues in the future. But then I'm not stupid enough to think that being a part of the EU had not caused us issues and would not have continued to cause issues in the future. All is not rosy in the EU right now. There is discontent with the EU machine in France, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Italy. We were not alone in our thinking that all was not good. Only time will tell if the UK was "smart" to get out before the collapse, or dumb to get out of what develops and grows into a success. I don't think any of us can predict the future, and hence why I get prodded by people who smugly pronounce, so soon after the event, that it is all pre-ordained as a massive failure! It will be some time before we know for sure.
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    That's why it has it's own thread so those that are tired of don't have to be a part of it. TLF is very accommodating in that respect. It's a bit like the BBC, if you're tired of it then switch the channel.
  8. This is a major part of the issue - people's behaviour. We can enhance homes (insulation, double glazing etc). We can put more "efficient" heating system in etc. BUT, if people still insist on heating their houses to temperatures above 20c then we're just really banging our heads against the wall as all they will do is whinge about the cost of the heating, energy bills etc. Couple that with the staggering increase in electrical devices that are now "plugged in", permanently it would seem on, on-standby or being charged, and you see that the average household is considerably increasing their energy usage, at a time of spiralling energy costs which results in all this whinging about energy bills being high. The one thing we need to do, to reduce energy costs (demand v supply), is to re-educate the populace re YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE and so the biggest immediate impact you can have on your energy bills is to USE LESS through reducing your heating thermostats, unplugging stuff that is not being used, and generally not just leaving stuff on never ending charge. By reducing the household temperature from 25c to say 20c, and by doing the other stuff, would probably reduce the annual energy bill by 30-40%!!! Unfortunately, we now have a culture in the UK were people do not feel it is their personal responsibility to do this stuff. Instead, they just whinge and moan, blame everyone else for the size of their energy bills, and then expect someone else to pay for what they should be doing anyway. The march to renewable energy sources, and the decarbonisation of our lives is the right thing to do. However, politics has yet again got in the way and fooked it all up as the politicians did not want to be honest with their voters as to the cost.
  9. Thanks for the insight, I fear this is NOT the message that people are being given by all the various scheme providers and suppliers etc.
  10. I agree on both counts. He is one of my "go to" auto journalists. However, my point was that in many cases a Lotus gets criticised in the way a Porsche gets lauded for the same trait. Just an observation.
  11. I've been feeling a bit rough since my vaccines and my belly has ballooned like a woman pregnant with Triplets (nothing to do with pies or ale, honest). Oh shit, maybe those eggs were fertilised and......
  12. @Chillidoggy - serious question from an ill informed landlubber to an old sea dog. Could the extra time taken also be down to less frequent ferry services (so longer turnaround times at ports etc) and cruising at a lower speed to save fuel, and therefore cost? I only ask as the few people I know with boats with large HP engines tell me that even their modest gin palaces suck fuel at a rate to embarrass a Saturn V rocket. I can only imagine how much fuel a fully laden ferry ship must consume at full speed ahead. Sorry if it was indeed a daft question.
  13. C8RKH


    Around 2 weeks ago several on here were getting very aeriated / hot under the collar about how Brexit was to blame for the fuel shortages and just about everything else under the sun. Well, you've been very quiet since the fuel shortage seemed to have "fixed itself" (or rather, people stopped being pricks panic buying and the media moved on to create issues somewhere else). I don't recall seeing anything about tens, let alone, hundreds or thousands, of HGV drivers swarming in from the Continent to drive to our rescue. I don't believe we've suddenly seen thousands, let alone tens of thousands, of more HGV drivers being given their licences to alleviate the issues. So, I'd be really interested in your wisdom and views as to what, other than pricks stopping panic buying and the media stoking hysteria, is responsible for the sudden glut of fuel at petrol stations that has alleviated the end of the world, Brexit induced, shortages in fuel? I encourage you to go back and look at your comments and provide us an update, especially in the light of the current empty shelves and shortages that are being reported on the Continent, in places like France et al. I suppose that is all down to Brexit too is it? I don't want to come across as a smug bar steward with the above, I'm not trying to be one. But, I AM, really interested in your responses given the zeal with which you predicted the end of the world 2/3 weeks ago and the fact that it is just non news now. Brexit hasn't suddenly gone away, so why have the issues? Or is this just a "blip"? Thanks in advance.
  14. I do wonder if they have/do shoehorn a 6ft photographer into the back of a 911 and make the same comments re the 2+2 capability? I rather suspect that instead they make some comment about dropping little Oliver and Olivia off at the nursery/primary school to show how practical the 911 is. Just a suspicion, happy to be proven wrong.
  15. It's not just this part, there are many on a regular basis.
  16. This is a problem all over the country. However when you point out the limitations of the electrical network in the UK to EV heroes they just don't seem capable to understand.
  17. Nope - you have to pay for the electricity it uses, unless you have free electricity.
  18. GS is more expensive again I believe.
  19. 1895mm is mirrors FOLDED as per the Lotus Media site for the Emira: LOTUS EMIRA RANGE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Price range Starting at less than £60,000 (less than €72,000) Dimensions Length 4,412mm; width 1,895mm (mirrors folded); height 1,225mm; wheelbase 2,575mm Petrol engines 2.0-litre in-line four-cylinder / 3.5-litre V6 Transmissions Manual, automatic and DCT Power output 360-400hp Maximum torque 430Nm Acceleration (0-62mph / 0-100km/h) Less than 4.5 seconds Top speed Up to 180mph (290km/h) CO2 emissions Start below 180g/km Kerb weight (DIN) 1,405kg in its lightest form
  20. Only time I have a problem in my Evora (with no rear glass, just carbon slats) with rear visibility is parking, but then the reversing camera takes care of that.
  21. I'm around 1500-1800 litres depending on the snow levels and whether the wind is coming from the North East or not! It's like with EV's (which are getting better) the math doesn't support the justification for change from a financial point of view. And ultimately that is were renewables are falling down, so far, they have only really been viable whilst being subsidised heavily. Great for the small number of people who benefit from the subsidies, until you realise that 30% of the current typical electricity bill goes to the cost of renewable subsidy schemes and other "policies" that are therefore paid by EVERYONE who uses electricity. COVID believe it or not escalated the cost of these subsidies which is now almost £10.5bn per annum!!! That's £10.5bn, per annum, split across everyone's electricity bill!
  22. I only get worried when I see a trail of picked off daisy petals in the hall...... Thankfully all the Daisies so far have had an odd number of petals.
  23. Well according to Lotus people and dealer people at the launch at my Dealer, it is definitely wider at the rear. From the specs I've seen, Evora is 185.8cm v Emira of 189.5cm, so 2 inches wider.
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