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  1. Well, the SNP have gotten away with it for the last 12 years, so don't get your hopes up! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM! Oh and Free personal care. Free prescriptions. Free drugs for addicts. Free alcohol for alcoholics....... You get the picture, you incentivise a population enough and get them addicted to "free stuff", then you get away with a lot... Thank Christ for the Bank of England, otherwise we'd be fecked.
  2. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    Interesting re the weight - the Evora 400 was 1395kg and the Evora GT410 was 1297, so to move from 400 to GT410 they dropped some 98kg. If the Emira is 10kg heavier than a 400 then to be honest that explains the estimated 0-60mph time of c. 4.3seconds in some way as that would make it 1405kg in weight and give it a power to weight of what, 284bhp per ton, as opposed to the GT410 at 316bhp per ton. For comparison from what I can find the Cayman GTS is 286bhp per ton (1380kg/395bhp) and GT4 is 296bhp per ton (1395kg/414). My figures may well be wrong, but it shows that, in my mind, there is scope for Lotus to take almost a 100kg of weight out of the Emira and if they can, whilst increasing the horses (whether in I4 or V6 formats) then I think we could be in for some special cars in a couple of years.
  3. It'll have massage seats. An air scarf. A fridge in the boot for your Prosecco and canapes and a double sized vanity mirror so you can check out your gold medallion and groom the hairs on your chest! It'll sell in the thousands.
  4. Just went back and added in the +0 as an option, they upped the offer to £63k and quoted it was because it was a "proper sports car". Who would have thought...
  5. Always thought my 410 Sport was more "special" lol... No idea why they offered me more than that for mine!
  6. WTF! Hope this is not true
  7. By 2023 Lotus will have had over 12 months experience building the Emira. A skilled production workforce fully recruited for the ramp-up. Supply chains fully tested etc. I doubt tandem production on double shifts will be a problem by then to be honest, but can very well understand why they would not want to jump in head first at this stage.
  8. Just put mine into WBAC to see and got quoted £53.5k for it.
  9. Yup, and a guy stuck in an ambulance who had had stroke and died. These fookwits have no consideration about anything other than what they perceive to be their "cause". [email protected] the lot of them.
  10. I'll put the scaffolding up for the bastards for free
  11. Your mum will be proud of you!
  12. Round them up. Fill them up with foam sealant and then use them as cavity wall insulation. That's a good "green" use for them AND it supports their aims.
  13. And this from the younger generations who bemoan the older generations impact on the environment and selfishness for not looking after the environment. It is "their" throwaway attitude and need to constantly update their technology gizmo's that is now doing the lasting damage. Fooking entitled hypocrites the lot of them
  14. Maybe it's time to declutter! Seriously, my wife and I decided, after we had to clear crap after crap out of her fathers stuffed full house after he died, that we weren't going to put our kids through that. So, slowly but surely we are going through every room in the house, the garage and the sheds, and being ruthless about getting rid of stuff. The penny dropped that hoarding stuff that we never use or need is just a waste of time and we need to just get it sorted. This winter, when it's peeing down outside we'll be at it again....
  15. C8RKH

    Lotus Emira

    Yes indeedy! That was a great car and you really did not take long to talk me up lol. Great service and experience, so thanks again for that!
  16. Errr, the future is electric, apparently!
  17. That's why I checked as I was about to bite your hand off! 👍
  18. Yup, agreed. But guess what, they want to sell you NOW a V6 FE I bet as they know those engines and how to build the cars around them and will have homologated them earlier than the i4. So as I said, very focused and organised around what they want to sell you, now, lol......
  19. Actually, quite the opposite! It is very organised and FOCUSED on what LOTUS want to sell you now, not in 2 years or 3 years, and based on what they have told you so far the options are. The problem is that whilst the sales process is organised some buyers aren't lol.
  20. Argh - between you and Dave @Hangar111 my wife will have to go another year without a Christmas present! A man needs to prioritise his spending...
  21. Is that including the Ohlins?
  22. Just specified up my ideal Porsche Coxster GTS - £72,826 and actually, in my spec, I think it looks fine and dandy! And I'm NOT a Porsche fan. It also has one big advantage over the Emira - a softop!
  23. That happens to me EVERY time I drive my 410 - I think other drivers think I've just escaped from the local lunatic asylum - think The Joker driving a lotus!
  24. So 410 is 410hp and 416ps (maybe this is what Matt was referring to) - so have they put the 400 engine tune in, not the 410 tune (unless I'm confusing myself). But then the 410 was 420nm of torque which is what is quoted for the Emira. It's all a bit of a muddle but then I was never the sharpest nail in the packet. Was also surprised the top speed of the Emira was 180mph, compared to 190mph for the 410 Sport. Not that I'll ever get to that speed - but I'd have thought the Emira would have been more aerodynamic but maybe they have focused on downforce to aid real driving performance on road and track and sacrificed some slipperiness. That would make perfect sense to me as not many people get to 180mph even on a track - probably only ever on the Autobahn..... Yes and no - in looks yes, but in go, no. Again, not trying to piss on the Emira Parade or on Lotus. The Emira looks great, but it just needs a bit more go for me as the V6. The figures are just a tad underwhelming - but then I am sure the drive will be superb. You can see the from my responses how the top of the fence is ripping holes in my butt!
  25. That's a good price point and a good package for the V6 FE. Very nice. Slightly disappointed to see it is being marketed at 400bhp and a 4.3s time for 0-60. So it's slightly less powerful, slightly slower, and a helluver lot less carbon than my current Evora. Hmmm. It looks great, but I've never needed to be the first or have the latest, so I am honestly sat on the shelf. Cost to change for me will be around £25-30k and I'm really struggling to justify that. I could spend £10k on the KT460 pack, and the GT430 Ohlins and I'd have a rocketship performance wise and a very exclusive car at that. I'm booked in to Parks (Lotus Hamilton) to see the car in October, I don't think I'll be in a position to decide anything until then, but it is by no means an assured "shoe-in" for me. My next car, unfortunately, might NOT be a Lotus! Nothing against the Emira. As I said above, great package, great price but I'm just not right now salivating with anticipation, probably because my Evora is so good!
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