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  1. Confused, go right, no left, left then right, argh, fook it stalled again.....
  2. Probably for the best, not sure how good their momentum premium fuel is anyway and always thought you Kirkcaldy types were probably more accustomed to Waitrose anyway......
  3. Tom and Dave, thanks for the feedback. Tom, the research I've done to date is certainly pushing me directly to Jim and his 2bular exhausts. Have not found a single bad word anywhere, only praise for the product and the service, which is reassuring to say the least. Dave - it's not just the extra power, though to be honest an extra 30 bhp on my NA would just make it a simply brilliant car and without the risk of any "serious" engine modifications and the resulting potential problems. If I could get 40-45bhp for that price with a full ECU re-tune, and keep the safety margins then the car would be truly epic and still several thousand cheaper than "upgrading" for an S and can you imagine the sound it would make? I'm just not sure about the CAI. If / when I get it done, I will ensure to get before and after dyno runs, again, hard evidence is what we need. Thanks all. And remember, if you come across any other approaches / kit / upgrades can we post them on here to keep all the information in one place. Certainly will help in the future and with searches.
  4. Did you use your Tesco Fuel card boost to get 10p a litre of their Momentum Premium fuel then BingoK? After all, every bit helps...
  5. Very nice, love the flabby bingo wings over the rear wheels - Hope she brings you many many miles of smiles and fun, A lovely car.
  6. Very very nice, I love Ardent Red Loti.... Nice one.
  7. Yes, the journo's just don't want to put the Evora 400 "base" against the 911 base as the 911 is £10k-£12k dearer and would lose on all counts except build quality / soft stuff. So they will put it against the top of the line Cayman where the Cayman is £10k cheaper and that will more than justify yhe Cayman winning as it is cheaper and better built they will say and the Evora will be positioned to not cannibalise sales from the 911 range. Who ever said the motoring Journo's were not biased / influenced by the big manufacturers?
  8. Wow- nice car and price seems reasonable too. Surely it will only now go up in value
  9. Probably using apple maps - that would explain it
  10. Either go to Jim's website here or click on the advert on the banner at the top of the forum when it comes around to 2bular. You can also email Jim (the owner and maker of those fab exhausts) from the website with any questions / requests etc.
  11. C8RKH

    First lotus

    Lovely car and a nice approach. Hope you have a long and satisfying affair.... Welcome to the "cult"
  12. If they tried hard enough they could probably do it to planes too. That's more scary.....
  13. I've pulled the bulbs in my boot as often after a long drive I like to open the boot to help the heat escape and didn't want to risk draining the battery. Probably an overkill approach but then I am a mechanical numpty...
  14. @thedeadprussian - i guess with a lot of specialist marques and cars there can be an element of "cult" that grows up around them. I think a lot of the comments on here have been quite neutral, with many really questioning whether this particular GT will ACTUALLY be as good as the hype or expectation from a driving and a residual point of view. I guess the reality is that only time will tell on both counts and it may be too early right now to judge. I believe Chris Harris, a seeming avid member of the Porsche club was not exactly singing its praises after he drove it, but granted he did not slate it either. It does seem to me that comparsons between say Porsche and Lotus are seldom unbiased with the Lotus usually being quite hevily picked on for ownership niggles / reliability whereas what have been quite major engineering defects resulting in complete engine failures on the Porsches being totally forgotten / not mentioned. The playing field is not a level one with Porsche seemibg unable to do no wrong and Lotus having its end of term report always asking it to try harder. I think this in part makes the Lotus Cult visibly more vocal as they see the need to speak up to level the field. At the end of the day it is your money and choice. Of course I am sad to see a Lotus owner leave the cult for another, but hopefully as we are in general a friendly bunch you'll be back.
  15. That's a nice set of before and after pictures. Impressive result too.
  16. Yup, great innings. Seems to be a trend in England just now.
  17. Good old british humour without a f##k or a t##t anywhere and bloody hilarious at times with its clever inuendo and script writing and great characters. RIP George I loved the performances. Such a shame british comedy these days is more like the clustf##k that was Gulf War 1 - all killed by "friendly fire" and "shock and awe" tactics....
  18. That sounds very nice, very exotic and very expensive. I'm saving my pennies for a full Jim 2bular special ( headers, sport cat, valved exhaust) for my NA Evora....
  19. C8RKH

    S2 vs Cayenne

    I suppose a good retort could have been "well come on man, mines a 30 year old car and I'm glad Porsche have finally caught up, but there's no way you'll get past on the twisty bits..."
  20. Hmmm, even when happy they can still be a prickly fickly bunch! But then over the last 21 years the pros have outweighed the cons and despite some hefty servicing costs she's still with me
  21. Hahaha - beer goggles would probably help there then too.
  22. But then he will look just look like a MILF dropping the kids off at school. At the end of the day, cars like the Audi "s" range do little for me, I mean, unless you look hard it just looks like a normal A4, A6, Q5, or whatever. If you want to look like everyone else why pay the premium too? I know, I know, the usual comments will come back re "wolf in sheep's clothing" etc. I guess I just prefer to keep a wolf and don;t care who knows I have one It's funny, part of my Lotus ownership experience is fielding questions from people who are intrigued by what it is and also by observing the sneaky and not so sneaky little glances that people give my car. Not sure everyone really notices a modern Porsche these days as they're just everywhere, and I'd miss the banter in car parks / petrol stations. But at the end of the day, we all earn our crust and we are all entitled to enjoy it how we like - whatever you buy, I hope she gives you enjoyment and reliability.
  23. Stunning, but steering wheel on the wrong side for me. I am sure it will very quickly find a loving home.
  24. So any thoughts re my post on best NA Upgrade option and even better any more hard evidence (e.g. dyno runs, people who have done it etc: 1. New exhaust (manifold, sport cat, valved back box) 2. ECU tune (anyone other than Essex Auto - again only because of travel distance of 1k miles round trip) 3. Lightened flywheel which all should equal around 310 bhp for the NA and around 15kg (estimate for new exhaust system and loss of cats) in dropped weight and a lot of extra heat removed from the engine bay which should equal improved / the same reliability? By my reckoning that makes the NA a real close match for the S/C Evora even on the track. I guess the total cost will be around the £4.5k - to £5k mark which is still cheaper than the S/C kit (around £6k plus fitting) and quite a bit away from the circa £10k - £14k cost of trading in my NA Evora against a second hand standard Evora S of a similar age and mileage.
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